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The Forever World Series - My Review

The Knowledge of the Forever World

By Mr.Damon T. Barry
Herein referenced as “Barry”, “he”, “him” and “the guy”:

So, I have now gone through all the episodes I could find from this globalist apologizer, and the only part of ONE that I found mildly interesting was at the end of #4 where he’s telling us how all of the ancient stones – carved rocks, monuments, etc., all emit an electromagnetic signal. And that they were made “for us”, knowing they would become tourist attractions. 

Why? Well, of course, to get all the humans or as many as possible throughout our generations to go to these places on vacation and – TOUCH THE ROCK!  

Why TOUCH the rock? Well of course, because they are special stones that connect with CERTAIN CHOSEN people; (African is the gist I got), and that these stones are “actually” DNA collection points!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I swear he said that. And that’s not all. He tells us that this is the reason why we have so many and consistent sightings of ALIEN space ships hovering over said Vacation locations - BECAUSE THEY ARE COLLECTING OUR DNA! Or maybe on vacation themselves? But wait, there’s more!

If YOU touch one of these many monuments worldwide, from inside the Vatican to Egypt to South America, England, you name it, and you get PULSED by it, maybe even lose consciousness for a second or two, THEN YOU are one of the Aliens CHOSEN PEOPLE, and one they wish to reconnect with. (Where have I heard that idea floated before?.....)

If this stuff wasn’t so dangerous and imminent I would be laughing my &$$ off. Well, I had a pulse go through me while watching this series, and that pulse told me that THIS crap is real and the very antithesis of the true, Eternal Creators Beacon-Seed.

Come to think of it, I know for certain I am NOT one of their chosen people because many yrs. ago, not expecting it at all, while traveling through Europa with friends that HAD to see the Vatican, I reluctantly tagged along because we were going somewhere better afterward. I literally got ejected from the building more than one time. I believe I tried to re-enter the main building three times, and each time something surrounded me, made me feel very ill and pushed me out. When I got outside I was fine. Each time after that the same thing happened faster and worse. Until I got the message.

Suffices to say I won’t be touching any ancient monument stones anytime soon.

On this guy’s series, I thought I would provide my opinion. I know, that’s unlike me, but today I’m breaking the mold.

Before I begin, I would like to point out again that this guy, who “appears” to have all the answers and vast knowledge of history, science, and the American way, is presenting his entire theory based on virtually ALL of the fake science of the alleged SPACE around us, the gravity lie, and that this planet and all planets are sphere’s hanging in that vacuum of space. THIS to me needs to be put directly into the trash file right out of the gate and without passing go, and for the same reasons I tell people who are truly seeking their creator to completely disregard any alleged Hebrew, Jewish, Messianic or Christian teacher who cannot teach or show them even the simplest basics of original truth. All of which are 1st grade understanding in my world. 

My point is, I do NOT believe this man to be stupid. And I do NOT believe he could have learned even half of this information without running into the deluge of proof about the Flat-Earth creation, its covering and the water/Abyss that surrounds it. Therefore, he is working for the dark side.

1. After watching them all it is more than obvious that the main theme he wants everyone to come away with is – ALIENS are GOOD!
2. The second theme he wants us to assimilate is – The ALIENS ARE GOD!
3. The Aliens-Annunaki, are ALSO us! (More on this point later)
4. Last major theme – WE MUST LEAVE EARTH through the Star-Sun-Gate.

And what does he present as his proof of these and pretty much every single point he pushes? The Sumerian Cuneiform tablets.

Yes, he also reference’s one or two bible stories and overlays the ancient alien theme for them as well, but that’s about it other than showing us the many Alien drawings around the world in caves, etc., and overlaying many odd ideas to show us that none of those cave paintings are what they very clearly appear to be. Mostly telling us that all of them were put there to tell us, in these times, a story, a warning to wake up and see that numbers 1-4 above are true and about to happen, etc.

5. He tells us many times throughout the series, like a mantra really, ‘that humans MUST get ready to leave earth.’
6. He says that it can be done – (through the gate of course but vague on how).

How will we find or use that gate? He never actually tells us that or anything specific really, which is how I know it’s the same old dark side Con. What I can understand from it all, came from something else he begins to state like a mantra, which is; when THEY come, DO NOT FIGHT THEM! 

Thus, I surmise that THEY, the ones that work for “god” – i.e. Annunaki – the ones history has mistaken as “angels”, along with other grey aliens as his shows depicts as benevolent workers; will be invading and taking the CHOSEN PEOPLE through that Sun-Gate to a galaxy far, far, away.

7. AFTER we go with them, that we will only be gone for “about” one month to learn many new and amazing things and to received everlasting life - THEN, we will be allowed to return to our earth; BUT, that in earth's time over 2000 years would have passed and the entire earth, left on its own, will have been fully rejuvenated! “And then I saw a new heaven and a new earth…” See how easy it is to line this Alien story up with the meanings of our many texts?
8. Upon our arrival, back to earth, he says that we will meet again our ancient ancestors, who he then depicts them as stone age mongrels’ who will see us as THE GODS! Thus, the cycle of mankind writing on cave walls depicting "the gods” in space suits and flying in ships, etc., begins all over again. 

Then, and unbelievable even to me, this guy says that we will teach them new and better ways, and, and, and, wait for it……. That we will RULE THEM!  Ah-Ha!

So, not only do the CHOSEN leave here to become “Like god” …. Where have I heard that before?... But then we will return and BE GODS among the monkey men? I’ll pass thanks!

9.       He then begins again to reiterate that we CANNOT FIGHT THEM when they come. To which he then uses the alleged (fake) dead planet Mars (also alleged to have Pyramids on it) as being the last planet (like ours now) to try to fight these “gods” when they returned to “help” us. He tries hard to also include other so-called “planets” as being dead for the same reason, but not in so many words. He sucks wind here and there with much of his argument. 

So, do NOT fight them…Can you say GUN CONTROL? Of course! How hard is it to believe that some fallen but highly advanced civilization who has periodic access to other lesser advanced civilizations, and knows how to get in and out of the dome covering, would come in and take advantage of them.

We think of ourselves ONLY as “ourselves” and not as a collective, much less as a greater collective and collection of so-called “fallen” creation spaces scattered throughout the Abyss we fell into. 
  Super-High technology always looks like magic to the lesser, but that does NOT make them THE Creator! Because then, WHO CREATED THEM? Good old Damon B, he never gets into that little question.

THEN we have his theatrical overburden, as he repetitiously progresses to the next HOLY ancient information saying – “Now gather yourselves; Steel your hearts and ready minds; for what comes next is soooo holy that no one can know it or even speak it; and it will shake your beliefs to the very core…” THEN he commences to SPEAKING it of course since evidently no one else can.  

At least after one of these theatrical fanfares he may have actually had a good point about the Christian cross, and not unlike I did many years ago, showed how the cross can be found in every culture dating back to as far as we can currently go. Which to Mr. Barry is the Sumerian culture. 
  Of course, he connected that cross with what appears to have been some large Bling crosses that the Annunaki “gods” wore, saying that those were actually amulets used to open or input navigation into the Stargate, or both. 
  OK, that’s fine I guess, although I saw that exact same thing on the TV series Stargate SG-1, starring Richard Dean Anderson who I have always liked as an actor. But, we should give Mr. Barry the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Come to think of it, Mr. Barry borrowed from yet another major Sci-Fi series which I have watched several times now. I noticed this as he continued to push the point how other previous “human” civilizations have lived through and accomplished all the points that he stipulated in this series, as I numbered above in a continuous cycle. 

  • That the alien Annunaki are our “gods”. 
  • That they aided and augmented us as the Sumerian texts depict.
  • That when they come we should not fight them. 
  • That we NEED to leave with them. 
  • That we NEED to LEARN everything over from them. 
  • That THEN we can return here and be LIKE gods to those still here. 

I recall another manipulated story just like this- Gen 4:13-14 “And Cain said to God, My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold! You have driven me out from the face of the land today. And I will be hidden from Your face. And I will be a vagabond and a fugitive on the earth. And it will be that anyone who finds me shall kill me. 

God answers Kayin; “How can that be Cain? Your ungrateful parents are my only creations, and then they created you two useless bastards and that sister you can’t keep your hands off. Who will be there to kill you?

Additionally, it seems Mr. Barry may also be pulling ideas from that great 1990’s Sci-Fi series, Battlestar Galactica with his notion that this cycle of growth in humanity all the way through to near annihilation, then alien "god" abductions, then re-teaching, and return to rule over the lesser people of some god, can be summed up in that TV series main motto, which is – “This has all happened before, and it will all happen again”.

That upon our return, WE will then RULE them, and then we will once AGAIN return this place to evil mayhem and industrial destruction. Only to have THAT generation LEAVE again, LEARN again; RULE again, and destroy it all over again! SOUND LIKE HELL TO YOU YET?  

That part sounds ALLOT like the complete information that I wrote in the Soul Revolution book to me. And these Annunaki are the Archon’s that our ancient brethren spoke of. So, then, I guess we didn’t learn much while there, aye? Or just like the “Soul School Classes” I mention in that book where we never recall anything we allegedly learned in them? It seems some important precepts are beginning to line up here.

As far as I am concerned, in the end it’s all the exact same story.
  The Souls of THIS creation, CHOSE-CONSENTED to break from the Prime Creators law of free will, and now our free will has been the playground of fools who consented to the exact same thing, only a million years before we did. Thus, we all who continue to CONSENT will never be broken free of this “submerged” creation space and perpetual cycle of rebith into this hell!

Why the hell does anyone think that we NEED a dome over us? I say it’s because this once OPEN creation space FELL- DOWN – UNDER – SUBMERGED – SUNK into the deep of the Abyss of Genesis One. 

Throughout our stories and stupid-stitions we have FALLEN angles, FALLEN worlds; FALLEN souls; even Atlantis sunk into the waters, correct? A whole lot of falling going on throughout our religious paradigms, isn’t there?

So, now, harness your minds and steel your souls, for what comes next is so startling it will shake your foundations from terra-firma forever! ;-)

The Atlantean Hypothesis!

We - ALL, the souls within this captured creation space who have not yet been released by their return to The Prime Creators 1st law of love and freewill, and even all those who have now been returned by it, were once known as - Atlanteans!

THIS creation space was named by its creator as all creations are named, just as children are named. Its name was and is – Atlantica. There have been and continue to be innumerable to us, creation spaces created by the true Eternal Creator. See my article on the flat earth Tree of Life and Flower of Life. 

Virtually all the stories, folklore, and superstitions that surround the lost continent of Atlantis are true, but at the same time all wrong.
 Just as I have taught for so long now, how - all folklore, myth, and superstitions have an original point of truth. We no longer know their full truth because of all the lies man and false gods have heaped upon the original pile. However, a certain few have had the ability to cut through those piles to show you those original truths. 

We have a plethora of FALLEN angels, FALLEN souls, FALLEN worlds in our religious memories:
  • A creation space always known to be flat and covered by a dome and surrounded by water! 
  • A creation space that we also know was flooded through “windows” in the dome by water outside the dome – The Abyss! 
  • That the Abyss holds the worst of those fallen from the Creator who are bound within its forever depths, and that - 
  • We are inside the terrarium looking out! Yet, they have access!

The joke is, humans have mused, theorized and even physically searched for this so-called Atlantis while all that time living within it! YES! Atlantis and ALL the souls on board have fallen! Sunken into the Abyss by its Prime Creator because they consented to follow those already in the Abyss. 

  • There is a "Dome" because there is water. 
  • There is water because it is the medium that contains a heinous virus. 
  • The Abyss holds all the fallen, and we are with them, for now.
See my greater hypothesis of the Tree of Life, Flower of Life continuous creations - Flat creations! 
  When one of those creation spaces "falls" from the Eternal Creators 1st law of Free Will which is built within the simple framework of His Everlasting Agreement which governs all creations; that creation space gets a dome and is then submerged into the Abyss to be ruled by the thoughts, intentions, and tactics of the evil ones who fell long ago. We can only hope that some of our ancient texts are true when they depict a way out for every soul who finds the path. 

And then I saw a renewed earth and heavens, and no sun nor moon was needed because it was again lit by the light of the Creator....

When all of the souls who can be saved within the time frame provided within this currently captured snow-globe system, are saved from themselves, and the evil fallen ones, then this fallen creation space will be raised back up and uncovered. 
  Restored to its original condition without the need for a Sun or Moon technology driven mechanism to keep it clocked and living.

Until that time, there remains no doubt in my mind that this “Forever time” series is just a continuation of the same ruse that keeps the souls of captured here stuck in that cycle.  

Reincarnation > Re-Set

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