Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Below is a very well done video showing good evidence of rocks being ancient biology. 

After seeing this evidence, recall the ancient texts that speak of the size of the very ancient people, the so-called giants. While you're at it, add in the alleged evidence of the giant trees that were here and spoken of as being destroyed by "man" at that time. Devils Tower is a great example of one of those trees. So, the giant humanoids who lived back then among those trees can now be understood as those identified by Enoch, being 3000 ELLS. Which, as they depict in this video correctly, is alleged to have been a measurement of 1 ELL being equivalent to 45-inches; making the most ancient humanoids unimaginably tell. Adding to it all the textual information that says the ancients, before the flood, lived so much longer and grew larger, animals included, of course, all likely due to the far more concentrated soil minerals that existed before the flood which later became separated out and dispersed into pockets (Ore Veins & deposits) leaving only trace amounts left in our current soils.

So, all those smaller "giants" of 18 to 35 ft tall we are told of in our more recent Tanak folklore and also found, and uncovered intact worldwide, would be the much smaller "giant humanoids" that came between us mere crickets and those massive humanoid models believed to have been hundreds, if not thousands of feet tall. Which then, accounts for the LAKE SIZE footprints found in the earth and in rocks around the world. One such lake is shown in this video. 

Take this another few steps: The flat earth as we know it today is far too small for such giants. Now couple that logical fact with what scientists have told us in our modern times about how the Antarctic ring of ice was once lush and green.
  NOW - Add that total circumference distance of the Antarctic ring to the lands and ocean we have now; plus add all the massive Atlantic, Pacific and other land masses that fell under the oceans to all that. Then we might have a more believable flat earth size where the previous 30ft tall humanoids lived.
  THEN - Bring up all the land that lays beneath that ocean outside of our Antarctic ice ring and between, and even beyond those 33+ continents which are merely the tops of giant landmasses. That would add many thousands more square miles of land to our current miniaturized flat earth for an even larger race of beings to live on. 

And, for all we know the available landmass extends far beyond those 33+ continents. Deep outside that wild dream, they call - OUTER-Space! 

The bottom line is when someone sends what they believe to be the petrified heart, toe or finger of an ancient giant human to a DNA lab and they find absolute evidence of DNA inside them? Well, now we can work backward from there to see how many of the ancient stories fit and what they truly show us. 

Then, as we continue to fall down again and again; resisting the original law of life, our playground gets smaller, we get smaller, our lifetimes get shorter, and our recycling events happen quicker. Yet, look at the damage we are still able to inflict! 

Looking at it in this light of such ancient mitochondrial evidence, along with the physical evidence unearthed of less ancient deceased humanoids larger than ourselves, along with all of the aforementioned historical "religious" tidbits now connected, and with the knowledge of what "their" (Outer-space) truly is, which is - (More land in the space beyond the antarctic ring) and not at all as they have propagandized it to be - (A vacuum beyond our sky); then I think we can surmize from it all, "all" being far more than I listed herein, that the greater point we may now have evidence of to exceed that of what we read in ancient texts, is that this shrinking phenominon may be akin to a countdown to some end, as far as we understand prophetically for some end to be scheduled. Regardless, if the DNA inside what we believed to be rock exists as shown, then all the other connections backward need to be made.  

This has all happened before, and until someone stops it, it will all happen again. Maybe, and "God" forbid, until we are single-celled.

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