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Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes

Avoiding the lords of Harvest

By George & Lauda Leon


  • The sleeper population of surface-level Earth will be “activated” through electromagnetic remote impulse systems which will cause mass rioting and civil unrest.
  • Economic disruptions and the associated disruption of local and international trade and resource will both lead to and amplify this unrest. All of this is planned and has been planned for millennia. This is simply a small scale of control by corporate rule (developed in the previous civilizations ago). in a much larger and longer scale.
  • There will be a total break-down of control systems.
  • There will be Earth changes, catastrophes that will renovate the surface of the Earth, the water level, the atmosphere and the access to resources.
  • There will be false flag ‘alien’ attacks enacted upon the Earthly population.
  • These attacks will be used within a ‘good cop-bad cop’ scenario to motivate the population to accept the control of these ‘alien’ invaders.
  • The population will begin to reduce. Those survivors will be ushered into “safe-zones” which will be holding facilities designed to modify and groom the population for their new “leaders”.
    • These “safe-zones” will be similar to interment camps but will be disguised under the necessity of safety and basic survival needs such as food, shelter, water and even companionship or simply the facilitation of deception to coerce the population into these highly controlled areas where they will automatically be under the guardianship of those controllers and thus under agreement (contract) whether conscious or unwitting. In other words, they will be their test subjects for experimentation, similar to the wartime systems that were uncovered in Japan, Germany and later in the United States. All nations under social-system rule are corporate entities and the people are their assets.
  • The quantum control methods, advanced technology, consciousness entrainment, reality altering and mind-control systems are literally here to design artificial timelines which can be technologically, electromagnetically inserted into the collective mind and used to connect one world without this overt domination by genetically modified hybrid soul-less entities to one in which this control system exists.
    • When such a complete transition begins, these systems will wreak havoc on the environment and the minds of the people and thus these “safe-guards” (good-cop, bad-cop) will be enacted to operate on the people and enable total control by the outside deceptive forces.
    • There is a central universe and a mirror universe. This can be likened to an ‘anti-verse’ which is operated through an inverted mental spectrum. This is the home-realm of the invader races and the home realm of Humanity is the ‘higher-plane’ which is an eternal plane of pure-awareness.
    • We are within a simulation-artificial matrix in this reality and when one system is transitioned to the other, only those who maintain a connection to the ultimate source reality will have any memory and all others will simply continue on as if this is how things always was.
      • This took place last around 6000 years ago and dropped the entire civilization into a relative “Hell”, that is this realm. The alternate beings come from the lowest, the Humans come from the highest. They seek to dominate and falsify the One True Creator in a 1,000,000,000 year enactment of Spiritual War against “Heaven”. Or in other words, they wish to fully separate the entire Human race from their Home-Reality of pure-awareness and create an autonomous, soulless, hybrid organism that can be used to host the spirits of the fallen throughout various ages where they desire to reign as immortals.
      • This immortality has already been completed as they have been using host bodies of humans for the past 6000 years. This was the infiltration known as the ‘fall of man’ and this has disrupted the genetic congruity of Humanity to the point where a “Mind-Virus” has formed which causes loss of memory and enables the accessing of the Humans by discarnate entities that are the Lost Spirits that have reduced in frequency of mind so that they can no longer be born into a body but most parasite a host body and take-over the consciousness of the original. They have been among you for 6000 years or more. Around 20,000 years is often given as a more accurate figure however 1 day, 100,000 years is similar depending on what angle you are perceiving. From the highest-plane, 33 days will pass for the entirety of this process within this universe from start to finish.
  • As these changes take place, a possibility of “neuroplasticity” on a mental-energetic level is accelerating. This will lead to a detrimental degradation for those who are seeking autonomy and domination and this will act as a gateway to liberation for those seeking and embodying (bringing to others and themselves) Truth, Compassion, Harmony, Knowledge, Free-Will, Self-Awareness, and Creativity
  • Around 2009 there was a major quantum shift which was a time just before this acceleration period where an enactment of a major insertion of artificial timelines in an effort to seal the Human population into the false-reality. As a result of major disturbances, a quantum collapse was experienced and those who have connection to source remember, there as a catastrophic meltdown of this reality and Earth was cast into darkness.
  • (WARNING: THIS INFORMATION CAN BE OVERWHELMING) This system can be described as a ‘simulcra’ system. This is powered by quantum computers that control from a parallel dimension outside of what is actually a projected space-time (similar to an online multiplayer). The server crashed momentarily and was reset. Many were lost and those who are here now are the survivors.
    • This system is unstable and will continue to develop errors which are perceived as memory glitches or timeline artifacts from previous versions. This is continued collapse, as the collapse cannot be avoided so we are in a temporary delayed “meltdown” of this space-time matrix. This is the end of the Maya.
  • The False-Reality that the “others” are designing are using to mimic the One True Creator to disguise themselves as forces of a Higher-Power of Creation. The false-reality they desire is a dead-end of consciousness and leads to the dissolution of the human.
  • The true Reality of the Human leads to the dissolution of their false-reality.

  • Advanced technology exists to entirely replicate events in this plane
  • Our true history (an oxymoron) consists of multiple resets whereby the civilization is began again around the middle-ages which are not actual but are planned obsolesce resets in time
  • Cloning, Mind Wiping and Programming Technology, Directed Energy Weapons
  • There are nefarious factions that utilize the human population to act as an advanced military force for various operations.
  • People are drafted into operation through technology which enables the replication of the human body and thus the entrainment or temporary capturing the human soul or identity.
  • There are also contracts whereby people are drafted either through coercion or temptation into operating with underground groups.
  • The conditioning process begins before birth and is intertwined with part of the selection process.
  • There are hybridization projects whereby the human genome is spliced with animals and other genetics.
  • There is an ability to merge DNA with technology to enable a cybernetic organism that can alter frequencies and matter down to the molecular level.
  • Early civilizations such as Sumeria and Egypt knew how to transfer consciousness, clone human life, and create hybrid organisms.
  • The physical body and the brain can be programmed like a computer system. The mind, when in the realm of the body and brain, can be programmed like software.
  • Christ is the anointing of the worldly consciousness with the higher or Heavenly self.
  • This is the marriage between Heaven and Earth, through the body.
  • The body has been tainted and poisoned by the adversary groups to increase the difficulty of critical thinking and the activation of refined truth and harmonious self-frequencies.
  • The soul is the combined choices and memories of the spirit throughout the body and all other instances in the physical illusion. The soul is a part of the matrix and will not exist when the spirit separates from the illusion. This is the veil, the soul itself as a web connecting one to the trap system as a fractal, prism-like expression of multiple fragmentations of the true higher awareness entangled in the physical realm.
  • The marriage is literally simply through harmonization of the individual fields in a way that they are sustainable throughout eternity rather than leading into chaos or disruption of the natural balance that enables life and experience.
  • The true liberation is about self-responsibility.
  • The spiritual forces that feed on humanity do so because they do not have access to physical forms and thus require a secondary host.
  • There are followings and teachings that are the distorted versions of the original truth and mix truth with lies to engage people and entangle their minds into submission to the deceptive practices which then use their beliefs and energy as fuel for the creation of 4th-dimensional constructs which are portions of the entire matrix
  • The entire system may literally be the overall coalescence of these internal-external dynamo consciousness constructs that are created by mixing truth with lies and selling that to people to ensnare them and cause them to create their own illusory afterlife which creates a perpetual motion machine that is fueled by souls and suffering!

  • To shift is to rise above the suffering, the illusion, the victim character that one is required to accept in order to fit into the control system.
  • All acts of inner harmony and truth conserve one’s energy and disable the etheric ties that are an energetic mechanical aspect of utilizing humans as energy sources
  • Your thoughts are alive, they create the higher realm and an entire universe which one’s mind lives within.
  • The targeting systems have been designed to work on the energy systems and entrain the weak points in one’s mind whether through sexual vulnerability, a desire of materialism, shame, guilt, fear, or other aspects of the illusion of self.
  • The power of the human is to create what they think. This power is lacked by those who have used advanced technology to exist for hundreds of thousands of years as parasites and they have lost their auto-regeneration process.
  • Manufactured Consent is required to carry out such an operation and thus without that consent this would be seen as an act of war against the species and thus the “game” is shut-down.
  • Truth, Self-Awareness, Harmony, Wholeness, Compassion, Free-Will, Creativity and Knowledge marks the path towards liberation.
  • The game is to control humanity through the initiation of self-destructive practices. That is the basis for this system.

This information which is spreading now does appear to prove what is written in Soul Revolution, However, that book does provide a far deeper understanding of our entire reality. 

Original Source Article - AUGTELLEZ

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Falsifying the Name & Prophecy of Asher

The Inaccurate Correlation of "Asher" Put Forth by Auther A. Lawrence

Num 13:13:  “Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Micha’el.” 

Above is the usually poor, and in this case purposely manipulated translation: Asher, throughout history, is correctly understood to have been given the blessing of the water-bearertruth-bearer of an original law that eventually becomes covered up in time needing to be reiterated by someone. Many people connected to me have seen me teach how the false Babylonian-Shelanite cult usurped this blessing and have since called it their own. The corrected translation will prove why.

Secondly, we have some modern dunces being led by the Shelanite cult today who believe they have finally found the literal name of their alleged anti-Christ, teaching this name to be Asher! They erroneously connect their incorrect teaching to the greater tribe of Asher in both ancient times and by default, in our modern times. Of course, this is epic stupidity squared on the part of the Christian sycophants of Babylonian Judaism who are believing this tripe fully, but I thought I should comment being that they have also begun connecting me personally to their academic gymnastics online.

A more literal and corrected translation:

Num 13:13  “A ruling branch of Asher is hidden, sons-people who is like Aheeyeh.”

Translation of corrected verse – Within the lineage of the tribe of Asher will be a son, sons and or sons and daughters who remain hidden, and who are identified by their “character.” Meaning, they reflect the true character of the True Eternal One – Aheeyeh! By living within the confines of his Everlasting Agreement. RE-Learning it – Living it, then Teaching it.

  Has anyone ever seen or heard about any hard-core, Orthodox, Jewish Rabbi’s chipping in to aid the Christian heretics that they hate so much inwardly with their Christian, End-Times prophecies? As far as I know, this would be a first. And of all the prophesies which are they shedding new light on? No! This blatantly directed attack comes from the fact that Shelanite-Judah has long previously manipulated all the blessing texts just enough to shift all the “law” authority over to them exclusively, and guess which ancient truth is now finally cutting into their exclusive lies? Like, little children, their mischief is so positively obvious.

Is it obvious now, why the Shelanites might work to muddy the waters of the true Teshuvah-Return path, and the original truth of how to get there from here with their manipulations? And as always, they use the dumbfounded Christian teachers to project their falsehoods on their behalf and into their already half-baked prophetic ideas, (such as the antichrist) as they have always done. In this way, from behind the scenes in dark, dank corners do they seek to subvert the truth of the Everlasting Agreement. If THAT were not true, why do we see their usual fingerprints of clandestine movement from behind and through surrogates with a frontal attack on what can only be seen so far as the historically obscure Hebrew tribe, (Asher), with so few people in any generation who know their affiliation to that tribe and openly publicly project that identity in the same way that all the Babylonian-Shelanite-Jews have always done? Smoke & Fire!   

Now, this is NOT to say that the evil sycophants of the fallen ones and their fallen rulers headed by the YHVH entity will not falsely show us some man as that alleged anti-christ while using the name Asher, someday. Considering all of this I would now say to expect it to be used that way in order to nullify as much of the Eternal One’s Everlasting Agreement worldwide as possible. The greatest way we can know a thing is true is when we observe the enemy attacking it.

As I have done it, this same mechanical translation technique can also be applied to all the verses from 13:4 to 13:18. Yes, when rendered clearly and less poetically their meaning is deeper and more expansive, but it also usually changes our modern fantasies about the texts and religion. Do these texts above also depict the lineages of the brothers? Yes! But the Hebrew language does not end with that. Most importantly, here we are seeking the literal meaning that points to each tribes’ attributes. My Asher Codex has a chapter on the tribal name and importance of the Asher blessing.

Now let’s look at how they are incorrectly, even maliciously attaching the much later tribal name from Jacob’s 8th son: (Aser – אַשּׁר) which is actually the correct way to spell and pronounce that tribal name, and not as their misunderstood and totally incorrect teaching depicts on this alleged antichrist persona. * The “Asher” spelling and pronunciation is 100% of English origin.

(אַשּׁוּר - Ashshur); often transliterated as Asshur to reflect the pointing of Hebrew letter 'ש' (Shin - SH) in the Masoretic text, which also doubles to the letter/sound (Sin - S) – having its sound changed to (ess) as in (sign) by the movement of the vowel point over to its left, top side, was, as these misled people point out, the second son of Shem. We do not have to be trained scholars to know that Shem’s son was born and named many thousands of years before Jacob was born and had his sons. The two names have less than zero connection in this case. Just as they tend to incorrectly connect the tribal name with the ancient Ba’al Ashshur’ite trees and alters.

It appears they are getting much of this falsified identity teaching out of Ezekiel 31. Now, I understand that these Christians are near clueless regardless of their level of “concordance-study” as to what most of the Hebrew words truest meanings are in their literal context or out. However, in this case, virtually ALL Western language translations have gotten this identity, which is “regional”, correct. See here:

Eze 31:3 – “Behold, Assyria was like a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches and forest shade and exalted in height, and his top was among the thick boughs.” (LITV translation) Emphasis added.

(Assyria!) Or, more likely (The Assyrian). But even in the English language, and even if one can only consult the very minimal transliterations from an English-Hebrew concordance, it is quite simple to see WHO these verses in Ezekiel from 31:2 to 31:18 are speaking to and about. (The Pharaoh-sees!) The Egyptian-Babylonian-SHELANITE CULT! And in NO WAY the original son of Jacob and namesake of the tribe of Aser!

Eze 31:18 – “To whom are you like in glory and greatness among Eden's trees? Yet you shall go down with the trees of Eden to the earth's lowest parts. You shall lie amidst the uncircumcised with the slain of the sword. He is Pharaoh and all his host, declares God.”  (LITV Bible translation) Emphasis added.

As many know, I have long been suspect of the Levitical priest Ezekiel and many of his alleged, words of prophecy. And YES! Virtually all these texts are written as poetic allegory, and because of this these non-scholars who are being driven by the admitted Jewish rabbi’s around them have assumed the meaning in which they were steered. But of course, their claim as always is that they have been directed to this understanding by god. WHICH god? Well, that is a very easy question to answer because they openly express which god, yhvh!

To make matters even worse with their ridiculous name correlation in all this, they use the false prayers and commentary from the Mason cult rituals to help prove this lie. In all of this which I have listened to and read about intently, they have shown NO Hebrew texts in any form of useful translations, much less understanding, that prove any of this Asher-son-of, connection claim. So far it is 100% conjecture and fantasy built from horrifically misunderstood Bible texts from Genesis, Job, and Ezekiel. What I also find interesting is that this author in particular (Alexander Lawrence), who appears to be leading this fictitious charge against the tribal namesake “Aser”, completely leaves out the older findings concerning the alleged anti-christ found in Isaiah. (Bawraq O’bamah). Of which, at least those Hebrew words do mean what they claim them to mean, and did appear to identify our last president as this alleged anti-christ figure; which I guess remains to be seen. But then, I have heard other Christian prophecy “experts” in my time also using numerology-gematria to claim the same about a particular Pope. And on it goes. Problem is, this particular false identification information is the only one that has the potential to thwart the majority of good, but still fallen people-souls from believing and taking up the original truth of Aheeyeh’s Everlasting Agreement since I am the only one to have reiterated said ancient truth in our modern times. Thus, making my name which depicts my family’s tribal affiliation, to be a perceived conflict and a liability to that all-important understanding of the Everlasting Agreement in the minds of those who believe this contrived, anti-academic folly.

I do not know if I am supposed to take up a public fight against this false teaching and identification issue, I will wait for my answer on that. But I am certain that all of you should initiate a full-frontal attack on this anywhere you can find it using the information I have added herein and whatever else that is credible that comes to mind. The tribal affiliation-name of Aser-Asher needs to be disconnected using such academic arguments as quickly and completely as possible. I do not believe this untrained author is doing this to purposely blight the son of Jacob, Aser, the tribal affiliation or tribal affiliation of anyone in our modern time, nor of those who now follow the Everlasting Agreement or its all-important truth itself. I tend not to believe this man or most giving ear to his book, articles or interviews even know about me or the Everlasting Agreement. Although I was recently told again that this erroneous connection to me personally is building.

Therefore, all your consistent participation in needed to thwart this false Asher (anti-christ) identification teaching wherever you can find it on YouTube or other. That is tantamount! I say this because this man fully believes that his books information was given to him from god, to the point that he is willing to give the book away if necessary because he believes strongly that everyone needs to make these connections.
If you feel the need to inflict yourself with his inept conspiracy, you can find him interviewed on the Josh Tolley show on YouTube by the title - The Antichrist has been NAMED and "Dark Resurrection" is Coming!

Dr. Shmuel ben’Asher  ©2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017

NASA "DOME" Disclosure!

NASA’s First Major Disclosure – The Dome!

Someone asked me for proof of NASA finally admitting to there being a DOME - "Impenetrable Shield" - "around" the earth. So, it would appear they are NOW willing to provide a whole bunch of Sci-Fi speak in articles worldwide and take the long, over-complicated path to tell everyone - Oh yeah! That dome? Yeah, we know about the dome, didn't we tell you?....


Of course, this is not new information to me, and surely not to the mind-controllers at NASA. I have known all this and much more for many, many years now, and I, as others have also recently watched NASA scientists admit freely in videos from the 1970's to the 2000's, saying that their alleged "Van Allen radiation belts" were IMPENETRABLE! And that NOT EVEN ELECTRONICS could pass through them, much less humans, etc., etc. SO AGAIN, ALL LIES!

But why would they come out and admit such a damning thing to the world now? Ah! Well, if you didn't like that last bit of disclosure data, you are REALLY not going to like the next part. Really, if you do not want your brain to explode and your entire world paradigm, along with your trust in anything or anyone completely disintegrated.

Yes, the earth is NOT a sphere as we have been brainwashed from birth to believe. The early Greek philosopher Eratosthenes, is alleged to have been the one to measure its alleged "roundness". While other later Greeks like Pythagoras and Aristotle are more commonly associated with being the progenitors of the sphere earth phenomenon.  It is further alleged that Aristotle "demonstrated" that the earth was round by a variety of -  "evidence?" A few “non-evidences” to note are alleged to have been:

·         The curvature of the horizon?
·         The way the constellations appear to be curved overhead?
·         The way a ship vanishes over the horizon?

Thankfully, we have now advanced and are able to understand that virtually ALL of these alleged "proofs" to be nothing more than mere perspective issues connected to the limitations of the human eye and camera lens curvature.

So, to say the very least, these guys had way too much time on their hands, combined with far too little scientific information, coupled with boundless imagination, but does not make fact.

Had they just re-consulted the ancient Hebrew and other ancient texts, they would have easily put this spherical earth model question to bed quite quickly. Being that virtually every living soul who lived before them fully believed our creation-space home to be flat and covered. 

Any pilot paying attention and who refrains from lying to himself will KNOW by his observation of his own aircraft instruments, and his LACK of having to re-adjust his level flight altitude every few miles as the alleged ROUND BALL EARTH drops away from his plane rapidly in level flight. Along with the most obvious fact; that (if) this alleged sphere was "spinning" as they tell us, at 1000+mph, that there would be NO WAY for any fixed wing aircraft to land on any runway while that runway was moving away from their flight path at over 19 miles per second. AND PLEASE do not use or get caught up in the thoroughly ridiculous argument that the entire atmosphere - (air) - which is magically held in and around our alleged BALL earth by some other magical force, to be in fact, moving with the earths alleged rotation and matching speed - Thus the reason given why a plane can land on the runway that is also moving. THAT argument is so easily vanquished by physics and even the basic observation of the natural world, much less the opposite rotating weather patterns which somehow magically resist that great rotational mass of atmosphere, that I will not even argue with anyone who uses it.

THEN, of course, we have the Gyroscopic flight instruments in all planes which are 100% designed and work on an FLAT-EARTH model! Gyroscopic instruments WILL NOT work at all in short order as they run into their physical limits "lock-out" points if they were to be used while tracking over a "Sphere."
 This exact same thing can and has been shown to be the same for all military ship missile laser targeting systems which routinely target "straight line of sight" targets hundreds of miles across a FLAT ocean surface.
 For those who are yet unaware, THE "NASA provided” size measurement of our alleged Sphere-earth is right at 26000 miles around. Fast and dirty math proves that within only 50 to 60 miles away on land or the ocean that the curvature of the alleged round earth would force even the Statue of Liberty to drop beyond our visible horizon about 2000 feet!!! So much for shooting a laser 200 miles over the ocean’s surface to hit a target. Sorry, math is math and NASA gave us that math. These are only a few of many physical observations that I made and came to know as fact during my 2 years of Commercial pilot training. Additionally, when I posed such questions to the pilot instructors I was met with total indifference, and even told to “shut up with that shit” … Just as I had come to know within my long and in-depth training of all things religious. Meaning, when they get mad at the question and tell me to shut up or give me flak, I know I am directly over the target.

The MOON – Use geometry and physics to prove this question: Why are we able to routinely SEE the moon directly above us here in the USA during the DAY, while those in say, Australia, during their NIGHT are seeing a moon as well - While we are both on opposite sides of the BIG ROUND BALL!

USGS – The Gleason 1892 New Standard Map of the World – (Link here) This map has always been the main map used by the U.S Govt Geological Survey agency, as well as being the exact map projection used in the United Nations logo! Even the shoreline “ice-ring” of Antarctica on this map has been found to be an extremely detailed depiction. It is also understood that virtually ALL round earth map projections are “produced” from THIS flat-earth map, NOT the other way around.

·         1000-year-old flat earth map discovered in JapanThe Hawaiian gazette. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii]), 11 Jan. 1907. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Library of Congress. <>

The Japanese map is highly important and interesting because it confirms what U.S Navy Admiral Bird quite clearly told us in his 1950’s interview concerning his “several” expeditions to Antarctica after WW2.
 The most notable being Operation High-Jump. In short, Bird said that there was a massive landmass the size of North America just on the other side of Antarctica!!! WHAT! Bird also had more than one aircraft crash into an invisible wall in midair, while nearing the far side of the Antarctic ring. It would appear from the Admirals reports that he was not able to go any further but could see at least one of the many other land masses that exist outside of our domed creation space. See Japanese map.

Herein as requested, I have provided only minimal proofs of the flat-earth, there is a multitude.

In my opinion, there is no doubt why NASA has finally been forced to admit the dome exists. It is because the flat-earth proofs over the last 5 years have continued to come out and are now so pervasive that the liars in the govt and NASA cannot stay ahead of it and maintain their massive false narrative.
 That understood I believe the far greater truth of it all is far worse for them to admit to. And I also believe they will do anything to us and the planet to keep that final truth hidden. Everyone should understand and be clear on one major truth concerning this “Dome-shield” disclosure portion of the flat earth reality, which is – Proving the flat earth model is proving beyond any doubt that a real Creator exists! And the fallen, with their human sycophants, have been leading the souls of humanity with these false control narratives for at least the last 500 years; 2500 to 250,000 years depending on how detailed we want to get.

Therefore, this partial “Dome-Shield” disclosure may afford them more time to reign in the brainwashed masses and not allow their entire lie of a “sphere-earth” narrative to go belly up after all these many generations of manipulative work. And remember, their Sphere-earth lie is only a partial lie as always. There is a sphere! The dome itself is sphere shaped in order to protect the flat creation space 360 degrees! Read my hypothesis on this point HERE:

Their main motive here with such disclosure articles is an attempt to regain the initiative of their false Sphere earth narrative; BUT, they will never cave in and admit to their massive Sphere-earth lie. In the end, this recently admitted to - "Star-Trek like shield" will now be shown to be a shield which encompasses the entire ROUND earth.

AGAIN – It is NOT true as these articles below state, that this is some NEW discovery. There are various videos which can be found on YouTube made by NASA scientists which clearly prove this.
 They have always known about the DOME over us, and why they sent Admiral Bird to bang on the side wall in Antarctica. As documented after Admiral Birds adventures, the U.S Govt. immediately enacted a worldwide treaty of nations by 1959 - EVEN RUSSIA - in the 50’s? And all agreed?
 To this day, this treaty keeps the entirety of Antarctica totally off limits to everyone save a few military, scientists and politicians. Antarctica, which of course is NOT a single continent but a ring of ice, is also heavily guarded by several navys. You can believe what you wish, but you have to be dense to believe that in the 1950’s, when most of the countries in the world did not even come close to being friends or trusting each other, not the least of them Russia, everyone found a way to agree on that treaty which stands to this day?  And everyone also agreed not to touch the vast mineral, oil and coal deposits there either? All in the one place where nothing lives? Where no government or corporation need worry about their environmental impact on the wildlife? Yes, that is all totally believable!

Here are some related news links –

Vid 1 - This is NASA footage -  On this one, I wish to point out how this rocket is following NASA's usual high angle trajectory which I always found to be an unusual way to get from point A to point B while attempting to leave earth's atmosphere. Which of course no one has.  So, this mans evaluation of what is happening to the rocket is also correct. The rocket does, in fact, skim the dome for a while before exploding.

Vid 2 - Civil Rocket footage - This one I find amazingly compelling proof. Keep watching it, and pay close attention to the rockets fast spin as it rises (watch the ground and clouds) and see how, not only do we HEAR it hit the dome, but the spin stops immediately and almost completely the second it hits. THIS would be absolutely expected to happen when a spinning object came into hard contact with an immovable one. So, in my opinion this is absolutely irrefutable evidence of the dome.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Blood over Intent!

Archon Deceivers of CONSENT!

There is one hell of an insane ritual being disseminated around somewhat recently that appears to be growing in ignorant "drone" followers called "Blood over Intent."  For those who have learned from me directly or read my books, this demonic blood sacrifice ritual is easy to spot and ignore. However, there still seem to me many who have learned and reached a point of understanding and wisdom concerning the Eternal's original agreement with all souls, but who also continue to seek other alleged, possibilities. Of course, I have always warned against such futile activity, especially when people tend to mingle the false with the minimal but substantial truths they have finally been made aware of. This ancient demonic blood ritual that is now being passed off as something new and powerful, of course, should be avoided at all costs. 

Someone just resent this TV series excerpt link to me today - (Below). I have seen it before and also sent it around some years ago. Here it is again for those who may have missed it, and to remind the rest of our grave situation with the evil usurpers of this creation space.  

Listen to the dialog carefully, because they have in many such shows and science articles, been overtly telling all souls who will hear exactly what they have been doing to us and will continue to do with us. That is until we finally learn to UN-Consent via the Everlasting Agreement.

 And I will continue to point out that every soul who "returns" from their deviation of the Everlasting Agreement in life, should NOT in death, be subject to this Archon interaction at all. I will also point out as I did in the new book Soul Revolution, that most people/souls in death are NOT given a choice, much less a conversation leading them to consent as we see happening here in this TV show excerpt.

So then, I ask since this TV show was made LONG before anyone on earth became reminded of the Everlasting Agreement and provided the detail concerning HOW to return; 

  • Then why does this TV show excerpt depict the "consent" conversation at all?
  •  And why does the fallen one allow her to win and not just pull her through to their false reality matrix?  
  • WHY are they showing her to have a choice?  

Well, here is my answer for what it's worth. And for those who followed the StarTrek series, you will already know this: 

The short answer is; everyone depicted in all Star Trek shows to this day have always been depicted as "Vegetarians". In fact, several shows among the various Star Trek series have made it a point to say exactly that. Therefore, Captain Janeway, in this excerpt, had already been "mechanically" keeping the Everlasting Agreement since birth, since the human culture on this point had long changed. Therefore, the elite sycophants of the Fallen usurpers were commanded to provide this TV depiction of her soul being gently led to consenting, to entering, but not by force. 

Also for what it is worth I will point out again, that all those who FIND and CONSENT to following the Eternal One's Everlasting Agreement in life while they still have the chance to choose to remain against it, will bypass the stage depicted in this show excerpt, and be returned directly home.

Also as I point out in Soul Revolution, there are many people alive today who have died and had that exact experience of bypassing the Archon system and being returned directly back to their source Eternal. 

So, this is a good reminder of that if you are one of the many who continue to skirt the edge of living within the simple and mercy based confines of the Eternal One's Everlasting Agreement. 

I am not often caught quoting the Muslim prophet Muhammed, but in the case of our current situation with the souls of humanity and where it all appears to be going at a quickening pace, I have to say, very few if any words can quantify how all souls should be in regards to The Eternal One and His simple instructions to all living souls:

"Life is but a moment, so make yours and obedient moment." 

In case you missed it, here is the only book on the planet that reiterates and teaches about this eternal agreement: "The Land of MEAT & Honey - 2012"

Star Trek TV Series Excerpt

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Creator & Soul - Tree of Life

Hebrew letter ( ל )-Lamedh = 12!

The number twelve is significant. We have twelve hour divisions, twelve tribes, twelve zodiac signs, even twelve apostles. In all cases, the twelve parts form a circle – (Not a sphere). The “circumference” that encapsulates all existence

The channel of Light – Is the “Ain Soph Aur” = (Limitless) – (Beyond which all that is and is not); it emerges from the “absolute” and flows throughout our inner “Tree of Life” making all connection through our Trinity-6 physicality to our living-soul. The make-up and shape of the Hebrew letter “Lamedh” represents all of that.

The “Ain Soph Aur”, is our “spiritual tether” back to the eternity of our Creator Source, and the shape of the Lamedh depicts this exactly. The Greeks called this “The Christ”. That is why in the Hebrew which long predates the Greeks, this is called Yehshua! Because the word/name Yehshua, means - “savior.” That Ain Soph light can only save us by our CONSENTING to RETURN - TESHUVAH, by us finally acquiescing to the original path, absorbing it, incarnating it, and REFLECTING the Creator’s true character out from us. AND, the only way it can “incarnate in us” is through the superior path. That path is VERY revolutionary and VERY simple, BUT also highly demanding socially within this fallen realm. However, all of that is precisely why it is, always has been, and always will be the ONLY original path back to our Source, and why it is the only path which has the ability to radically transform every atom of light within us.

The full spelling of the letter Lamedh למד - (Lamedh-mem-dalet) is also read as a short phrase - “a heart that understands knowledge” - lev meivin da’at.  This Hebrew word Lamedh means “to learn & to teach.” But the top of the letter Lamedh is crowed by the letter “Yud”, which depicts the seed of wisdom. The ancient truth surrounding the form of the letter Lamedh, is the soul ascending to search and comprehend the top of wisdom, the Divine insight which is depicted as the High-Tower situated at the top of the letter Lamedh – “Yud”. The ancient Hebrew sages refer to this letter as, “a tower soaring into the heights”, and of all the meanings set across the spectrum of Hebrew letters, the Lamedh is most special, as it represents our power to ascend! Can it also be the most ancient reference back to the high tower at Babel? Where knowledge was void of wisdom?
Most people tend to think that our ascension is achieved via the intellect alone, but that is false. Ideas, theories and intellect alone cannot change anything. There is only one true and original path back to that light source, and there is only ONE Sin keeping all from achieving it. The change through understanding comes through the heart/soul which senses all wisdom. Intellectual knowledge is concept alone. When one looks at the ancient “Tree of Life” outline, we see “Real knowledge” depicted as - (Daath) directly in its center, or “heart-soul” position. THIS level of knowledge + Wisdom coupled together, is the power of God. (Refer to picture above)

Do we have power over ourselves? Our minds? Most do not. Most are controlled by ego. Are most able to close their eyes and find quiet? Do most people REFLECT the Character of The Eternal One within? Are “all” of the thoughts and feelings in you reflecting outwards from your soul and mind, of The Eternal One?  Are all the thoughts and “intentions” coming from you consistently - (Love & Mercy?) No, in that darkness what most people see and hear is the chaos and conflict of voices, ideas and desires. Most are confused at their soul level which culminates in a perpetual psychological battle. A pure mess! Thus, The Character of The Eternal Source Creator is not being reflected towards the world and Him, because it is not there, UN-assimilated! Most remain uninhabited by divinity, which is proven by how most remain inhabited by pure animalistic natures. THIS is absolutely proven out by how most hu-man’s hunt other hu-man’s and animals in various ways and means for sport, food and war set forth and prepared by others they know nothing of. Hardly giving any of it a second thought most days. THIS is absolute proof of souls who are nowhere near the point of ascension. 

Lamedh is the only Hebrew letter that ascends above the top line of all Hebrew letters. Transcending all other letter forms and meanings, it ultimately depicts our path back to the Creator Source that we consented to leave, long ago. His original path as depicted by his minimal and absolute law of Freewill, as projected outward in the form of His Everlasting Agreement!

All else is chatter and folly…

S. Asher   ©2016

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Most Epic and Important Scientific Data you Will Ever Hear!

Scientist Proof that Everlasting Agreement is our FINAL Answer!

Truly, this man is the wisest scientist I have ever encountered.

After watching the conference video of this Physicist, Harald Kautz Vella, I finally had a plausible answer to what happened to me physically one day as a young man of 17, in Rome. Before yesterday, 1/21/17, the only answer for the occurrence sounded more to me like some superstitious Christian bunk about evil spirits than anything else. Thus, for all this time, I gave it little more thought. I won’t go in too much detail here, suffices to say, I have told this story to possibly five people in my life since it happened. I give it now publicly because of this scientists’ information. I also kept it to myself, because historically I have not entertained the notions of ghosts, goblins, Jinn or other in the same way as the supersites masses. It turns out I was correct not do to so.
    In short, on our way back to Israel with my father and two of his friends, we stopped in Italy to meet with some long-lost Asher relatives who had been Italy since they were ejected from Spain sometime during 1492. Or those who were left after the Nazi/Italian deportations of WW2, anyway. Just prior to leaving Rome, on the last day for some reason the two women with us felt they could not leave without seeing the inside of the Vatican. I had ZERO interest but had to go along. I won’t go into the finer detail of this insane event, suffices to say it lasted longer than it should have because I had no clue what happened the first time around. Every time I entered in through any of the large entrances, beginning at about ten feet inside, the further in I walked, the sicker I began to feel. Not having any superstitious background in my life, my mind did not go there at all, at first, figuring that lunch may have been the culprit. The first time in I walked a long way to near the center where that massive throne resides. My head was pounding like it was going to explode from some pressure. I felt like I was going to puke, and my body had begun to feel like something was surrounding it, pushing inward, like a pressure that even my skin could feel, I started to get cold but also started sweating. That is the best way I can describe the overall physical effects, although it was clearly something deeper. That first attempt at following the others ended with me running out the way I came in. I did not want to puke inside. As soon as I got outside and down the steps a bit, everything subsided quickly. Literally and unexpectedly like it all just ejected. To say the least, I recall being very confused. I should also say that the only thing that scared me to that point was how fast I got ill in the first place. I felt I had to get my father’s attention just in case, so after about fifteen minutes I went back in to find them. By attempt number two I was officially freaked out, and although I had no clue as to what was happening to me, I felt that I needed to start verbalizing The Eternal’s name in prayer as I walked in again. By attempt three, the poop really began hitting the fan, and I was the fan. Now other people in the place began noticing me as I attempted to walk deeper into that labyrinth of pure evil while grasping my chest like I was about to die. I didn’t think of it in the moment, but looking back on this many times since, I must have been quite the sight.
   I never found them inside, because I was never able to get past that center area where the large, UN-human sized throne chair was. Each time I entered after the first, what I came to understand as attacks from some unseen entity or entities, came faster and felt more aggressive, and as I said, the third time was flat out war, and The Eternal’s name being vocalized seemed to be the impetus for it.

So, it has been roughly 36 years since that day, of which I still retain a technicolor vivid memory of, unfortunately, but I must thank Harald Kautz Vella for finally providing to me the real reason why that occurred. I now have no doubt at all, that under that giant throne resides the dark Archon entity that this wise scientist finally outed.

Now, as you will hear, Harald says that many such churches, synagogues, and Mosques worldwide have this within them somewhere. He points out that the “Borg” Kaba in Mecca has this material hanging on the wall in which their followers are obliged to kiss! AND, bear in mind, from what Harald Kautz Vella is saying, and as was my direct experience; just being in close proximity to a small portion of this entity without being directly covered by the Eternal One’s protection, as I certainly must have been, this entity will take you over immediately, and will NOT go away on its own. So, touching it physically? Must be a death sentence for one’s soul.

Just as the Pope’s ring must be made from the same, which many people also kiss, and just as many people who are raised into high positions of power must be made to come in direct contact with this material, which can be fashioned into most any object or portion of any object, is exactly how these people or any person can be unknowingly, infected. If anyone reading this has ever wondered why so many seemingly decent people who get into higher government positions, immediately appear to have lost their way, even their souls, THIS IS THE REASON! 
  Possible case in point; Just this Friday, after almost two years of listening to Trump crush Hill & Billy, calling her out as evil, crooked, NOT A NICE PERSON, a liar, cheat, and just about every other negative thing under the sun, while outing Bill as a serial rapist, he was sworn in, gave a great speech along all those same lines, (prior to being infected?), and THEN, was directed to where he was made to sign his first presidential orders. While doing so, one other evil person, in this case, Nancy Pelosi, was the person handing him the “special” Black Pens to sign with? 
  DIRECTLY afterward, they held the inaugural luncheon, where I was supremely surprised to see the Clinton’s in attendance. Of course, most could explain this away as protocol and appearances, etc., but then at the end, something very unexpected occurred that I do NOT believe can or should be explained away. Trump made a very short speech, calling out one or two people who he praised, and or joked with. THEN, out of approx. 500 other people in attendance that he could have called upon to praise or joke with, Trump says that he was “VERY Honored, VERY, VERY honored, when he heard that the Clintons were in attendance, AND, that he had ALLOT of RESPECT for them”!!! 

Did something change drastically? Because I will say this, even if he was told that praising them in this forum as president would be most magnanimous, there is absolutely NO WAY he should have done that, because in one sentence he eviscerated every other thing that, came from his mouth over the entire campaign. 

NOW, after that there can be only one of two possible conclusions; 1. This entire campaign cycle was a setup, a long con with Trump as the global elites’ main actor; or 
2. He was immediately coopted in some way. 

And for a person like DT with such a massive ego, (which could easily be used for good as for evil), I for one, do not at all believe that his positioned changed so dramatically, as to publicly defecate all over every word he has ever spoken, and destroying any credibility he laid up. All because someone threatened him or his family, as some hearing this have already proposed as a plausible reason for those false accolades. No. I now believe it is something far more hidden to the victim, and far more insidious that makes men and women conform to such a power.

WARNING: Physicist, Harald Kautz Vella hit the most important nail directly when he tells you to NOT fight AGAINST this evil entity or those it controls, but that the super, simple answer is to CHANGE YOURSELF! Where have you heard that taught before?     That precept has been a central theme amongst my several books. Harald Kautz Vella’s scientific data and my ancient original path teaching of the Everlasting Agreement are two sides of the same coin. One of his main warning examples, as mine has been documented in my books, is that the 2nd law of Sinai, known as the 10 commandments, were a mathematical mechanism of linguistic engineering that caused men to do the opposite of what they “believed” those words said. NO MURDER = TO MURDER, etc. This is the main wisdom!

As I began this blog article, I will state again; this man is the wisest scientist that I have ever heard about thus far.  

When I watched the short interview (first video) that was just recorded on Trump's inauguration day, although it was only tidbits of Harald Kautz Vella’s in depth information which I found in the second video below, I knew he was given, over time, the exact same wisdom which I also received from a very young man, and which grew within me over time. His information is most likely the most alarming stuff you will ever come to know if you believe him, which I most certainly do. However, if you listen very closely, and to the end of his conference, (2nd video), in the end, you will hear why we should not be fearful of this, AND, if you apply that final information to the awakening that I and many others have been watching and a direct part of for many years now, you will have the answer about WHY this awakening and overpowering of the global elite drones, is taking place.
   If you truly listen to what this man is saying, and you give it some thought afterward, you will begin to realize how this sentient entity and its existence, has been the root of all evil “control-narratives.”

  If you have read my latest work, Soul Revolution, you will also connect that this scientist is proving not only every major concept in that book, but from a different direction, but he has also proven the Eternal Creator’s main truth and my teaching of the Everlasting Agreement, and Free Will.

Believe me when I tell you, this information will be so science-fiction to most that they will not even consider it. I dare say, had I not had my Vatican experience, and other, later such experiences with certain humans who sought me out for an encounter, I might also call BS on this. I vigorously suggest you not do that. In fact, I suggest that everyone do their level best to make these videos viral.

Harald Kautz Vella’s Interview

Harald Kautz Vella’s Conference

Harald Kautz Vella  - Another great interview by Randy Maugans

Breaking the in-verse Soul programming codes