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Star-Gates, Attack of the Fallen

Star Gates, Attack of the Fallen

All Faked to Hide the True Reality!

While reading this - REMEMBER to include the understanding that when the Evil ones speak, they speak in semantics:

1. There are NO "aliens" from other "planets" in the vacuum of "Space", and that these words and ideas have been long planted within the psyche of man in order to not have to reveal who they really are, OR, WHERE they really are, OR HOW they get here to us. 

2. Everything they tell us, all ideas and words are 100% based on semantics.

EXAMPLE: When they say - OUTER-SPACE - they really refer to all the SPACE or AREA and all the other "creations" that exist OUTSIDE of our Ice Containment Ring that they call - Antarctica. Which is NOT a continent. They are referring to the SPACE or OUTER-SPACE that is OUTSIDE our SPACE. There are many billions of other creations (flat-earths) just like this one. 

1. If such a dome exists, then why has Pres. Trump created and mobilized an entirely new branch of the military specifically geared towards doing battle IN SPACE? AND...

2. WHO are we battling if no one can get through our dome and we cannot get out? 

The fact is, others have been outside and beyond our ice containment ring and someone, over 1000 years ago mapped 33 major continents that exist just beyond our own ice ring in a giant ocean. This map was found in Japan and is known to be over 1000 years old, and it is highly accurate as it also depicts all of the continents within our ice ring.  

In this picture of that map above, I added circles which are the same size as our ice ring circle to show how these other land masses might look within their own ice rings. That understood, there are countless other creation spaces just like these housed atop of GODS massive creation system. 

BUT, how can these alleged (Aliens races) get inside our creation space? And remember,  virtually all of the END DAYS prophets speak directly about such highly evolved forces coming from outside to attack this earth. Religions, however, have totally misunderstood who they are, what they are or who made them. Additionally, almost all news sources reporting on such things are still misleading and believe that these beings are in fact, some alien space monsters from another world in some far-flung universe. Hollywood TV shows and movies have been used dramatically to infuse this same false narrative in the minds of every person. WHY? Because the rulers of this world here would lose all control if too many of you became convinced that the True, Prime Eternal Creator actually existed, and not too far away at all from us right now, and that He created many other places to which we are still quarantined from. The entire true reality PROVES the Creator force absolutely! 

  IN COMES THE STAR-GATE SYSTEM: To date, and as seen in the late 1980's Time magazine full spread archaeological article with many large pictures clearly depicted a 35 ft diameter alloy ring that was buried in the sand near Giza and covered with a super large and heavy capstone. The stone had some unknown hieroglyphs on it that were also mirrored on the ring itself. All was buried and found in 1936. Many say that the Nazi's were also hunting for these gates at that time. 

Picture of gate ring in 1938

It has been alleged that another gate was found in Antarctica, and then another one found by Saddam Hussein's science team under the Ziggurat at ancient Ur. It is absolutely known that the first place the US special forces dropped into and secured at the very start of the Gulf war was that Ziggurat. Later an entire US Air-force base was created right next to it and in the middle of nowhere with no strategic use. The military presence in and around that pyramid was constant for many years until they were finally able to remove the gate and fly it out. So, possibly the USA has three working Star-Gates. 

Now the question is; HOW do Star-Gates get us through the dome to other creation-spaces? My working hypothesis which is based on known physics, ancient knowledge and the knowledge of our ancient texts via the Hebrew language and culture is that the greater creation-space, or canvas if you will, is some kind of electrically driven, plasma-based shell in which all other smaller "earth style" creation spaces rest. I also believe this massive sphere-shell is filled with the waters BELOW, AKA - The Abyss.

  I also believe as it is written, that the fallen ones have been locked away - BELOW THE EARTH - but NOT below OUR specific earth creation-space as most are taught and believe, but BELOW us in the far greater sense and understanding of within the vast, multi-GALAXY sized expanse of water that is below all creation-spaces like ours. 

An endless multitude of flat-plane creations like "earth" on top of a supporting sphere-shell so large that no human mind can comprehend its size. So large that no curvature could ever be perceived. So large that walking or flying across it would appear to be one endless flat plane to infinity. I also believe that this type of lost or forbidden knowledge of this creators sphere is exactly the data that was at one time given to those evil men and women here to use against us, forcing the false narrative of a spherical earth in the vacuum of space surrounded by endless other sphere planets, etc. 

As I have long taught, all myths, superstitions, rituals, etc, have an original root of truth in them that has been buried under thousands of years of superstitious detritus and religious control narratives. But if you dig deep and long enough you can find that original truth.  Others, including myself, have also taught that the fallen ones and their earthly sycophants have always turned each and every original truth around 180 degrees. That is what they do! The Creator created a Sphere creation canvas, and endless circle of life - the Alef & Tav or Alpha & Omega, while the enemies mascot has always been seen as a BLACK CUBE! Which is the OPPOSITE of a sphere!

Why water and NOT a Vacuum of nothingness? 

The so-called "Einstein-Rosen Bridge - AKA - Wormhole, which is alleged to be a magnetic electrically created and driven vortex tunnel through [Space], has never once been explained to me using physics to prove how such a structure could be created and maintained for any period of time THROUGH THE VACUUM OF SPACE NOTHINGNESS! Ask any of them. I have not yet heard a viable explanation as to how it could be possible. If you have a strong enough grasp of the natural sciences you should be able to ponder my question easily and become as perplexed as I. 

WATER?? The water BELOW? The Abyss? 

Now, it should not be difficult for anyone at all to see in their mind's eye how generating an electromagnetic vortex through the tension and pressure of water might be quite easily accomplished. NOW we see why the powers that be decided to OUT their ancient technology through the vehicle of Holly-Wood!

They outed their ancient technology in full view of the world through the first major motion picture starring Kurt Russell called STARGATE. This was followed up a few years later by the all time, #1 Sci-Fy TV series STAR-GATE SG1, which was then followed up by two more movies and two more STARGATE TV series. But why? 

Well, that's the easy answer - For all that awesome plausible deniability. Running such a program as we see clearly depicted on the original STARGATE SG1 TV series would provide many people who had any access or knowledge at all of that program to start spilling some beans when they found out about all the heinous goings-on and coming our way from "other-worlds".  Thus, having several major motion pictures which closely depict the actual missions and events that the actual government-run program had ongoing, would be a superior way to shut any whistle-blowers down as they emerged. Citing that the person is obviously a nut that watched too many science fiction shows. Meanwhile, the whistle-blower has in fact provided 100% accurate data. The problem for them is, that the US govt allowed the same accurate data to be provided to Holly-Wood long before. Personally, I would suggest that if you took the time to watch and pay close attention to the original, STARGATE SG1 TV series on Netflix or wherever you can find it, you will be seeing, in my estimation and based on my in-depth knowledge of ancient history and the Semitic cultures, that this series provides at least an 80% accurate depiction of events then, now and to come. Most AMAZING to me is how all of these many TV shows and Movies always depict the OPEN Star-Gate as a shimmering and moving wall of water! 

Let's explore that. Why show the open Gate as a wall of water? Does Water make sense at all in the alleged "reality" of the VACUUM OF SPACE AND STARS? If they were not trying to show the public something highly specific, like WATER, then why not just depict the open stargate like a BLACK MIRROR of space with shimmering stars? Would that not make far more sense to the watcher since it is the vacuum of space filled with stars and far-flung planets in which we have all been utterly indoctrinated?  How the hell does water make sense at all? 

AND PRES. TRUMPS NEW SPACE-WARFARE COMMAND only aids to prove all of these points so much further. Another reality is afoot!

We do not know who created or set up the STAR-GATES here, although our many ancient histories among all cultures regardless of locations have clearly shown us that other "races" used these gates and even removed people from here to other places. Most likely as slave labor.  We know this because virtually every culture on earth has pictures of beings in space suits, or may they even be high-pressure water suits depicted on their cave walls and many other places. These depictions are so widespread and so numerous from civilizations that we know had no way to travel to such distant lands to cross-contaminate each other, that to believe all of these civilizations just made up the same concepts and depictions without having some constant between them all, is sheer lunacy. 

WATER is that constant! The Gate system allows travel between two gates THROUGH the waters BELOW! There are virtually NO STARS involved in any of this, thus, the Star-Gate moniker has been cleverly conjured by them to keep the masses false-narrative infused minds and hearts locked into the original false narrative of the vacuum of space, stars, planets, universes, alien life forms, etc. etc. etc....

So, if the planets do not exist as we have come to believe they do, then where did all their names come from?  Good question. It turns out that all of the creations, like our ice encircled earth as we call it, have names. All of these names mirror the names of those things that we have all been lied to about called "stars & planets." Either the burning plasma light balls we call stars and planets are mirrored by name among the innumerable earth creations spoken of herein, or vice-versa. Either way - AS ABOVE - SO BELOW!

Once you embrace this line of understanding and continue to look at and question the world around you, the Pandora box is opened. You will begin to make many more such connections on so many levels as you go now with eye's open.


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