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Monday, June 20, 2016

The CERN Evil Stream of Consciousness!

CERN False god Mascot

Shiva - god of destruction!

Interesting how alleged "scientists" would choose such a mascot for what they deem to be the most important work of all time. Begs the question; 'which "god" particle are they actually looking for?' 

The video below is Gripping!  Absolutely over the top NWO elite, evil stream of consciousness event for the opening of a new tunnel near CERN.  All I can say, is as far as evil ritualistic imagery queue's being all in one place is concerned, they left nothing out of this sick dance event.

If you are reading my new book, you will now fully understand what you are seeing in all this. And if you have not yet started reading my new book, you really need to do so before all they appear to be planning kicks off.

As far as this dance video is concerned; most of the pagan visual queue's are quite obvious as to what they are pointing to. However, there is one section near the end when their white angels - “beings of light”, are flying in front of the giant screen which shows a large blue “Stargate”, which then morphs into an “Iris” that I found most interesting. However, although the narrator states his opinion of what they are attempting to cleverly depict at that point, I do NOT believe THAT is what they are trying to show us. 

The narrator says that this blue ring (or technology of the evil ones), is working mind control over all people, (as depicted by the dancers appearing like zombies, etc.) However, the narrator then says that they are removing their orange clothing – (“Prisoner” jump suits”) because the evil mind control tech is making them remove all their clothing. This is overly simplistic, and in my opinion it IS NOT what they are depicting. I go into great detail on this topic specifically in my new book. 

What we are seeing at that point in this dance is nothing less than their CERN technology literally, “removing” the “skins” of our human physicality, and finally, fully enslaving those souls!  

THAT is what the removal of those “prisoner jump suits” is depicting. Literally, Prisoner Souls that have NOT returned to The Eternal One - AHEYEH - but have bent their knees to the evil one once again, and by THEIR CONSENT had their souls torn from the physicality of these bodies, and enslaved finally with the fallen ones.  I see this as what they would “like” to happen.

Concerning that blue Stargate/Iris - Their CERN machine can open a plasma field which appears at both ends as a 1/2 bowl shape with a hole in the top. This is something we see in many ancient buildings and of course at CERN, the Vatican building, buildings in Greece, the US Whitehouse for sure.
This CERN dome has that same hole on top

 In many ancient and modern buildings they nearly always depict angels flying (in a ring of fire) around that hole at the top of the dome. In my opinion, all of this building architecture, along with this video dance imagery, is an imagery depicting their CERN technology opening a hole into the rift. That rift is what we know as the (expanse) which acts as a (separation zone) between this closed off creation level, and the rest. See my book for an expansive understanding on this expanse.

If any of you have been privy to my ongoing (Asher Torah) translation work which is ongoing; I show clearly how the Genesis “babel” texts are NOT correctly translating that scene, and that it clearly shows through corrected word translation and its overall context, that they were NOT fabricating a literal building to walk up to god, but an actual weapon “to shake the HEAD of heaven”..  Most likely, CERN technology on some level.

In any case I do not believe that all these heads of State and other giants of industry and commerce attend such events to watch such obviously evil oriented entertainment, accidentally. It all has very specific meaning to them, none of it good, much less righteous. But it is in your face, and most haven’t a real clue of its meaning, much less what the evil ones of this world and outside of this world believe it all to mean. Obviously they are quite serious about what they believe, and totally committed. 

And if you truly want to know what the ancient understanding of the 666 is referring to, make sure to read "Soul Revolution"

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Soul Revolution available NOW!


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Where the Land of MEAT & Honey proved religions falsities, opened long hidden truths and taught how to make the much needed physical and soul return back to our Creator; SOUL Revolution combines new and amazing findings from our modern sciences with our many ancient stories, myths and superstition narratives, and mingles the many specific parallels between them. Finally bringing both the ancient and modern back together in order to provide a panoramic view of WHO our souls truly are; WHERE we actually are; WHY we are truly here within this physical existence; WHAT this physical existence actually is; and most importantly, WHO it is that has and continues to control us both physically and spiritually by their evil stream of consciousness, and HOW they thwart our souls return back to our true Creator!

This book is about reality and truths, both long forgotten, and hidden, and certainly not to suggest or institute yet another religious narrative. It is my hope however that the reader be opened up to our modern reality of incredible emerging science finally reuniting with, and proving out the wisdom of our ancient ancestors’ understandings which have long been taught as fables and myth, reemerging again to verify our literal reality. One major, recent scientifically verified reiteration from our past has centered on the “living soul” in direct connection to our physicality’s DNA within all people! However, even among all the great science which is now beginning to illuminate the ancient metaphysical, I believe there still exists yet one major gap in all of man’s understanding concerning our living-soul; a consciousness gap to our true identity; A “Metaphysical Missing Link!”

WARNING TO THE READER: The scientific data and ancient narratives as they have been depicted and paralleled in this book to prove out the points made above, may be highly alarming to some people and cause disruptions to their religious paradigm!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LMH Recently Updated Version

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Ron Wyatt - The Ark & Blood?

Ron Wyatt - The Ark & Blood?

The following is my critique of the less than detailed information being put forth by those newer news entities  who are only recently becoming aware of Mr. Ron Wyatt's research and alleged findings.

Before reading this and or watching the Wyatt videos below, all information which has been around and available for many years now, and surely not new, I would like to admonish the reader to PLEASE remain AWARE of "where" Mr. Wyatt was searching for such things, and "who" was always totally in charge of what he was "allowed" to see. Everyone must be aware that nothing, and I mean absolutely not one single little thing, fact or fiction, alive or dead, moving or stationary, spoken or even quite possibly thought, within the boundaries of that State, is thought of, spoken of, moved upon, much less dug up, without their full and complete knowledge, even before you got there. I cannot express this absolute fact with enough force. 

 Now, if the Ark was NOT manufactured in the wilderness, and was present long before the stories of its alleged wilderness Mfg as I have proven in the texts of Exodus - (see Asher Codex); - and if a lot of other evidence from several authoritative sources outside of my own findings, all concur, that the so-called "Ark of cov" was a power source that was removed from its identical sized container which remains even now in the Great pyramid empty, most likely removed by some of the the Hebrew or Egyptians leaving, possibly by the instruction of another voice/god - YHVH - who always appears to be close at hand in order to apply his "Siren" voice for the unrighteous to follow, just as all satan worshipers and Wiccin types follow this name and entity to this very day, and publish it openly in their writings, as I also proved in 2010. 

A. Remember - Virtually ANYTHING to do with the spilling or use of human or animal blood for any reason, spiritual or ritual CANNOT be of the true Eternal One. So, regardless of what anyone WANTS to believe, the alleged, and I emphasize "alleged, blood of Yehshua being on top of the "allegedly found" Ark, CANNOT be found to have any allegiance to any belief or ritual of the Babylonian cult who took, used, and hid the Ark in the first place. 

B. Also - his alleged blood, regardless where it may be found, if in fact any of this is true at all, and the tests done were truly valid and not compromised (and lets all remember who and where this was done), the blood itself means nothing and has no power, since no blood sacrifice was ever given by the Eternal One for atoning sin. Proven by the fact that the Levites "allowed" within their man-made system of sin atonement, the ability for anyone to bring other non-blood atonement offerings for the same level of sin atonement. 

C. In the video below you will see at the 16:07 min point a depiction of the Ark. I can only guess here, but I would tend to think that given the fact that Ron allegedly physically saw the original Ark, that this depiction is an accurate representation of what he saw.  NOW, what do you see in the center of it, but the literal representation of what ALL should identify as the IMAGE of the unholy ones. The triangle w/all seeing eye at its center! 

D. One of the 4 angels who work for SOME god, told Ron to remove the Babylonian "head-stones" which have the earlier Egyptian / Hammurabi laws etched on them. Again, proven by me - (see Asher Codex). Either way, the etchings do not and will not have the "original" (7) instructions on them.  You will also see that Ron gives absolutely NO indication of the tablet's form or color, as they have been depicted in certain, later, modified Hebrew texts. I would think their construction and color would be the very least of the description anyone would provide after such an event. As well, no description of the angels either. Furthermore, Ron does not tell us that the angels gave instructions NOT to give any such descriptions, so why don't we have them? 

E. VERY interesting, Ron does tell us that the angels advised everyone to keep these 10 laws, and quoting Psalms, which in fact were NOT given or written by the true Eternal One; Ron tells us they said that a NEW law will be passed which forces all men to break these 10.... Which of course will be bad if you truly believe those 10 are the original instructions of the Eternal One AHEYEH! 
  The main and ongoing problem with almost all men, in all religions; not one of them ever ask WHICH god-entity is speaking, or being represented by any other entity/angel! That's the issue!

F. THEN, right after that, at the 18:22 mark, he quotes the prophet Yehshua who is again admonishing everyone, that (if) they keep THOSE man-made laws, that THEY will receive the Mark of the Beast!  Here is the truth people! Not Ron, nor 99.9% of the Christians on this planet have any clue whatsoever WHICH LAW the prophet Yehshua was speaking about! (See Land of Meat & Honey - Asher 2012)  The prophet was speaking against ALL of the false Judah, Babylonian 2nd law, of which those 10 are the foundation! 

G. At the very end of part-2 Ron, with the correct heart no doubt, asked everyone to HEAR & DO. And as much as he himself believed what was shown to him, and it may have been real, it was shown to him because he has no wisdom to inquire and force those who stand there representing some god, WHO that demigod entity is!  Jeeze people!  You all believe you are sheep, but even sheep know without a doubt who their true shepherd is! 

Here this - not one shred of information was provided by these alleged godly messengers about HOW to correctly keep those 10 laws! And if you believe even one of you understands why that's important, think again, you do not. The fact is, that much required detail was left out because the ones who will be NEEDED to SHOW you HOW to do them in that day to come, will be exactly the same false Judahite Orthodox Pharisee's that the prophet Yehshua railed against in the first place. THIS is the long game - TRAP! 

If your SOUL has truly been finally reunited to its original Creator, who resides in your original estate "above the expanse",  and you live it daily, no other law can ever force you to break His original 7!  And no other Pharisaic entity is ever needed to explain its simple detail! And no other special "holy" objects, candle sticks, temples, or angels needed to have "show & tell" in order to prove it true; your soul, which is and always has been the Micro-soul to His Macro-soul is all that is required to know its true Creator and way home - TESHUVAH! - (see Land of Meat & Honey). 

So, my questions and thoughts are:

And do not forget the basics -  Virtually ANYTHING to do with the spilling or use of human or animal blood for any reason, spiritual or ritual CANNOT be of the true Eternal One. So, regardless of what anyone WANTS to believe, the alleged, and I emphasize "alleged, blood of Yehshua being on top of the "allegedly found" Ark, CANNOT be found to have any allegiance to any belief or ritual of the Babylonian cult who took, used, and hid the Ark in the first place. 

1. What does the blood of the prophet Yehshua have to do with the Ark-power-source? 

Answer - If anything, his blood, being previously changed or more surely "amplified" during one of his life events, may actually work against the ark power itself, and also against those angels that protect it. HOW? Obviously from what I saw in these videos - at the Quantum level, just as our newer science is proving our brains work in direct relation to our "living-souls". (see my next book - Soul Revolution)  If not, then I hate to tell you, but Yehshua would then have to be viewed as literally part of the great delusion these lower-matrix entities are projecting on the world all this time. CANT have it both ways - either his blood is thwarting their evil efforts, or it is aiding them! 

2. Who are those Malakim working for? Again, not one person, Ron; those with him; his family; or most anyone watching these videos all these years, ever even think to ask! Why, because they do not seek wisdom, only ritual and dogma. 

Answer - Given what was allegedly told and shown to Mr. Wyatt, more specifically enlightening, what was not expressed by them, and the fact that they were inside 'this' matrix-creation guarding some Egyptian relic in a cave? Tells me all I need to know about who they serve. The true Eternal One needs no relics or Temple trappings, only the observation and obedience to His simple laws for LIFE. Those which bring no death!

Excerpt video from parts 1 & 2 below

Ron Wyatt - Blood & Ark Part -1

Ron Wyatt - Blood & Ark Part -2

Monday, January 26, 2015

How to catch a Shelanite Vampire!

How to catch a Shelanite Vampire!

Although the original news site for the Meat/blood article in question originated from www.healthy-holistic-living.com, it should be no surprise who picked it up and ran worldwide with it.

As my son is studying to become a veterinarian in parallel to his general studies, much of the details concerning animal health and disease are becoming more prevalent around here these days. As most already know I have written extensively concerning the more ancient ideas surrounding man’s dietary habits, the truth of the more ancient texts which have served to drive falsities about such human conditions, as well as the truths concerning the animals themselves, and how our original Eternal Creator expressed it all to be in the beginning, etc. On the other hand we continue to have such industries as the meat & dairy industries, as well as the never ending superstitious, evil ritualistic tendencies of the false ones and those cults that follow their lead to this day. The meat industry is however under increasing scrutiny and fire from “the peoples” growing “awareness” of both their own health, and the health and welfare of the innocent animals we were given to have ONLY “husbandry” over, and NOT dominion! Ongoing is this ridiculous argument from those blood-lusters concerning meat, and the blood that resides within it, or not in it, or the make-up of said blood particles, and or percentages of blood in it, etc. All semantic arguments of circular logic from those reptilian brained priests of destruction! In fact, I am beginning to believe what so many seemingly highly intelligent people have been reporting for generations now; that the core antagonists of this cult are literally either of alien origin – (reptilian) – as many ancient texts and stone carvings so obviously depict, or some amalgamation of reptile and human form, and or both. I think I have decided to go with, “both”.

The Mammal meat vs. non-mammal meat argument:

The vast majority of mammals and birds are warm-blooded(Having body functions that can regulate the temperature of the BLOOD which RUNS THROUGH THE FLESH) - Unlike almost all reptiles, fish, insects, amphibians and arachnids which are cold-blooded(NOT having body functions that can regulate their bloods temperature which does NOT run through their flesh) - there are however a few exceptions with animals that have characteristics of both types. For example, bats and mole rats are mammals, but their body temperatures can vary according to their environments, especially when they are not active. Certain insects, such as hawk moths and some bees, can raise their body temperatures by beating their wings. Some fish have internal mechanisms that help keep their brains and eyes from becoming too cold, which might impair their function – i.e. predators like Sharks. Scientists tend to refine the definition of the terms "cold-blooded" and "warm-blooded" so they are less misleading; cold-blooded animals' blood is not necessarily cold, it just varies based on the temperature of their surrounding environment. The scientific terms are "ectothermic" instead of "cold-blooded" and "endothermic" or "homeothermic" instead of "warm-blooded." 

  For me this is not an argument “for” killing and consuming fish or reptiles based on a difference in biology, although some of my earlier students have gone that route. If one remembers I did point out the linguistic distinction in my book – The Land of MEAT & Honey – concerning the land crawling reptiles, but only because the text specifically differentiated them among the rest, thus I used them to make a harsh point. However, I also taught that the first instructions which preceded what “appeared” to be changed concerning the reptiles later in any text, causes us to understand that in fact, like all other animals warm or cold, it was ONLY the PRODUCTS FROM the animals that any text truly depicts to be that which was given to us for food. This is the absolute in all sciences, i.e. archaeology concerning the oldest bone being the MOST original truth, as well as the law for scholastic evidence for any text or ritual, etc., that the absolute verifiable instruction or law that is given and depicted earlier on, MUST be given absolute authority over any “other” text or ritual which may be found after it, and or at a later date. In fact, this is even understood to be the rule regarding all alleged “religious” texts by all Orthodox Rabbi’s. Unless they like something else better, then this rule is shelved.

“Satanism” (not used in the Christian understanding of the title) perverts everything positive in the same way that the Nazis took a positive symbol, the swastika, and turned it around to symbolize the negative. This is why the Satanists invert the pentagram and why they use black to symbolize the darkness, hence their Black Mass. But they also reverse the symbolism of white and that is a powerfully negative color to them. The Satanic networks, under the names of their various deities, were created by the Babylonian Brotherhood to serve their needs. We have seen that the accounts of the Watchers and their offspring, the Nefilim, include references to their blood drinking activities.

The Brotherhood know that blood contains the life-force energy. Drinking menstrual blood has always been a feature of the reptilian bloodlines because they need blood to live in this dimension. It was known as the Star Fire, the female lunar essence. The female menstrual cycle is governed by the cycles of the Moon and the blood contains that energy. Its ingredients are supposed to ensure a long life. In India it was called soma, and in Greece it was ambrosia, some researchers suggest.

This was said to be the nectar of the gods and it was - the reptilian gods who are genetic blood drinkers. The ‘holy grail’ chalice or cup is also symbolic of the womb and drinking menstrual blood, as well as being a symbol of the reptilian ‘royal’ bloodline itself. Menstrual blood was provided for the Elite of the reptilian ‘royal’ line by virgin priestesses and this is the origin of the term ‘Scarlet Woman’ or, to the Greeks, ‘Sacred Woman’. The Greek word for this, Hierodulai, was eventually translated into English as harlot and into German as ‘hores’, the origin of whore.

The word ritual derives from this practice (ritu = redness) and so do the words rite and red. Menstrual blood is one reason why the color red is so important to Satanists and it is another reason for the constant use of the color gold by the ‘royal’ bloodlines. Gold is called the metal of the gods, but to the Anunnaki of the Sumerian Tablets, menstrual blood was the ‘gold of the gods’.

The reptilians and their crossbreeds drink blood because they are drinking the person’s life-force and because they need it to exist in this dimension. They will often shape-shift into reptilians when drinking human blood and eating human flesh, I am told by those who have seen this happen.

I will now comment within the article in question below in (light orange). I will however attempt to restrict my comments to only the more important points, leaving it up to the wisdom of the reader to see the vast majority of lesser and thoroughly ridiculous false points of alleged fact they are attempting to sell:

Did You Know the Red Juice in Raw Red Meat Isn't Blood
Posted on 1/23/2015 by Jews News
The red juice that often collects in a package of red meat is not blood, as many assume. Most of the blood is removed during processing and any that remains is usually contained within the muscle tissue.  “is not blood”? And, “most of the blood is removed”….. As I most clearly proved in my book – The Land of MEAT & Honey – The Eternal Creator very clearly and specifically lays down the LAW of NO BLOOD! Not SOME blood! And NO killing! Therefore and quite obvious to us non-reptilian types, you first have to KILL in order to get to the BLOOD that you aren’t eating MUCH of.
The red liquid, instead, is a mixture of water and a protein called myoglobin, whose purpose is to help ship oxygen to muscle cells. Myoglobin is deeply pigmented, which is why the more myoglobin a meat contains, the darker (or redder) the meat will be. Yes, this is a true function of Myoglobin. However, it is more circular logic to side track, and has absolutely nothing to the blood cells stored in all mammal flesh. It also has nothing to do with the absolute fact that there exists no process that will extract or eliminate all of the blood from any flesh.
Red meat is comprised of muscles that are used for extensive activity. Remember, myoglobin’s role is to help bring oxygen to the muscles, and oxygen is required to give muscles energy. Again, semantics and sleight of hand! What has this to do with the blood trapped in all flesh?
So the more the muscles are used, the more myoglobin they’ll contain (and the redder in color they’ll be) And the more the muscles are used the more blood they have pumped to them and thus, trapped within them. This is why when you prepare “white” meat such as poultry or fish, you won’t find any “blood” in the package – the white meat contains hardly any myoglobin. Comparing cows to chickens? The average beef cow has 12 to 15 gallons of blood! The average meat chicken has 2 to 3 pints of blood! Just the sheer volume difference alone should be understood as the more truthful reason why one animals flesh is darker than the other. In my mind to make the comparison at all is pure folly. As well, you won’t find any color in the fish flesh because no blood collects within it. Not at all for the reasons they give.


Is the above all CAPS statement one of absolute fact, having no possible other attributing reason for the color of flesh? Or is it just more neuro-linguistic engineering?
The level of myoglobin in meat is what ultimately dictates whether it will be “red,” “dark,” or “white.” The muscles in red meat are used for standing, walking, and other frequent activity unlike reptiles, fish, chickens, turkeys, Ostrich, etc.., and they’re made up of slow-twitch muscle fibers unlike all those fast moving “fast twitch” reptiles, birds, etc… Red meats’ high levels of myoglobin make it red or dark in color.
White meat, on the other hand, is made up of fast-twitch muscle fibers and is comprised of muscles used for quick bursts of activity only. They get energy from glycogen and contain little myoglobin. Or they contain less because they are all so much smaller than all the other large animals they are using as examples. The fact is, just like all gun control propaganda, the information promoting their view is very carefully worded. The fact is, very large animals like cows have the exact amount of myoglobin that their bodies require for all movement based on their body size, and chickens, fish and other small animals, regardless of type, have the exact correct amount for their body size and weight. Thus, by this very common and logical biological understanding their entire argument is skewed and found to be false. Why? Because regardless of animal body size, each animal’s flesh and muscles will all have the exact amount of myoglobin and blood and whatever else their bodies require in order to function within the parameters in which each animal was created to move within. Thus, their overall argument is flawed!
Some animals, like chickens, contain both white and dark meat, with the dark meat found primarily in their leg muscles. If you've ever wondered why wild poultry contain mostly dark meat, it’s because they fly frequently, and the increased muscle usage means the meat contains more myoglobin. It also means far more, at least 50% or more blood, has been continually pumped throughout their upper body flesh over longer periods of time than caged hens. None of this so far extinguishes the fact that all flesh contains blood after the animal or human is killed! Is the argument about the “color” of meat?

Do Sharks stop moving? Are Sharks slackers? Are Sharks mostly muscular? Then by their argument should not Sharks have some of the darkest meat of all? Well, I have never personally eaten any such fish, or any shell fish for that matter, but I have sat next to people who have ordered Shark steak, and it has ALWAYS been white!  Much like these pictures:

Pigs are often referred to as the “other white meat,” and that’s because, while they contain myoglobin in their muscles, the levels are not as concentrated as they are in cattle (likely because pigs are not as active) REALLY - Did they just say that? Pigs are not active? Again, I have never eaten pork, but it is mostly white in color, just as it is for wild boar meat! Are wild boar also not active? Of course, I am not a pig expert, but I’ve watched enough nature TV to know beyond a doubt that wild boar are many things, but lazy and sluggish is not one of them. Lets look at some wild boar meat next:

 Fish, too, are typically considered white meat because most of them are able to float in the water without requiring much muscle use. “because most of them are able to float in the water”….? I thought about rebutting this comment of illusive fact, but decided to just take a deep breath and move on.
Certain types of migratory fish, however, which swim briskly for extended periods, have dark meat, and that is again because of the increased myoglobin (examples would be tuna and shark).Again, allow pictures and common sense for those with eye’s wide open to be our proof of another reason for some darker flesh and some identically created animals with lighter flesh color, although we have already proven Shark to not be as they are depicting as an absolute herein:
Let us begin with THIS picture!

The color changes that occur as meat is cooked are also due to myoglobin. In white meat, which will be translucent when it’s raw, proteins coagulate as it is cooked, resulting in the whitish opaque appearance.Really! But what about when its totally fresh and raw and it is still perfectly white and NOT translucent? Like this:
In red meat, myoglobin changes from red to tan and grayish brown as it is heated. As reported by the New York Times, this color change also has to do with moisture, which is why well-done meat that’s turned gray-brown is often dry. – Well, I stand corrected, those at the New York Times who lead the world in biological science say so.
“Oxygenated myoglobin is red, but when its structure is changed by heat or by other molecules, it changes color. That’s why redness in cooked meat signifies juiciness: As meat cooks, the heat causes the other meat proteins (i.e. BLOOD!) to coagulate and squeeze out their moisture. Oxygenated myoglobin is red”….. Oxygenated? Again, I am not an authority on blood science, but I do know enough about the biological sciences to know that blood, or any portion or attribute thereof that is “oxygenated” is, RED! The depth of the red color of all blood or blood components is of course directly related to the amount of oxygen in that portion of blood – i.e. arterial blood being more oxygenated is darker red than many other areas of the body’s blood which are far less oxygenated. So again, since blood is ALWAYS present in ALL flesh after it is cut out of a body, my overall argument retains its authority over their lust for dead flesh and blood which is the only reason this article was compiled.  
Myoglobin stays unchanged and red as the meat juices flow, then turns from red to gray-brown as the release of moisture ends and the meat becomes dry.”Do I really have to point out the obvious issues with consuming any animals or humans blood? Here they openly explain how that blood and its components are trapped and solidified within all flesh when it dries out from the process of death and or herein specifically, cooking.

When myoglobin is exposed to air, it eventually turns brown. This is why color can be a good indicator of the freshness of your meat, with red meat being fresher than meat that’s turned brown.
In the US, however, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows the use of carbon monoxide as a “preservative.” It works by attaching to myoglobin’s iron atom, turning it bright red and preventing it from interacting with oxygen.
This practice is banned in Europe and Japan, because even though it might prevent color changes, it certainly doesn't prevent bacterial growth. Carbon-monoxide-treated meat may appear fresh for weeks even though it’s already gone bad (it’s also used to preserve color in fish).
Dark meat has more fat than white meat, which is also why it’s often juicier. In poultry, the dark meat also tends to have more nutrients than white meat, including B vitamins, iron, zinc, and selenium. + Growth hormones, antibiotics, other animal parts from feed, and GMO from feeds, etc.
As far as red meat is concerned, it’s gotten a bad reputation because of its saturated fat content, but this is a myth. It’s widely stated that eating red meat causes heart disease, an association that is often blamed (incorrectly) on its impact on cholesterol levels. Yet, research has repeatedly shown that the dietary cholesterol-heart disease connection is incorrect. Yes, MEAT industry research, not ACTUAL medical science research which overwhelmingly proves the opposite many times over. Dr. John McDougall is one such world renowned medical scientist who has been at the forefront of this research.
For example, a 2010 (Meat industry paid for) study from Harvard found no evidence that eating red meats leads to heart disease. What you need to be concerned about when eating red meat isn't its impact on your cholesterol levels… it’s whether the animal was fed grains or raised on traditional pasture.
Let us all just remember, the argument AGAINST The Eternal Creator and His system of Free-Will for all living-souls, of which the animals are proven without any viable argument to possess identically with all humans, is an argument based on both the falsified ancient textual teaching which “allows” the murder of any living being we wish, and the consumption of their flesh, with “SOME” blood in it, just as this article is so cleverly attempting to sidetrack. The much later editions of ritual murder and the eating of flesh within our elder Hebrew texts, as I prove in my first book “The Land of Meat & Honey”, which depict the false, man-made “Kashrut” or “Kosher” system of clean & unclean animals allowable for slaughter ritualistically or for food, were installed by the scribal-priest caste to give authority for all such systems, and the later expansion and redefinition's of said systems as time progresses. Articles such as these which are always prevalent, and always find their way around Jewish and Christian circles, are presented for the same reasons that the original text editors made their “corrections” as they call them; to bolster the “death narratives!” To uphold and keep supported the cultic ritualistic behaviors of drinking the essence of life! Ultimately keeping the majority of all souls outside of His “Everlasting Agreement”.
 The Land of MEAT & Honey

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Everlasting Agreement

Core Elements of the Everlasting Agreement

Greetings all,

It has recently more and more come to my attention that many people who finally come to the original Torah understanding of the Everlasting Agreement, even after reading its foundational work, are still not grasping its full meaning or application.

The first thing I will advise is, check the ego! The ego somehow crept or was installed into this creation, and although it loves to lie and insist it is in control, it is not, your soul is in control. So, if your soul is in fact in control, why do we have to learn, and actively work to subdue the ego?  Well, I guess like any virus that requires some type of anti-viral application to subdue it, the application we have to use to fend off the ego is consciousness, and this works on the quantum level which I will not get into here or this will turn out to be yet another lengthy treaty. Maybe for this discussion “awareness” is a better word.

A wise teacher once said something like, “you cannot say you love your Father in heaven, and hate you’re your brother”.  Believe me I am not casting any first or last stones here, I have been guilty of this myself on many occasions, not separating the actions of the man, from the man.  It has now, for at least the fourth time been inadvertently brought to my attention that some people, after coming into His Everlasting Agreement, become and remain aggressively negative towards those they judge as living and working “outside” of His agreement.

  First off let me warn that, The Eternal’s Everlasting Agreement is NOT a single ingredient recipe, and it is surely NOT about negative activism!  I have heard the Christian saying many times, “don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin”.  Although that is actually a decent premise, the main issue with it being applied correctly, and more importantly consistently, is the ego.  In my mind there is a very thin line between hating the action, and hating the actor, and the ego is supremely adept at blurring that already impossibly thin line in most people, mainly because they are not consistently vigilant at subduing their ego yet.  Although it sounds sappy, if His soul is the Macro-soul, and our souls the Micro-soul given to us from His; and if He is pure love, then by default our souls MUST also be pure love, or they were when they were new. So, in a life-time what acts against the soul to damage it, what works tirelessly to quell that love, obviously the ego. The ego in us works against us from the inside, and the ego in others works on us again from without if you let them. The Buddhists have that understanding of the ego locked down, however, they also lock themselves away from all other ego’s to practice on their theories while subtracting the real world experience. While we in the West have all the real world experience any mortal should endure, without any of their excellent understanding for subduing it.  Aren't we lucky that The Eternal One loves simplicity, even among His great complexities. His simplicity for the world is rooted in His main law –“Do not kill” – The Everlasting Agreement.  

Is a person truly “returned” to Him if they change their diet, even if they also change the way they think about the animals, along with the rest of all non-sentient life in His creation, but also harbors ill feelings for those still outside?  I think we can all agree that there are many Vegans who are horrible people, so the dietary aspect of this cannot be the sole ingredient.  Many change their diet for medical or health reasons, and still find no issue will murdering our fellow man in wars, or for so called justice. For some who are led to His Everlasting Agreement, the ego will of course allow those people to believe they in fact are returned, a dangerous ego driven lie for sure. The ego in that person stands in the way of their complete cleansing, they are not yet returned.

I comment on this issue to you all because this is a dangerous condition to find yourself in, like stuck between two worlds and not knowing it, or because of the ego, absolutely convinced you are not.

I finally decided to comment on this topic after someone made certain comments to me last week in answer to comments I recently made concerning my views on teaching new people, and how all the many side issues newcomers stress on like, the identity of a messiah; Sabbath timing; ritual specifics, etc., should be completely forgotten, at least until those people became fully versed and committed to His agreement.

In most cases if a person tells you that His Everlasting Agreement is not, or cannot be all that is required, we know this person is either one of two things, a dogmatic religious fanatic, or someone who found the Everlasting Agreement, but still does not fully understand it. Surely I did not teach you that the Everlasting Agreement is about activism or evangelism. Nor did its foundational book even begin teaching you about the agreement before teaching you that you had to change yourself, by searching yourself, and what and why you believe the things you believed to that point, before moving on.  I did however teach in that book, that His Everlasting Agreement terms of service required two things, and in these two things you would automatically fulfill the 1st and greatest command.

The first thing one must do to “Teshuvah”, is to commit oneself to His foundational and perpetual rule which is, do not murder anything in which He gave His Living-Soul, and, do not consume flesh! In this there will be a period of physical and spiritual cleansing that will vary from person to person. The second part is not unlike the first.  In fact, it is the first part that is most responsible for the greater and greater success of the second part, which is – “Treat all living souls as you would have them treat you”.  In fact, one might even say that ALL of the original Instructions hang on this one right here. Or did someone already mention that?  The fact is, doing one of these in complete truth, forces one to also do the other, and visa-versa into perpetuity. It all again falls under the adage that you cannot say you love your Eternal Father in heaven, which is the first and greatest command, while you also hate your brother, and as we should know, all are one from the first man and woman.

So, that’s it in a nutshell if you or others you may be aware of somehow missed it within the many reiterations I made in the LMH book.  It’s not about hating their actions, or beating people into submission, or lighting fires under the guise of righteous anger, that’s all ego driven.  Some souls are ready to come back to this in your lifetime, and most are not, that’s the system. Anything we do outside the very limited boundaries of His system, is again, all ego driven and a waste of energy.

When pushed for answers or stressing yourself on any of the many non-issue side topics, just reinforce the two parts of His Everlasting Agreement, and know that they work in perfect circular symmetry.  It also allows Him to work in that person or you, at their pace. Which in time will allow them, or you, to release all those nonessential former beliefs one by one. It is much better to let Him dissolve the lies and misconceptions slowly, one by one, rather than us ripping them out before their internal structure is strong enough to safely allow their loss.  Especially since their temporary, or even long term grip on those former dogmas or superstitions will not be the cause of their soul’s demise.

And to quote another wise man – “all else if vanity”.

Subtraction is often more!

Dr. S. Asher  ©2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Asteroids, Aliens,Righteous & Elect?

Asteroids, Aliens, Righteous & Elect?

As it was in the days of Noach....and later Moshe,

How will the Root & Branches be save from fire?

Isaiah 22: “you killed sheep and cattle to eat! And you drank wine; This evil will never be forgiven them as long as they live!” 

Interesting question, of course so many ideas about on many end-days questions, I believe as always that only that which occurred previously can be used as our partial template in the future to glimpse how the prophesies may play out.

Last time by water, this time fire, (radiation) most likely, and all the Kings and mighty men of the earth have made their plans, dug their holes, and forgotten all of us in their process; but maybe that's a good thing. Keep in mind the words of the prophet who depicts their grand plans of subterranean living not working out so well for them, praying that all that rock will just fall on them.

Well, that's them, but what about all the rest of the not so evil people?  Of course most have to get by their dogmatic superstitious training to truly understand WHO is evil and WHO is not, but that's another entire book entirely. My question, as yours should be, 'how will the Eternal One אהיה cover His people this time?' 

Of course, the governments of the world, their Kings and mighty men, have been working diligently to keep all populations off balance and in the dark for many years, and from their true plans. Digging their "DUMBS" - (Deep Underground, Military, Bases) - and starting wars in very specific lands which all have great ancient significance in order to cover their on-going search and recovery Ops for ancient technologies, all in preparation for this coming day of fire.
 Yes, there are a multitude of issues worldwide we can point to, gun control, martial law prep, militarization of all police, etc., and yes, the populations of earth are consumed with all such issues on a daily basis like fish intoxicated by shiny objects, and at the same time generally missing the most important news events.

A midst all of the news fodder, in late 2013 I noticed and began following all the military movement of earth moving equipment and other types of vehicles to the East coast of the USA.
 As well, finding other related information via several news sources occurring at the same time, and in conjunction as FEMA operations for what they call "Region-3"; like purchase order documents for millions of medical related apparel, medical tents, all medical related gear and supplies, individual water and food rations, etc.
 All found and documented via their own purchase orders which can be found on-line still. In fact, along with their ridiculously massive ammunition purchased of 2012-13, much of these purchases were finally questioned in Congressional hearings in 2013, so we know they occurred.

If that was not enough, I also found Mainstream News video of none other than the Governor of Puerto Rico, not questioning, but reporting on the mass off-loading of US military vehicles and equipment at their largest port in expectation of a massive Tsunami, which she said is expected to hit them, and the entire East coast of the US mainland. However, she gave no time frame, nor a reason for the Tsunami. The off-loading of this equipment in PR was occurring at the same time long trains of the same were being moved to the East coast. As well, I found no evidence during or after of this equipment or purchases being made in preparation of some civil emergency FEMA drills. This is the pre-positioning of supplies and equipment for a known future event. It was the large numbers of earth moving equipment painted in military desert tan that alerts us to the kind of event it will be.
 Still, no definitive time frame or reason for the event loss of the entire East coast of America to the ocean, until more recently. This event must be close at hand, because certain people in the know who once believed they were counted among the beautiful people to be saved from the wrath of some god, have evidently come to the realization that are not "chosen", and will be above ground with front row seats like the rest of us, Whoops!

We see in 2014 more and more people, to include one Spanish scientist - (catholic), from Puerto Rico, who says he had a major vision given to him about this exact coming event by none other than the god Yah-Hovah! It appears YHVH told this scientist that he was about to punish the USA for, now get this, attacking his MOON! No, you just cannot make this up.
 Now, generally I would not give even a microsecond of ear to such alleged prophetic gibberish, but amazingly, about a year prior to YHVH touching base with this guy, NASA, or someone, actually SHOT the moon, with not ONE, but with TWO NUKES!  This event went completely unreported as usual, and when finally found out, the practitioners of the New Babel Tower - NASA - gave some ludicrous reason for doing it. Either way, evidently they pissed off the wrong false god.

You can Google this guys prophetic message, I have also seen it reported on Youtube. In short, YHVH is sending a 5 mile wide asteroid into the Atlantic Ocean between the coastlines of the U.S mainland and PR. Now, the effects of this size asteroid will not flood much further than 150 miles inland, BUT, YHVH told this guy that "other" effects, as in some type of bio-hazard from this asteroid will wreak havoc all the way to the American West coast. Thanks for that NASA! My guess is they finally found out the true and very ancient reason for the moon being placed there, and tried to end it.

If you have not yet learned who this ancient false god entity named Yahweh or Jehovah -YHVH actually is, I give you the proof from your own lacking English concordance directly below. Far more extensive proof of his false identity, as well as the false identity of those who follow him and much, much, more can be found in my Asher Codex:

The suffix “hovah” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, and has the meaning of calamity, ruin, mischief, perversion, and wickedness.
It is another form of No. 1942, ‘havvah’ {EVE’s name}, which can be translated as calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous thing, naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wicked.
Put the two (Yah + Hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, and wickedness.” Simply put, Jehovah, Yah’hovah etc., is The false god entity of Evil!
HOVAH is the LONG and well established Phoenician god, the main deity of most Canaanite tribes. Even most of the Arabs knew Hovah as their main deity prior to Muhammad's experience. The “Yah” only later Hebrew-ized it.
My hypothesis, which appears to be upheld by the information you will see in the short videos below, as well in many others you may find during your own search, is a question really. If we can identify that The Eternal One sent His Malakim to our ancient ones, to cover those considered to be Righteous people from certain evil entities and the calamities they contrived by several means, then how will the modern or future Righteous people be covered from this fire in these days? Obviously NOT from living underground, since our prophets warned against that.

We can at least begin with the progeny of Adamah & Hawwah - (Enoch, Methuselah, Lemech, Noach) within the limited texts we have been allowed to see thus far, to know how they were covered. Enoch was taken away more than once and most likely still lives. The same perfection was also found in Noach as we know. 
 Did Noach view his escape as a Greater Exodus? I would bet he certainly did, and surely all of those animals were considered as Righteous ones or Yehshurun, just as Enoch very specifically and clearly tells us there will be again in this next, end by fire. Then by this picture, we must also understand that Noach and his family members were The Elect ones of their time! Again, just as Enoch's prophesies tell us there will be both Righteous ones, and Elect ones in this next end. Now, taking this template and re-applying it in this final and 2nd Greater Exodus event; and by whatever means we are covered, concealed, or removed, although few in number, there will also be human Righteous ones, alongside of the much larger numbers of the elect people. For far greater understanding on this subject of the two peoples, read my Greater Exodus - AFTER reading the first book - The Land of Meat & Honey.

Although certain unconfirmed reports and folklore have been put forth regarding the alleged proof for Noach's literal wooden ark, do we really KNOW that Noach's covering event was terrestrial in nature? I mean we also believe that the prophet Ezekiel and others were transported around by what we would consider non-terrestrial vehicles. So why them, and not Noach? And by extension, why not us? 
 If the Eternal One, as I have proven via the eldest available Hebrew texts in my book "The Land of Meat & Honey", has a literal occupation of "Creating", which means He created before us and after. Then we also have to agree that He created other worlds and other beings. Therefore, these must be those who visited everyone from Enoch or Ezekiel and after. So then, why wouldn't these advanced guard entities be used to aid Noach, and Moshe, and hopefully us in these same ways.
 I mean we all tend to agree on what I consider to be the most foundation understanding of any text, idea, ritual or consideration, and that is - I AM THE ETERNAL YOUR CREATOR, AND I DO NOT MODIFY!" 

Also by extension then, in order for those or any living-soul entity who was created by HIM to reflect His Image, they also can-NOT modify. Thus, I believe we can utilize the basic points of the ancient stories/events as a future template of our own.
Enoch was told to hide from certain evil beings; Noach was told to remain within the Ark for a time; Moshe and the sons were told to remain in their dwelling for a night; Moshe was later instructed to have ALL the sons of Jacob, and all those affiliated with them to remain within their dwellings every Sabbath day for all their generations; later the prophets, even Yehshua, and also the Revelation book say to remain in our dwelling for a time during end day events-
"Until certain indignation's (PASS-OVER!)..."
Are these all coincidental, or are we seeing a pattern, a template to look for and plan for?

After many years of not openly teaching people the reality of a coming 2nd and Greater Exodus as explicitly outlined by our Hebrew prophets, but hidden as such from the gentiles, I was finally driven by The Eternal in 2005 to begin expanding on the subject, and eventually make it available to everyone.
 However, in that book I did not attempt to expand past the obvious terrestrial boundaries in which the prophets spoke. Nor do I generally speak in such non-terrestrial terms on this subject to most people because it all tends to devolve into mere science fiction rather quickly, and not seriously considered.
 As much as I pray and wait for this prophesied 2nd Greater Exodus as I depicted it as solely a terrestrial event, that does not mean the prophets, or my own depiction of what the prophets gave us will not be accomplished by some other lesser terrestrial solution.

I thought I would touch on this topic now because many such news stories from more and more "accepted, credible" sources, i.e. leaders, scientists, and news sources, have been emerging more frequently. Such secular information, without the continual reminder that The True Eternal One has His plans and His ways to save His Righteous & Elect, just as He has always done, are not only under way, but imminent.

Those who are known by HIS NAME....will be saved! So I guess you better KNOW the correct name, aye?

If you have not read the book this book –

and corrected your course via His Everlasting Agreement, we all pray and suggest you do so quickly.

I added the following related subject video's in the order they should be watched. You should spend some time searching this topic further: