Monday, May 6, 2019

Soul Wars!

When the dark entities of the fallen come to you or others, how do we know who is truly speaking? Is it your dead mother, father, son, daughter, etc., and if not, who and why?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Final Soul Solution

....This topic is, in a roundabout way, exactly what I got into about the Khazarians from their earliest Shelanite beginnings in the 2014 Georgeann Hughes shows...."
...His main premise is that all “anti-Talmudists” are their biggest threat..."
....Truly, the hardcore Yeshurim are their biggest threat from the super-spiritual aspect...."

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Another New Book Available

Coming in April!
Connecting Noah’s cataclysmic event days to the coming End-Times events! Many students of our ancient Hebrew prophecies have attempted to weave together and understand prophetic connections which appeared to be there, but continue to elude. All this time they have had one thing in common, they have all lacked one key component which would have enabled them to see and understand the end-days prophecies which they have worked so long to discover. The missing component has been the correct version and complete understanding of the original Creator's calendar system, and without it, one can never understand what the great Essene Master and prophet Yehshua meant when he told them - AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH... Without the philosophy behind this seemingly simple phrase, which is directly intertwined throughout the tapestry of the original Creator's calendar system, no one can truly understand the nuances of the prophecies from beginning to end of days.


The new Creator's Calendar guide is a companion book to the Noah Prophecy book above.


A simple manual to guide those living the Eternal's path, the path of the Everlasting Agreement. A Beacon Seed planted to find their way through prophetic events on time.  

There have been many variations deliberated concerning the Enochian calendar system, but all from sources living outside the path required for accurate understanding. The path to truth is not a difficult mathematical equation, nor is it ever fully hidden. Nor should we need a special priest, rabbi or guru who hold the secret keys to drip it out like a sacred oil upon us over a lifetime, as this is the way of mans’ religion and NOT the path to eternal truth!

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Friday, March 8, 2019

THE FOURTH KIND - Their Will be Done - They are god

Souls Consenting to Control 

I watched this movie with the wife last night on Amazon Prime, but you may be able to find it else ware. I HIGHLY suggest watching this movie and paying very close attention to the details coming out of the mouths of those alleged “abductees – study-subjects” that the doctor is regressing.

First, I will say that this movie is the kind of stuff I rarely if ever watch, but when I saw that it was a true story and that they also sequenced in original archive study footage into the movie, I decided to watch it and very happy I did. Happy because this movie 100% proves, with actual footage and linguistic evidence that man has NEVER had before. To me, it proves all of the most important and revealing points that I wrote in the Soul Revolution book, and nearly 100% accurate. It’s actually kind of freaky to me that it is to this extent.


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