Monday, January 2, 2017

The Hebrews Never Existed?

I generally refrain from commenting on stupid...But!

This video was sent to me to "prove" that I don't exist, nor that of my long and documented, family lineage.

 Really! Shlomo Sands of all people we’re listening too now?

   And not to point out the obvious here; but the man plainly states right off that he is not speaking, at that venue, in good English, and would RATHER speak "HEBREW", which now by his great academic feats, he posits, never existed!… 

So, the HEBREW language and very ancient culture, which is far more ancient than the Egyptians themselves, also must not exist! Which must be why he is speaking broken English! YOU cannot have it both ways! If the "Hebrew" people never existed, then our culture also never existed, therefore our language as well could have never existed. 

If the English family of peoples never existed - GUESS what else would not exist today! Rhetorical!

 Cognitive dissonance has never been an issue for me, and I have 35+ years of papers and published works to prove that. Thus, that argument used against me on this or any such issue is void. But people like this guy are, as usual, continually provide just “some” partial facts that have been interpreted to fit the bones they believe they dug up. Just like the holocaust deniers do, and most Christian religionists also do, by reverse exegesis.

Do we all believe the numbers of deaths as provided to us by those who most certainly created and propagated that Nasi, mass murder? NO! Can any of us easily prove that many people were unjustly rounded up, used in work camps against their will, and later slaughtered to the false god of the global elite? Yes! Were all those people slaughtered Hebrews and Jews? NO! 

 However, Yes, experts like this man keep providing all the "accurate" data on this and a myriad of other historical topics to keep their old false narratives, and their newly emerging false narratives, current, and gaining ground.

It clearly appears that this man is and has been confused for most of his life. His family has been communist, and he continued from his youth in that failed communist ideal. To his credit, he is against the new, post WW2, Globalists-Zionist movement. A man that publicly, some years ago, announced that he has renounced his "Judaism!" WOW! The why hasn't "Shlomo Sands" renounced is JEWISH NAME? Wait! Let me guess...Because it's the name attached to all of his academic work and accreditations! Always so great to find people that stand so staunchly behind their convictions. These type of people should always garner our great admiration and support!

Finally, it seems clear to me from what appears to be his deeply and long held beliefs, that he would replace that Zio-corporate fascism with communism! Which is why he appears confused. That idea is tantamount to removing your brain cancer tumor, with a shotgun!

Why would anyone, anywhere, who has half a brain engaged, listen to one word from any person, credentialed or not, who sincerely espouses the idea of replacing fascism with communism? At the very least, no truly freedom loving American or any freedom seeking person from another country for that matter should be considering one word from people like this. 

Again, the world must endure yet another "expert" who has spent all his time seeking "Hebrews", among "Egyptians!"

PROOF That The Hebrews Existed in Egypt and Before by Dr. Douglas Petrovich of Wilfred Laurier University, Canada.

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