Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Most Epic and Important Scientific Data you Will Ever Hear!

Scientist Proof that Everlasting Agreement is our FINAL Answer!

Truly, this man is the wisest scientist I have ever encountered.

After watching the conference video of this Physicist, Harald Kautz Vella, I finally had a plausible answer to what happened to me physically one day as a young man of 17, in Rome. Before yesterday, 1/21/17, the only answer for the occurrence sounded more to me like some superstitious Christian bunk about evil spirits than anything else. Thus, for all this time, I gave it little more thought. I won’t go in too much detail here, suffices to say, I have told this story to possibly five people in my life since it happened. I give it now publicly because of this scientists’ information. I also kept it to myself, because historically I have not entertained the notions of ghosts, goblins, Jinn or other in the same way as the supersites masses. It turns out I was correct not do to so.
    In short, on our way back to Israel with my father and two of his friends, we stopped in Italy to meet with some long-lost Asher relatives who had been Italy since they were ejected from Spain sometime during 1492. Or those who were left after the Nazi/Italian deportations of WW2, anyway. Just prior to leaving Rome, on the last day for some reason the two women with us felt they could not leave without seeing the inside of the Vatican. I had ZERO interest but had to go along. I won’t go into the finer detail of this insane event, suffices to say it lasted longer than it should have because I had no clue what happened the first time around. Every time I entered in through any of the large entrances, beginning at about ten feet inside, the further in I walked, the sicker I began to feel. Not having any superstitious background in my life, my mind did not go there at all, at first, figuring that lunch may have been the culprit. The first time in I walked a long way to near the center where that massive throne resides. My head was pounding like it was going to explode from some pressure. I felt like I was going to puke, and my body had begun to feel like something was surrounding it, pushing inward, like a pressure that even my skin could feel, I started to get cold but also started sweating. That is the best way I can describe the overall physical effects, although it was clearly something deeper. That first attempt at following the others ended with me running out the way I came in. I did not want to puke inside. As soon as I got outside and down the steps a bit, everything subsided quickly. Literally and unexpectedly like it all just ejected. To say the least, I recall being very confused. I should also say that the only thing that scared me to that point was how fast I got ill in the first place. I felt I had to get my father’s attention just in case, so after about fifteen minutes I went back in to find them. By attempt number two I was officially freaked out, and although I had no clue as to what was happening to me, I felt that I needed to start verbalizing The Eternal’s name in prayer as I walked in again. By attempt three, the poop really began hitting the fan, and I was the fan. Now other people in the place began noticing me as I attempted to walk deeper into that labyrinth of pure evil while grasping my chest like I was about to die. I didn’t think of it in the moment, but looking back on this many times since, I must have been quite the sight.
   I never found them inside, because I was never able to get past that center area where the large, UN-human sized throne chair was. Each time I entered after the first, what I came to understand as attacks from some unseen entity or entities, came faster and felt more aggressive, and as I said, the third time was flat out war, and The Eternal’s name being vocalized seemed to be the impetus for it.

So, it has been roughly 36 years since that day, of which I still retain a technicolor vivid memory of, unfortunately, but I must thank Harald Kautz Vella for finally providing to me the real reason why that occurred. I now have no doubt at all, that under that giant throne resides the dark Archon entity that this wise scientist finally outed.

Now, as you will hear, Harald says that many such churches, synagogues, and Mosques worldwide have this within them somewhere. He points out that the “Borg” Kaba in Mecca has this material hanging on the wall in which their followers are obliged to kiss! AND, bear in mind, from what Harald Kautz Vella is saying, and as was my direct experience; just being in close proximity to a small portion of this entity without being directly covered by the Eternal One’s protection, as I certainly must have been, this entity will take you over immediately, and will NOT go away on its own. So, touching it physically? Must be a death sentence for one’s soul.

Just as the Pope’s ring must be made from the same, which many people also kiss, and just as many people who are raised into high positions of power must be made to come in direct contact with this material, which can be fashioned into most any object or portion of any object, is exactly how these people or any person can be unknowingly, infected. If anyone reading this has ever wondered why so many seemingly decent people who get into higher government positions, immediately appear to have lost their way, even their souls, THIS IS THE REASON! 
  Possible case in point; Just this Friday, after almost two years of listening to Trump crush Hill & Billy, calling her out as evil, crooked, NOT A NICE PERSON, a liar, cheat, and just about every other negative thing under the sun, while outing Bill as a serial rapist, he was sworn in, gave a great speech along all those same lines, (prior to being infected?), and THEN, was directed to where he was made to sign his first presidential orders. While doing so, one other evil person, in this case, Nancy Pelosi, was the person handing him the “special” Black Pens to sign with? 
  DIRECTLY afterward, they held the inaugural luncheon, where I was supremely surprised to see the Clinton’s in attendance. Of course, most could explain this away as protocol and appearances, etc., but then at the end, something very unexpected occurred that I do NOT believe can or should be explained away. Trump made a very short speech, calling out one or two people who he praised, and or joked with. THEN, out of approx. 500 other people in attendance that he could have called upon to praise or joke with, Trump says that he was “VERY Honored, VERY, VERY honored, when he heard that the Clintons were in attendance, AND, that he had ALLOT of RESPECT for them”!!! 

Did something change drastically? Because I will say this, even if he was told that praising them in this forum as president would be most magnanimous, there is absolutely NO WAY he should have done that, because in one sentence he eviscerated every other thing that, came from his mouth over the entire campaign. 

NOW, after that there can be only one of two possible conclusions; 1. This entire campaign cycle was a setup, a long con with Trump as the global elites’ main actor; or 
2. He was immediately coopted in some way. 

And for a person like DT with such a massive ego, (which could easily be used for good as for evil), I for one, do not at all believe that his positioned changed so dramatically, as to publicly defecate all over every word he has ever spoken, and destroying any credibility he laid up. All because someone threatened him or his family, as some hearing this have already proposed as a plausible reason for those false accolades. No. I now believe it is something far more hidden to the victim, and far more insidious that makes men and women conform to such a power.

WARNING: Physicist, Harald Kautz Vella hit the most important nail directly when he tells you to NOT fight AGAINST this evil entity or those it controls, but that the super, simple answer is to CHANGE YOURSELF! Where have you heard that taught before?     That precept has been a central theme amongst my several books. Harald Kautz Vella’s scientific data and my ancient original path teaching of the Everlasting Agreement are two sides of the same coin. One of his main warning examples, as mine has been documented in my books, is that the 2nd law of Sinai, known as the 10 commandments, were a mathematical mechanism of linguistic engineering that caused men to do the opposite of what they “believed” those words said. NO MURDER = TO MURDER, etc. This is the main wisdom!

As I began this blog article, I will state again; this man is the wisest scientist that I have ever heard about thus far.  

When I watched the short interview (first video) that was just recorded on Trump's inauguration day, although it was only tidbits of Harald Kautz Vella’s in depth information which I found in the second video below, I knew he was given, over time, the exact same wisdom which I also received from a very young man, and which grew within me over time. His information is most likely the most alarming stuff you will ever come to know if you believe him, which I most certainly do. However, if you listen very closely, and to the end of his conference, (2nd video), in the end, you will hear why we should not be fearful of this, AND, if you apply that final information to the awakening that I and many others have been watching and a direct part of for many years now, you will have the answer about WHY this awakening and overpowering of the global elite drones, is taking place.
   If you truly listen to what this man is saying, and you give it some thought afterward, you will begin to realize how this sentient entity and its existence, has been the root of all evil “control-narratives.”

  If you have read my latest work, Soul Revolution, you will also connect that this scientist is proving not only every major concept in that book, but from a different direction, but he has also proven the Eternal Creator’s main truth and my teaching of the Everlasting Agreement, and Free Will.

Believe me when I tell you, this information will be so science-fiction to most that they will not even consider it. I dare say, had I not had my Vatican experience, and other, later such experiences with certain humans who sought me out for an encounter, I might also call BS on this. I vigorously suggest you not do that. In fact, I suggest that everyone do their level best to make these videos viral.

Harald Kautz Vella’s Interview

Harald Kautz Vella’s Conference

Harald Kautz Vella  - Another great interview by Randy Maugans


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So, as you tell of your experience in the Vatican, let me propose a link for all those who never heard about this peculiar Pope's Hall in the Vatican... It's worth the look:

AHLCglobal said...

WOW! yes, I saw that. Someone sent it to my regular email a while back. And if THAT doesn't tell you what's up, you deserve to be chum for the reps.

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