The Final Warning to CERN, the Globalists and the Fallen!

"Meneh – Meneh – Tekal - Upharsin!"

   Someone called me the other day asking for my expanded thoughts and ideas concerning a few semi-related topics after reading an article I sent out about the handwriting on the wall at CERN.  

   The conversation began centered around what I truly thought occurred at CERN. I can go both ways I said, but there were several esoteric points surrounding that story and nuances that allowed me to believe it could have happened. If for no other reason, then the Tanak story in question being somewhat obscure in this case, and context wise, unrelated. Also, the fact that the article is stating that since reading the warning the elite are doubling down to avert being overthrown -  "the importance of which was so “terrifying ” to those who heard it, they instantly pledged their nations “total resources” in order to stop what they know will be the “end of their rule” over Earth...." 
   Then this was stated - "CERN Director General Fabiola Gianotti addressed the entire assemblage of the Bilderberg Group where she delivered the “Message of God” that had been “received/deciphered” by the Large Hadron Collider-LHC—and that so terrified those hearing it immediately pledged their Western nations to funding a cyclotron particle collider three times as big, and seven times more powerful, than the Large Hadron Collider-LHC—and whose cost can only be measured in the trillions-of-dollars." 

   So, I guess we will know something more when we see them announcing the start of this massive project. If they haven't already announced it somewhere that we have not yet seen. As I have stated ad nauseam, AHEEYEH does not change. Therefore, it is not difficult for me to feature that he would yet again use what works, and what people know.

   Many tend to incorrectly believe that the elite scum have no god or don't believe in anything religious, etc., but that cannot be further from the truth. They know exactly who the Prime Creator is, His name, His laws, and they know exactly who they follow and why.
   In fact, I will go so far as to say as I did in my book Soul Revolution, that all the "people" we know and have known as the rulers and shakers of this creation-space are and have always been the exact same recycled souls who have been allowed to retain all the memories of their former lives while in the service of their false god. Which, if you think about it, is the only way humans could have retained such power and hidden understandings within a select group of families, generationally.

   Think of it this way; will your children follow and live His Everlasting Agreement without EVER flinching? Will their children and their children? Most likely not a chance. Short of brainwashing the children from birth into the Everlasting-Agreement as the elite do with theirs.  

   I will also point out that if AHEEYEH did leave this message again, then, if we keep it all in context with the original scene, we should see a large invading army taking over Europe or most of it, soon. As with the - [Medes/Persians]. Given Russia's proximity, hate for NATO and a desire to see all CERN Operations halted, I'm thinking Russia. Which most will say also falls in line with Prophecy. 

  Additionally, this person asked me when I thought that could happen. Well, let us go with what we do know - The Babylonian tablets in the British Museum provide the exact date that Babylon fell; on October 13, 539 B.C.  Interesting date to watch for I guess, and again, it is in line with what many are predicting to be cataclysmic events after August 21st, 2017 – After the Great American eclipse. And funny enough, when I use the Pythagorean Skein here for the year 539BCE, I get 17! 5+3+9=17=2017? 

There are many other nuances that I see in that article which make me believe it did occur that I don't have the time to detail herein. But, in my estimation, if it is true, then things are lining up perfectly to become very sporty for allot of people soon. 

Interesting to think how this final warning came to them and their fallen handlers only a month or two prior to the so-called; Great American Eclipse, on August 21st/2017.  

   Another topic prompted from all this and asked of me pertained to the Torah Code and the Web Bot program by Cliff High. Here, my answer remains the same as in my book – Soul Revolution - but I will add a little prophetic twist at the end here which I left out of the book.  

   First, as I stated in the book, at this time the Torah code is only in Phase-1. With all data being provided through the updating of the Holoverse system and AFTER the fact of any event. All of which has always been controlled by the moon; which of course, is NOT a moon at all. The data they glean from the so-called Torah Code is NOT prophecy...YET! It soon will be.

   If you need a better handle on how such a thing as a Holographic reality can be real, true and updateable, read Soul Revolution three or four times. I will only add here that some people are not as susceptible to their holographic system updates or control any longer. There has been a great awakening occurring among the people worldwide which I believe has been causing the fallen ones - “Archon’s” to lose their grip on our prison system.  

   Torah Code - Phase-2 will come (if their plans continue unabated) just before or during some staged, massive upheaval. Then the special, Torah code high priests (Shelanite-Judah) will begin receiving said data before the events. 

   This, of course, will be touted as GODS Prophecy! And could not have been pulled off any time prior to certain large-scale events unfolding within this creation space for many reasons that I cannot detail herein. The simple answer is, it would have caused all kinds of religious and geopolitical upheaval if enacted too soon.
   Phase-2 will be used, in my opinion, to cull the left-over population of all Hebrew bloodlines regardless what the people believe themselves to be, most of which will be known as Christians. And everyone will follow the special, high priests of the Code because that alleged, “god”, is speaking only to them.

The Christian’s have believed that they will be persecuted and killed because they are Christians, or “followers of Jesus.” However, few to none of them have ever truly followed a thing Yehshua taught. Some of this is because his teachings were removed and changed, and only later found in other writings that were, of course, deemed non-authoritative by the ones who removed them in the first place. No, it has always been the original, Beacon-Seed™ “root” of the tree that the evil ones have chased and killed. And if you are grafted into that Beacon-Seed™ root, that is the real reason for the eventual persecutions that their prophecies foretell. And that is why the prophet said: “In this manner appoints the Eternal one of legions; ‘Those days, wherein ten men, strong, out of all languages of nations, strongly grip the hem of a man of Jacob saying; ‘Let us go with you because we hear the Eternal One is with you…”

  This is what the entire process has always been about, culling all the original and later ingraffed Beacon-Seed™ from this place before a certain tipping point can be achieved by the souls of humanity, which is obviously growing very near. The problem has been finding all of them among the nations and containing them while also orchestrating the required geopolitical landscape at any given time to provide the Archon’s the required infrastructure, government backing and time to eradicate the humans/souls they believe to house the Beacon-Seed™, etc. All the false religious and other narratives that they have always fed us are simply propagated to keep our physical minds occupied in life so that it is much easier to harvest our souls for recycle in death. Had they ever been able to make a positive identity of the Beacon-Seed™ souls as that Abrahimic blessing progresses through our Trinity-6™ physicality’s and further marking our souls, those souls would have been extracted from the recycle system and quarantined already.

Additionally, as I have stated in several radio interviews which are on my blog site;  

* They got the Assyrians to kill off as many of the original 12 tribe people who lived in North Canaan over a 21-year period and took the rest captive until AHEEYEH released them. 
* Then they took over the Spanish government and after many years of infiltration did the same there. 
* Then on to Russia, Italy, and Germany. 
* They even got the Japanese to search for and eradicate all Hebrew people who fled Europe early for Panama. Little known history there. 

   From shortly after Abrahim to our near future, they hunt for the seed. But still, they could not get us all because, well, the promise was that we would be as the sands of the sea and the stars of the sky, which by default also eludes to being HIDDEN!
  Our true identity, whether we are of the original, minimal Beacon Seed™ lineage or one whose lineage was overwritten by the spreading Beacon Seed™ the line remains hidden.

   Within my upcoming Beacon-Seed™ book I get into certain proofs depicting how all DNA science at its core is driven by the identification of just this special marker. Although I tend to believe they cannot see it. 
  Identifying and capturing the seed carriers is key and central to virtually everything they do to mankind. Which is why one segment of this evil control system has been staunchly pushing for WW3. As our mass enlightenment grows, if they cannot stay ahead of it, then they will require a mass death event so that they can capture the souls; “as is was in the days of Noah”, erase or block all memories; recreate entirely new false narrative systems for our eventual assimilations within the next Epoch, and then recycle us back into the system again. I tend to believe that this is exactly why they have been building D.U.M.B.S for the last 50 years and stockpiling train loads of everything needed to not only sustain but to rebuild a civilization. Humans, like Noah’s family, and all the others that were somehow also saved from that mass death event, there needs to be a fairly large human population left intact or there will not be any Trinity-6™ bodies here to receive all the recycled souls via new, live births!

   Whatever happens, if it is not stopped this time as some prophecies appear to be telling us, all of this will occur for the exact same reasons! Meneh-Meneh-Tekal-Upharsin!  The fallen creatures time is up! Again, coming to the realization that total eradication has to occur if they wish to capture all souls and survive.

   Of course, that has not happened yet, but many more people each day from all walks of life are seeing it just on the horizon. The only question is, how will they kick it off?

   The tool of the “God-given” Torah Code - Phase-2, will not only wow the people, but it will yet again prove to everyone the unquestionable authority of the special Levitical Shelanite black priests. The initial “prophetic” data from them will solidify their place in disseminating his will or else! After which, the true reason for it all will be realized by those who already know this. After prophesied events come to fruition via the black priests' code book, THEN their gods' book will begin spitting out names and locations of all those pesky individuals/families, etc., who need to go away!......The way of the guillotine was one suggestion that they placed for man to assimilate. 

   I mean, since it appears simply evident that the evil ones wrote most of the hard core, end-times prophecy for humans to assimilate and propagate into reality for them via the projection of it all through our living souls’ consciousness, then surely, they will cause it all to happen the same way everyone has envisioned it to, correct?  So, count on the Torah code Phase-2 to be their final attempt at Beacon-Seed™ eradication.  

   Very sorry for those of you who are not yet aware of what the Beacon Seed™ is. In very short, it is an understanding taken from the fouled up historical accounts and misunderstood prophecy concerning the seed of Abrahim. I have spoken about it here and there over many years, but never delved into it because I knew the time for it was not right.  

   The second tier of this emerging evil is Cliff High's Web Bot Program. Let me preface my opinion here by saying that I do not know Mr. High. He appears to be a decent person, but I have been seriously wrong about such things before. I do believe however, that he is displaying an epic lack of wisdom by making the findings of such a systems data collections, public. I say this because of the nature of what he does with said "consciousness" data. I will attempt to keep this section short.

   The Web-bot program, admittedly, reads, records and hypothesizes "future" events based on the flow of the worlds individual souls/consciousness' data. This is data that has been assimilated from world narratives on all levels which is then, on the individual level, "projected" from each soul/consciousness back out into the world, usually as fear, and thus immediately begins shaping/affecting the world around us as we know it for better or worse. You may also have read another recent science article I sent out on how the mainstream science-liars have now acquiesced to this exact truth about how our collective consciousness literally fabricates the events and physical world we live in. If you read my book – Soul Revolution, you will get a better understanding of this reality and also see how our soul consciousness, on the individual level, makes changes to our reality at a slower pace; but on a collective level can be coerced to make the changes that the fallen ones want projected into our reality, much quicker. THIS is the enlightenment at this time which has been growing and adversely affecting their control over us. Somehow, suddenly, the souls of this earth have decided that they don’t hate all of the other souls in other countries; and don’t want perpetual wars, disease, famine, etc.

  When it is said that LOVE conquers all, they are correct. However, we do not need Love to conquer ALL, we only need it to conquer the Archon’s and their Moon control system to be free of them.  

   Here is my main issue with Mr. High and his alleged [non-corporate, non-government] Web bot project. If we know as we do and as my Soul Revolution book went a long way towards proving, that our souls make our reality based on their constant exposure to either GOOD & LIFE affirming narratives, or EVIL & DEATH affirming narratives; then, (IF) such a person as Cliff High, who is alleged to be the expert on this, had any common sense whatsoever or any wisdom at all, he would have NEVER allowed his system to see the light of day! Much less a daily public display of it!

   Giving him the benefit of the doubt; If at first, he brought that system online for other reasons, like to aid people in such areas as the stock markets and other markets, etc., then, why has he allowed his systems popularity among the rest of the world to grow? This man does more videos and interviews and sends out more damn data reports than just about anyone. WHY?  Do you SEE it yet?  
   AGAIN! If he is the expert and knows full well that ALL data taken in by ALL souls, will either positively or negatively affect said souls and then immediately affect the state of our literal reality, then WHY DOES THIS CRACK POT CONTINUE TO DELUGE THE WORLD WITH HIS HIGHLY NEGATIVE REPORTS of very possible futures?  All highly negative narrative reports which are then mingled with the double speak of - "well, this may happen or may not happen..." blah, blah, blah.... Same old CIA/NAZI split mind tactics. 


   Therefore, if this man had any wisdom whatsoever he would have shut up a long time ago! Because since he began, all of his reports have become continual feedback loops of mass negativity and fear into the population that regurgitated it all, to begin with, thus compounding the original issue many times over! But he doesn't, does he? No, because the computer program was NOT designed by him and or his partner. It was provided by the same evil rulers seeking to find, fix and kill allot of people/souls. Because the Web Bot program is nothing more than a modern, unreligious, Torah code machine that has been and will continue to be embraced by all the non-religious, tech-driven slaves, as well as many of the stupid religious types. And now that the so-called Web-Bot program has become so very famous worldwide, soon, in that day, like the Torah code, that system will be overtaken by another government or corporation. And at that time the Web Bot system will also enter into its own Phase-2 and will be employed by said rulers to identify and root out the Web-gods undesirables.  

   Whether it's the Torah Code priests or the Web Bot program techies, both will be above reproach, unquestioned, and unchecked. I will also go so far as to say that both will be used in tandem to confirm each other to provide the government or rulers at that time the false righteousness they require to openly eradicate any people they wish. People who will be labeled by many names by these systems and backed up by the priests who translate them. They will start as they always have; god will tell them that all the murderers, rapists, and robbers etc., in our jails must be eradicated to cleanse the land. Then, that god will provide the names and locations of all the pedophiles. Because who won't hate a pedophile?

  Then the Torah code will start spewing out the names of hidden adulterers in our midst; Then the fornicators; Then the gays and other such “gender-swapped-souls” will be eradicated, sacrificed even, and each successive time the remaining population will agree and applaud! Even give up their own children, family members and friends that the god missed! “When they came to take Jews, I said nothing because I wasn’t a Jew….”     

   Then, the Web Bot program will begin providing all the names and locations of anyone who ever stole or frauded anyone for money, even if they didn't! Then comes the small-time stock market swindlers, and bankers, car dealers, and on and on!  
   They will have even more complete control over the few media outlets still allowed to broadcast, being employed to paint these people any color needed to have them demonized, captured and eliminated without question. Because really, in the end, god gave them the orders. No Nuremberg trials this time! 

   Disbelief of the Eternal Ones Greater Exodus prophecy is a major mistake. And ignoring His Everlasting Agreement law in disbelief of it for your continued personal paradigm will prove far, far worse.  So! Don’t believe me! Believe our prophets Jeremiah and Daniel who believed the Everlasting Agreement and lived it! Which is why they were elevated and saved from their enemies.  

What day will SHTF happen to you? Maybe later today? Tonight, while you sleep? "Meneh – Meneh – Tekal - Upharsin!" 

If so, will you be passed over for protection and provision because at that moment AHEEYEHS messengers found you with the blood of innocents on your lips, polluting your body and soul!  
Everyone better start living AHEEYEHS Everlasting Agreement like it is their next freakin breath! It would have been better for you to do it out of love and deep respect for the One who created your living soul. But in some cases, maybe fear of a gruesome life and worse death for themselves and their children will have to be enough incentive. 

The Torah Code and the Web Bot Program 

I give you THE TWO false WITNESSES! 

S. Asher 2017 ©

Here is that full article again for those who missed it-

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