Dr. Asher's suggested order of reading for his books:

* The Land of MEAT & Honey
* The Greater Exodus
* The Beacon Seed
* Soul Revolution
* The Asher Codex
* Christendom’s False Prophecies
 The Beacon Seed 2017

The Beacon-Seed is a long-hidden ancient understanding that appears to be connected to and provides a clear answer for our modern-day phenomenon called – The Mandela Effect.

The topic of this book is a most powerful understanding for those who are yet unaware, and an understanding that gives a great power and sense of mission to those who have been awakened to it.

First expressed by the Patriarch and Prophet Abrahim was an inner awareness of being "a stranger in a strange land" or as one might say today " I am not from here!". How did his life reflect such a peculiar proclamation forever printed in our modern-day texts with no further explanation?  Barred from sanctity and relegated to centuries of esoteric obscurity the "Beacon Seed" - "Stranger in a strange land" presents itself like a mislaid scripture retrieved from an ancient time past.

Dr. Shmuel Asher brings forth the soul and inspiration that fueled and fired that ancient Hebrew text. As his style of writing continues to rise above the boundaries of religious tradition and time itself, "Beacon Seed"- "Stranger in a strange land" brings us back to Abrahim's spiritual vision and expression of soul, reaching back to events in Genesis and overlaying their meaning to our present day, so we can now understand our own musings and expressions of inner spiritual conflict.

The concept of the Beacon Seed was not hidden to the ancients. Yeshua/Jesus himself, thousands of years later, spoke in numerous parables to the multitudes about "seed".  

This lost, and now reiterated precept of the Abrahamic blessing - The Beacon-Seed – is, much like Dr. Asher’s previous book topics, another ancient original, but long hidden biblical topic that no one has been aware of because those who know of it refuse to teach it. Explaining the loss of this important precept, and the imminent need for its restoration is the presentation by Dr. Asher in this book.

This book is surely a Stranger in a Strange Land!

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Where the Land of MEAT & Honey proved religions falsities, opened long-hidden truths and taught how to make the much needed physical and soul return back to our Creator; SOUL Revolution combines new and amazing findings from our modern sciences with our many ancient stories, myths, and superstition narratives, and mingles the many specific parallels between them. Finally bringing both the ancient and modern back together in order to provide a panoramic view of WHO our souls truly are; WHERE we actually are; WHY we are truly here within this physical existence; WHAT this physical existence actually is; and most importantly, WHO it is that has and continues to control us both physically and spiritually by their evil stream of consciousness, and HOW they thwart our souls return back to our true Creator! 

This book is about reality and truths, both long forgotten, and hidden, and certainly not to suggest or institute yet another religious narrative. It is my hope however that the reader be opened up to our modern reality of incredible emerging science finally reuniting with, and proving out the wisdom of our ancient ancestors’ understandings which have long been taught as fables and myth, reemerging again to verify our literal reality. One major, recent scientifically verified reiteration from our past has centered on the “living soul” in direct connection to our physicality’s DNA within all people! However, even amongst all the great science which is now beginning to illuminate the ancient metaphysical, I believe there still exists yet one major gap in all of man’s understanding concerning our living-soul; a consciousness gap to our true identity; A “Metaphysical Missing Link!”

WARNING TO THE READER: The scientific data and ancient narratives as they have been depicted and paralleled in this book to prove out the points made above, may be highly alarming to some people and cause disruptions to their religious paradigm!

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 The Asher Codex

With more than 30 years in the making,
Dr. Asher is pleased to announce the release of the promised,

This 23 chapter, 430 page, 10x11.5" large print Soft cover Torah teaching guide covering many of Dr. Asher’s previously published topics which were formally found in a much shorter editorial format. 

With many of these teachings being made available in print for the first time at the behest of Dr. Asher's many students worldwide, “The Asher Codex” is the first compilation of critical individual Torah teachings culminating from thirty plus years of study and teaching. 

This first edition published in – 2013 by Hebrew Scholar and author, R’ Shmuel Asher “The Asher Codex” will prove successful worldwide as a leading reference work on the major ancient to contemporary religious cult systems; a resource text for those people truly searching for the original paths, and willing to put in the required study to know it. 

With an emphasis on the currently active, proselytizing cults, and the predecessor ancient cults that led us to this point, the Asher Codex will continue to be a crucial tool in counter-cult ministry, a driving force emphasizing the Creators Original truths for all man. While remaining true to his first three books tone and information, this first-time compilation of Dr. Asher’s controversial teachings, edited by Neshamah Eliot, includes substantial new information far beyond that of his previous public teachings.

"Scholarly yet readable, an engaging unique voice in defense of the Creators original, but suppressed instruction." C. Naftali Esq.

"This is an invaluable reference work for both scholars and laypeople contrasting individual teachings with a more original cultural Hebraic understanding, and linguistically corrected biblical theology." R'. A. H. Lieberman

The AHLC believes this Codex will aid those who are leaving their modern religious orders behind in search of the original path. Herein they will find apologetics help in dealing with their cults, and a new ability to refute their old superstitious arguments with stiff factual, detailed information. 

"A long-awaited and much needed high point within this book will prove to be the chapters on false Judah!"  Dr. D. Hollingworth

Albeit all of Dr. Asher’s books have touched on the "false Judah’s" influence over the original path, at least two chapters of “The Asher Codex” evaluate Shelanite-Judah’s ancient cultic history, beliefs, and influence over our texts, customs, and rituals. Influences that should have long died off, but have continued to corrupt our original intended path, coming forward into our modern Western religions, national and international legal systems. 

These chapters delve into this highly controversial and yet widely unknown distinction between the true lineages of Judah, and the far more pandemic false blood cult, in much greater detail.  

If you need even one reason to buy this book, these two chapters will prove to be reason enough!

Authors note: Both "The Land of MEAT & Honey" and "The Greater Exodus", should be studied and digested thoroughly, and in that order, before moving on to the "Asher Codex”. The Asher Codex is a Masters level resource guide for those attempting to learn and teach others.
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Some Codex chapters and topics include:   

The Circular Logic of Man
What’s in a Name
Who is Judah?
The Sacrifices of Judah
Origins of the Talmud
Ancient Laws & Languages
The Two Laws
Historical Proof from Egypt to Moshe
Kill Your Speed, Not Your Camel
Original Torah for all Man
Key Words of Genesis
Evening to Pagan Evening
3 Feasts or 4 Renewals?
Was the Sabbath given to man?
Travel on the Sabbath day
Elijeh why are you here?
All in Translation
Buddha Ark of the Covenant
War Chest
Breaking the Chains of Slavery
The Sign of Yinun
Ethics of the fathers

3rd Edition!
 Greater Exodus Sales Page

In the making since 1982, and also the main subject of his Doctoral Thesis, Dr. Asher's "The Greater Exodus" is the First published work on this elusive End-Times Prophesy from a scholar born out of the Sons of Jacob! 

This is an ancient unveiling of prophecy which has long been understood by all Hebrew's, preserved and observed as the "Passover", yet totally unrealized by virtually all the gentile religions until Dr. Asher began openly teaching it outside of Judaism in the early 90's. Unfortunately others outside of the Hebrew faith and understanding have since adopted their own versions of this original prophetic truth to yet again lead their people astray; however, Dr. Asher's work on this subject continues to be the only original-source understanding based on the ancient Hebraic culture and language. 

The TRUE understanding of The coming Greater Exodus is a truth which provides us Proof, and therefore HOPE of The Eternal Ones absolute and unwavering provisions for us through those expected  Last-day calamities. 

The major difference between this Prophesy of The Greater Exodus, and virtually all other "prophetic assumptions" we have today is, that unlike all the known modern end-times prophecy "theories", which have been predominantly derived through Non-Hebrew speaking people with little to no understanding of our Hebrew culture, the Greater Exodus prophesy is 100% verifiable over and over again. There is no need for reverse exegesis or guessing at the Prophets meanings when it comes to the prophecy of the Greater Exodus! 

The Greater Exodus prophesy is simple and completely provable EVEN through the highly corrupted English versions, although Dr. Asher affords the reader far greater scriptural understanding by providing the reader with more literal translations of the most important texts, and deeper cultural wisdom. 

In order to understand the 2nd Greater Exodus, you must first fully understand the entire truth behind the 1st Exodus

Authors Note: This 3rd Edition of the Greater Exodus was a required re-write of the 1st Edition because of the growing number of people, mostly Christian, who were reading this book out of order with my first book, "The Land of Meat & Honey".  Because of most peoples infatuation for any new prophetic utterance over wisdom, the unsuspecting readers began to have great issues when attempting to understand its contents, context, and their place personally within this awesome End-Time prophesy. The 2nd Edition has been greatly expanded now to include understanding through several other topics not previously found in the first book. Even so, PLEASE study "The Land of Meat & Honey" first if at all possible. 

BUY The Greater Exodus 3rd Edition Now! 

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The Land of MEAT & Honey
 The Land of Meat & Honey

The Land of MEAT & Honey endeavors to guide the reader on a journey through a long lost and well-hidden ancient Hebrew biblical understanding. The loss of this moral imperative has long plagued many generations of faithful and honest spiritual people from all nations. Take this journey back in time with Dr. Asher, following the ancestors to an understanding that may quickly change your life and the lives of those around you for countless generations. Within these pages, lies the proverbial infinite pond ripple. The Land of MEAT & Honey is a provocatively critical work delving into Gods singular most preeminent truth for humanity and stands as a completely original work in our modern times.
C. Natoli
Philadelphia Inquirer 2011

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 Christendoms' False Prophecies

For over fifteen hundred years Christian theologians have, for various reasons, searched and studied the ancient Hebrew prophecies. Through reverse exegesis, they reinvented and redefined the specific meanings of these prophets in order to prove the "man-god deity-ship" of the prophet Yehshua - (Jesus Christ).

This book was written to clarify exactly who Yehshua (Jesus) was, and who he was not; to define his mission; and to discuss the potential of his eventual position as the final (Elected one) - Mashiach.

This book has NOT been written to disprove Yehshua as man's final (Elected one)-Messiah, but to disprove ONLY those prophetic fairy tales the Christian religion has fabricated, extensively utilized, and perpetuated through their brand of reverse exegesis of NEW prophecies in order to proof text him into the position of deity. Christian theologians attempting to prove that which may not be absolutely proven by any text, at any time, before or after Yehshua's life and death.

Authors note: Dr. Asher highly suggests that you read and digest both the "Land of Meat & Honey" and "The Greater Exodus", before reading this book! 

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