Sunday, August 26, 2018

Join the New AHLCglobal website

 AHLCglobal website

I would like to invite everyone who has joined and gleaned from this blog to join the rest of us over at the new AHLCglobal website and become a VIP member!

VIP members of the new AHLCglobal will have exclusive access to the members-only side of the new site. On that non-public side of the new site the members will have access to my new, up-coming radio show where I will be discussing in great detail and at length all of the topics in which I have taught, as well as many other related topics as you have found on this blog. I will also be considering topics from the input of the members. 

In addition, all VIP members will also have exclusive access to the non-public wholesale purchase pages for books and other merchandise pages soon to be launched.

After you sign up for a basic, free account, you can then sign up for the VIP membership from any of the (Become a VIP) links on the homepage of the website, which will then give you immediate access to the VIP Members Area where I will be uploading a weekly, two to three hour radio show topic.

The site is offering two annual subscriptions for the VIP members: A monthly subscription for $8.00 per month, and the discounted annual subscription of $80.00 for 12 months. 


Friday, August 10, 2018

How the real Yehshua (Jesus) spoke

How the real Yehshua (Jesus) spoke

This text excerpt below is from my new corrected version of the Essene texts which is not yet published. Once the context corrections have been added, diety names and references to the deities have been correctly identified, as well as identifying and correctly placing the nomenclature of the two laws that are being referred to throughout the texts, it is then far easier to understand this entire Essene work, as well as exactly what Yehshua believed and clearly taught. 

Although the entirety of the Essene texts continues in this same vein to consistently reveal the original, 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, few if any have known it as such because all the texts have been utterly manipulated to conceal this exact law from the souls of mankind. A major point which I have proven in The Land of Meat & Honey, and to that which Yehshua also appears to agree as stipulated below, Why? Because this is the only issue within this world reality wherein we are currently captured, that can free us. 

The beauty of these short excerpts is that the prophet-teacher Yehshua is providing us all with the exact framework that allows us to identify from within ourselves and in others around us, exactly that which inhibits people from coming to the knowledge of this ultimate truth. That living outside of the 1st law creates a firewall effect in them. 

I have seen a few such people who have read my first book on this exact subject and come away believing that all I was showing anyone in that book was how to be a Vegan. When I hear such an overly simplified opinion I think back to the following book excerpts and remember who these people are. 

The following excerpt opens with some potential pupils asking:

“How may we read the 1st law of Aheeyeh elsewhere than in the scriptures? Where are they written? Read them to us from there where you see them, for we know nothing else but the scriptures that we inherited from our forefathers. Tell us the Law of which you speak, that hearing them we may be healed and justified.”

“You do not understand the words of life, because you are in death. Darkness darkens your eyes and your ears are stopped with deafness. For I tell you, it profits you not at all that you pour over dead scriptures if by your deeds you deny Him who has given you the Law. (Emphasis added)

“I tell you, Aheeyeh and His Everlasting Agreement are not in the ways men act and do. Man’s acts are in gluttony, wine-bibbing, riotous living, lustfulness, in seeking after riches, in hatred of their enemies, murderers of man and animals, and all the like. All these things are far from the true Aheeyeh, and from his Malakim. All these things come from the kingdom of darkness and a law of all Evils. And these things do you carry in yourselves; and so, the word and the power of Aheeyeh enter not into you, because all manner of Evil and all manner of abominations have their dwelling in your body and your soul. (Emphasis added) 

“If you wish that the living, Eternal One’s word, and His power enter you, defile not your body and your soul; for the body is the temple of the soul and the soul is the temple of Aheeyeh. Purify, therefore, the temple that Aheeyeh may dwell therein and occupy a place that is worthy of him.

So, if the 1st law and all that entails, which is minimal, eludes you, or worse, if it disrupts you and chases you away, then take that as a measure. Because the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement is much like a radiation detector, and if you are repelled by it, the aversion is a sign of contamination.

Just more clean food for thought.

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