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The Holographic Moon Technology

Fallen Souls and the Moon-Soul Catcher

The following opinion was given after being asked for my thoughts about how so many people's moon experiences, astrology's, rituals, etc., have been good personal experiences, and NOT negative as we would imagine them being if the moon was fake and a piece of alien or fallen angel technology put here to manipulate the souls of humans. 

This is actually a question that has been coming to me over the last two weeks or so. So, few are alone on this one. 

My thoughts and deeper understanding on that subject are too many for email. Suffices to say I have proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that THE Prime and true Eternal Creator of all things did NOT create that or any moon here. The oldest and newest Hebrew texts in no way support the creation or existence of any moon object.  Also, truthful scientists know that what we see as the moon, was at best towed into place somehow less than 50,000 Yrs ago, and they site why they know this. 

The alleged "moon" up there ( as we have been taught to believe it) does NOT affect tides or fault lines or volcanoes, etc. The moon machine does, however, historically, and as you seem to be expressing from personal experience, "appears" to affect many, not all, but many humans in various ways. There have been some smart humans through history that made it their custom to hide indoors or caves when they saw any eclipse. They believed that the eclipse caused all kinds of bad stuff, even turning some people into zombies, etc. That is historical information that they wrote down as a warning. So, they must have witnessed something along those lines. 

There is other ancient info saying that the moon is Metatron, which may or may not have been Enoch's handle after he was renamed. That info says that this "Metatron" is a planet sized angel that overwatches this creation. 

NOW, my question is; was Enoch given the angelic abilities and status as that book tends to state, and then given the job of watcher over this caged creation using some hidden (behind the moon hologram) technology to overwatch this place and the souls in it, at one time, BUT, then later got over thrown and his tech confiscated, and now used by the fallen ones?  That could easily be I guess. The war in heaven and all that jive. 

Or, Metatron is not Enoch at all and is actually one of the fallen in the first place. All of that history is a bit shaded and fragmented at best. So who can know for sure? 

As for all the BS Zodiak machinations, it's a system that has been established or usurped by the fallen just like this entire snow-globe we live in. USURPED! Thus, all we can do and use that system, for now, is, to know the times and or seasons for all of the fake prophecies they created in the first place. I do not believe they can have any other righteous use at this time. 

THINK about it! If this place was not domed and closed off under water previously, and all the souls here had full access to the entire, greater creation that we incorrectly call "the universe", and also had all of the knowledge of that expanded creation, knowledge of "GOD"; then WHY in the hell would our Living-Soul bodies need to have stars, suns or moons for signs, times, seasons, etc???  WHY? 

Step way back and think about the FAR larger picture as we THINK it has occurred from the beginning and NOT only from our own, small, life experiences. 

THINK about what a disembodied Living-Soul KNOWS and NEEDS and or does NOT NEED! 

It KNOWS everything and NEEDS only it's tether to the Eternal Macro-Soul who created it. No Food, no clothing, no heat or cold, no grass or trees, no stars or moons, no signs or seasons, no pro-creative process, no vehicle to travel, no sleep, or air....

Did Moshe in that wilderness need a watch for telling time or stars or moons? Not really. WHY? Because they were fully protected and provided for on every "human" level and had no need to work or toil for those things. 
  To me, the larger understanding of the Exodus and 40 Yrs in the wilderness story has been 100% missed by everyone on the planet. In its best case scenario, (which would have been everyone complying 100% with the original laws given), is a picture and proof of the garden/heaven experience.
Meaning; Fully cared for. Nowhere to be, nothing to toil over. No debts. No personal issues. Just eating, sleeping, being warmed or cooled to perfection at all times. With our biggest daily decision being - 'what happy or exhilarating experience can I find today?'  THAT is the picture, the hope that everyone to date has missed completely. Not one single Rabbi or Christian preacher has uttered that superior understanding. 

We have NEVER needed the moon or a sun or stars at all, and the final prophecies do seem to say that none of those things are going to exist anymore AFTER everything is RENEWED back to where it began someday. At least they will not exist for those specific purposes. And, if we find, in that day, that they WILL be used for those same purposes; And THAT time will also be a new controlled lie and trap laid out by the same evil ones! 

If our souls are not made to be 100% free of all incumbrances someday; free to leave and explore the extensive reaches of a never ending creation in any way we see fit while living within the Eternal One's original law of the Everlasting Agreement; then that too will be another lie and redirection. 

Anything and everything that stands between our free, living souls, completely unencumbered by any means has been, is now, and will forever be a lie and enslavement. 

THUS, the moon is a lie and alien to us in every way possible just as some ancient people believed it was. 

The moon, as a soul-sucking machine is NOT at all a new concept, it's an ancient concept. The alleged SUN is also not what it appears to be, and there is a very good and real reason why the Egyptians, before death, centered everything they believed and did around getting their souls THROUGH the sun gate. Because they damn well knew what the moon was, AND, their leaders were most likely all Annunaki aliens from another fallen snow globe creation space who knew how to get back. 

Interestingly, and as I have pointed out in my books:
The Hebrew word for moon, (Yareach) - יָרֵחַ - which is derived from the Egyptian word - (Yah), which we transliterate in English as (Aah), but actually had the pronunciation of (Yah), and known to them as the Moon-god YAH! Which of course continued much later after their Exodus experience and into the Later Babylonian-Jewish cult as their (non-Hebrew) god and benefactor - YHVH. 

I would also posit that they all faked their deaths and left. So, in that regard, we can now connect those Annunaki, (called the Annuke) in the bible, as yet additional entities created by the fallen ones to do their bidding. They gave them god like technology to fool the masses, which is why today you won't see them showing up anymore as "gods" but as alien brothers with really cool tech. 
Because we have advanced enough to the point where no one will believe they are gods just because they have cool tech. I guess they have Holywood to thank for that. 

I watched someone recently interviewed by a personality on Youtube who went through some star charts that he made for certain celeb's. Conjecturing as they correlate what the star charts say about that person's personality and life choices etc., But what they are not at all realizing is that the entire system has been fabricated via super-technology to represent those attributes in the sky and in us.

Meaning, your soul, (this time) was strapped to a chair and hooked up to their Celestial-Programming-Machine -(CPM)樂 and infected with a certain, specific star pattern which has been directly connected to their frequency-control-grid system, both working together. 

Meaning, THEY provide each soul's "star-chart data" and then send them down here to live that manipulated lineage out. On top of that, and as they have done with all of their main false narratives; they also program certain souls as "Astrologers" who then come down to bolster their original false narrative making it real and accessible to all of the unenlightened souls living in our new hell. The hell of our own making. 

Exactly the same program they use to give certain people/souls the ability to see dead people/souls. Who then make it a career and continue to drive that particular false narrative further and deeper into this usurped creation space. 

Why is it so easy for some of us to say - 'everything we have been taught is a lie', in one breath, but then continue to believe the most virulent lies and systems of manipulation as real or true? 

  • There is ONE creator. 
  • There is ONE original system of laws. 
  • There is ONE original, expansive creation, of which we are currently barred access. 
  • There is ONE way back. Although there may be several on ramps to that path back.
  • "People" may or may not receive positive energy from the moon machine. Again, highly subjective, as their souls are creators and most likely creating their own moon experiences.
  • People have been adversely affected by the moon machine; historically. 
  • As I pointed out in my books, virtually ALL civilizations were taught to worship the moon and use it for all calendar systems. 
  • All moon worship worldwide revolved around animal and human sacrifice.
  • The moon tech does have the ability to disrupt natural processes; volcanoes, faults, etc. 
  • Historically those planned disruptions have been coincided with Black-sun-eclipses to indulge and strengthen prepositioned superstition narratives. 
  • Historically, and permeating all nations and languages is the strong belief that the moon is a soul-catcher and part of the reincarnation process. 
  • NASA, or someone else, shot and hit that "moon" with two nukes around two yrs ago. WHY? Because they know it's NOT "a moon" or planetary object of any kind!
  • ALL moon narratives, just like our "sphere earth", in our modern times had to be changed from superstitious/religious to scientific in order to continue the process of brainwashing humanity in a new way. To continue the control process. 
There is much more but this is already the start of another book that I don't want to write. 

Bottom line in my opinion is; We are either children of their moon, sun/son and star system; or we are children and the microcosm soul creations of the ONE true Eternal Creator. As I always say; Can't have it both ways. 

THIS is a great website resource for all things moon and sun related HERE:

S. Asher ©2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug-21st Great Eclipse - USA and Nineveh

The Nineveh Eclipse - 2017

Someone sent the Revelation 9 text herein after seeing information about the coming "Great American Eclipse 2017". ON that same topic someone else sent me an event advertisement from some university that I just could not believe it. It said:

The Great American Eclipse - 2017 - Come join us in the darkness!

Of course, on its face without taking in and coordinating any other information, either ancient or current events, this event motto would not get much of a second look by anyone. In fact, most would think it to be quite witty.  BUT, what if there was cause for concern? What if other States and Federal agencies and organizations were quietly, and in some cases not so quietly, preparing their people and others for what they see as some catastrophic events expected to occur inside America on and after that eclipse event date? 
   What if they appeared so convinced of it that they actually provided their people and others with a time frame? And what if that time frame seemed kind of odd to everyone that heard it? Say, a time frame of (40) days perhaps? 

Yes, to most onlookers who were even paying attention to what some States, FEMA, and the USGS have been saying, might be somewhat alarming, but would they connect their expected (40-Days) time line with anything else?
  Possibly another event that occurred in ancient times that proved out to have all of the same events that these modern entities expect to see! 

Based on many government voices, actions, and now the rising tide of other non-official prophets piecing some of these governmental actions together with that August 21st date and beyond, but who still miss the major connection to our ancient and prophetic past; I give you the Nineveh Eclipse Event! And all the specific correlations that line up between the State of ancient Nineveh and the United States of America. 

As a peered deeper into this possible abyss, I found out about another eclipse event to occur on April 8th, 2024 which is a twin to the 2017 eclipse but crosses in the opposite direction creating an "X" over the country. On top of that, this "X" appears to settle on top of or very near the Memphis Pyramid in TN. I have to say that with the 2017 eclipse being so rare, last occurring over America in 1776, take from that what you will, after seeing another one just like it nearly 7 Yrs. later, made this disbeliever in the Revelation Prophesy Conspiracy, pause. 

Only the closest to me know of my odd connection to Jonah. And we don't have to go far to find people who believe that America is the mystery Babylon, and or New Egypt, both of which may be true. 
   However, I have long believed we are more like the second Nineveh. Some yrs. ago I wrote an extensive paper on Nineveh, but unfortunately, it was lost in my last hard drive suicide. So, for now, I will give my redacted thoughts from memory. 

Please make NO mistake about this! I am posting this as a warning to all American's who continue to resist the Eternal One's 1st law of Free-Will and call for their RETURN by His Everlasting Agreement. 

If one goes through the history of Nineveh they will find some major and direct correlations to the USA of today. 
  • Nineveh/Assyria was a military might and serious bully. 
  • Nineveh maintained a well-known oppressive foreign policy.
  • By their foreign policy and war machine, they extracted the wealth from the nations around them. (Sounding familiar yet?)
  • On 6/15/763 BCE Nineveh watched a total eclipse traverse their country. They, unlike Americans who are treating the event like a vacation destination, they took it as a sign that God was mad. 
  • The Assyrian records that we have today say that their leaders and holy men said that their king would be removed from office. (Sound familiar?)
  • Same records show that they also believed they were ABOUT to come under Gods judgment.
  • Jonah's record says that all the "people" had already by that time began to break down emotionally fearing this. (We will not)
  • Amazingly, about 3.5 Yrs. later in 760 BCE, Nineveh had a massive earth quake. (As stated, there has been much about a massive earthquake coming to the USA days. Specific to the USA being split into 3 parts)
  • After the quake, they had a famine and plagues.
  • Also by that time they had experienced bad political turmoil and the larger northern countries were gearing up to invade them. (Again, same things we are hearing today)
  • Then, when these people of Nineveh are sufficiently divided and fearful of all manner of geopolitical uncertainty, and just after their earthquake, in walks Jonah!
  • Jonah tells them they have 40 days. 
  • Nineveh repents and is spared for a time. 
  • Then as I depicted in my Asher Codex, around 744 BCE they returned to their military expansionist ways and by 721 BCE they killed and enslaved the entirety of the 12 northern Hebrew tribes. 
  • Then, by 612 BCE The Eternal One allowed the Babylonian to take Assyria out of play. 

Exactly like America for some time now, the evil being pointed out against Nineveh was all about their nations violence against the weak. They broke the Everlasting Agreement; they trampled the 1st law of free will on all fronts by their lifestyle, religious practices, and culture. And their recorded history proves to us that by their military actions and foreign policies they were noted for great brutality, human slave trafficking - (Pedophilia rings), and general cruelty. All as it is recorded - done in the name of "raising revenues." 

And had I left out the name Nineveh in all of my comments above, most anyone today would have thought I was speaking about the USA.  

Now, this is what I was shown as a warning this past Shabat: 

Jer 6:1 O sons of Benjamin take refuge to flee out of the midst of Jerusalem. And blow the ram's horn in Tekoa; and set up a signal over Bet-ha'kerem. For evil appears out of the north, and great destruction comes
Jer 6:2 I will destroy the daughter of Zionthe beautiful and tender one
Jer 6:3 The shepherds with their flocks have come to her; they will pitch tents on all around her. They will, each one, feed in his hand. (Meaning she is already surrounded)
Jer 6:4 Prepare war against her. Rise up and let us go up at noon! Oh! Alas! For the day wanes! The shadows of the evening are stretched out(Meaning this happens AFTER summer)
Jer 6:5 Rise up and let us go up by night and destroy her cities. 
Jer 6:6 The Eternal of Hosts has said, cut down her tall trees and pour out a mound against Jerusalem; She is the city to be visited (The capital). In her midst is oppression, throughout her! (Tall trees=rulers) & (Oppressive, free-will-killing laws, and Pedophilia) 
Jer 6:7 As a cistern keeps fresh its waters, so she keeps fresh her evil. Violence and destruction are heard in her. Sickness and wounds are continually before My face. (DC) 
Jer 6:8 O JerUSAlem, take advice, that My soul not be alienated from you; that I not allow you to ruin, to be a land with not one alive in it. (Odd, first time, Jeremiah and other were left alive in it, as I am certain many others throughout Canaan were also left alive. So, this, in this future reference must be speaking in context directly to those tall trees and all who aid them)
Jer 6:9 So says the Eternal of Hosts; They will glean bare the remnant of Israel like a vine. Send out your hand again, like a grape harvester over the shoots! (Again! As in THE second time! As in Jerusalem then, and somewhere else now) (And SEE; It did NOT reference the capital of Jerusalem this time, it referenced the Hebrew lineages. As I have shown in my books, Ephraim, Josef and Judah have long been scattered into another place).
Jer 6:10 To whom shall I speak and give warning that they may hear? Behold, their ears are not open, and they cannot listen. Behold, the Word of the Eternal is a joke to them. They have no delight in it. (Souls have been firewalled due to the blood on their lips and bodies) 
Jer 6:11 I am filled with the prophecies of the anger of the Eternal. I weary holding them! Pour it out on the child in the street and on the circle of the young men together. For even the husband with the wife will be taken with the aged full of days. (I won’t belabor this, but the Hebrew word used and horrifically mistranslated here as “circle”, is more specific to men being secretively intimate with each other.) (That understood, the entire verse states that no one is exempt anyway.)
Jer 6:12 And their houses will be turned to others, fields, and wives together. I will return My hand on those living in the land, declares the Eternal. (As I showed in my books, Jeremiah goes into great detail on this point about how whole cities and towns will be empty, and how AHYH’s people will be using them as they travel.)
Jer 6:13 For everyone from the least of them, even to the greatest of them takes a profit; and from the prophet even to the priest, everyone deals falsely. 
Jer 6:14 They have also healed the fracture of My people slightly, saying, Peace, peace, when there is no peace. 
Jer 6:15 Were they ashamed when they made an abomination? They were not at all ashamed, nor did they know to blush. Rightly, they will fall in great variety, as I oversee their stumbling!
Jer 6:16 So says the Eternal; Stand on the road and seek, inquire of the Everlasting path, where this perfectly ordered road is, and attain a resting place for your souls. But they said; We will not walk in it. (Just like Jonah, what do you think Jonah’s message was to Nineveh? Stop being mean? No, just like Jeremiah, the instruction, ultimatum, was to stop warring against His Everlasting Agreement from top to bottom. And when we do that, all the rest falls in line.)
Jer 6:17 I established watchmen over you, saying; Listen to the sound of the ram's horn. But they said; We will not listen. 
Jer 6:18 So hear, you nations, and know, you assembly, that which is coming. 
Jer 6:19 Hear, O earth, Here I am! I draw evil towards these people, rewarding their inventions! In as much, never attending on my words, My Instruction. They rejected it. 
Jer 6:20 What is this coming? Frankincense out of Sheba, and the good cane from a far land? Your burnt offerings are not for acceptance, nor are your sacrifices sweet to Me. 
Jer 6:21 Behold! I am providing stumbling-blocks to this people, and the fathers and the sons together will stumble on them; a neighbor and his friend will perish. 
Jer 6:22 So says the Eternal; Behold! A people comes from the north country, and a great nation will be stirred from the sides of the earth. (I am finding this last part – Sides of the earth – quite interesting. Think of how so much negative attention has been given to Antarctica of late, with Buzz Aldrin going there and saying that we are in unimaginable danger from something there. And think about how only on a flat earth can Antarctica be its “sides.”)
Jer 6:23 They will lay hold on bow and javelin; they are cruel and have no mercy. Their voice roars like the sea; and they ride on horses, arrayed like a man for the battle against you, O daughter of Zion. 
Jer 6:24 We have heard the rumor of it. Our hands have dropped down; anguish has seized us, pain like one giving birth. (Just Like Nineveh)
Jer 6:25 Do not go out into the field or walk by the way, because of the sword of the enemy and terror from every side. (Harkening to the prophecies of the sealed ones remaining inside their dwellings for a time and being protected from the scourge without.)
Jer 6:26 O daughter of My people, put on sackcloth and roll in ashes. Make mourning for yourself, as for an only son, most bitter mourning; for the ravager will come suddenly on us. 
Jer 6:27 I have made you a fortress among my people; you will observe and prove their path. 
Jer 6:28 They are all rebellious revolters, walking in slander. All of them are like bronze and iron; they are corrupters. 
Jer 6:29 The bellows are charred; the lead is consumed from the fire; the foundries are fused and desolated; Their evil no longer lifted up. 
Jer 6:30 Men will call them silver slag, for the Eternal One has rejected them

Although the original LITV translation and all the other English versions I found of these texts are seriously flawed, I gave this one a quick polishing where it most counted. There are many points in Jeremiah's texts that I feel are directly speaking to this country’s imminent fall, but as I started out saying, the reason for this treaty was also due to my receiving the Revelation text below.

NOTE: Those who have read my books know that I have had very little study in the Christian commentaries, therefore, not having access to any original Aramaic texts to go by, I can only interpret the Christian texts by literally seeing the English texts in Hebrew and thus understanding better what the Hebrew writer/mind, was saying. Hard for most people to imagine doing I'm sure. 

Rev 9:1 “And the fifth angel trumpeted. And I saw a star out of the heaven falling onto the earth. And the key to the pit of the abyss was given to it. 2 And he opened the pit of the abyss. (The Abyss is where the fallen are locked and ruling. This “fallen”, “submerged” and quarantined creation space is surrounded by that same water) - And smoke went up out of the pit, like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun was darkened by the air, by the smoke of the pit. 
 3 And out of the smoke locusts came forth to the earth. (So obviously this is NOT just smoke!) And ability was given to them, as the scorpions of the earth have ability. 
9:4 And it was told to them that they should not harm the grass of the earth, nor every green thing, nor every tree, except only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. (Bingo!)

I know I covered this in my books from the perspective of Jeremiah, but after reading this I tend to believe this can be connected to Jeremiah and the other Hebrew prophets where the Everlasting Agreement is concerned. As always, you have to THINK and CORRELATE the ancient events to today's events and narratives.
Case in point: Do the dark side love war and total destruction? YES! They have been pushing us towards WW3 for years while doing their level best to destroy everything and everyone inside this snow globe right down to the DNA of all living things. My point is, they could care less about the grass and trees! 
  So, these texts must be referring to something else. The answer I instantly heard upon reading those Rev texts was that the Yeshurun are the Earth, Grass, Trees and Green things!

NOTE: If you do not know what or who the Yehshurun are, please consult my book titled - The Greater Exodus:

WHY do I believe this verse to be speaking to people/souls that no one else has ever believed the verses to be directed at? Because directly after, the text speaks of these “natural/organic/agricultural” things, pointing them out as being off limits! It then says - except only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. I don't know about you, but last I checked, trees, earth and green things do not have the Mark of The Eternal One on their foreheads. The context speaks directly to those who DO have a SEAL, vs. those who DO NOT have the SEAL; and in conjunction with the earth, trees, and other green things - PLANT BASED ENTITIES! Yet, NOT plants or grass, but certain people!  Wanna guess which ones? 

 During the siege of Jerusalem, two Messengers of The Eternal One appeared on the scene. One had an ink horn and pen. What was that messenger of AHYH told directly before entering that city? 
   Now listen, this is an important detail for America and correlates directly to what Jeremiah will prophesy later (as depicted already above).

Eze 9:2  "And, behold, six men came from the way of the Upper Gate, from the north. And each had his killing weapon in hand, but one man among them was clothed in linen and had an ink horn of a scribe at his waist. And they went in and stood beside the bronze altar."  *(This is when they received their instructions) ("From the North!" - Again, same with Jeremiah's prophecy for the same event and later event with the "daughter/offspring" of Jacob.) Destruction comes from the North. 

Eze 9:3  And the glory of the God of Jacob had gone from the cherub where it was on, to the threshold of the house. And He called to the man clothed in linen with the ink horn of a scribe at his waist saying; 4  'Pass through in the midst of the city, in the midst of Jerusalem, and mark a mark on the foreheads of the men who are groaning and are mourning over all the abominations that are done in her midst

Eze 9:5  "Saying to the others in my hearing, Pass over in the city after him and strike. Do not let your eye spare, and do not have pity." 

Eze 9:6  "Slay the aged men, the young man, and the virgin, even children, and women, all to destruction. But to every man who has the mark on him, do not come near"

What most people are never taught, is that the majority of the people, under the blessing of the king, had been eating human flesh almost the entire time of that 18-month siege. That Messenger was told to go in and SEAL all those who were actively against the king (in their hearts, minds, and actions) and all that was going on in there, (while not polluting their bodies or souls with the murdered flesh & blood of any living thing). And after the siege, after thousands and thousands died with the rest hauled off to Babylon, Jeremiah and many others were allowed to go free and even given villages that had what features in them? Fruit and vegetable fields!

UNDER the worst conditions those people, knowing the original law, decided to die and allow their loved ones to die if need be before they would annihilate the Everlasting Agreement and corrupt their souls. Are you also ready for that?
   It should also be noted, that Jeremiah was already living the Agreement for a very long time before that. Just as our prophet Dani'el did after him. 

I have shown within my first two books, that the Everlasting Agreement is the seal upon your right hand and your forehead and I also explained what that means. Therefore, if our time now, is truly that much-alleged end-times, then you should all expect a Greater Exodus into safe zones after being passed over in your dwellings; as specifically depicted by the prophets for that time.

As of yesterday, I found out that the 10 States where this eclipse passes over have decided to run under emergency protocols from the 19-22nd. They say that there over twelve million people residing in those states, which to me sounds a bit light, and far more from around the country expected to arrive for the event. The emergency directorate is said to be in place during that time for "public safety" and the protection of infrastructure. Whatever that means. 

I don't expect a lot of people to be provoked by this event causing them to return to The Eternal One in mass through His Everlasting Agreement; therefore, (if) this event is the same one that flew over Nineveh and for the same reasons, then very shortly afterward I would say to expect the beginning of close to seven-years of hell on earth. Unescaped by the majority of people who have long been told to believe, via religious falsehood, that they will be exempt in one form or another.

And remaining within the prophetic context of Jonah's message to Ninevah; I would say to expect massive upheaval within 40 days of the event. This might be where the much expected great earthquakes could ensue. As they did in Nineveh the first time. Then famine and disease

Additionally, I also have to reiterate that those whose mind, body and soul are truly living within the Everlasting Agreement, should be passed over and protected. My Serious advice to you all – Stay indoors during the event and DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT!  

I do not often say this, but perhaps fasting with prayer during the event over your location regardless how far north or south you may be to it, could be a good idea. Either way, I advise NOT giving homage to with your acknowledgment of it. 

I truly wish that there was a way for me to get such a warning out much farther and wider than I am currently able to. But then again, the prophecy is already clear; who can He send that they would hear, and what could he say that they would consider?

Not me! I was already told more than once to stop praying for these people.    So, what good would a verbal warning be? My guess is, because of the times we have lived in for so long, with mass media and the ways we have to gain information or purchase books on any subject in mere seconds, the warnings have long been easily available to all, especially so inside the USA.

Their ears are shut because of their assimilation of false religious and other narratives, and their souls cannot prompt them loudly enough because of the blood that permeates their bodies and beliefs. Very difficult to know what may come while knowing that you have their way out, but relegated to stand on the righteous path and watch it happen.

Remeber the warning that the scientists at CERN said they received on a wall:

"Meneh – Meneh – Tekal - Upharsin!"

Counted-Finished-Weiged & Divided! 

Hawaii State Govt making Preps and Warning their people of military attack 
(40 days) AFTER the Eclipse!  

40 Days from the Eclipse falls on the Jewish Day of Atonement! (Quite fitting)


Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Forever World Series - My Review

The Knowledge of the Forever World

By Mr.Damon T. Barry
Herein referenced as “Barry”, “he”, “him” and “the guy”:

So, I have now gone through all the episodes I could find from this globalist apologizer, and the only part of ONE that I found mildly interesting was at the end of #4 where he’s telling us how all of the ancient stones – carved rocks, monuments, etc., all emit an electromagnetic signal. And that they were made “for us”, knowing they would become tourist attractions. 

Why? Well, of course, to get all the humans or as many as possible throughout our generations to go to these places on vacation and – TOUCH THE ROCK!  

Why TOUCH the rock? Well of course, because they are special stones that connect with CERTAIN CHOSEN people; (African is the gist I got), and that these stones are “actually” DNA collection points!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I swear he said that. And that’s not all. He tells us that this is the reason why we have so many and consistent sightings of ALIEN space ships hovering over said Vacation locations - BECAUSE THEY ARE COLLECTING OUR DNA! Or maybe on vacation themselves? But wait, there’s more!

If YOU touch one of these many monuments worldwide, from inside the Vatican to Egypt to South America, England, you name it, and you get PULSED by it, maybe even lose consciousness for a second or two, THEN YOU are one of the Aliens CHOSEN PEOPLE, and one they wish to reconnect with. (Where have I heard that idea floated before?.....)

If this stuff wasn’t so dangerous and imminent I would be laughing my &$$ off. Well, I had a pulse go through me while watching this series, and that pulse told me that THIS crap is real and the very antithesis of the true, Eternal Creators Beacon-Seed.

Come to think of it, I know for certain I am NOT one of their chosen people because many yrs. ago, not expecting it at all, while traveling through Europa with friends that HAD to see the Vatican, I reluctantly tagged along because we were going somewhere better afterward. I literally got ejected from the building more than one time. I believe I tried to re-enter the main building three times, and each time something surrounded me, made me feel very ill and pushed me out. When I got outside I was fine. Each time after that the same thing happened faster and worse. Until I got the message.

Suffices to say I won’t be touching any ancient monument stones anytime soon.

On this guy’s series, I thought I would provide my opinion. I know, that’s unlike me, but today I’m breaking the mold.

Before I begin, I would like to point out again that this guy, who “appears” to have all the answers and vast knowledge of history, science, and the American way, is presenting his entire theory based on virtually ALL of the fake science of the alleged SPACE around us, the gravity lie, and that this planet and all planets are sphere’s hanging in that vacuum of space. THIS to me needs to be put directly into the trash file right out of the gate and without passing go, and for the same reasons I tell people who are truly seeking their creator to completely disregard any alleged Hebrew, Jewish, Messianic or Christian teacher who cannot teach or show them even the simplest basics of original truth. All of which are 1st grade understanding in my world. 

My point is, I do NOT believe this man to be stupid. And I do NOT believe he could have learned even half of this information without running into the deluge of proof about the Flat-Earth creation, its covering and the water/Abyss that surrounds it. Therefore, he is working for the dark side.

1. After watching them all it is more than obvious that the main theme he wants everyone to come away with is – ALIENS are GOOD!
2. The second theme he wants us to assimilate is – The ALIENS ARE GOD!
3. The Aliens-Annunaki, are ALSO us! (More on this point later)
4. Last major theme – WE MUST LEAVE EARTH through the Star-Sun-Gate.

And what does he present as his proof of these and pretty much every single point he pushes? The Sumerian Cuneiform tablets.

Yes, he also reference’s one or two bible stories and overlays the ancient alien theme for them as well, but that’s about it other than showing us the many Alien drawings around the world in caves, etc., and overlaying many odd ideas to show us that none of those cave paintings are what they very clearly appear to be. Mostly telling us that all of them were put there to tell us, in these times, a story, a warning to wake up and see that numbers 1-4 above are true and about to happen, etc.

5. He tells us many times throughout the series, like a mantra really, ‘that humans MUST get ready to leave earth.’
6. He says that it can be done – (through the gate of course but vague on how).

How will we find or use that gate? He never actually tells us that or anything specific really, which is how I know it’s the same old dark side Con. What I can understand from it all, came from something else he begins to state like a mantra, which is; when THEY come, DO NOT FIGHT THEM! 

Thus, I surmise that THEY, the ones that work for “god” – i.e. Annunaki – the ones history has mistaken as “angels”, along with other grey aliens as his shows depicts as benevolent workers; will be invading and taking the CHOSEN PEOPLE through that Sun-Gate to a galaxy far, far, away.

7. AFTER we go with them, that we will only be gone for “about” one month to learn many new and amazing things and to received everlasting life - THEN, we will be allowed to return to our earth; BUT, that in earth's time over 2000 years would have passed and the entire earth, left on its own, will have been fully rejuvenated! “And then I saw a new heaven and a new earth…” See how easy it is to line this Alien story up with the meanings of our many texts?
8. Upon our arrival, back to earth, he says that we will meet again our ancient ancestors, who he then depicts them as stone age mongrels’ who will see us as THE GODS! Thus, the cycle of mankind writing on cave walls depicting "the gods” in space suits and flying in ships, etc., begins all over again. 

Then, and unbelievable even to me, this guy says that we will teach them new and better ways, and, and, and, wait for it……. That we will RULE THEM!  Ah-Ha!

So, not only do the CHOSEN leave here to become “Like god” …. Where have I heard that before?... But then we will return and BE GODS among the monkey men? I’ll pass thanks!

9.       He then begins again to reiterate that we CANNOT FIGHT THEM when they come. To which he then uses the alleged (fake) dead planet Mars (also alleged to have Pyramids on it) as being the last planet (like ours now) to try to fight these “gods” when they returned to “help” us. He tries hard to also include other so-called “planets” as being dead for the same reason, but not in so many words. He sucks wind here and there with much of his argument. 

So, do NOT fight them…Can you say GUN CONTROL? Of course! How hard is it to believe that some fallen but highly advanced civilization who has periodic access to other lesser advanced civilizations, and knows how to get in and out of the dome covering, would come in and take advantage of them.

We think of ourselves ONLY as “ourselves” and not as a collective, much less as a greater collective and collection of so-called “fallen” creation spaces scattered throughout the Abyss we fell into. 
  Super-High technology always looks like magic to the lesser, but that does NOT make them THE Creator! Because then, WHO CREATED THEM? Good old Damon B, he never gets into that little question.

THEN we have his theatrical overburden, as he repetitiously progresses to the next HOLY ancient information saying – “Now gather yourselves; Steel your hearts and ready minds; for what comes next is soooo holy that no one can know it or even speak it; and it will shake your beliefs to the very core…” THEN he commences to SPEAKING it of course since evidently no one else can.  

At least after one of these theatrical fanfares he may have actually had a good point about the Christian cross, and not unlike I did many years ago, showed how the cross can be found in every culture dating back to as far as we can currently go. Which to Mr. Barry is the Sumerian culture. 
  Of course, he connected that cross with what appears to have been some large Bling crosses that the Annunaki “gods” wore, saying that those were actually amulets used to open or input navigation into the Stargate, or both. 
  OK, that’s fine I guess, although I saw that exact same thing on the TV series Stargate SG-1, starring Richard Dean Anderson who I have always liked as an actor. But, we should give Mr. Barry the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Come to think of it, Mr. Barry borrowed from yet another major Sci-Fi series which I have watched several times now. I noticed this as he continued to push the point how other previous “human” civilizations have lived through and accomplished all the points that he stipulated in this series, as I numbered above in a continuous cycle. 

  • That the alien Annunaki are our “gods”. 
  • That they aided and augmented us as the Sumerian texts depict.
  • That when they come we should not fight them. 
  • That we NEED to leave with them. 
  • That we NEED to LEARN everything over from them. 
  • That THEN we can return here and be LIKE gods to those still here. 

I recall another manipulated story just like this- Gen 4:13-14 “And Cain said to God, My punishment is greater than I can bear. Behold! You have driven me out from the face of the land today. And I will be hidden from Your face. And I will be a vagabond and a fugitive on the earth. And it will be that anyone who finds me shall kill me. 

God answers Kayin; “How can that be Cain? Your ungrateful parents are my only creations, and then they created you two useless bastards and that sister you can’t keep your hands off. Who will be there to kill you?

Additionally, it seems Mr. Barry may also be pulling ideas from that great 1990’s Sci-Fi series, Battlestar Galactica with his notion that this cycle of growth in humanity all the way through to near annihilation, then alien "god" abductions, then re-teaching, and return to rule over the lesser people of some god, can be summed up in that TV series main motto, which is – “This has all happened before, and it will all happen again”.

That upon our return, WE will then RULE them, and then we will once AGAIN return this place to evil mayhem and industrial destruction. Only to have THAT generation LEAVE again, LEARN again; RULE again, and destroy it all over again! SOUND LIKE HELL TO YOU YET?  

That part sounds ALLOT like the complete information that I wrote in the Soul Revolution book to me. And these Annunaki are the Archon’s that our ancient brethren spoke of. So, then, I guess we didn’t learn much while there, aye? Or just like the “Soul School Classes” I mention in that book where we never recall anything we allegedly learned in them? It seems some important precepts are beginning to line up here.

As far as I am concerned, in the end it’s all the exact same story.
  The Souls of THIS creation, CHOSE-CONSENTED to break from the Prime Creators law of free will, and now our free will has been the playground of fools who consented to the exact same thing, only a million years before we did. Thus, we all who continue to CONSENT will never be broken free of this “submerged” creation space and perpetual cycle of rebith into this hell!

Why the hell does anyone think that we NEED a dome over us? I say it’s because this once OPEN creation space FELL- DOWN – UNDER – SUBMERGED – SUNK into the deep of the Abyss of Genesis One. 

Throughout our stories and stupid-stitions we have FALLEN angles, FALLEN worlds; FALLEN souls; even Atlantis sunk into the waters, correct? A whole lot of falling going on throughout our religious paradigms, isn’t there?

So, now, harness your minds and steel your souls, for what comes next is so startling it will shake your foundations from terra-firma forever! ;-)

The Atlantean Hypothesis!

We - ALL, the souls within this captured creation space who have not yet been released by their return to The Prime Creators 1st law of love and freewill, and even all those who have now been returned by it, were once known as - Atlanteans!

THIS creation space was named by its creator as all creations are named, just as children are named. Its name was and is – Atlantica. There have been and continue to be innumerable to us, creation spaces created by the true Eternal Creator. See my article on the flat earth Tree of Life and Flower of Life. 

Virtually all the stories, folklore, and superstitions that surround the lost continent of Atlantis are true, but at the same time all wrong.
 Just as I have taught for so long now, how - all folklore, myth, and superstitions have an original point of truth. We no longer know their full truth because of all the lies man and false gods have heaped upon the original pile. However, a certain few have had the ability to cut through those piles to show you those original truths. 

We have a plethora of FALLEN angels, FALLEN souls, FALLEN worlds in our religious memories:
  • A creation space always known to be flat and covered by a dome and surrounded by water! 
  • A creation space that we also know was flooded through “windows” in the dome by water outside the dome – The Abyss! 
  • That the Abyss holds the worst of those fallen from the Creator who are bound within its forever depths, and that - 
  • We are inside the terrarium looking out! Yet, they have access!

The joke is, humans have mused, theorized and even physically searched for this so-called Atlantis while all that time living within it! YES! Atlantis and ALL the souls on board have fallen! Sunken into the Abyss by its Prime Creator because they consented to follow those already in the Abyss. 

  • There is a "Dome" because there is water. 
  • There is water because it is the medium that contains a heinous virus. 
  • The Abyss holds all the fallen, and we are with them, for now.
See my greater hypothesis of the Tree of Life, Flower of Life continuous creations - Flat creations! 
  When one of those creation spaces "falls" from the Eternal Creators 1st law of Free Will which is built within the simple framework of His Everlasting Agreement which governs all creations; that creation space gets a dome and is then submerged into the Abyss to be ruled by the thoughts, intentions, and tactics of the evil ones who fell long ago. We can only hope that some of our ancient texts are true when they depict a way out for every soul who finds the path. 

And then I saw a renewed earth and heavens, and no sun nor moon was needed because it was again lit by the light of the Creator....

When all of the souls who can be saved within the time frame provided within this currently captured snow-globe system, are saved from themselves, and the evil fallen ones, then this fallen creation space will be raised back up and uncovered. 
  Restored to its original condition without the need for a Sun or Moon technology driven mechanism to keep it clocked and living.

Until that time, there remains no doubt in my mind that this “Forever time” series is just a continuation of the same ruse that keeps the souls of captured here stuck in that cycle.  

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