Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NOT the Hebrew way!

This is beyond disgusting and does NOT depict one bit of Original Hebrew Thought or Culture!

I will not say that this horrible thought process from Shelanite-Judah surprises me, however it most likely surprises most of you, because few of you have come to know exactly WHO "Shelanite-Judah" is, where they came from, how they have worked through many unsuspecting nations since their dismissal from Babylon, and or how they differ from the two original authorized Hebrew lines of Judah!  

I have gone to great length to show anyone interested who Shelanite-Judah is, and at great risk to myself and my family. You can find this extensive topic within my latest book - "The Asher Codex 2013".  

Many Christians and Messianic sects may not like what they find within this topics historical detail, however, as you will now come to realize from the following video, knowing and teaching everyone possible about this divide between the true Hebrew's and the false Canaanite-Judah line, will be a paramount factor in the treatment of all Hebrew people who have long been mis- identified as being the same as the false Judah.  

Few truths within any areas of Torah or Hebraic history are more important to know and spread as this one! 

Sorry, for some reason this video player would not download at all in this blog where all others from unrelated topics would, go figure! Here is the link:

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