Friday, March 8, 2019

THE FOURTH KIND - Their Will be Done - They are god

Souls Consenting to Control 

I watched this movie with the wife last night on Amazon Prime, but you may be able to find it else ware. I HIGHLY suggest watching this movie and paying very close attention to the details coming out of the mouths of those alleged “abductees – study-subjects” that the doctor is regressing.

First, I will say that this movie is the kind of stuff I rarely if ever watch, but when I saw that it was a true story and that they also sequenced in original archive study footage into the movie, I decided to watch it and very happy I did. Happy because this movie 100% proves, with actual footage and linguistic evidence that man has NEVER had before. To me, it proves all of the most important and revealing points that I wrote in the Soul Revolution book, and nearly 100% accurate. It’s actually kind of freaky to me that it is to this extent.


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