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Asteroids, Aliens,Righteous & Elect?

Asteroids, Aliens, Righteous & Elect?

As it was in the days of Noach....and later Moshe,

How will the Root & Branches be save from fire?

Isaiah 22: “you killed sheep and cattle to eat! And you drank wine; This evil will never be forgiven them as long as they live!” 

Interesting question, of course so many ideas about on many end-days questions, I believe as always that only that which occurred previously can be used as our partial template in the future to glimpse how the prophesies may play out.

Last time by water, this time fire, (radiation) most likely, and all the Kings and mighty men of the earth have made their plans, dug their holes, and forgotten all of us in their process; but maybe that's a good thing. Keep in mind the words of the prophet who depicts their grand plans of subterranean living not working out so well for them, praying that all that rock will just fall on them.

Well, that's them, but what about all the rest of the not so evil people?  Of course most have to get by their dogmatic superstitious training to truly understand WHO is evil and WHO is not, but that's another entire book entirely. My question, as yours should be, 'how will the Eternal One אהיה cover His people this time?' 

Of course, the governments of the world, their Kings and mighty men, have been working diligently to keep all populations off balance and in the dark for many years, and from their true plans. Digging their "DUMBS" - (Deep Underground, Military, Bases) - and starting wars in very specific lands which all have great ancient significance in order to cover their on-going search and recovery Ops for ancient technologies, all in preparation for this coming day of fire.
 Yes, there are a multitude of issues worldwide we can point to, gun control, martial law prep, militarization of all police, etc., and yes, the populations of earth are consumed with all such issues on a daily basis like fish intoxicated by shiny objects, and at the same time generally missing the most important news events.

A midst all of the news fodder, in late 2013 I noticed and began following all the military movement of earth moving equipment and other types of vehicles to the East coast of the USA.
 As well, finding other related information via several news sources occurring at the same time, and in conjunction as FEMA operations for what they call "Region-3"; like purchase order documents for millions of medical related apparel, medical tents, all medical related gear and supplies, individual water and food rations, etc.
 All found and documented via their own purchase orders which can be found on-line still. In fact, along with their ridiculously massive ammunition purchased of 2012-13, much of these purchases were finally questioned in Congressional hearings in 2013, so we know they occurred.

If that was not enough, I also found Mainstream News video of none other than the Governor of Puerto Rico, not questioning, but reporting on the mass off-loading of US military vehicles and equipment at their largest port in expectation of a massive Tsunami, which she said is expected to hit them, and the entire East coast of the US mainland. However, she gave no time frame, nor a reason for the Tsunami. The off-loading of this equipment in PR was occurring at the same time long trains of the same were being moved to the East coast. As well, I found no evidence during or after of this equipment or purchases being made in preparation of some civil emergency FEMA drills. This is the pre-positioning of supplies and equipment for a known future event. It was the large numbers of earth moving equipment painted in military desert tan that alerts us to the kind of event it will be.
 Still, no definitive time frame or reason for the event loss of the entire East coast of America to the ocean, until more recently. This event must be close at hand, because certain people in the know who once believed they were counted among the beautiful people to be saved from the wrath of some god, have evidently come to the realization that are not "chosen", and will be above ground with front row seats like the rest of us, Whoops!

We see in 2014 more and more people, to include one Spanish scientist - (catholic), from Puerto Rico, who says he had a major vision given to him about this exact coming event by none other than the god Yah-Hovah! It appears YHVH told this scientist that he was about to punish the USA for, now get this, attacking his MOON! No, you just cannot make this up.
 Now, generally I would not give even a microsecond of ear to such alleged prophetic gibberish, but amazingly, about a year prior to YHVH touching base with this guy, NASA, or someone, actually SHOT the moon, with not ONE, but with TWO NUKES!  This event went completely unreported as usual, and when finally found out, the practitioners of the New Babel Tower - NASA - gave some ludicrous reason for doing it. Either way, evidently they pissed off the wrong false god.

You can Google this guys prophetic message, I have also seen it reported on Youtube. In short, YHVH is sending a 5 mile wide asteroid into the Atlantic Ocean between the coastlines of the U.S mainland and PR. Now, the effects of this size asteroid will not flood much further than 150 miles inland, BUT, YHVH told this guy that "other" effects, as in some type of bio-hazard from this asteroid will wreak havoc all the way to the American West coast. Thanks for that NASA! My guess is they finally found out the true and very ancient reason for the moon being placed there, and tried to end it.

If you have not yet learned who this ancient false god entity named Yahweh or Jehovah -YHVH actually is, I give you the proof from your own lacking English concordance directly below. Far more extensive proof of his false identity, as well as the false identity of those who follow him and much, much, more can be found in my Asher Codex:

The suffix “hovah” is No. 1943 in Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, and has the meaning of calamity, ruin, mischief, perversion, and wickedness.
It is another form of No. 1942, ‘havvah’ {EVE’s name}, which can be translated as calamity, iniquity, mischief, mischievous thing, naughtiness, naughty, noisome, perverse thing, substance, very wicked.
Put the two (Yah + Hovah) together and you get “God of ruin, mischief, calamity, perversion, and wickedness.” Simply put, Jehovah, Yah’hovah etc., is The false god entity of Evil!
HOVAH is the LONG and well established Phoenician god, the main deity of most Canaanite tribes. Even most of the Arabs knew Hovah as their main deity prior to Muhammad's experience. The “Yah” only later Hebrew-ized it.
My hypothesis, which appears to be upheld by the information you will see in the short videos below, as well in many others you may find during your own search, is a question really. If we can identify that The Eternal One sent His Malakim to our ancient ones, to cover those considered to be Righteous people from certain evil entities and the calamities they contrived by several means, then how will the modern or future Righteous people be covered from this fire in these days? Obviously NOT from living underground, since our prophets warned against that.

We can at least begin with the progeny of Adamah & Hawwah - (Enoch, Methuselah, Lemech, Noach) within the limited texts we have been allowed to see thus far, to know how they were covered. Enoch was taken away more than once and most likely still lives. The same perfection was also found in Noach as we know. 
 Did Noach view his escape as a Greater Exodus? I would bet he certainly did, and surely all of those animals were considered as Righteous ones or Yehshurun, just as Enoch very specifically and clearly tells us there will be again in this next, end by fire. Then by this picture, we must also understand that Noach and his family members were The Elect ones of their time! Again, just as Enoch's prophesies tell us there will be both Righteous ones, and Elect ones in this next end. Now, taking this template and re-applying it in this final and 2nd Greater Exodus event; and by whatever means we are covered, concealed, or removed, although few in number, there will also be human Righteous ones, alongside of the much larger numbers of the elect people. For far greater understanding on this subject of the two peoples, read my Greater Exodus - AFTER reading the first book - The Land of Meat & Honey.

Although certain unconfirmed reports and folklore have been put forth regarding the alleged proof for Noach's literal wooden ark, do we really KNOW that Noach's covering event was terrestrial in nature? I mean we also believe that the prophet Ezekiel and others were transported around by what we would consider non-terrestrial vehicles. So why them, and not Noach? And by extension, why not us? 
 If the Eternal One, as I have proven via the eldest available Hebrew texts in my book "The Land of Meat & Honey", has a literal occupation of "Creating", which means He created before us and after. Then we also have to agree that He created other worlds and other beings. Therefore, these must be those who visited everyone from Enoch or Ezekiel and after. So then, why wouldn't these advanced guard entities be used to aid Noach, and Moshe, and hopefully us in these same ways.
 I mean we all tend to agree on what I consider to be the most foundation understanding of any text, idea, ritual or consideration, and that is - I AM THE ETERNAL YOUR CREATOR, AND I DO NOT MODIFY!" 

Also by extension then, in order for those or any living-soul entity who was created by HIM to reflect His Image, they also can-NOT modify. Thus, I believe we can utilize the basic points of the ancient stories/events as a future template of our own.
Enoch was told to hide from certain evil beings; Noach was told to remain within the Ark for a time; Moshe and the sons were told to remain in their dwelling for a night; Moshe was later instructed to have ALL the sons of Jacob, and all those affiliated with them to remain within their dwellings every Sabbath day for all their generations; later the prophets, even Yehshua, and also the Revelation book say to remain in our dwelling for a time during end day events-
"Until certain indignation's (PASS-OVER!)..."
Are these all coincidental, or are we seeing a pattern, a template to look for and plan for?

After many years of not openly teaching people the reality of a coming 2nd and Greater Exodus as explicitly outlined by our Hebrew prophets, but hidden as such from the gentiles, I was finally driven by The Eternal in 2005 to begin expanding on the subject, and eventually make it available to everyone.
 However, in that book I did not attempt to expand past the obvious terrestrial boundaries in which the prophets spoke. Nor do I generally speak in such non-terrestrial terms on this subject to most people because it all tends to devolve into mere science fiction rather quickly, and not seriously considered.
 As much as I pray and wait for this prophesied 2nd Greater Exodus as I depicted it as solely a terrestrial event, that does not mean the prophets, or my own depiction of what the prophets gave us will not be accomplished by some other lesser terrestrial solution.

I thought I would touch on this topic now because many such news stories from more and more "accepted, credible" sources, i.e. leaders, scientists, and news sources, have been emerging more frequently. Such secular information, without the continual reminder that The True Eternal One has His plans and His ways to save His Righteous & Elect, just as He has always done, are not only under way, but imminent.

Those who are known by HIS NAME....will be saved! So I guess you better KNOW the correct name, aye?

If you have not read the book this book –

and corrected your course via His Everlasting Agreement, we all pray and suggest you do so quickly.

I added the following related subject video's in the order they should be watched. You should spend some time searching this topic further:


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Connection Between Ancient Indian & the Hebrew Languages?

Is There a Connection Between
Ancient Indian & the Hebrew Languages?

A scholar finds compelling evidence for ancient Indian influence on a global scale.

Originally posted on ViewZone, The AHLCglobal welcomes this highly researched work by scholar, Gene D. Matlock, which is part of his complete manuscript showing the global influence of ancient India's culture and language. We welcome your comments and thoughts.

Had you been a cartographer and geographer working for the British East India company in the 17th and 18th centuries, you would have found all over India thousands of Hebrew-like place names with similar meanings in both languages as well. The map excerpt below shows a small section of ancient Seuna-Desa (Zion Land) in what is now Maharashtra (to right).  

At the bottom right of the excerpt is the city of Paithan, on the banks of the river Godivari. The Indo-Hebrews named the part of the river passing through Paithan's territory Paithan (Pison, Phison), according to their traditions. In the upper left-hand corner is the city of Satana. According to the legends of the Yadavas (Indo-Hebrews), Satana would have made the folks in Sodom and Gomorah envious. The Seunas and the Satanas decided to resolve their moral and religious differences on the battlefield. The forces of "Satan" lost, but their defeat didn't dishearten them. Eventually, we came to think of "Satan" as a being who lost the battle but not the war. The bible tells us that such a peace treaty hasn't yet been signed between these two ancient enemies.

In that part of India, the holiest of holies for the Indians, the names of many towns end in the appendage gaon. In Hebrew, gaon means "genius; great rabbinical scholar." Also in this region is an area that was once the favorite of Yadava royalty: Nashik, the exact Hebrew name for "Royal Prince." Satan is near the district called Khandesh (Land of Cain). There is also a Kodesh. Kod and Khad are Sanskrit terms for "First," "The Beginning," or "God." In Hebrew, Khadesh = "The first day of a Jewish calendar month." Notice that all these names have similar meanings and religious connotations in both languages. I invite my readers to investigate this anomaly for themselves.

The similarity of these Indian and Hebrew names certainly traumatized European colonists. Unwilling to admit that the Hebrews had never sprouted spontaneously in the Arabian desert, or were from outer space as I read recently, but were from the East as the bible itself tells us, they merely erased these matters from their minds or convinced themselves that they were "coincidences," even though the "coincidences" numbered in the thousands and were peppered over every region in India.

A 19th Century British Scholar Explains Why the Western World Never Learned About the Indian Origins of the Hebrews.

Though not generally known in this day and age, Godfrey Higgins (1772-1833), archeologist, politician, humanitarian, social reformer, and author, was one of the most enlightened and educated men of early 19th century England. He was a well-known iconoclast, rationalist, and admirer of the Hebrews, who vehemently opposed any kind of persecution of this

ancient religious group. He wrote two oversized volumes, totaling around 1600 pages of fine print, about the Hebrews' Indian origins. These two volumes, entitled Anacalypsis, are extremely rare. The last printing was done in 1965 by University Books, NY. It's a difficult book to read because the author painstakingly proved the minutest of details in his dissertation. Even good readers need several weeks to finish it.

The first printing consisted of only 200 copies, twenty of which he had to give away. Only a few of the remaining 180 copies were sold. For nearly thirty years, the religious communities of England and Europe quietly suppressed the book. It has since been reprinted three times, but including the first printing, the total copies printed never totaled over a thousand. Only occasionally can it be found in a library. Even so, many authors have quoted and plagiarized it. Not a few spiritual charlatans, such as fraudulent mystics, psychics, and the Presbyterian preacher who wrote the novel on which The Book of Mormon is based, used Anacalypsis to produce their respective heresies and agendas. The famous 19th century mystic and founder of Theosophy, Madam Blavatsky, took advantage of the world's nearly total ignorance of this magnificent document, using much of Higgin's information, to convince the gullible that she had acquired her "mystical knowledge" from "otherworldly" sources called "Akashic records."

Godfrey Higgins gave an opinion that I have always espoused, which explains in part why the similarities of peoples, languages, philosophies, and place names between India and the Middle East became lost to the memory of mankind after Christianity and Islam took over the West.

"The outlines of the history of the extended empires, which I have here exhibited, would have been more conspicuous had our makers of maps and histories recorded the names of the places as they must have appeared to them. But from their native religious prejudices and necessary ignorance of the nature of the history, it seemed to them absurd to believe, that there should be places or persons in the East having exactly the same names as places and persons in the West; and to avoid the feared ridicule of their contemporaries, which in fact in opposition to the plainest evidence, and which they themselves could not entirely resist, that they thought well-founded, they have, as much as possible disguised the names. Thus, that which otherwise they would have called David-pouri, they called Daud-poutr, Solomon, Soleiman; Johnguior, Jahanguior, etc., etc. In the same way, without any wrong intention, they have been induced to secrete the truth, in many cases, from themselves, by hastily adopting the idea that the old Jewish names of places have been given by the modern Saracens or Turks, the erroneousness of which a moment's unprejudiced consideration would have shewn...I shall here merely add, that...I have observed...a great similarity in the countries where the tribes of Judah were settled in the East and in the West. The Western country seems, as much as possible, to have been accommodated by the Eastern..." (Vol. I, pp. 437-438.)
 "When Mahmud of Gazna, the first Mohammedan conqueror, attacked Lahore, he found it defended by a native Hindoo prince called Daood or David. This single fact is enough to settle the question of the places not being named by Mohamedans." (Vol. I; p. 432.)

 "I beg my reader to look at the ruins of the ancient cities of India: Agra, Delhi, Oude, Mundore, etc., which have many of them been much larger than London, the last for instance, 37 miles in circumference, built in the oldest style of architecture in the world, the Cyclopean, and I think he must at once see the absurdity of the little Jewish mountain tribe (the "Lost Tribes") being the founders of such a mass of cities. We must also consider that we have almost all the places of India in Western Syria...I think no one can help seeing that these circumstances are to be accounted for in no other way than by the supposition that there was in very ancient times one universal superstition, which was carried all over the world by emigrating tribes, and that they were originally from Upper India." (Vol. I; p. 432.)

 "...the natives of Cashmere as well as those of Afghanistan, pretending to be descended from the Jews, give pedigrees of their kings reigning in their present country up to the sun and the moon, and along with this, they shew you the Temples still standing, built by Solomon, statues of Noah, and other Jewish Patriarchs...the traditions of the Afghans tell them, that they are descended from the tribe of Ioudi or Yuda, and in this they are right, for it is the tribe of Joudi noticed by Eusebius to have existed before the Son of Jacob in Western Syria was born, the Joudi of Oude, and from which tribe the Western Jews with the Brahmin (Abraham) descended and migrated. (Vol. I; p. 740.)

 "In the valley of Cashmere, on a hill close to the lake, are the ruins of a temple of Solomon. The history states that Solomon, finding the valley all covered with water except this hill, which was an island, opened the passage in the mountains and let most of it out, thus giving to Cashmere its beautiful plains. The temple which is built on the hill is called Tucht Suliman. Afterwards Forster says, 'Previously to the Mahometan conquest of India, Kashmere was celebrated for the learning of the Brahmins and the magnificent construction of its temple.' Now what am I to make of this? Were these Brahmans Jews, or the Jews Brahmins? The inadvertent way in which Forster states the fact precludes all idea of deceit...

"The Tuct Soliman of Cashmere in the time of Bernier, was described by him to be in ruins, and to have been a temple of the idolaters and not of the Mohamedans. The Mohamedans reported that it was built by Solomon, in very ancient times. All this at once does away with the pretence that it was a building of the modern Mohamedans; and is a strong confirmation of the Jewish nature of the other names of the towns - Yuda-poor, Iod-pore, etc., etc. Bernier goes on to say...that the name of Mousa or Moses is common among the natives, that Moses died at Cashmere, and that they yet show the ruins of his tomb near the town. This is curious when connected with the fact, that the Jews of Western Syria say, no one ever knew where he was buried." (Vol. I; p. 771.)

An article in the April, 1997 issue of the Jewish magazine “Moment” discusses the possibility that a heavy Jewish presence once dominated India.

"A tribe of Sunni Moslems called the Pathans, now living in parts of Pakistan, number at least 15 million. The Pathan language bears traces of biblical Hebrew, and the Pathans themselves claim lineage from King Saul. They are said to follow, in varying degrees of observance, some 21 'Jewish' customs, including lighting candles on Friday night, wearing a four-cornered prayer garment, and performing circumcision on the eighth day.

Then there are the Kashmiris from Northern India, who number about five million; although they too are predominantly Sunni Moslems, many bear biblical-sounding names like Cleb (Caleb), Israel, Hahana, and Lavni..." (Searching for the Lost Tribes, by Winston Pickett, p. 51.)

Aramaic, a language as similar to Hebrew as Spanish is to Portuguese, originated in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan were once part of India. Afghanistan seceded from Indian in the 1700s. Pakistan was cut out of India when the two nations were partitioned after World War II. Aramaic also is the source of modern Hebrew's square alphabet, used in Israel today. The Hebrew square alphabet and the truth that Hebrew is just an Aramaic dialect confirm the Indian origin of the Jews.

Those Christian and Jewish authorities who don't want it to be true that ten to thirty million Jews once lived in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Northwestern India say that it is just a "coincidence" that so many tribes and places there have biblical names. Others insist that the Moslems christened all those tribes and places. As Godfrey Higgins tells us, many of those tribes and places had already received their so-called "biblical names" millenniums before Islam was a gleam in Mohammed's eyes and many centuries before those same names started showing up in the Middle East. Some of Israel's tribal and place names also started appearing in Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Northwestern India when Sargon II and Nebuchadnezzar exiled most of the Hebrews to that part of the world. The confusion about the origin of those tribal and place names will always exist as long as we stubbornly refuse to give the Indo-Hebrews their rightful place in history. The Aryans and Indo-Hebrews began to overrun parts of India and the Middle East around 2000 BC, perhaps more than a thousand years previously if there is any truth to the story about the progeny of Noah.

Somehow, our brainwashed minds blank out the face that the Ancient Egyptian and Akkadian names or Hebrew, Habiru, and Apiru were derived from Indo-Hebrew dialects and meant "Sons of Ophir." The truth about the origins of the Hebrews has been screaming in our faces for thousands of years, but our benumbed minds have chosen not to hear it.

What Inferences Can You Draw From the Following List?
Well-Known Names in the
Western World
Equivalent Names in
Indian Languages
Minoa (Ancient Greek nation).
Meena (Indian ancestors of the Minoans)
Turbazu (Palestinian clan)
Turvazu (Indo-Hebrew tribe)
Kopt; Guptas (Ancient Egyptian dynasty)
Gupta (Ancient Indian ruling dynasty)
Saracens (Ancient Turks)
Sauresena (Territory and people of Ancient India)
Arabea (Arabs)
Arabi(Original inhabitants of Indo-Hebrew Makran, now part of Pakistan)
Islam (Mohammedan religion)
Ishalayam (Temple of God)
Khurus or Khouros (Powerful Arab tribe to which Mohammed belonged)
Kurus (Ancient Indo-Hebrew tribe)
Mecca (Islam's most sacred city.)
Makka (Capital of Arabi Makran)
Riyadh (Saudi Arabian capital)
Ray (Wisdom) + Yuddha (Warrior)
Mohamed (Father of Islam)
Maha-Atma (Great Soul)
Jidda (Saudi Arabian city)
Juddha, Yuddha (Warrior)
Cabul (Town in Israel)
Kabul (Capital of Afghanistan)
Bashan (Region of Jordan)
Bazana; Vashana (Ancient capital of Gujarat)
Manesseh (Territory and tribe of Israel)
Manasa (Himalayan lake, near Mount Meru; also the name of a snake deity)
Laish (City of Canaan)
Laish (Town in Afghanistan)
Cutha (Fort and city in ancient Southern Mesopotamia)
Kuth; Cathia; Cutch (Part of Gujarat)
Hellenes (Ancient people and territory in Greece)
Hellenes; Alinas (People and territory of Ancient India).
Javan (Father of Greeks; mentioned in Genesis).
Yavana (Ancient Indo-Hebrew tribe)
Iberia (Spain)
Abhira (Indo-Hebrew nation)
Brit (Great Britain)
Bharat (True name of India)
Angles (Ancient people of England)
Anguli (Ancient people of India)
Jutes, Jutis (Eastern tribe that invaded and settled in Europe)
Yuddhi (Ancient Indian warriors)
Goths (Eastern tribe that invaded and settled in Europe)
Guti; Gauda (Ancient Indian tribe that migrated to the Middle East)
Yemen (Arab country)
Yamuna (River of India)
Yehudi (Jewish People)
Yutiya; Yah-Khuda (Sanskrit name of the Indo-Hebraic Yadus)
Roma (Rome, Italy)
Roma; Romaka (People and territory of Northern India)
Dubai (Nation of Arab Emirate)
Dwab (Territory of ancient Afghanistan)
Sheba (Ancient Ethiopian kingdom)
Siva; Sibi (Territory of ancient Yaudheyapura, India)
Syria (Middle Eastern home of the ancient Jews)
Suriya (Mythical Indian territory)
Succoth (Place near Jordan and in Egypt)
Sukhothai (Ancient Indian and Thai kingdom)
Talmud (Written Jewish teachings)
Tal-Mudra (Sacred Indian teachings written on palm leaves)
Tallit (Jewish prayer shawl)
Tal-Ata (Palmyra leaves worn on the shoulders as a raincoat)
Kippot (Skullcap worn by Orthodox Jews)
Kaparda (Hair top-knot once worn by the first ancestors of the Indo-Hebrews)
Shalmanezer (Assyrian king who deported the "Lost Tribes" to India)
Shalmanev (Tall, impressive person)
Baal (Golden calf first worshiped by the Jews)
Balesar (Holy bull worshiped in India)

Linguistic Similarities between Hebrew and Kashmiri

Holger Kersten wrote in Jesus Lived in India,
 "The relation between ancient Israel and Kashmiri can most clearly be demonstrated linguistically. Kashmirian is different from all the other Indian languages, the origins of which are Sanskrit. The development of the language of Kashmir has been greatly influenced by the Hebrew. Abdul Ahad Azad writes, 'The language of Kashmir derives from Hebrew.' According to tradition, in ancient times Jewish peoples settled here, whose language changed into the Kashmirian of today. There are many Hebrew words that are quite obviously connected with the language of Kashmir." (pp. 68-69.)

 I have inferred from Kersten's comments that he believes Kashmiri did not spring from Sanskrit. I disagree. When I was culling out Hebrew words from Grierson's Dictionary of the Kashmiri Language, I discovered that there are many more Sanskrit words in Kashmiri than Hebrew terms. However, I do agree that the Hebrews made more than a notable contribution to this little-known tongue.
 "Since the Jews i.e. the Yedu tribes of Lord Krishna left the Dwarka region, the original Sanskrit that they spoke during Lord Krishna's time has undergone considerable change of pronunciation and admixture of words, so what was Sanskrit 5,742 years ago is now Hebrew." (World Vedic Heritage; by P. N. Oak; p. 530.

In the Spanish edition of the German author Siegfried Obermeir's book on Jesus' life in Kashmir, Murio Jesus en Cachemira? (Did Jesus die in Kashmir?), the author acknowledges the Sanskrit origins of the language.
"One could perhaps ask whether the language called 'Kashmiri' could in some way be a close relative of Hebrew and Aramaic...The reply is a resounding 'no.' Kashmiri descends from Sanskrit. There exists only one explanation. The Jews who emigrated (to Kashmir) introduced their language there." (p.150.)

Professor Fida Hassnain, a Kashmiri authority on the life of Jesus Christ in his country, wrote in A Search for the Historical Jesus"Today the Kashmiri language contains 30% Persian, 25% Arabic and 45% words from Sanskrit and other languages, including 9% from Hebrew." (p. 10.)

Professor Hassnain mentioned in his book an Aramaic inscription beside the ruins of Gondaphorus' castle in Taxila, which actually confirms that St. Thomas was there: "A highly regarded foreign carpenter, who is a pious devotee of the Son of God, built this palace of cedar and ivory for the great king." The phrase "Son of God" seems to confirm that Jesus actually existed.

A stone relief of Thomas stands near this inscription. Indian archaeologists have confirmed this fact.

Since the ancient Hebrews never forced their language on the peoples in their ambiance, just their religion, I concur with authors Obermeir and Hassnain on this point.

In old times, Kashmiri didn't exist as a distinct language as it does today. The Kashmiri historical treatises state that the Brahmans and Kashatriya castes spoke Sanskrit; the Vaishyas and the Sudras spoke a language called Ap-Abram-Sha, which was supposed to be a degraded form of Tamil. Was this the original Asura language, or, perhaps, prototypical Hebrew?

Some Hindu scholars think so. Abraham was the father of several different peoples, religions, and Semitic dialects. Abraham's influence formed at least part of the foundations of Judaism, Greek and Roman religious practices, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and others. When the "Lost Tribes" were taken to Northern India, they found a people with a similar religion, language, and cultural traits. It took no great effort for the "Lost Tribes" to assimilate completely. Later on, Hebrew, Dardic, Apabramsha, Sanskrit, Arabic, and other languages merged to form what we now call Kashmiri. Some scholars say that the Moslem invaders forbade the speaking of Apabramsha and Hebrew in Kashmir.

The Buddhists say that the Abhiraans spoke "Abhira." The Yadavas, the actual proto-typical Hebrews still living in India, also claim to have spoken a language called Abhiri. "The Natyasastra of Bharata described the Abhiri or Sabari. It is well known that Abhiri was the language of the Abhiras." (Yadavas Through the Ages, by Yadav Singh; Vol. II, p. 4.) Yadav Singh's opinion on this matter may prove to be correct. Even today, Israeli Jews whose roots sink deep into Israeli soil are called "Sabaras."

I have taken from my Kashmiri dictionary a long list of words that are similar in pronunciation and meaning to Hebrew. I could have easily provided a list containing hundreds more, many of which I shall mention in later chapters. However, I hope that the following list will convince you that the Kashmiri language, one of the most little-known languages in the world, deserves more attention and study.

Judaism and Shaivite Hinduism Share the Same Names for God.

Ish; Yish; Is; Isa; Issa; El; Al; etc.
(Suffixes and prefixes for "God")
The same in Shaivism
Yahve; Jahve; Tseeva (God)
Shiva; Shaiva; Siva (God)
Elohim; Elokhim (God intellectualized)
Lakhimi (Goddess of Prosperity); Lokhi; Lukh (Shiva)
El Shaddai (The Almighty)
Saday; Sada (Shiva)
Ha-Kadosh (The Holy One)
Hakh-e-Kheda (God's Duty)
El Elyon (Possessor of Heaven and Earth)
Il Layun (Absorption in God)
Yesoda (Dual Sexual Nature of Life)
Yeshoda (Shiva's Dual Sexual Nature)

Similar sacred symbolism and iconography are associated with both the Hebrew Yah-Veh and the Kashmiri Shaiva: The Holy Trinity; the flame; the cherub; the guardian angel; the snake; the bull; blowing of bull's horn, etc.

Hebrew and Kashmiri Cabalistic Terminology Is About the Same.
Ani (he spark of life)
Agni (Vedic god of fire)
Avoda (work; labor)
Vud; Wud (skilled labor)
Ayeen (void; non-being)
Ayen (eternity)
Cabala (acceptance)
Cabul (acceptance)
Guevara (force)
Gav'r (surrounding and attacking)
Keter (crown)
Kash'r (crown of the head)
Kijum (destiny)
Ko-Yimi (path to death)
Klim (nothing)
Kholi (nothing)
Malkuth (kingdom)
Mulakh (kingdom)
Nefesh (soul)
Naph's (soul; spirit self)
Sephiroth (spiritual energy centers)
Sipath (spiritual energy centers)
Yesu; Yesh; Yeh; Yahu; Yakhu; Yah; Yao; Ie
(The Material Universe)
The same as in Judaism
Yesh me Ayeen (The Goal of Creation)
Yech me ayen (Creation Fused to the Void)
Zohar (brilliance)
Swar; Svar (Heaven; light; brilliance)

More Linguistic Proof of the Linkage between India and the Middle East

My investigations into the Indian origins of the Hebrews and Holy Land place names are not the first to have been made. In the mid-part of the 19th century, the Identification Society of London, an organization dedicated to searching for the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, published the following list to prove that the Afghans, Tibetans, Kashmiris, and other Northwest Indian tribes are either descended from the Hebrews or vice-versa. Not all the tribes, castes, and sub-castes on their list have preserved their Hebrewness. However, nearly all of them acknowledge their Hebrew roots. As you read this list of names, remember that they exist in the area that Josephus said was peopled by the descendants of Shem"These inhabited from Cophen, an Indian river (the Kabul river) and in part of Asia adjoining it. (Josephus...; Chapter VII-4.)

Many scholars believe that the Dravidians could have been the ancestors of the prototypical Hebrews, the Meluhhans, who came from the Tibetan plateau or from the Turanian homeland of Central Asia - the area originally peopled by the progeny of Shem.

As Kauleshwar Rai wrote in Ancient India,
"...there was a time when the Dravidians inhabited the whole of India including Sind, Baluchistan and the Punjab. Gradually, they migrated to Mesopotamia also." (p. 19.)
In the following list, all references to Indian tribes, castes, sub-castes, and places will be listed at the left. Biblical and Hebrew names will be listed after each Indian word, accompanied by their biblical references. You will note that the comparative words are either identical or nearly identical. The differences are trivial. Even a non-linguist can notice that all these words sprang from the same source. The similarities are too abundant to be coincidental. Wanting to remain as conservative as possible, I present only a partial list. However, as conservative and brief as this list is, I believe I have presented enough examples to convince anyone that India did, indeed, at one time dominate in Bible Land.

         Tribes, Castes, and Sub-castes

 Ibri (1 Chr. 24/27
 Amal (1 Chr. 7:35).
 Asahel (2 Chr. 17:18)
 Asher (Gen. 30:13)
 Azriel (! Chr. 5:24)

 Baal (1 Chr. 5:5)
Bala; Balah
 Bala (Josh. 19:3)
 Bokheru (1 Chr. 7:6)
 Baca (1 Chr. 8:38)
 Baana (1 Chr. 11:30)
 Bela (Gen. 14:9)
Bera; Baru
 Beerah (1 (Chr. 5:6)
 Basseiah (1 Chr. 6:40)
 Beeroth (2 Sam. 4:2)
 Bilgah (Neh. 12:5)
 Bohan (Josh. 15:6)
 Beor (Ps. 23:4)
 Bath (1 Ki. 7:26)
Caleb; Kleb
 Caleb (1 Chr. 2:18)

Dar; Dhar; Darku
 Dor (1 Ki. 4:11)
 Dara (1 Chr. 2:6)
 Dumah (1 Chr. 1:30)
 Geba (Josh. 18:24)
 Gedor (1 Chr. 4:4)
 Gad (1 Chr. 2:2)
Gaddi (Nu. 13:11)v Gani; Gani  Guni (1 Chr. 1:40)
 Gareb (1 Chr. 7:13)
 Gomer (Gen. 10:2)

 Hatipha (Neh. 7:56)v Iqqash Ikkesh (1 Chr. 11:28)
 Ishui (1 Sam. 14:49)
 Israel (Gen. 32:28)

Kahan Masu
 Kahana; Kan, Kanah (Josh. 19:28)
 Calcol (1 Chr. 2:6)
 Kenaz (Ju. 3:9)
 Careah (2 Ki. 25:23)
 Korah (Nu. 26:9)
 Caul (Isa. 3:18)
Kadu; Kaddua; Khadu
 Cauda (Act. 27:16)
 Keturah (Gen. 25:4)
 Lud (1 Chr. 1:17)
Lavi; Laveh
 Levi (1Chr. 2:1)
 Magor (Jer. 22:3)
 Mahali (Ex. 6:19)
 Machir (Josh. 17:1)
Malla; Maula
 Maaleh (Josh. 15:3)
 Mallouck (1 Chr. 6:44)
 Matri (1 Sam. 10:21)
 Meres (Esther 1:14)
 Mearah (Josh. 13:4)
Mahsa; Mahsi
 Massah (Ex. 17:7)
 Moza (1 Chr. 7:36)
 Nahor (1 Chr. 1:26)
Opal; Upal
 Ophel (2 Chr. 28:3)
 Paruah (1 Ki. 4:17)
Phalu; Pau
 Phallu; Puah; Pua (Nu. 26:23)
Poot; Put
 Phut; Put (a Chr. 1:8)
 Rinnah (1 Chr. 4:20)
 Raphu (1 Ki. 11:23)
Reshu; Resh; Reshi; Rhesa
(Luke 3:27)
Reu; Reu Wal; Reu
(Gen. 12:18)
 Reuel (Nu. 2:14)
 Sechu (1 Sam. 19:22)
 Shem (Gen. 5:32)
Sapru; Sapra
 Saphir (Mic. 1:11)
 Siah (Neh. 7:47)
 Shamir (1 Chr. 24:24)
 Shaul (1 Chr. 4:24)
 Shaveh (Gen. 14:17)
 Sherah (1 Chr. 7:2)
 Shuah (1 Chr. 4:11)

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