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Monday, February 20, 2017

Blood over Intent!

Archon Deceivers of CONSENT!

There is one hell of an insane ritual being disseminated around somewhat recently that appears to be growing in ignorant "drone" followers called "Blood over Intent."  For those who have learned from me directly or read my books, this demonic blood sacrifice ritual is easy to spot and ignore. However, there still seem to me many who have learned and reached a point of understanding and wisdom concerning the Eternal's original agreement with all souls, but who also continue to seek other alleged, possibilities. Of course, I have always warned against such futile activity, especially when people tend to mingle the false with the minimal but substantial truths they have finally been made aware of. This ancient demonic blood ritual that is now being passed off as something new and powerful, of course, should be avoided at all costs. 

Someone just resent this TV series excerpt link to me today - (Below). I have seen it before and also sent it around some years ago. Here it is again for those who may have missed it, and to remind the rest of our grave situation with the evil usurpers of this creation space.  

Listen to the dialog carefully, because they have in many such shows and science articles, been overtly telling all souls who will hear exactly what they have been doing to us and will continue to do with us. That is until we finally learn to UN-Consent via the Everlasting Agreement.

 And I will continue to point out that every soul who "returns" from their deviation of the Everlasting Agreement in life, should NOT in death, be subject to this Archon interaction at all. I will also point out as I did in the new book Soul Revolution, that most people/souls in death are NOT given a choice, much less a conversation leading them to consent as we see happening here in this TV show excerpt.

So then, I ask since this TV show was made LONG before anyone on earth became reminded of the Everlasting Agreement and provided the detail concerning HOW to return; 

  • Then why does this TV show excerpt depict the "consent" conversation at all?
  •  And why does the fallen one allow her to win and not just pull her through to their false reality matrix?  
  • WHY are they showing her to have a choice?  

Well, here is my answer for what it's worth. And for those who followed the StarTrek series, you will already know this: 

The short answer is; everyone depicted in all Star Trek shows to this day have always been depicted as "Vegetarians". In fact, several shows among the various Star Trek series have made it a point to say exactly that. Therefore, Captain Janeway, in this excerpt, had already been "mechanically" keeping the Everlasting Agreement since birth, since the human culture on this point had long changed. Therefore, the elite sycophants of the Fallen usurpers were commanded to provide this TV depiction of her soul being gently led to consenting, to entering, but not by force. 

Also for what it is worth I will point out again, that all those who FIND and CONSENT to following the Eternal One's Everlasting Agreement in life while they still have the chance to choose to remain against it, will bypass the stage depicted in this show excerpt, and be returned directly home.

Also as I point out in Soul Revolution, there are many people alive today who have died and had that exact experience of bypassing the Archon system and being returned directly back to their source Eternal. 

So, this is a good reminder of that if you are one of the many who continue to skirt the edge of living within the simple and mercy based confines of the Eternal One's Everlasting Agreement. 

I am not often caught quoting the Muslim prophet Muhammed, but in the case of our current situation with the souls of humanity and where it all appears to be going at a quickening pace, I have to say, very few if any words can quantify how all souls should be in regards to The Eternal One and His simple instructions to all living souls:

"Life is but a moment, so make yours and obedient moment." 

In case you missed it, here is the only book on the planet that reiterates and teaches about this eternal agreement: "The Land of MEAT & Honey - 2012"

Star Trek TV Series Excerpt

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Creator & Soul - Tree of Life

Hebrew letter ( ל )-Lamedh = 12!

The number twelve is significant. We have twelve hour divisions, twelve tribes, twelve zodiac signs, even twelve apostles. In all cases, the twelve parts form a circle – (Not a sphere). The “circumference” that encapsulates all existence

The channel of Light – Is the “Ain Soph Aur” = (Limitless) – (Beyond which all that is and is not); it emerges from the “absolute” and flows throughout our inner “Tree of Life” making all connection through our Trinity-6 physicality to our living-soul. The make-up and shape of the Hebrew letter “Lamedh” represents all of that.

The “Ain Soph Aur”, is our “spiritual tether” back to the eternity of our Creator Source, and the shape of the Lamedh depicts this exactly. The Greeks called this “The Christ”. That is why in the Hebrew which long predates the Greeks, this is called Yehshua! Because the word/name Yehshua, means - “savior.” That Ain Soph light can only save us by our CONSENTING to RETURN - TESHUVAH, by us finally acquiescing to the original path, absorbing it, incarnating it, and REFLECTING the Creator’s true character out from us. AND, the only way it can “incarnate in us” is through the superior path. That path is VERY revolutionary and VERY simple, BUT also highly demanding socially within this fallen realm. However, all of that is precisely why it is, always has been, and always will be the ONLY original path back to our Source, and why it is the only path which has the ability to radically transform every atom of light within us.

The full spelling of the letter Lamedh למד - (Lamedh-mem-dalet) is also read as a short phrase - “a heart that understands knowledge” - lev meivin da’at.  This Hebrew word Lamedh means “to learn & to teach.” But the top of the letter Lamedh is crowed by the letter “Yud”, which depicts the seed of wisdom. The ancient truth surrounding the form of the letter Lamedh, is the soul ascending to search and comprehend the top of wisdom, the Divine insight which is depicted as the High-Tower situated at the top of the letter Lamedh – “Yud”. The ancient Hebrew sages refer to this letter as, “a tower soaring into the heights”, and of all the meanings set across the spectrum of Hebrew letters, the Lamedh is most special, as it represents our power to ascend! Can it also be the most ancient reference back to the high tower at Babel? Where knowledge was void of wisdom?
Most people tend to think that our ascension is achieved via the intellect alone, but that is false. Ideas, theories and intellect alone cannot change anything. There is only one true and original path back to that light source, and there is only ONE Sin keeping all from achieving it. The change through understanding comes through the heart/soul which senses all wisdom. Intellectual knowledge is concept alone. When one looks at the ancient “Tree of Life” outline, we see “Real knowledge” depicted as - (Daath) directly in its center, or “heart-soul” position. THIS level of knowledge + Wisdom coupled together, is the power of God. (Refer to picture above)

Do we have power over ourselves? Our minds? Most do not. Most are controlled by ego. Are most able to close their eyes and find quiet? Do most people REFLECT the Character of The Eternal One within? Are “all” of the thoughts and feelings in you reflecting outwards from your soul and mind, of The Eternal One?  Are all the thoughts and “intentions” coming from you consistently - (Love & Mercy?) No, in that darkness what most people see and hear is the chaos and conflict of voices, ideas and desires. Most are confused at their soul level which culminates in a perpetual psychological battle. A pure mess! Thus, The Character of The Eternal Source Creator is not being reflected towards the world and Him, because it is not there, UN-assimilated! Most remain uninhabited by divinity, which is proven by how most remain inhabited by pure animalistic natures. THIS is absolutely proven out by how most hu-man’s hunt other hu-man’s and animals in various ways and means for sport, food and war set forth and prepared by others they know nothing of. Hardly giving any of it a second thought most days. THIS is absolute proof of souls who are nowhere near the point of ascension. 

Lamedh is the only Hebrew letter that ascends above the top line of all Hebrew letters. Transcending all other letter forms and meanings, it ultimately depicts our path back to the Creator Source that we consented to leave, long ago. His original path as depicted by his minimal and absolute law of Freewill, as projected outward in the form of His Everlasting Agreement!

All else is chatter and folly…

S. Asher   ©2016

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Most Epic and Important Scientific Data you Will Ever Hear!

Scientist Proof that Everlasting Agreement is our FINAL Answer!

Truly, this man is the wisest scientist I have ever encountered.

After watching the conference video of this Physicist, Harald Kautz Vella, I finally had a plausible answer to what happened to me physically one day as a young man of 17, in Rome. Before yesterday, 1/21/17, the only answer for the occurrence sounded more to me like some superstitious Christian bunk about evil spirits than anything else. Thus, for all this time, I gave it little more thought. I won’t go in too much detail here, suffices to say, I have told this story to possibly five people in my life since it happened. I give it now publicly because of this scientists’ information. I also kept it to myself, because historically I have not entertained the notions of ghosts, goblins, Jinn or other in the same way as the supersites masses. It turns out I was correct not do to so.
    In short, on our way back to Israel with my father and two of his friends, we stopped in Italy to meet with some long-lost Asher relatives who had been Italy since they were ejected from Spain sometime during 1492. Or those who were left after the Nazi/Italian deportations of WW2, anyway. Just prior to leaving Rome, on the last day for some reason the two women with us felt they could not leave without seeing the inside of the Vatican. I had ZERO interest but had to go along. I won’t go into the finer detail of this insane event, suffices to say it lasted longer than it should have because I had no clue what happened the first time around. Every time I entered in through any of the large entrances, beginning at about ten feet inside, the further in I walked, the sicker I began to feel. Not having any superstitious background in my life, my mind did not go there at all, at first, figuring that lunch may have been the culprit. The first time in I walked a long way to near the center where that massive throne resides. My head was pounding like it was going to explode from some pressure. I felt like I was going to puke, and my body had begun to feel like something was surrounding it, pushing inward, like a pressure that even my skin could feel, I started to get cold but also started sweating. That is the best way I can describe the overall physical effects, although it was clearly something deeper. That first attempt at following the others ended with me running out the way I came in. I did not want to puke inside. As soon as I got outside and down the steps a bit, everything subsided quickly. Literally and unexpectedly like it all just ejected. To say the least, I recall being very confused. I should also say that the only thing that scared me to that point was how fast I got ill in the first place. I felt I had to get my father’s attention just in case, so after about fifteen minutes I went back in to find them. By attempt number two I was officially freaked out, and although I had no clue as to what was happening to me, I felt that I needed to start verbalizing The Eternal’s name in prayer as I walked in again. By attempt three, the poop really began hitting the fan, and I was the fan. Now other people in the place began noticing me as I attempted to walk deeper into that labyrinth of pure evil while grasping my chest like I was about to die. I didn’t think of it in the moment, but looking back on this many times since, I must have been quite the sight.
   I never found them inside, because I was never able to get past that center area where the large, UN-human sized throne chair was. Each time I entered after the first, what I came to understand as attacks from some unseen entity or entities, came faster and felt more aggressive, and as I said, the third time was flat out war, and The Eternal’s name being vocalized seemed to be the impetus for it.

So, it has been roughly 36 years since that day, of which I still retain a technicolor vivid memory of, unfortunately, but I must thank Harald Kautz Vella for finally providing to me the real reason why that occurred. I now have no doubt at all, that under that giant throne resides the dark Archon entity that this wise scientist finally outed.

Now, as you will hear, Harald says that many such churches, synagogues, and Mosques worldwide have this within them somewhere. He points out that the “Borg” Kaba in Mecca has this material hanging on the wall in which their followers are obliged to kiss! AND, bear in mind, from what Harald Kautz Vella is saying, and as was my direct experience; just being in close proximity to a small portion of this entity without being directly covered by the Eternal One’s protection, as I certainly must have been, this entity will take you over immediately, and will NOT go away on its own. So, touching it physically? Must be a death sentence for one’s soul.

Just as the Pope’s ring must be made from the same, which many people also kiss, and just as many people who are raised into high positions of power must be made to come in direct contact with this material, which can be fashioned into most any object or portion of any object, is exactly how these people or any person can be unknowingly, infected. If anyone reading this has ever wondered why so many seemingly decent people who get into higher government positions, immediately appear to have lost their way, even their souls, THIS IS THE REASON! 
  Possible case in point; Just this Friday, after almost two years of listening to Trump crush Hill & Billy, calling her out as evil, crooked, NOT A NICE PERSON, a liar, cheat, and just about every other negative thing under the sun, while outing Bill as a serial rapist, he was sworn in, gave a great speech along all those same lines, (prior to being infected?), and THEN, was directed to where he was made to sign his first presidential orders. While doing so, one other evil person, in this case, Nancy Pelosi, was the person handing him the “special” Black Pens to sign with? 
  DIRECTLY afterward, they held the inaugural luncheon, where I was supremely surprised to see the Clinton’s in attendance. Of course, most could explain this away as protocol and appearances, etc., but then at the end, something very unexpected occurred that I do NOT believe can or should be explained away. Trump made a very short speech, calling out one or two people who he praised, and or joked with. THEN, out of approx. 500 other people in attendance that he could have called upon to praise or joke with, Trump says that he was “VERY Honored, VERY, VERY honored, when he heard that the Clintons were in attendance, AND, that he had ALLOT of RESPECT for them”!!! 

Did something change drastically? Because I will say this, even if he was told that praising them in this forum as president would be most magnanimous, there is absolutely NO WAY he should have done that, because in one sentence he eviscerated every other thing that, came from his mouth over the entire campaign. 

NOW, after that there can be only one of two possible conclusions; 1. This entire campaign cycle was a setup, a long con with Trump as the global elites’ main actor; or 
2. He was immediately coopted in some way. 

And for a person like DT with such a massive ego, (which could easily be used for good as for evil), I for one, do not at all believe that his positioned changed so dramatically, as to publicly defecate all over every word he has ever spoken, and destroying any credibility he laid up. All because someone threatened him or his family, as some hearing this have already proposed as a plausible reason for those false accolades. No. I now believe it is something far more hidden to the victim, and far more insidious that makes men and women conform to such a power.

WARNING: Physicist, Harald Kautz Vella hit the most important nail directly when he tells you to NOT fight AGAINST this evil entity or those it controls, but that the super, simple answer is to CHANGE YOURSELF! Where have you heard that taught before?     That precept has been a central theme amongst my several books. Harald Kautz Vella’s scientific data and my ancient original path teaching of the Everlasting Agreement are two sides of the same coin. One of his main warning examples, as mine has been documented in my books, is that the 2nd law of Sinai, known as the 10 commandments, were a mathematical mechanism of linguistic engineering that caused men to do the opposite of what they “believed” those words said. NO MURDER = TO MURDER, etc. This is the main wisdom!

As I began this blog article, I will state again; this man is the wisest scientist that I have ever heard about thus far.  

When I watched the short interview (first video) that was just recorded on Trump's inauguration day, although it was only tidbits of Harald Kautz Vella’s in depth information which I found in the second video below, I knew he was given, over time, the exact same wisdom which I also received from a very young man, and which grew within me over time. His information is most likely the most alarming stuff you will ever come to know if you believe him, which I most certainly do. However, if you listen very closely, and to the end of his conference, (2nd video), in the end, you will hear why we should not be fearful of this, AND, if you apply that final information to the awakening that I and many others have been watching and a direct part of for many years now, you will have the answer about WHY this awakening and overpowering of the global elite drones, is taking place.
   If you truly listen to what this man is saying, and you give it some thought afterward, you will begin to realize how this sentient entity and its existence, has been the root of all evil “control-narratives.”

  If you have read my latest work, Soul Revolution, you will also connect that this scientist is proving not only every major concept in that book, but from a different direction, but he has also proven the Eternal Creator’s main truth and my teaching of the Everlasting Agreement, and Free Will.

Believe me when I tell you, this information will be so science-fiction to most that they will not even consider it. I dare say, had I not had my Vatican experience, and other, later such experiences with certain humans who sought me out for an encounter, I might also call BS on this. I vigorously suggest you not do that. In fact, I suggest that everyone do their level best to make these videos viral.

Harald Kautz Vella’s Interview

Harald Kautz Vella’s Conference

Harald Kautz Vella  - Another great interview by Randy Maugans

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Hebrews Never Existed?

I generally refrain from commenting on stupid...But!

This video was sent to me to "prove" that I don't exist, nor that of my long and documented, family lineage.

 Really! Shlomo Sands of all people we’re listening too now?

   And not to point out the obvious here; but the man plainly states right off that he is not speaking, at that venue, in good English, and would RATHER speak "HEBREW", which now by his great academic feats, he posits, never existed!… 

So, the HEBREW language and very ancient culture, which is far more ancient than the Egyptians themselves, also must not exist! Which must be why he is speaking broken English! YOU cannot have it both ways! If the "Hebrew" people never existed, then our culture also never existed, therefore our language as well could have never existed. 

If the English family of peoples never existed - GUESS what else would not exist today! Rhetorical!

 Cognitive dissonance has never been an issue for me, and I have 35+ years of papers and published works to prove that. Thus, that argument used against me on this or any such issue is void. But people like this guy are, as usual, continually provide just “some” partial facts that have been interpreted to fit the bones they believe they dug up. Just like the holocaust deniers do, and most Christian religionists also do, by reverse exegesis.

Do we all believe the numbers of deaths as provided to us by those who most certainly created and propagated that Nasi, mass murder? NO! Can any of us easily prove that many people were unjustly rounded up, used in work camps against their will, and later slaughtered to the false god of the global elite? Yes! Were all those people slaughtered Hebrews and Jews? NO! 

 However, Yes, experts like this man keep providing all the "accurate" data on this and a myriad of other historical topics to keep their old false narratives, and their newly emerging false narratives, current, and gaining ground.

It clearly appears that this man is and has been confused for most of his life. His family has been communist, and he continued from his youth in that failed communist ideal. To his credit, he is against the new, post WW2, Globalists-Zionist movement. A man that publicly, some years ago, announced that he has renounced his "Judaism!" WOW! The why hasn't "Shlomo Sands" renounced is JEWISH NAME? Wait! Let me guess...Because it's the name attached to all of his academic work and accreditations! Always so great to find people that stand so staunchly behind their convictions. These type of people should always garner our great admiration and support!

Finally, it seems clear to me from what appears to be his deeply and long held beliefs, that he would replace that Zio-corporate fascism with communism! Which is why he appears confused. That idea is tantamount to removing your brain cancer tumor, with a shotgun!

Why would anyone, anywhere, who has half a brain engaged, listen to one word from any person, credentialed or not, who sincerely espouses the idea of replacing fascism with communism? At the very least, no truly freedom loving American or any freedom seeking person from another country for that matter should be considering one word from people like this. 

Again, the world must endure yet another "expert" who has spent all his time seeking "Hebrews", among "Egyptians!"

PROOF That The Hebrews Existed in Egypt and Before by Dr. Douglas Petrovich of Wilfred Laurier University, Canada.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Flat Earth - Ultimate proof GOD Exists!

A Flat Creation Space – The Dome, and the Flower of Life

UPDATED 2/20/17 New Video's Below

 Knowing that our creation is a discoid type shape over that of the sphere model for many years, and as proven to me many years ago by the physics and characteristics of flight, as well as the design parameters of all gyroscopic instruments as used in aircraft and other vessels; along with knowing the truth as verified by me via better translations of the Genesis story, that the Eternal Creator, creates such creations continually, stating how this is specifically His “occupation”; it at one time struck me like lightning while looking at the ancient, so-called ‘flower of life’ design, that this phrase which has been so totally misunderstood for so long, very well may be expressing exactly what it is, plainly. An ever expanding creation process of flat, domed creations!

Was this creation space a One-time event?

Highly doubtful, although far too many continue to believe in their ignorance that the 6 days of creation were actually 6 - 24 hour days; which only in the last 500 years has been based on the earth’s “alleged” rotational cycle around the sun. The main problem with that flawed dogma is, that at least 3 of those creation days didn’t have a working sun, stars or earth yet.

Light of Clarity

Here is how it went, which is opposite of how the much later Babylonian-Judahite sect taught and maintain it still.

·         The Eternal Creator “existed – Aheyeh” in Light! Thus, the presence of his frequency cleaved all darkness/evil while He worked His creations.

·         His creation work schedule lasted (12) hours at a time – “And The Eternal saw that everything was in perfect order. THEN existed Night. THEN morning existed; Day 1.”

That being understood, we see a pattern right? 6 on and the 7th off, and (12) hour days.  So my question was, did this creation pattern pre-date this creations process? Because all of our physical creation depicts the same amazing patterns; so we should look for more patterns outside as well.
So, when translated literally and more truthfully using the best English words I can to describe the ancient Hebrew meaning, what do the actual words say? 

“The Eternal saw all He had made and beheld perfect order. Then existed evening. Then existed morning, day six. 31 The heavens and [this] earth were finished, and all in it. 32 By the seventh day, The Eternal completed His work which He had done; and He abstained from His occupation on the seventh day, which He does. 33 The Eternal Set-apart the seventh day, and sanctified it, because, on it, He abstained from all His work which He does. 34 These are the products of the earth when they were created on the day that The Eternal created [this] earth and heavens. (Asher Translation) (Added [this] instead of [the] for clarity).

Is that all fairly straightforward? He completed HIS work – He abstained from HIS OCCUPATION – Which is what He does – He set that day apart as special – WHY? Because that day is the day, that He stops His occupation of creating, creations.

This tells me several things:

1. He has a specific profession – creating life -, which also tells me this is not the only creating He has done, before or after us. [This creation]

2. He stops His profession on every 7th day (whatever His space/time days are).

3. He Set-Apart or made extremely special this 7th day – (within all creations).

And since we have already established a 6 on - 7th off pattern, and 12 hour days, which at the very least existed when he created us, we have to concede, based on the evidence of His continual occupation, that He applies this in a perpetual rotation associated with His occupation; that this pattern or cycle of work and rest times then also pre-existed our own creation, and exceeds it; since this creating is what He does.

Moreover! It appears to me that at the beginning of ALL 6-day creation projects, He initializes His creation with the establishment of {Light=Free will} to choose either {Good & Life}, and the dividing thereof from the {Dark=Evil} to also freely choose {Evil & Death}. Then finalizes that particular creation process with the setting-apart of its 7th day; thus, establishing the 7th day as an actual MARK upon His total creation. Either way, the pattern was, is, and always will be. And for this discussion, patterns are exactly what we are looking for.


I realize that most people researching the mysteries surrounding this so-called “Flower-of-Life”, which is depicted and found in every culture throughout this creation regardless of time, tend to gravitate towards the sacred geometry side of it more than anything else; and of course that is supremely important to the theory that I am soon to posit herein; but not all there is.

While everyone else appears to be looking into the great complexities of these mystical, mathematical intrigues, my consciousness perceived something far more simplistic, but quite possibly infinite at the same time.

Look at it again!

For now, keep it simple. Look at only the darker circles, and allow your mind to fill in the remaining gaps with additional circles, and then continue to “create” more and more circles all around, extending outward without end!

Is it space in between the circles!

Or is it water?

  It is mankind who illustrates this ever expanding picture as we always see it rendered; with the edges of all circles touching. And although I absolutely believe that all of the data for this creation design is stored within our Living-Souls, is the way we routinely illustrate this picture just us mis-remembering from yet another elusive portion of our vast but fire-walled memories?

Circles or Domed Discs?

Now allow your mind to see, not two-dimensional circles, but three-dimensional discs that have depth, and a crystalline dome covering them; all which separates’ all disobedient souls from obedient ones, as well as the separation of the literal waters above; which are the same as the waters below all creations – suspended! With the space between all creations seemingly UN-measurable in its enormity by us, as is the space between an ant hill and the house next door must seem to them.

The Flat-Earth Google Doodle in your face that Few noticed!

Originally, it was animated depicting the skaters circumnavigating the (Antarctic) ring of ice!

Of course, I cannot rule out a “stacked”, ever expanding “Tree of Life” creation process, as of course, that would make more sense and the most economical use of the “space/canvas” in which He creates.

I am not certain where or who I initially received this Kabalistic illustration from, however, I present it here only to show how this thought of a stacked creation space has long permeated ancient cultural and religious thought.

The more interesting insight here is how they are depicting the elongated “Tree of Life” as traversing through other levels of creation, and coupling that idea with the ancient vision of Jacob’s ladder to be that “Tree of Life”.

This is how we can better grasp and visualize the idea of a constantly growing and infinite creation of creations. Stacked and spread out infinitely!
If you look closely at the very top of the “Tree of Life”, you will clearly see the Eternal Creators name, which is also an expression of His infinite existence, sitting in the position of the Crown!

אהיה אשר אהיה
Aheyeh Asher Aheyeh

Visiting our Neighbors

    Not going to happen until all of the souls of this creation space consent to return to the original path of their Creator. The how to on this path is covered in my first book – The Land of MEAT & Honey.  However, the evil ones who usurped this creation space after providing our consent long ago, have been trying to escape ever since.

    Although it has long been pulled from existence unless someone has their original copy; in the 1980’s Time Magazine published a multi-page article filled with excellent photos of some odd archaeological find in Egypt.

    The pictures depicted a very large round stone, (approx. 30ft), that was covering another round object. After lifting what appeared to be a cover stone, the pictures showed them lifting out a very large (approx. 30ft) ring from the sand. The hollow ring had what appeared to be some unknown Sumerian or Egyptian hieroglyphs on its face. I recall keeping the magazine for a week or so being so intrigued with their find, before giving it back to my grandfather. After that, I never saw it again. Five or so years later I attended a major motion picture with friends called “Stargate”. At which point, very shortly into that movie I had my mind blown. So much so that I didn’t notice how loud I was speaking. As soon as I saw the Star Gate device as depicted in that movie, a wave of knowing came over me saying; ‘I saw that!’ ‘That actually exists”…etc.

    I could not wait to get out of that film that night hoping that somehow my grandparents still had their piles of old magazines around. They were gone, and at that time there was no internet to see or order back issues. I tried calling the magazine to see about a back issue, but strangely, no one I spoke to there had any recollection of such an archeology story or cover photo. I thought, how the hell this could be with such a story and specific cover image. 

    It was not until many years later that I found one other person who also saw that magazine, remembered it clearly and said that he also tried to get additional copies a week or so after he purchased the first on in NYC. But that the magazine shop told him that they were contacted to return all unsold copies for that month…WHAT? And that when he went to other places looking for it, they gave him that same story. Now I was on the hunt!

    The Same man told me he also contacted the magazine in NYC about that issue, and just as I was told years before, they did not recall any such article or cover. Fast forward now to the first and second Gulf wars, where scientists and soldiers have come out and stated that an actual Stargate was found deep within the Great Ziggurat at Ur/Iraq. 

At the beginning of our second war occupation of that territory, looking for alleged WMD’s that, of course, did not exist, what does the US Air-force and Special Forces do first while all the cameras are pointed at the invasion chaos? They built a giant air base directly next to this temple! Of course, why not. All during and after that war, this temple was guarded by Special Forces Operators who could have been used somewhere else. Why?

       What could possibly be so utterly important that multi-millions if not billions of taxpayer dollars had to be spent on an air base at this location with 24-hour security for years on end? Well, that is actually a simple answer. When they told you they were looking for weapons of mass destruction, they weren’t lying, they just didn’t tell you exactly what that technology was. They were looking for a Stargate that Sadam Hussein’s archeologists uncovered some time before the war. Bottom line, Sadam can’t be allowed to keep a Stargate!  It is also been leaked that another gate was found in Antarctica some years back as well. From all I have been able to piece together, the first gate found was in Egypt in 1934, and was hurried out of Egypt to the USA via merchant ship before the Nazi’s could find it. Yes, it is well known that the Nazi’s had a large, dedicated group of scientists who traveled the globe in search of “Vrill” technology, which they knew existed. All of this explains even the recent 2015 and 2016 visits by world leaders to the alleged frozen wasteland of Antarctic for no apparent reason. This includes the High Pope of the Russian Orthodoxy some months back in 2016.

Lingering suspicions of Stairgates’

    The head of the Cairo University Archaeology Department, Dr. Ala Shaheen in December 2010 told an audience that there might be truth to the theory that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build the oldest of pyramids, the Pyramids of Giza. Although I do not believe that any Egyptian culture had anything to do with their construction.

    On further questioning by Mr. Marek Novak, a delegate from Poland as to whether the pyramid might still contain alien technology or even a UFO within its structure, Dr. Shaheen, was vague and replied “I cannot confirm or deny this, but there is something inside the pyramid that is “not of this world”. Of which delegates to the conference on ancient Egyptian architecture were left shocked, however, Dr. Shaheen had refused to comment further or elaborate on his UFO, Stargate and alien related statements.

Light Body Beings

    In addition, we have the profound work of Dr. Eve Reymond, a scholar who had explored the ancient Egyptian building texts from Edfu, Egypt in her book The Mythical Origin of the Egyptian Temple. These obscure texts tell of formless beings who came from the stars and created an island civilization near Egypt. (Atlantis).

The Edfu tale matches the Atlantis story as told by Plato of a civilization founded by the gods who created a hybrid race of humans. Thus, the Edfu Building Texts must be the source for Plato’s story of Atlantis.

Mimicking the gods!

The above picture was taken at Abu Guhrob Egypt. The stone is Alabaster, which is a crystal that has been found used in Egypt in specific temples and areas where it is believed they needed to amplify frequencies for various and sundry reasons. I am showing you these stones because they have nearly the exact same shape as the Stargate pictures I saw in Time magazine, and as well they look nearly identical to all the depictions of Stargates in the motion picture, along with the TV Series. All perfect coincidence I am sure.

It is my belief that these, and other ones found in this area were representations of the actual Stargate device that the ancient peoples saw with their own eyes. I believe these to be an homage to their “gods”, and that these, when filled with water, would appear like a reflecting pool, or more accurately, like the open event horizon of a Stargate.  

So who cares?

    Well, because the possibility and probability that these advanced devices did exist and most likely still do. How it pertains to my original topic of how the true Eternal One creates? Simply this, that these devices are most likely the only way in or out of this, and or any other creation spaces! Think of them like our skyways between two buildings. It is a known fact that from the 1950’s the US and Russian governments at times were launching over 100 explosive rockets up above our atmosphere for no apparent reason. The reason that was eventually given? They wanted to see if the upper atmosphere would burn! Yes, just keep shaking your head in total disbelief and move on, because there is no rational way to even approach explaining the sociopathic soul. I, however, do not at all believe that their stated reason was why they were doing that. I believe that they were attempting to break through the dome, or what science calls, ‘the Van Allen Belt.’ Although this impenetrable field is always referred to as little more than a thick field of radiation so that the unwashed masses never catch on to the truth of our created space, it is absolutely much more than that, and they know it. I, and now a growing number of others also believe that the CERN project is a far larger and substantially more powerful Stargate device than those smaller units found on earth previously. (See my other article on CERN here)

Crashing into the Dome!

    We also have the well-documented accounts of US Naval Admiral, Byrd’s expeditions to the “creation ring barrier” we call Antarctica, wherein on his last expedition in which other countries also partook, several of his reconnaissance aircraft literally crashed into an invisible barrier! The high speed, midair crashes were later explained away as being created by; ‘Nazi’s who had a secret base there and who also mastered force field technology”…. End quote! You really just have to laugh when that is the best cover story they could have come up with. Personally, I would have gone with Pilot Error!  Telling was how immediately and quickly their giant Armada expedition packed up and left Antarctica directly on the heels of those crashes. Never to return, after which world governments agreed to institute a Worldwide treaty to never allow anyone to go to or inhabit Antarctica much past its coastline and only in designated areas, and always with military escorts. But hey, I am sure there is nothing there worth noting. Much less the side walls of the dome!

Ancient Maps

    Yes, there exists very ancient maps, all of which depict the same flat earth creation space right up into the 1800’s, so this is really not in question. However, the map I find so interesting is the following map found and written about in 1907, and understood to have been created over one thousand years prior. (Additional circles added)

    What I find most interesting about this map, is how it clearly shows that other land masses, or as I see it, other separate creations outside of our “containment ring”. So that this time you do not have to use your imagination, I have added additional creation containment ring circles outside of our own which encompass all of those land masses, and there you have it.

    Creations upon creations spread out to infinity and beyond!

   Creations spread out and stacked so that when it is again possible and allowable for our souls to leave this creation space unfettered, we can spend eternity quite literally visiting using the Eternal Creators Friends and Extended Family Plan!

However, if you wish to know why we are unable to leave now, you will have to read my book – Soul Revolution

    As I stated earlier on, I do believe all the shapes, AKA, Sacred Geometry are important, mainly because I believe them to be the building blocks and perpetuation processes within each creation space.

    Look at the first illustration above; this is another very insightful depiction of how the “Tree of Life” may also depict and be the actual manifestation of all physicality throughout creation, but not limited too. The above illustration (yellow line) only appears to be showing you a (single Helix), but look closer to that tree illustration and start that line again from the bottom, but this time spiral to the right. This now gives you the double helix.

   I would also like to point out again the “top – crown” position on the tree, and as they did in the right-hand picture, count the levels to 10. Ten being that top “creator/crown” position as shown earlier. Now recall from the Genesis creation texts pattern how we find the 7-day cycle and 12 hour day. 

Using the Pythagorean Skein – 7 + 12 = 19 & 1+9=10. Just a minor observation.

    And in the second “Flower of Life” picture above we see how the “Tree of Life” fits perfectly within it. Just as with the extended “Tree of Life” or “Jacob’s Ladder” progressing outward and into other ever expanding creation spaces, and in all directions from a single start point. So, not only are all the creation “worlds” joined, connected and interconnected; but all of the living souls within all of these yet unknowable creations are also directly connected!  So then what we know, which dictates what our soul's intentions are, which then has a creative effect on creation for either good & life or evil & death, in fact, means far more than anyone in this modern day creation gives thought to.

 There is the “Flower of Life” which depicts the design structure of His creating system; then the “Tree of Life” which depicts and enables all life to exist, and growing within the Flower/garden of Life; and the sacred algorithms’ that give power to sustain all life, and all creations.

    For a greater understanding of the Hebrew Genesis texts cited herein concerning the creation of light and the separation of darkness, which has two distinct and powerful meanings that are directly connected to the Eternal Creators, creation of His Freewill system; please consult my book – Soul Revolution.

Gleason Standard Flat Earth Map on the last page below

1907 Flat Map Original

Rob Skiba Kills the Sphere Earth Theory

Eric Dubay interview-VeritasRadio.com

Bill Wood on Van Allen Belt Proving No One Ever Left Earth

The Dual Toroidal Vortex & Flat Earth Hypothesis  

Many have believed, and most likely because they begin working from the Sphere earth paradigm, that the Toroidal vortex power encompassing our planet, is a single vortex as depicted by the following picture: 

I guess the single Torus vortex hypothesis could be applied to the flat earth design, however, after careful consideration I am tending to side with those who depict our flat-creation-space with the dual Torus vortex (Yin-Yang) concept be more viable.

The more probable truth now becomes obvious. Somehow, this Torus field knowledge was shown to early Greek philosopher Eratosthenes, who is alleged to have been the one to measure it. While other later Greeks like Pythagoras and Aristotle are more commonly associated with being the progenitors of the sphere earth phenomenon.  It is further alleged that Aristotle "demonstrated" that the earth was round by a variety of "evidence?" A few to note are alleged to have been:
  • The curvature of the horizon?
  • The way the constellations appear to be curved overhead?
  • The way a ship vanishes over the horizon?
Thankfully, we have now advanced and are able to understand virtually ALL of these alleged "proofs" to be nothing more than mere perspective issues and the limitations of the human eye. So, to say the very least, these guys had way too much time on their hands, combined with far too little useful information.
 Had they just re-consulted the ancient Hebrew and other ancient texts, they would have easily put this spherical issue to bed quite quickly. Being that virtually every living soul before them fully believed our creation space to be flat and covered. 

My question is however, were these Greeks yet members of the same ancient Cabal who are driven by their evil Archon handlers to lay such false groundwork that enabled them to surround us with a myriad of later false narratives? We may never know, but what does seem apparent to me is, that the false Sphere Earth program is based in yet another half truth, as they always do. 

As I have depicted in the picture above, it is now easier to visualize just how they sold the sphere-shape-narrative. The energy fields that the elite have always known to exist do in fact surround our "round-discoid" earth, like a sphere. I might even go so far as to say that their math concerning the circumference measurement of the so-called Sphere earth model of 24,901 miles, may be the actual "perimeter" measurement of our flat earth, and at the same time the circumference measurement of the Toroidal vortex fields that surround our flat earth in all directions. 

Today's NASA and totally controlled population of scientists and related science sycophants continue to drive the lie that these multiple energy fields, which they fully admit to be (2) fields, are actually fields of some yet UN-known "radiation."

Again, more lies based on half truths! The only truth in their explanation - Is that this energy is "yet unknown." All the rest is complete BS. The only reason why they call this Toroidal Vortex dual energy field "radiation belts" is so that they can continue with their subterfuge to the rest of us, by providing us with an explanation of these energy fields that the rest of the Sheep can understand. 

Certainly the idea of radiation - (Van Allen belt) - is also used for our consumption in order to allow them, and us, the reasonable expectation of someday being able to penetrate said radiation; onward and upward to visit and destroy yet other unknown places and civilizations. 

OH WAIT! Didn't NASA tell us we have already done such things many times thus far since the 1960's? While at the same time we can find NASA scientists and officials clearly explaining how absolutely, devastatingly dangerous this alleged Van Allen belt radiation is, and how, in their own words admit, that they can pass no electronics through it successfully, much less humans!  So, now we can just file every stinking NASA and or other nations space missions, manned or unmanned, under the FAKE-FAKE-FAKE file!

From Eratosthenes to NASA, it has all been 100% FAKE!

Here is an even better depiction of our flat earth surrounded by our flat firmament complete w/stars, sun and moon. 

By Dr. S. Asher     Copyright 2017©