Tuesday, February 20, 2018



Below is a very well done video showing good evidence of rocks being ancient biology. 

After seeing this evidence, recall the ancient texts that speak of the size of the very ancient people, the so-called giants. While you're at it, add in the alleged evidence of the giant trees that were here and spoken of as being destroyed by "man" at that time. Devils Tower is a great example of one of those trees. So, the giant humanoids who lived back then among those trees can now be understood as those identified by Enoch, being 3000 ELLS. Which, as they depict in this video correctly, is alleged to have been a measurement of 1 ELL being equivalent to 45-inches; making the most ancient humanoids unimaginably tell. Adding to it all the textual information that says the ancients, before the flood, lived so much longer and grew larger, animals included, of course, all likely due to the far more concentrated soil minerals that existed before the flood which later became separated out and dispersed into pockets (Ore Veins & deposits) leaving only trace amounts left in our current soils.

So, all those smaller "giants" of 18 to 35 ft tall we are told of in our more recent Tanak folklore and also found, and uncovered intact worldwide, would be the much smaller "giant humanoids" that came between us mere crickets and those massive humanoid models believed to have been hundreds, if not thousands of feet tall. Which then, accounts for the LAKE SIZE footprints found in the earth and in rocks around the world. One such lake is shown in this video. 

Take this another few steps: The flat earth as we know it today is far too small for such giants. Now couple that logical fact with what scientists have told us in our modern times about how the Antarctic ring of ice was once lush and green.
  NOW - Add that total circumference distance of the Antarctic ring to the lands and ocean we have now; plus add all the massive Atlantic, Pacific and other land masses that fell under the oceans to all that. Then we might have a more believable flat earth size where the previous 30ft tall humanoids lived.
  THEN - Bring up all the land that lays beneath that ocean outside of our Antarctic ice ring and between, and even beyond those 33+ continents which are merely the tops of giant landmasses. That would add many thousands more square miles of land to our current miniaturized flat earth for an even larger race of beings to live on. 

And, for all we know the available landmass extends far beyond those 33+ continents. Deep outside that wild dream, they call - OUTER-Space! 

The bottom line is when someone sends what they believe to be the petrified heart, toe or finger of an ancient giant human to a DNA lab and they find absolute evidence of DNA inside them? Well, now we can work backward from there to see how many of the ancient stories fit and what they truly show us. 

Then, as we continue to fall down again and again; resisting the original law of life, our playground gets smaller, we get smaller, our lifetimes get shorter, and our recycling events happen quicker. Yet, look at the damage we are still able to inflict! 

Looking at it in this light of such ancient mitochondrial evidence, along with the physical evidence unearthed of less ancient deceased humanoids larger than ourselves, along with all of the aforementioned historical "religious" tidbits now connected, and with the knowledge of what "their" (Outer-space) truly is, which is - (More land in the space beyond the antarctic ring) and not at all as they have propagandized it to be - (A vacuum beyond our sky); then I think we can surmize from it all, "all" being far more than I listed herein, that the greater point we may now have evidence of to exceed that of what we read in ancient texts, is that this shrinking phenominon may be akin to a countdown to some end, as far as we understand prophetically for some end to be scheduled. Regardless, if the DNA inside what we believed to be rock exists as shown, then all the other connections backward need to be made.  

This has all happened before, and until someone stops it, it will all happen again. Maybe, and "God" forbid, until we are single-celled.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I may catch some flack for saying this, but better its discussed than not. 

I tend to believe that everyone attached to me to be generally of the same mind and basic knowledge base concerning the overall inner workings of the evil ones and their henchmen in govt, corps, science, and entertainment. 

One major thing I think most astute people can agree on once they really investigate it is that the clandestine side of the evil stream of consciousness in this world as it works through the aforementioned government and corporate institutions has long decided to use Hollywood to openly disclose certain aspects of their future plans. Of course, I have seen them use other venues such as compromised talk show hosts like Alex Jones, and middle-eastern-state clandestine service agents such as Matt Drudge and others, in the same way, placing information out as required to alert the very few who ever LISTEN to anything long enough to acquire the many dots to string together into some viable intelligence. 

For anyone who does not believe that the CIA and other intelligence agencies have direct interaction and influence in Hollywood productions on all levels, see this: https://www.cia.gov/offices-of-cia/public-affairs/entertainment-industry-liaison

That understood, I firmly believe that the reason WHY these evil people go to the trouble of providing any form of an alert of their future plans to those they plan to do it too, is mostly misunderstood by the majority who even know they do it. If you listen to one of their longtime agents, radio show host A. Jones, you would have heard that bag of monkey poo on many occasion provide the canned message that the "elite" telegraph their evil intentions because - "They work under a self-imposed "fair-play" rule." Much the same as when the hunters allow the fox to run for several minutes before taking chase. This is always the reason provided for them telegraphing their punches. I have heard it via many sources through the years, and I can tell you this, it's a total lie. 

Evil people have no sense of "fair play", they're evil for cripes sake, they have no sense of anything other than evil! That story has been in the pipeline for hundreds of years if not thousands, but why?  Because they are hiding the simple truth as always!

That truth is, that their handlers, the fallen ones, who have always been forced to work their evil within the confines of The Eternal Creator's law of free will, have also long instructed all of their Hu-Man sycophants that they must do the same. But here is the catch as I have told all of you so many times before - IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO TEACH YOU! It is not their responsibility to drag you to it, or even to make it ridiculously obvious to you. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT every single law in the USA? Oh No? Well, go break some and find out just how quick the cops, prosecutors, and judges don't give a crap about the fact that you were unaware! IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE!  Remember that little ditty?  So, quite obviously, from top to bottom something else very big and very real has always been going on here. And it all has 100% to do with CONSENT! and TACIT CONSENT! 

So, they tell you via multiple venues; but you are NEVER listening, or at least listening for very long; thus, just like everything that I have taught people, they would have NEVER found it themselves because they did NOT spend years and years assimilating data streams that allowed them to finally string together nearly insurmountable vectors of data into one single, understandable thread. So, in the end, most people, souls or no souls, will find themselves caught in some massive web or another spun by the evil ones. Very few, even of those who have had access to such warnings as I have shown in my teachings and in emails and or via personal conversations etc., will be caught because there is ALWAYS some point of evil that they are just not willing to believe to be possible, much less true.

 There is almost always some point at which a person will underestimate their enemy. I believe this to be just a normal state of the eternal soul. Our souls were just not designed to be evil, much less commiserate with it. I am not admonishing anyone here. I am speaking from the experiences of being spiritually and even physically pummeled for pretty much my entire life. We trust too easily, which is exactly how we all got stuck in this cyclic poop parade, to begin with. So, just continue to understand without doubt, that everything that has ever occurred or will occur, revolves around the first law of free will. And that their little "fair play" stories are only meant to HIDE the Eternal Creator, His law of free will and the fact that you all even have free will, to begin with. Which is yet another lie I have heard stated as absolute fact by many of these evil drones.  I counter that lie by using their own actions of telegraphing their plans against the lie that free will does not exist! If it did not exist, then no evil tyrant would ever telegraph their plans, ever! I can also counter it by the many physical proofs that exist within their worldwide legal system which allow one to extricate him or herself from all of their systems via verifiable government documents that exist for one to do so- IF YOU CAN FIND THEM! Again, not their responsibility to INFORM you that all of their laws are only "their laws" to which you have either knowingly or tacitly consented to join. And, even consenting to NOT opting out of because you still do not know that you can, is consenting. 

Although all of you can use the dust-off, I am belaboring this point for the many new souls who have recently joined us. 

THE CURRENT WARNING: Whether you believe the deep state war w/ the DT forces is real or created to appear real means absolutely nothing in the end because the many prophets have already warned how this all plays out eventually. That aside, even if the DT forces are real and working for the side that doesn't want to eradicate 95% of the earth's population for the SOUL reason of capturing all the souls here and re-transmitting them to their new, digital world reality which I now firmly believe to exist, and also believe no soul will ever be extracted from. 
   Some of us have been closely watching and trying to see HOW they might do such a thing - THE EVENT - and many, even myself have tended to believe that CERN has much to do with it, and that may still be true. However, after allowing this greater possibility to marinate for some years, while crunching piles of new data and elitist plans in my minimal spare time, much of which comes by a CERN whistleblower who gives extensive information. I have come to believe him to be the real deal, but most likely staged to be an alleged whistleblower to cover their compliance with the 1st law, and not from the goodness of his heart or his great bravery. His information deeply implicated CERN's tech as being produced for one reason only, and that was to be the receiver and RE-transmitter of all the souls on earth into some new, waiting reality. He very plainly expressed that no other science has been going on at CERN ever and that the collection of souls was its only purpose. I will also tell you, that he is virtually the ONLY person having any connection with CERN to say this and provide such scientific detail. All other "alleged" CERN whistleblowers have stated many other things, but not one other CERN whistleblower to my knowledge has said that. So, I believe it behooves us to seriously consider his warning to be the only true warning concerning CERN. 

HERE is my issue with the whole CERN "Soul Collection" device idea; I am not a physicist, but I have studied it in more depth than most, and there isn't much in the area of physics that loses me. So, considering the CERN machine to be a soul collection technology, the not so obvious point that initially made my head cock sideways like my dog was the question of how some far removed machine could make a long distance and direct "identity" connection with any soul, to then remove it from the body-physicality, in part or in whole, for capture. 
  Meaning; like with hitting military targets with laser-guided missiles or bombs, in some cases, a nearby soldier is needed to paint the target with a handheld laser device so that the bomb from the plane can see it, and literally ride that laser light to the target with great accuracy. Missile systems work in much the same ways. Or like with the technology used to instantly find a single sniper when he shoots. It uses the acoustic signature from the report of the rifle and the bullets supersonic signature as it travels to near instantly triangulate with great accuracy where the shooter is so that waiting artillery or missile fire can be launched against his position. Same can be done with a radio signal. The main point being, that pretty much all such technology requires a way to track back to the main target. In this case, our souls. 

 I have found it highly improbable that the CERN tech, whatever it truly is, could just be turned on and be able to extract each souls' personal, and varying frequency without first being able to lock on to its very specific quantum frequency. In fact, I will go so far as to say that the Eternal One created each soul so specifically, for just such a reason - (Identity). Because remember, our tether back to Him is made up of that same stuff. Therefore, I have personally come to the conclusion a few years back that some other device would be needed for each soul to literally, physically have. And by physically having that thing, on the quantum level, like with anything or any person or soul that we interact with, we become "correlated" to that thing. It's a connection that never leaves and is not restricted by space/proximity or time. Liken this to Captain Kirk being beamed up to the Enterprise, but ONLY AFTER they were able to lock on to each persons' specific "communication" device!  Well, I now believe we have received confirmation (if you were paying attention) of such a device and its very specific usage last week. Which also tells me that not only the device and its supporting technology is imminent, but that also the associated EVENT is imminent. 

They TELE-graphed it: If you did as I suggested and watched the first two shows of the new X-Files series on Fox, then you already know this. If you have not, then you need to get to it, especially show #2 and pay attention to every single word of it. Long story short, they used the very specific language of CONSENT in at least two scenes and truthfully, the language used made those scenes a bit odd because that is NOT how most people speak. The bottom line is this, and this is what I believe the evil stream of consciousness was warning everyone about; they CLEARLY made it a point to tell us that our "Smartphones" would be used to periodically upload portions of our soul/consciousness whenever we used the phone. AND, that, everyone was CONSENTING to have their consciousness relocated by just using their phones. AND, that if they did NOT CONSENT, that they could just as easily stop using their Smartphones. There was a later scene having to do with another character's girlfriend where she exposed the technology to them, and even told them that her and her boyfriend (named Langley - As in the CIA in VA) had been previously approached by the govt concerning the (new universe reality) project, and that after considering it, and wanting to live together forever, they decided to SIGN the CONTRACTS and give their CONSENT to have their souls uploaded upon their normal physical deaths. The Langley character (actually all 3 Lone Gunmen characters) were killed near the end of the old X-Files series. So, he was already inside the new reality world. 
   Additionally, while communicating from the new world beyond with Mulder on his "Smartphone - Communicator device", Langley also told Mulder that many other great minds were already there, I believe he said Steve Jobs and some others. The Langley character was emphatically telling Mulder and Skully to kill the server farm where this reality was running, because it was NOT REAL and that none of them except him even knew that they were inside a fake reality at all.
   I also found it interesting how the servers were inside the exceedingly secret and ominous NSA building in Manhatten NYC, which is the same building cited as being the one used to spy on DT during the election. 

BOTTOM LINE FOR ME: This X-Files, Smartphone "connection point warning" comes just before they roll out their new 5g program which many people and experts are already gravely warning us about, but not for this reason. Yes, I am sure the 5g is far worse than the former iteration on many levels, but I cannot discount the timing of this obvious TV series disclosure, just in time for the 5g roll out. So, my personal suggestion is to NOT underestimate the enemy and consider that as their open and ridiculously obvious warning to NOT use any Smartphone past this point. My guess is, that prior to this 5g tech they did not have the technology to do this.  Don't make any stupid excuses like - I only text, or I only use it on speaker, etc - They will have you located and correlated to THAT phone by proximity alone. Drop the phone, get a dumb phone. Because my other guess is, that because the X-Files warning is so in your face, and the show being one of, if not the most watched modern TV series in many years, that this was our only warning. I highly doubt there will be any others like it. Mainly, because there are just no other venues with such high attendance that could host such a metaphysical, sci-fi stream of information. Besides Television, the show is now available, after the fact, on Amazon and other online movie venues as they get it. 

PSRemember two more things; when its a technology that they really want us to have, they make it fun, cheap and easy to buy. Like the in-home Amazon Alexa and Siri devices which are dropping in price daily because they want everyone to have it. The other side of that is how they continue to make the older dumb phones available and usable long after the far higher tech Smartphone systems are in place. Why? Why hasn't virtually every other dumb phone been discontinued long ago? Out of all the people I know, my wife and I are the only two still using them. I now believe we have our answer for that as well; because the other side ALWAYS has to leave you a way out of their plans against you. And now that we are reasonably certain that the Smartphones are their final solution plan, they have been forced to leave the far older technology phones supported and available for the Smart-ones who decided not to use Smartphones. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

British Parliament Vote No on Animal Sentience!


Well, this is one of those articles that appear to be written by a well-meaning person with alleged credentials, however, as it progresses some of us can identify one hell of a major flaw in their thought process, or lack thereof. As I will depict in my comments below within the article, it is the same old egg-shaped circular logic, but with the added feature of leaving a large portion of the data hanging outside their bent circle. This will become clear in my apoplectic comments below. 
   I would have to say that what most amazes me in this day and age, is how anyone actually requires science at all to prove to them that all animals are just as sentient as we are. With the addition of science now showing us that even trees have some level of sentience! We have all seen the many videos of animals coming to the aid of other animals, as well as showing clear emotions for people that they known; as seen in that Animal rescuer/Lion reunion video. And this Lion reunion video after 7 yrs! Or the story about the young girl abducted and beaten by 7 men, soon after rescued from the men by three lions who then guarded her until police arrived. In that case, I am fairly positive they were not actually, lions. 

In my mind these stories and the countless others out there like them are proof of the living-soul in each of them, less so for many of the alleged "humans" on this plain.  

Animals do have feelings – and here’s the science to prove it:
i Team 4, Wednesday, November 29th, 2017:

"Science shows that animals feel emotions. What’s more, they have distinct personalities – yes, even fish, writes Jan Hoole; Read more: Moment MPs voted that ‘animals cannot feel pain or emotions’ during Brexit debate
 “There has been some confusion about what exactly happened in Parliament when MPs discussed a proposed amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill to formally recognize animal sentience.” [After more research I found that the UK Parliament was actually voting away previously attained EU laws which over-road their UK laws when they entered the EU compact. The UK already had laws on the books regarding animal sentience.]

“But where science is concerned, there is no doubt. The definition of sentient is simply “able to perceive or feel things”. Today, most of us would probably also say that animals are able to feel emotion, form attachments and have distinct personalities. Yet for many decades the idea of animals feeling emotions or having personalities was dismissed by behavioral scientists. This strange view arose from the 17th-century philosopher RenĂ© Descartes’ alleged assertion that animals are without feelings, physical or emotional. The body language of goats’ Recent work has debunked this idea (whether or not Descartes actually said it). If any mammal appears to be free of emotions (apart, perhaps, from cynicism) it would be the goat. Yet scientists have been able to show that goats become emotionally aroused in response to various test situations and whether these emotions are positive or negative. Read more: Stephen Bush: Animals should become a priority for the Tories The researchers analyzed the calls the goats made when they were expecting food when they were frustrated because a food reward didn’t arrive and when they were isolated from their herd mates. They also used the goats’ body language and heart rate to calibrate their assessment of the emotions expressed in the calls, as analyzed using the frequency of the sounds.”

Horse sense:

“Horses are a bundle of emotions. This is not surprising, given that they are very social animals, with a close relationship with others in their herds and are also prey animals whose response to threat is to run away as fast as possible. Read more: The truth about pet therapy Animals probably don’t help health problems after all.
“In Canada, horse-riding is reckoned to be one of the most dangerous sports, ahead of motor racing and skiing, and the emotional state of the horse is an important aspect of the safety or otherwise of the rider. Researchers in France looked at the level of emotion and the ability to learn shown by 184 horses from 22 different riding schools. The ability of a horse to be fairly calm in the face of a novel situation, and to learn quickly that a new object or situation is not threatening, is crucial when riding. So, the researchers concentrated on these aspects of horse emotion. Horses’ emotions are important as they live in herds.

Animal instincts:

Read more Revealed: The 10 most trafficked animals in the world “They found that one of the most important influences on how emotional horses are is the way that they are housed. Horses that were kept outside in a field were likely to be less fearful of a new object and to respond with less excitement to being loose in an arena than horses that were housed individually in boxes. While the result is not surprising, the study emphasizes the fact that horses are capable of emotions such as anxiety and fear. Another vexed question, in the early part of the 20th century at least, was, whether or not animals have personalities. It is now generally accepted that they do and that those personalities are capable of as much variation as human personalities. The individual characteristics of a fish affect its behavior.”

Fish have personalities:

Read more David Attenborough on Blue Planet II: “We are poisoning our oceans at an extraordinary rate’ Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this area of study is that personality is discernible even in fish, which are often seen as being singularly lacking in emotional range. Scientists have found that the personality type of a fish may affect its likelihood of having certain parasites, or its ability to move past a barrier in a stream when on migration.
The reason that all these studies and the many others into animal emotions, personality and ability to feel pain, fear, and stress, are important is the huge implications for animal welfare.” 

Animal welfare:

Read more Podcast of the week: “A deeper dive into Blue Planet II Whether or not the law recognizes animals as being sentient, those animals will still feel afraid, fail to cope or suffer pain during transport and slaughter, as well as in everyday situations. It is difficult to reduce the fear and stress endured by animals going to slaughter, or being used in sport, entertainment or as companions. But it is likely to be even more difficult if the law does not recognize animals as sentient beings, to whose welfare we should pay full regard.
Slaughterhouse personnel are perceived as being somewhat rough in handling the animals under their care, in spite of repeated training. Unless animal sentience continues to be recognized in law, it will be even more difficult to deal with people who compromise animal welfare.”

"those animals will still feel afraid, fail to cope or suffer pain during transport and slaughter" Are you freaking kidding me! What these 100-pound heads are worried about is how the animals are treated and how they "cope" BEFORE THEY SLIT THEIR THROATS? to whose welfare we should pay full regard...WHAT?
Paying FULL REGARD to their welfare? So, the bottom line for these wingnuts is, that laws be passed to ensure the wellbeing of all animals by all people on all levels prior to them being murdered by those same people. Ok, now I think I understand!

If you have not figured it out already, none of this bullshit has anything to do with or for any animals. It is 100% entirely about making the "UN-Humans" feel better about what comes next for the animals. Spending ones day fighting for the "Rights" of animals while for dinner ordering that 15 oz. Ribeye! 
Because really, who want's to consume the flesh of an animal that was ill-treated and thoroughly horrified just minutes before its murder? 

In all this, I have to preface it with Randy Maugan's hypothesis, of which I have quickly become an adherent, that; the majority of the "people" we believe to be "people" on this earth, are in fact not. They are "Drones." UN-Souled, 3-dimensional entities added to this usurped Holoverse reality as added content feature created only to interact and drive the Archon false narrative programs against the very few "Souled" people here. 

As I continue to game this very likely scenario of a Drone population, it continues to answer more and more questions brought on by years of in-depth observation. For one, if as the ancient texts and superstitions suggest heavily, that only a certain few souls exist here; maybe that 144k number plays to this; then there is absolutely no way the fallen ones could have played this video game for very long at all successfully. 
Many, many more "humanoids" would be required for any protracted interaction and manipulation to remain believable to the "souled population." 

It appears to me, that these drones have been afforded the limited ability for "human" emotions and responses. But having such a limited pallet for emotional, logical and critical thought processes, they are generally strict and confined in those abilities. Whereas a person with a Living-Soul has and most generally portrays great flexibility emotionally and logically. I also believe they have the ability to learn for the expansion of the aforementioned abilities, but that too appears to be highly limited in scope. 

This answers that life-long question which most of us have wrestled when confronted by the majority of "people" that we have interacted with over a lifetime who have been just flat out unable to see reason on the most obvious topics even when directly presented with black & white evidence. 
You will recall this occurs with the hot-button topics of religion, child rearing, politics, etc., most often. And to this point, we all believed it was because these were in fact "hot topics" as it were, but that as well is not true. Even I have believed for most of my life that the "majorities" issues with religion were only due to brainwashing, but I was only half correct. Yes, the drones appear to be "Brainwashed" or better yet, "Down-loaded" with very specific topic parameters from which they are just completely unable to stray regardless of proof or argument. And, as you will also recall from your own experiences, this is across the board on all life topics. Yes, they all appear to have their own "personalities" to a point; some are argumentative, some passive, etc., but still, you never got anywhere with either.

Worse still, I have had the displeasure of watching some of you find out the hard way that the one you were married to was a drone after coming to the sword of the Everlasting Agreement. Much as we all watched with Hillary Clinton and others when the situation became untenable for their program, they exploded with seriously inappropriate behaviors! Some of you have unfortunately had to watch the same level of an acute meltdown with your own spouse or children. In some cases both. Why? Because you aggressively surpassed that drones ability to cope emotionally with some topic. So, in most cases, they use hysterical behaviors, threats, and when those fail we have seen them get violent; all in an attempt to pull you back to their limited emotional center. 
The major inability is their unwillingness to HEAR! The total lack of critical thinking and more importantly, their lack of the ability to just leave emotion out of the discussion in order to seek a consensus or even learn a new or better way. 

"Kind-of-like-man" = (Mankind): 

Think of the constant push by the many for synthetic technology and the drive to merge that with their physical bodies, and even become it in digital form later. 

I believe this drive emanates from the reality that they are exactly as Randy Maugan's and others, and now I have said, that they are SOULLESS DRONES, and being such, they have nowhere to go after their physical death. Unlike the beings of "light", (Souled people) who have been created by the Prime Eternal Creator as the micro-portions of His Macro-soul, they seek another dimension for their "afterlife", this again is why they drive the need for artificial intelligence (AI). Why they drive the need to "merge" with that (AI). 

As I clearly outlined via the ancient texts in my first three books using the Enochian texts; that the fallen ones had their soul-tether removed/cut in the days of Enoch, and since then have fed off the soul energy that we "souled people" still have being connected to the Prime Creator. However, just as most ancient texts tend to tell us, their days have been numbered. And knowing that, they require another source of "life" to sustain

All of this has been and continues to be done to the souled beings in this place for the "soul" purpose of keeping us, our attention and energies directed towards their evil, usurped physical world in an attempt to keep us here. My belief is, that they and their fallen rulers want to fully capture our Living-Souls into their synthetic system in the hopes of keeping us there and disconnected from the Prime Eternal Creator, forever. (And if those days were not shortened all souls would be lost...etc)

But if they are NOT sentient souls, then why would they feel the need to ascend to another synthetic realm? My guess is, they received the story from their fallen handlers, and then told how to emotionally process that story, i.e - their plight. All in an attempt to get the drone community to aid the fallen one's process into their new reality so that they can survive the final, power disconnect from us. Serving at least two main purposes; one being the creation of their new synthetic realm and a way to get there, which may be CERN, which may also be the way they try to abduct all of the real souls as well. And secondly, as I stated previously, to drive all of the Archon false control narratives of death, hate, destruction and all around ill-will among the "Souled population" for the purpose of confusion, fear, and hate which they feed on and in parallel also keep our frequencies low enough to keep most of us from becoming enlightened enough to find our way back to our Prime Creator Source - AHEEYEH! 

Bottom line is, they do not want us to leave here before they do. Their entire mission is to keep all or most of us from ascending.

Many of you who have read my teachings and conversed with me through the years have heard me advise continually to stop all of your Xtian evangelizing after you became aware of the truth concerning His Everlasting Agreement. I warned people for years to stop this behavior immediately, which is not what anyone expected to hear from a teacher. 
Admittedly, I did not yet contemplate the possibility that a majority of people in this realm were not real "Creator-creations" at all, but soulless drones. I spent much of my time attempting to figure out their limited ability to hear or see any truths outside of their own. You may recall from my LMH book that I described the impetus of their personality issues best I knew how, calling them - (Limit Filters) and knowing that most of the people reading that book would be able to commiserate.

That said, the reason why I told everyone for so many years to NOT actively evangelize anyone on the subject of the 1st law - Everlasting Agreement, was because even back then I knew there was something more going on, and decided that we had to leave it up to AHEEYEH to bring only those "souls" who were ready to HEAR it, to us; Recall - LEARN IT - LIVE IT, then TEACH IT?
If you recall I often used the prophet Yehshua's parable of the Wheat & Tares to bring this point across. However, now I think we can say we know even better. By not evangelizing, you saved yourself from the ongoing confrontational emotional bloodbath of having to deal with a majority population of soulless drones! Bad enough we are forced to deal with them every day in society. Far worse to not know this and also work daily to bring more upon ourselves.


Good question, can a drone become a souled entity? The best I can do on that topic is refer you to my latest book - The Beacon-Seed. But to say no is to limit the Eternal One's ability to create. And as I posited in that book, I believe He created that vehicle a long time ago to innoculate their drone army and reduce their numbers before the plug gets pulled. My thinking is, based on the Eternal's character as I know it thoroughly, that the only entities who are going to fully perish in the end will be the very few who started the rebellion in the first place. I tend to believe that anything they created, will not be UN-created, but righteously transformed by Him and allowed to continue to exist. 
in this idea, we have the reason for and the question of why predator animals and even people exist. If nothing was supposed to take any sentient beings life, why did GOD create the predator animals?? That's the old 3rd-grade question they always used to stump me. 
So of course, I always made sure to use their beloved GOD BREATHED WORD to disprove their understanding, citing:

Isaiah 11:6 “And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the kid, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them”.

Isaiah 65:25 “The wolf and the lamb shall graze together, and the lion shall eat straw like the ox; and dust shall be the serpent’s food. They shall do no evil or harm in all My holy mountain,” says the LORD.

Therefore it must be clear; as I have already proved and published years ago using the Hebrew Torah to show how all souls are exactly that same, both in us and in most animals, then what is also clear is that just as with our social order and the manipulation of it for fear & death narratives, so must the same be done among all the souls trapped in the Trinity-6 animal bodies. Thus, unless inhabited by some benevolent soul/angel for some specific purpose as I believe we saw with the three lions who saved the abducted girl, outside of that, all of the "predator" animals were designed and created to equally cause fear, death, and general discontent among the NON-predator, Souled-Animal populations. So, there is the answer to that question as well. The predators were not original creation proclivities. And, in the end, when there exists a renewed heaven and renewed earth creation, there will, as the prophet states, be no more predators.  

Only a highly limited, soulless entity can research, contemplate and fight for the rights of other sentient animal beings to exist in the caring arms of tranquility so that they can be slaughtered in a good mood!


Jan Hoole is a lecturer in biology at Keele University This article was first published on (theconversation.com)

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nuance of Soul Manipulation

Nuance of Soul Manipulation via False Narrative Control Systems

This vid (below) is spot on, but they left out one major understanding which is the most important understanding of this Super-Holographic reality in which we live. Which is - WORDS & THOUGHTS CREATE BELIEFS AND PARADIGMS AND ALL OF THAT MATTERS! But not for the very basic reasons most small minds tend to believe. 

As I have reminded, based on modern scientific findings in quantum physics by renown scientists which I have researched extensively;  [OUR actual "Souls" "Project" everything we BELIEVE and SAY and THINK most often! Projected into our world reality for GOOD or for EVIL which then ""BECOMES"" - i/e CREATED into our reality] You personally may see that created feedback at times via other people, government systems or events that suddenly arrive into your life to disrupt or aid you, or you may never see them. But someone does. When the Christian's prophet Jesus warned how the human tongue - SPEECH - in general, is a two-edged sword, he was NOT referring only to our words being hurtful or uplifting, he was attempting to teach near retarded people who had no scientific vocabulary yet about the power of the Living-Soul and its unseen/unperceived ability to CREATE GOOD or EVIL - In layman terms - Shit-in-Shit-Out!

So, when you hear them in this video go on about the many times we are being asked - DO YOU HAVE A CHIP? Referring to your credit card, what they are advising you in this video is correct, but woefully lacking in descriptive content as I have just provided above. But am I fully explaining the depth of this issue? Maybe not. 

THINK of it this way - What if others, above us, "Global elite, nazi Satanists", etc., knew about this CREATIVE SOUL ability in far greater detail than anyone else alive. And being as few as they are in number when compared to all the people on earth who they wish to enforce complete control by any means possible, they worked continually to INJECT whatever WORDS/THOUGHTS/IDEAS/BELIEFS which build PARADIGMS, but only those that they wanted us, "individually & collectively" to have, to hold dear and thus, to create, to bring their paradigms into this world in literal form! All of which has and will always be the antithesis of what THE CREATOR wanted "Projected-Created" into this creation system. 

One real-world way to better understand what I just explained is this; You know how we have all heard the idea about how, by our own taxes we have been funding our own destruction due to the unabated evil in our govt, etc?  Well, by unwittingly consuming all of their false-narrative programs and ideas, from sick Hollywood to anti-freedom based laws to a totally corrupt and sick medical establishment, failing economy and their corrupt and disruptive global politics which all lead to war eventually, we have in kind been CREATING their plan for them. Almost guaranteeing it! The first way - [ funding our own destruction] we can all see in many ways because those are done to us overtly, but the far more insidious scheme remains mostly unknown to the majority. And if you don't even know or believe, or even conceive that such a thing exists or can exist, then you will always be captured by it.

Nearly all people have completely missed all of this which has been a war waged against the souls of humanity from Adam to this moment. And they missed it because of these evil fallen ones and all of their humanoid sycophants laying the minefields against us, work in NUANCES!


WHAT IS YOUR SSN # ? - NO! Use another number! (And guess what, every damn time I have said no, they always found a way to get past that issue to take my  $$$.. Etc....etc., etc.)

The bottom line is this; all systems are controlled with very specific functionality, and the words, questions, and requests associated with everything have also been very specifically chosen, knowing that these consensual words will be spoken into existence almost daily by every soul on the planet which feeds back into the systems and eventually, BECOMES. 

If they only had you and me to work through, they could game us like this for 10 million years and gain nothing. But they have an alleged 7 billion creative souls to work through, which means all outcomes/events come to fruition much faster. 


THINK of it like this - EVERY question you are asked by some drone worker or govt official etc., TAKE IT as if they are attempting to gain power and position over you and stealing from you. That make's it far easier to stop consenting. Because truthfully, in the end, and in most cases in this world, that is exactly what they are all attempting to do to us every waking minute, and even while most of them do not even know they are doing it. However, be advised that many actually do know what the game is and how it all works. You would be very surprised to find out. Law enforcement, Judges, and lawyers are some of the worst of them. 



Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Strangers in a Strange Land

My New Book is Now Available!

The Beacon-Seed is a long-hidden ancient understanding that appears to be connected to and provides a clear answer for our modern-day phenomenon called - The Mandela Effect.

The topic of this book is a most powerful understanding for those who are yet unaware, and an understanding that gives a great power and sense of mission to those who have been awakened to it.

This lost, and now reiterated precept of the Abrahamic blessing - The Beacon-Seed - is, much like Dr. Asher's previous book topics, another ancient original, but long hidden biblical topic that no one has been aware of because those who know of it refuse to teach it. This book is surely a Stranger in a Strange Land!

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 The Beacon Seed

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Aug/21st Jonah Eclipse 3rd Warning to US Leaders

The 3rd Warning: To All American Rulers, Clergy and False Prophets!

After the sign of Jonah, which was the 2nd warning received and presented openly; The 3rd warning herein is the word of The Eternal One that came to the Prophet Micah the first time in ancient times concerning the Sons of Jacob, but specifically their State rulers, false priests, and prophets. And now, it’s relevance appears to have come again at a time when the context for it has been revealed after the first two previous warnings of Jeremiah and Jonah. The 1st warning provided to me via the great prophet Jeremiah has never been posted publicly, as it was only meant for the Yeshurun.

This 3rd warning is also a blessing to all of those who live within the confines of His 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, and I also believe to be a “near” blessing to all the “elect” who are not yet, Yeshurun, but will be. Meaning, Christians, and everyone else outside of the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, those who have not participated in the evil escapades of the fallen or their human sycophants, will be, as it is written, brought into the protective environments of The Eternal One during those times.

The “warning” part of this, although unrealized among most casual readers of the prophet Micah, and who have been unfortunately taught by the false teachers, priests, and prophets, is that this 3rd warning calls out and identifies all the leaders within their disciplines as those who are marked for utter destruction. Again, the English translation versions don’t make some of this easy for the casual reader. The flowing prophetic texts are from an old Hebrew, Stone Tanak and will vary greatly in some cases with all others. These being more literal and corrected to the Hebrew context.

·         Mic 1:5 “All this is because of the transgression of Jacob, against the sins of the house of Jacob. What is the transgression of Jacob? Is it not Samaria? And who caused the high places of Judea? Are they not Jerusalem?” 

Translated from the Hebrew and very accurate, but most do not understand its greater meaning. First, only a very small part of this Prophets warning (in the final days) has anything to do with Judea. It is speaking to, and for ALL of the 12 tribe lineages of Jacob who resided in the north of Canaan. This warning, which had its place in the prophets’ time, is also a far future warning as well, exactly as I have shown you to be the case with Jeremiah, Jonah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.

To understand this extended prophecy, one must understand that The Eternal One, through His prophet, is calling out NOT the land masses themselves of Samaria or Judea, but specifically the ruling hierarchies – Government, Corporate & Religious. Meaning yes! The people themselves have their own level of responsibility as you will see pointed out later in the text if you read it, but, the real issue at that time and NOW, is with the rulers in several fields of endeavor who control the people through their many false narratives.

THIS 3rd warning is to all of them!

So, you should now understand that it will be their “capitals” and “citadels” where those rulers, priests, false prophets and captains of industry will be utterly destroyed!

They will be wiped away by some catastrophic events. Flattened, tilled under like farmland, with all their graven statues, obelisks, and monuments crushed completely. However, they already know this and have been preparing for it for many, many years in America and around the world.

You, evil rulers, are known to have been building deep safe-zone bunkers to hide in. Mirroring every single major government office required for the continuity of government from DC, too deep underground installations in Denver and other areas in Colorado. Their work on all that was finalized in 2010.

They are known to have been building deep safe-zone bunkers to hide in. Mirroring every single major government office required for the continuity of government from DC, too deep underground installations in Denver and other areas in Colorado. Their work on all that was finalized in 2010.

The Eternal One, through His prophet, is telling all those Statist, evil-doers, assuring you all that your bunkers will not save you! But, they will be the final resting place for your blood-drenched and corrupted bodies to be tormented to death and dissolved while your souls are caught and quarantined forever.

·         Mic 7:17 “They [the rulers/priests/prophets] will lick the dirt like the snake, and like the creatures that crawl on the ground! They will tremble from their places of concealment, they will fear The Eternal God, and be afraid of you. -[Jacob]

·   Mic 1:13 “Tie the chariot to the stallion all those living in Lachish; that was the origin of sin for the people of Jacob; it was in you that the sins of Jacob were commenced!” 

This is another critical point most miss completely. Lachish was the first city that brought in and embraced all the death cult practices of Ba’al. From Lachish, this destructive death cult spread out all the way into the North of Canaan, then to the far east and west, and onto Washington DC where it became their main, unholy Citadel to this day. And, from that Babylonian harlot into all the capitals, corporations and religions of the earth.

Speaking directly to all the establishment who brought in the original sin narratives to the people of Jacob in America from DC; from politicians to religious leaders to the false money, banking establishment, etc.

·         Mic 2:1  Woe to those plotting wickedness and preparing evil on their beds! In the light of the morning, they carry it out because it is in the power of their hand. 
·   Mic 2:2  “They covet fields and take them! They covert homes and take them! They oppress a man, his household, even a man’s inheritance! 
·   Mic 2:3  So says the Eternal One: Behold, I am plotting evil against this family, from which you will not remove your necks; nor will you go exalted, for it is an evil time.

Plotting against this family? Interesting. Because the Bilderbergers, and all the other global cabal families who believe themselves to be one family to rule us, are being called out directly.

But what about all the sons of Jacob and their newly extended tribal members being grafted in? What is their fate in all of this? Does a contrast exist between the Sons of Jacob and all these other evil purveyors of death who rule the people of The Eternal by destructive laws and deviously advise them spiritually?  

·   2:7 “My ways are benevolent with the ones who walk in Uprightness!

The Hebrew here for the word “uprightness” is (Yasher). The root word (Asher) having much the same meaning, which is “upright or straight” - Signifying “character”. This portion of the texts and near future prophecy is important because it shows beyond doubt that the good wheat will be saved, and proof of the great disparity between the ruling elitist within all sectors of political, corporate and religious control. One will be saved, the other burned! And SOON!

·        2:12 “I will surely gather all of you Jacob! I will surely assemble the remnant of Jacob! I will place them together like a flock in a fold; Like a herd in its pen they will teem with people!”

…they will teem with people! Additional proof that “Jacob” is not speaking of a small sector of people we think of as “Jews”. Jacob is all tribes who have now been multiplied as the blessing of Abrahim and salted throughout all nations. America has the lion’s share of the Tribes of Jacob. If that were not true, then America would not have been singled out so long ago for utter destruction and control by the evil rulers who now permeate her halls.

·         The prophet says; “Now listen you leaders of Jacob, you officers of the house of Jacob! Is it not up to you to know the [original] law? Rather you hate good and love evil! You remove peoples skin from them, and the flesh from their bones! You have eaten the flesh of My people, you have stripped their skin from them and broken open their bones! You have sliced them up for the pot, like meat in the cauldron.” Then, they will cry out to the Eternal, but He will not answer them; He will hide His face from them at that time, just as they had done evil with their deeds!

    Do I have to spell that out? Just because our leaders have chosen evil does not mean that all of them are not originally part of the greater tribes and house of Jacob. As the prophet points out to them in this 3rd warning, THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THE LAW! However, so goes the way of free will! They CHOSE evil over good, and death over life. They chose to be led far away by the evil fallen ones who taught them as they taught myriads of others before them, to “Spirit cook” our children for their own empowerment. It has always been about the shedding of blood! It cries out from the drenched ground still! Nothing has or will change on that matter.
    Remember, when the second eclipse comes on April 8/2024 moving in the opposite direction to today’s August 21st eclipse, it appears to be making its epicenter crossing over the previous Aug/21st 2017 eclipse in a spot where human blood sacrifices were held for thousands of years! Yet another sign to the blind as to why this will all come to pass!

3:5 The Eternal One says, the priests and prophets who have always misled His people Jacob and always asked to be paid for their services or stole it in taxation; through His prophet Micah, as with His prophet Jonah, gives us the sign for when this will begin!

·         5: Therefore, it will be night for you because of your visions, and darkness will come on you because of such divination; the sun will set upon these prophets and the suns light will be blackened!” – (Jonah!)
·         6: The seers will be ashamed and the prophets disgraced, and all of them will have gags over their lips because they had no word from The Eternal One!”
·         8: “But as for me, I was filled with strength by the spirit of The Eternal, and with justice and strength to inform Jacob of his transgressions and the house of Jacob of his sin! 
·         9: LISTEN NOW! To this O’ Leaders of the house of Jacob and the officers of the house of Jacob who detest justice and who twist all that is straight, who build Zion with blood and the Capital with iniquity!
·         11: “Her leaders judge for bribes, and her priests teach for money, and her prophets, prophecy for money! Yet they allege to rely on The Eternal One, saying, ‘Behold, The Eternal One is among us! No evil will come to us! Thus! Because of you all the Capital [Zion] will be plowed under like a field! Jerusalem [Capitals] will become heaps of rubble, and the temples like stone heaps in the forest! (Old Stone Tanak Trans)

The Mashiach comes and leads. The evil fallen ones and all the leaders who are the enemies of Jacob are then allowed to be unrestrained at the time of the sign of Bethula. Then they are gone and, peace ensues!

·         Mic 5:2 “And you, Bethlehem Ephrata, being least among the thousands of Judea, but, from you He will emerge for Me to be ruler over Jacob; and His origins will be from ancient times, from the days of eternity”. 
·         2: “Therefore, He will deliver them [Jacob-from their enemies] until the time that the woman in child birth, gives birth; Then the rest of his brothers will return with the children of Jacob.” [Sign of Bethula]
·         3: “He will stand up and lead with the power of The Eternal, and the majesty of the name of The Eternal One, his mighty one!”
·         4: They [Jacob & Elect] will settle in peace because at that time he will be known as great to the ends of the earth. This will assure peace.”

The evil world rulers of Jacob have constantly focused their war efforts in Assyria [Syria], why? Their insurgent citadel being Mosul. Which is the same spot of ancient Nineveh! Yet another coincidence?


Micah tells us clearly and specifically how all the contributors of evil within the halls of government and else ware will be completely threshed out and ground to dust. That all their man-made idols, statues, obelisks, satanic Eshturah tree groves, will be removed from sight. Later in chapter 6 the prophet defines the fact that no death cult rituals such as burnt offerings were ever asked for or expected. Meaning, this restrains the overall context, and reason for the warning in his days, and today. Moving onto explicitly state, that He only asked us to love justice, act in love and kindness and to be humble.

These once opulent rulers and religious charlatans will now scrounge for food and delicacies that were once at their fingertips, and they will find none! My thinking is, these are the ones that the higher elite never invited into their deep bunkers. One set of people will die slower than their masters, but both will die out!

·        7:2 “The devout One has disappeared from the land, and the upright [Yasher] among men is no longer here.’

Yehshurun, read on and find solace in the facts laid out prophetically as I have shown you in my Greater Exodus book and here with Micah; that among great destruction you will find safety & provision as in the days of Moshe!

·         6: “The remnant of Jacob will be found in the middle of many peoples like dew from the Eternal One, like raindrops on grass….”
·   7: “And the remnant of Jacob will be among the nations, mingled among many peoples….”

·   7:15 “As in the days when you left Egypt I will show you wonders.”

In the end, all the nation’s leaders, sub-leaders, Kings, the mighty men, the priests and false prophets who petitioned for money, and every sycophant who followed them will be ground to dust with their souls recycled to a worse location. Then, the nations will hate themselves, be brought low, and most importantly, they will be afraid of all those who will then make up the renewed, house of Jacob!




DNA FOUND IN WHAT WE BELIEVED TO BE MERE ROCKS! Below is a very well done video showing good evidence of rocks being ancient biology.  ...