Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I may catch some flack for saying this, but better its discussed than not. 

I tend to believe that everyone attached to me to be generally of the same mind and basic knowledge base concerning the overall inner workings of the evil ones and their henchmen in govt, corps, science, and entertainment. 

One major thing I think most astute people can agree on once they really investigate it is that the clandestine side of the evil stream of consciousness in this world as it works through the aforementioned government and corporate institutions has long decided to use Hollywood to openly disclose certain aspects of their future plans. Of course, I have seen them use other venues such as compromised talk show hosts like Alex Jones, and middle-eastern-state clandestine service agents such as Matt Drudge and others, in the same way, placing information out as required to alert the very few who ever LISTEN to anything long enough to acquire the many dots to string together into some viable intelligence. 

For anyone who does not believe that the CIA and other intelligence agencies have direct interaction and influence in Hollywood productions on all levels, see this:

That understood, I firmly believe that the reason WHY these evil people go to the trouble of providing any form of an alert of their future plans to those they plan to do it too, is mostly misunderstood by the majority who even know they do it. If you listen to one of their longtime agents, radio show host A. Jones, you would have heard that bag of monkey poo on many occasion provide the canned message that the "elite" telegraph their evil intentions because - "They work under a self-imposed "fair-play" rule." Much the same as when the hunters allow the fox to run for several minutes before taking chase. This is always the reason provided for them telegraphing their punches. I have heard it via many sources through the years, and I can tell you this, it's a total lie. 

Evil people have no sense of "fair play", they're evil for cripes sake, they have no sense of anything other than evil! That story has been in the pipeline for hundreds of years if not thousands, but why?  Because they are hiding the simple truth as always!

That truth is, that their handlers, the fallen ones, who have always been forced to work their evil within the confines of The Eternal Creator's law of free will, have also long instructed all of their Hu-Man sycophants that they must do the same. But here is the catch as I have told all of you so many times before - IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO TEACH YOU! It is not their responsibility to drag you to it, or even to make it ridiculously obvious to you. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT every single law in the USA? Oh No? Well, go break some and find out just how quick the cops, prosecutors, and judges don't give a crap about the fact that you were unaware! IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE!  Remember that little ditty?  So, quite obviously, from top to bottom something else very big and very real has always been going on here. And it all has 100% to do with CONSENT! and TACIT CONSENT! 

So, they tell you via multiple venues; but you are NEVER listening, or at least listening for very long; thus, just like everything that I have taught people, they would have NEVER found it themselves because they did NOT spend years and years assimilating data streams that allowed them to finally string together nearly insurmountable vectors of data into one single, understandable thread. So, in the end, most people, souls or no souls, will find themselves caught in some massive web or another spun by the evil ones. Very few, even of those who have had access to such warnings as I have shown in my teachings and in emails and or via personal conversations etc., will be caught because there is ALWAYS some point of evil that they are just not willing to believe to be possible, much less true.

 There is almost always some point at which a person will underestimate their enemy. I believe this to be just a normal state of the eternal soul. Our souls were just not designed to be evil, much less commiserate with it. I am not admonishing anyone here. I am speaking from the experiences of being spiritually and even physically pummeled for pretty much my entire life. We trust too easily, which is exactly how we all got stuck in this cyclic poop parade, to begin with. So, just continue to understand without doubt, that everything that has ever occurred or will occur, revolves around the first law of free will. And that their little "fair play" stories are only meant to HIDE the Eternal Creator, His law of free will and the fact that you all even have free will, to begin with. Which is yet another lie I have heard stated as absolute fact by many of these evil drones.  I counter that lie by using their own actions of telegraphing their plans against the lie that free will does not exist! If it did not exist, then no evil tyrant would ever telegraph their plans, ever! I can also counter it by the many physical proofs that exist within their worldwide legal system which allow one to extricate him or herself from all of their systems via verifiable government documents that exist for one to do so- IF YOU CAN FIND THEM! Again, not their responsibility to INFORM you that all of their laws are only "their laws" to which you have either knowingly or tacitly consented to join. And, even consenting to NOT opting out of because you still do not know that you can, is consenting. 

Although all of you can use the dust-off, I am belaboring this point for the many new souls who have recently joined us. 

THE CURRENT WARNING: Whether you believe the deep state war w/ the DT forces is real or created to appear real means absolutely nothing in the end because the many prophets have already warned how this all plays out eventually. That aside, even if the DT forces are real and working for the side that doesn't want to eradicate 95% of the earth's population for the SOUL reason of capturing all the souls here and re-transmitting them to their new, digital world reality which I now firmly believe to exist, and also believe no soul will ever be extracted from. 
   Some of us have been closely watching and trying to see HOW they might do such a thing - THE EVENT - and many, even myself have tended to believe that CERN has much to do with it, and that may still be true. However, after allowing this greater possibility to marinate for some years, while crunching piles of new data and elitist plans in my minimal spare time, much of which comes by a CERN whistleblower who gives extensive information. I have come to believe him to be the real deal, but most likely staged to be an alleged whistleblower to cover their compliance with the 1st law, and not from the goodness of his heart or his great bravery. His information deeply implicated CERN's tech as being produced for one reason only, and that was to be the receiver and RE-transmitter of all the souls on earth into some new, waiting reality. He very plainly expressed that no other science has been going on at CERN ever and that the collection of souls was its only purpose. I will also tell you, that he is virtually the ONLY person having any connection with CERN to say this and provide such scientific detail. All other "alleged" CERN whistleblowers have stated many other things, but not one other CERN whistleblower to my knowledge has said that. So, I believe it behooves us to seriously consider his warning to be the only true warning concerning CERN. 

HERE is my issue with the whole CERN "Soul Collection" device idea; I am not a physicist, but I have studied it in more depth than most, and there isn't much in the area of physics that loses me. So, considering the CERN machine to be a soul collection technology, the not so obvious point that initially made my head cock sideways like my dog was the question of how some far removed machine could make a long distance and direct "identity" connection with any soul, to then remove it from the body-physicality, in part or in whole, for capture. 
  Meaning; like with hitting military targets with laser-guided missiles or bombs, in some cases, a nearby soldier is needed to paint the target with a handheld laser device so that the bomb from the plane can see it, and literally ride that laser light to the target with great accuracy. Missile systems work in much the same ways. Or like with the technology used to instantly find a single sniper when he shoots. It uses the acoustic signature from the report of the rifle and the bullets supersonic signature as it travels to near instantly triangulate with great accuracy where the shooter is so that waiting artillery or missile fire can be launched against his position. Same can be done with a radio signal. The main point being, that pretty much all such technology requires a way to track back to the main target. In this case, our souls. 

 I have found it highly improbable that the CERN tech, whatever it truly is, could just be turned on and be able to extract each souls' personal, and varying frequency without first being able to lock on to its very specific quantum frequency. In fact, I will go so far as to say that the Eternal One created each soul so specifically, for just such a reason - (Identity). Because remember, our tether back to Him is made up of that same stuff. Therefore, I have personally come to the conclusion a few years back that some other device would be needed for each soul to literally, physically have. And by physically having that thing, on the quantum level, like with anything or any person or soul that we interact with, we become "correlated" to that thing. It's a connection that never leaves and is not restricted by space/proximity or time. Liken this to Captain Kirk being beamed up to the Enterprise, but ONLY AFTER they were able to lock on to each persons' specific "communication" device!  Well, I now believe we have received confirmation (if you were paying attention) of such a device and its very specific usage last week. Which also tells me that not only the device and its supporting technology is imminent, but that also the associated EVENT is imminent. 

They TELE-graphed it: If you did as I suggested and watched the first two shows of the new X-Files series on Fox, then you already know this. If you have not, then you need to get to it, especially show #2 and pay attention to every single word of it. Long story short, they used the very specific language of CONSENT in at least two scenes and truthfully, the language used made those scenes a bit odd because that is NOT how most people speak. The bottom line is this, and this is what I believe the evil stream of consciousness was warning everyone about; they CLEARLY made it a point to tell us that our "Smartphones" would be used to periodically upload portions of our soul/consciousness whenever we used the phone. AND, that, everyone was CONSENTING to have their consciousness relocated by just using their phones. AND, that if they did NOT CONSENT, that they could just as easily stop using their Smartphones. There was a later scene having to do with another character's girlfriend where she exposed the technology to them, and even told them that her and her boyfriend (named Langley - As in the CIA in VA) had been previously approached by the govt concerning the (new universe reality) project, and that after considering it, and wanting to live together forever, they decided to SIGN the CONTRACTS and give their CONSENT to have their souls uploaded upon their normal physical deaths. The Langley character (actually all 3 Lone Gunmen characters) were killed near the end of the old X-Files series. So, he was already inside the new reality world. 
   Additionally, while communicating from the new world beyond with Mulder on his "Smartphone - Communicator device", Langley also told Mulder that many other great minds were already there, I believe he said Steve Jobs and some others. The Langley character was emphatically telling Mulder and Skully to kill the server farm where this reality was running, because it was NOT REAL and that none of them except him even knew that they were inside a fake reality at all.
   I also found it interesting how the servers were inside the exceedingly secret and ominous NSA building in Manhatten NYC, which is the same building cited as being the one used to spy on DT during the election. 

BOTTOM LINE FOR ME: This X-Files, Smartphone "connection point warning" comes just before they roll out their new 5g program which many people and experts are already gravely warning us about, but not for this reason. Yes, I am sure the 5g is far worse than the former iteration on many levels, but I cannot discount the timing of this obvious TV series disclosure, just in time for the 5g roll out. So, my personal suggestion is to NOT underestimate the enemy and consider that as their open and ridiculously obvious warning to NOT use any Smartphone past this point. My guess is, that prior to this 5g tech they did not have the technology to do this.  Don't make any stupid excuses like - I only text, or I only use it on speaker, etc - They will have you located and correlated to THAT phone by proximity alone. Drop the phone, get a dumb phone. Because my other guess is, that because the X-Files warning is so in your face, and the show being one of, if not the most watched modern TV series in many years, that this was our only warning. I highly doubt there will be any others like it. Mainly, because there are just no other venues with such high attendance that could host such a metaphysical, sci-fi stream of information. Besides Television, the show is now available, after the fact, on Amazon and other online movie venues as they get it. 

PSRemember two more things; when its a technology that they really want us to have, they make it fun, cheap and easy to buy. Like the in-home Amazon Alexa and Siri devices which are dropping in price daily because they want everyone to have it. The other side of that is how they continue to make the older dumb phones available and usable long after the far higher tech Smartphone systems are in place. Why? Why hasn't virtually every other dumb phone been discontinued long ago? Out of all the people I know, my wife and I are the only two still using them. I now believe we have our answer for that as well; because the other side ALWAYS has to leave you a way out of their plans against you. And now that we are reasonably certain that the Smartphones are their final solution plan, they have been forced to leave the far older technology phones supported and available for the Smart-ones who decided not to use Smartphones. 

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