Ancient Aliens?

Ancient Aliens?

Interesting “supposedly” ancient Mayan artifacts being used as proof of aliens among us, maybe some of you are aware of these and the Mx governments efforts to make their long hidden proof available, etc. - (link below).  I know many of you follow this stuff, as I have begun to pay more attention to it in the last few yrs, mainly because I believe much of it to be the point of some growing deception.  

After seeing these particular artifacts for the first time, and comparing them to the piles of both South American, middle and far eastern artifacts that I have looked at, these two main round’ish rock drawings appear to be a bit like modern cartoon drawing to me, complete with expanded views of space ship cockpits? 

Although everyone always appears to be quite taken with the South American ancient cultures, my question remains, do we really want to see some re- emergence of such a heinously bloody culture?  Much less the god-aliens that produced it?  Of course, I am only assuming those aliens required such human and animal sacrificial rituals. It could be they were totally benevolent vegetarians that left earth, leaving their nutty jungle worshipers to either resume old rituals, or fabricate new ones in the hopes of bringing them back, that remains to be known, but is it something we all just want to assume? Personally, my family and I will be watching from a LONG distance, and from a elevated position when that time

Now, there has been a lot of what we would think of as alien skulls and bones etc found and supposedly verified as real bones worldwide, all decidedly non-human for sure, but most of them are in South America, and or always found in hot climate areas.

One possibility on those skulls, of which I have seen several as you may have is, that the possibility certainly exists that they may not actually be from some none earthly alien place at all, but possibly just another rendition of this creation from a very long time ago. Just as the dinosaurs were, don't be alarmed, I am just thinking and talking outside the box on that for the sake of doing so. 

However, I do believe my observations concerning the ancient alien artifacts and skeletal remains to be viable. That most if not all of those alien skeletal remains have been found in hot climate zones, and or zones that we know were hot climate zones long ago.  Case in point, to my understanding, Montana has the largest amount of dinosaur remains. We have the most and best finds here, however to my knowledge so far, no such alien artifacts left by alien god worshipers, or alien bones have been unearthed. Nor have I seen any such artifacts found in any US State above the 40th parallel or there about. Not to say that no evidence is evidence in and of itself. Just that the mathematical probability of all these alien remains and artifacts being found mainly in hot climate zones, as well as all the supporting human, alien worshiping cultures being found only in those areas, is WAY high, and most likely totally improbable. But below, especially in South America, and the Middle East, they are ripe with this stuff. 

I believe we can also attribute their many pyramids to this same phenomenon. Again, no such structures above a certain line of parallel.  In fact, virtually all of the world’s largest pyramid type structures are all found within the bounds of a very narrow strip of earth. A few of the major ones, on the ground and below the oceans are even on the exact same line, while many thousands of miles apart.

If you have not yet watched and studied Col. Carl Munck's four part series on the worlds ancient structures, and how they are part of a proven Global Matrix, then you are seriously missing out! This series is an absolute must have. I will attach the Amazon sales link below. 

The ancient Northern cultures?  Now they appear to be showing the exact opposite if we introduce climate into our search matrix as I have. The further North we go, the less we see any evidence of these non-human entities like the little Grays, or the big Grays, the large biped reptiles, etc., who have been found actually living among the people.  What we do find is evidence and cultural tales of tall blond, blue eyed, humanoid aliens who spawned such cultures as the Vikings etc.  Aliens who protected those cultures from “other” technologically advanced, highly malevolent races. The Eastern Indian culture has much of the same type of entities who looked out for them within their stories, and ancient drawings etc., as do the American Indians. 

NOTE ADDED 1/30/14: While reading about North American ancient structures, I was almost surprised to find out that "Snake Mound" in Ohio has been found to have its shape and position aligned perfectly to the star cluster known as "Drakonis" or Drako, right at 5000 years ago! What I find interesting about this is, that Drako is the system known to be the home of such Reptilian humanoids who are believed to have had a significant amount of interaction with prehistoric man. The Snake mound is also known to be built on a highly magnetic area. 

The ancient hot climate cultures?  From all I have seen, from the ancient Sumerians to the Canaanite tribes, to our own later Judahite and Hebrew tribes of that same area, the Persian's and Mayans, etc., all tend to depict much of the same alien entity type ruling class, and they all either flat out tell you in their writings, and carvings that these entities are of some humanoid-REPTILIAN type - vs. our later Levitical apparitions on mountain tops where no actual entity is seen at all.  My best guess for this type of veiled encounter, which is opposite the literal Face-to-face meetings that we know Moshe and all the previous patriarchs received, must be because these diligent entities knew full well that our people had already long been steeped in the knowledge of the original reptilian encounter, and knew they could not make their true appearance fly among the Hebrews.  

In contrast, although large parts of the creation story do exists in more ancient cultures, the more specific account of the "Serpent entity" came through the Hebrew culture, and remained mainly within our culture for a very long time.

However, in other cultures around the planet, both before and after our Hebrew culture, we do see proof of almost identical reptilian entities clearly depicted in their writings and art, as well as their highly advanced astrological knowledge. 

We see these depictions and read their detailed descriptions because the alien entities saw no issue with showing themselves to these civilizations. Why? Again, I propose because they knew full well that these other cultures were not weaned on the original reptilian serpent story of man’s defilement.  Clean slate so to say. 

As you can plainly see from the Mayan artifacts in this video below, 99% of the drawings depict a reptilian type of entity, same as the ancient Sumerian drawings and texts concerning King Marduk’s race, who were not at all benevolent. What I tend to find disconcerting is, that large reptiles tend to have a big appetite for meat!  So, my guess is, humans are their food source. My other guess is, that people who consume meat will be their primary delicacy. Either way, as already stated, I would be willing to bet that these such entities are the exact ones who taught men to kill and eat flesh in the first place.

I have believed, for many, many years, based on the Hebrew syntax and use of certain words that specifically contrast this reptilian entity in Gen-3 from the rest of their known animal friends in that garden, specifically within the texts describing “the serpent” as being a higher form of animal entity which is higher than the animals of the field, etc. Those texts obviously depict that entity as above the man and woman as a teacher, but still showing it to be a different physical form than both the Man and the Woman, the texts prove it to be certainly a reptilian entity of sorts.  

Points that most people totally miss attempting to understand some of the Hebrew words in all this, they dismiss many of the important root word connections like - Gen 3:1“And the serpent was cunning above every animal of the field which Jehovah God had made. And he said to the woman, Is it true that God has said, You shall not eat from any tree of the garden?” This word isערום) Arum), depicted  here as cunning, which is actually a good translation of that word, however the sense of it should be understood as a negative ability, not a malevolent cunning. 

The word ( נכש  - Nachash )has been loosely used  to specifically describe some standard snake with no legs or arms in the English, however that is not all this word can describe. It can just as easily be used to describe any reptilian type creature, biped or not.

Although the finer linguistic understanding is far removed from the English versions, the basic idea of the entities TYPE – the serpent, remains in tact.

What people also miss regarding these texts, is that this (arum) is the same word used again just below in Gen 3:7  “And the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked -  ערום. And they sewed leaves of the fig tree, and made girdles for themselves.” 

So, now you see by the use of this word “arum” again, and especially within the same exact context, that its overall meaning must then also be the same. Yes, they both ‘may’ have in fact been physically naked at the time, however that is not what the continued use of this word is going for. It is stating that they were now in some way instantly changed, that they now found themselves as the reptilian was, “cunning.” In other words, they stopped "reflecting" the image in which they were made, and now reflected a new image of a lower being!

I ask you; was it an apple they ate? Lol..., Well yes, if you are 5 years old then of course it was. However, to put a finer point on this from my understanding of it all; as I have taught this for some time, it was NOT any fruit from any physical tree that they were enticed to eat. And yes, the hard, fast “everlasting agreement” rule was absolutely broken by them, as they were in fact directed by that reptilian flesh eating entity to do for the first time, - to kill and eat one or more of the animals in which they were forbidden to kill, much less eat, but to be  protectors over. An absolute trust like no other was broken against those who depended on the Man to love and protect them.

Furthermore, within the later texts when The Eternal walked among them again, calling for the Man, at which time the texts depict The Eternal “clothing them” in animal skins?  Yeah, no doubt that is true, however, virtually everyone has totally misunderstood the WHY!  

The Eternal was NOT being benevolent in that action! He took the wet, rotting skins of the murdered animals and made both of them wear those disgusting skins AS clothing for what they had done, at which point the rest of the gauntlet was thrown down on them both, as well as on the Non-Torah observant reptilian entity.   Because we must always remember, nothing, not one entity within any creation of The Eternal One is more than it's creator, all the same rules MUST apply throughout ALL creations regardless of any created ones physical appearance. 

One Original Torah for all creations must exist. Thus, we do NOT have any so-called fallen angels as Christianity has devised! All we have is other disobedient created beings messing about in sand boxes in which they have no business. 

How hard is that to envision? This planet is chock-full of non-observant, disobedient human entities. Like we are the only ones?  It is and will always be about FREE WILL! 

I would also like to point out that mans readjusted version of a vengeful god is not at all played out in this scene when it most warranted certain vengeance, at the very least against the reptilian entity. Thus again, proving that the real Eternal One is about CREATION, CREATING, and CONSERVATION of both, NOT destruction. 

I would like to point out further that the final days prophesy from Jeremiah, (which again most people don’t even know exists as an end days prophesy), is very specific about how, just as they did within the walls of Jerusalem during the siege by the Babylonians, they ate their neighbors', their friends, and their children's flesh.

HOWEVER, equally if not far more important was the fact that at that exact time, The Eternal sent in His Malakim to mark the foreheads of all those who had always cried out in heart and mind against the goings on of the King to that time. It is interesting to note that those Marked people did NOT have to resort to eating people to survive those years of siege. They were also the only people allowed, by the Babylonian Kings Generals, to leave in peace with Jeremiah, and even receive their own village to occupy which had not been destroyed yet. 

I believe we can all look upon that story as a kind of mini-Exodus for Jeremiah and company, especially since much of that company disobeyed The Eternal's instructions for them through Jeremiah shortly afterward, the same as those who acted against Moshe. These however actually returned to Egypt, and were killed.

The unrealized reason and truth for Judah's destruction was because the Judahite Kings had long been following the direction of yet another entity, a different voice.  An entity that required blood and flesh sacrificing, first of animals, then of humans, just like the garden, and just like the Mayans’, as well as many other cultures who followed the ancient ritual of "Feeding the gods."

All coincidence I am sure.... 

The moral to this probability?  Move North! They evidently don’t like the cold....

S. Asher


Unknown said...

You say : "we do NOT have any so-called fallen angels as Christianity has devised". But then what are your thoughts on Genesis 6 ?

AHLCglobal said...

Hi Lydia, So sorry for the long wait for this answer, I just dont have the time to keep up with this blog as I should.

you may have misinterpreted what I mean by saying that we don't have fallen ANGELS as xtianity depicts it. Not saying that some entities are not working both with and against this creation, they are. I am saying that they aren't some created beings that decided one day to rebel against their own creator. This is an amalgamated idea that turned into a superstition of many generations which has been perpetuated mostly by xtianity. There is always an original root truth to most fables and myths, it however takes ALLOT of searching and study to get back to those usually very small truthful origins.

Are there entities within other vast creations who are NOT Original Torah compliant? YES! of course there are, just as most of this planet is also filled with non-original Torah compliant entities called humans, this is not hard to understand. The issue with most not allowing themselves to understand such things is rooted in their love for their particular dogma - i.e. THIS is the ONLY creation and WE are the ONLY created beings..LOL That lie in and of itself has been enough to quell most Western peoples understanding of who their actual enemy is and how they actually work. Their dogma also restricts them all from knowing who their actual Eternal One is, His Name, His original Instructions, etc. All this falls squarely under - NOT knowing your enemy, which is exactly the reason why Xtians and all others of different faiths require an intermediary (savior) type entity, because the wool has been pulled over all their eyes.

My latest 2nd Edition "Greater Exodus" will clear allot of this stuff up for you if you haven't read that yet.

Hope this helped, and I will try to watch for peoples comments on these topics better in the future.


Unknown said...

what is best source of Torah law

AHLCglobal said...

Jim - Try this as a rule:

Treat all souls as you would have them treat you -

Rest is details

M. Frey said...

Excellent summary.

AndY Noth said...

I'm wondering if you have ever read into the Secret Teachings of John.
You are very keen on the biblical history and I see that you are familiar with the Demiurge (YaldaBaoth), however it is interesting to note that the complete 'prison state of the flesh' is fully elaborated in this story. It answers many questions which the bible leaves riddled. I do think that the story of the snake and the tree is more real than thought. It even shows the first adam of flesh was like a worm untill the Demiurge was tricked into blowing it's breath into Adam.
Interesting note: Jezss was the snake in the garden. If the couple did not eat it, they would stay in the slave state consciousness.

AHLCglobal said...

Hey there, Yes, actually a student sent me a pDF version of that texts several yrs ago. As memory serves I found much of it a bit disjointed, but as you say, it does call out allot of this other stuff. If you really want to know what I think about the prison state of this creation space and these physical bodies, you really need to read my now book - Soul Revolution. It took yrs to finish and it is now out there freaking some overly religious people And yes, I do hit on the entire garden scene and what the texts ACTUALLY say there and made connections and correlations back to other ancient texts and into modern quantum and biological physics,etc. Read that and let me know what you think then.


WWu777 said...

Hi Dr. Asher,
Do you have any videos or blog articles on Gnosticism? I was wondering what your take is on Gnosticism and the Nag Hammadi texts. They seem closest to the truth and hence suppressed. What's your view of them? It seems none of your podcast interviewers have brought it up. Thanks.

WWu777 said...

Dr. Asher,
Btw, which of your books do you recommend I read if I only have time for one book? Which is your magnus opus? Also, are your books available in Kindle or mobi format? If not, can I buy a mobi version from you directly? Thanks.

AHLCglobal said...

WWu777 - I have a specific order of reading for my books, and I also believe that the first book as listed below, is where I touch on the Nag and other Gnostic scriptures. In fact, if you have not seen it yet, I recently finished a 7 yr work of totally re-translating the 4 books of the Essene. My personal opinion on those texts is that they are most likely, like the Essene texts out of Qumran, directly taken from the original texts which had already been dislodged from the "authorized canon". Maybe not 100% of their parts, but allot of it.

Dr. Asher Suggested Order of Reading

Reading these books out of this order will generally cause confusion, and not hasten your learning curve. Since Dr. Asher’s information is new information for most people among all of the worlds religions, and in many cases totally opposite to the mainstream religious information that we have all been provided, it behooves the reader to take this advice.

Additionally, Dr. Asher has long advised all of his students to read each book no less than two to three times each before forming new opinions, or contacting him with questions. As previously mentioned, all of Dr. Asher’s information is new to most people. Thus, while reading this new information, and upon the realizations that most of what we believe we knew as truth, has turned out to be well established misdirection, as Dr. Asher proves time and again, this realization can be both invigorating and freeing, but also hurtful to find out. Therefore, your learning process can be slowed due to these feelings that usually need to be worked through.
So, as Dr. Asher advises, read through the first two, main books twice, and then read through all the others once to get the greater overview. Then, do it all again.

Dr. Asher’s books are known to be resource manuals, and not just books that we can read through one time believing we have it all figured out. Dr. Asher likes to remind us that we didn’t read one book, or only take one month, or one year, to get so massively diverted spiritually as souls, and as living beings; so, it will take some time and real studying and contemplation on the readers part before they emerge from the generational lies, and into the pure freedom of The Father’s original, 1st law, of the Everlasting Agreement.

1. Land of Meat & Honey
2. The Greater Exodus
3. The Beacon Seed
4. As it was in the days of Noah
5. The Creators Calendar
6. Soul Revolution
7. The Asher Codex – (Will fill in many details from the other books)
8. Christendom’s False Prophesies

Reincarnation > Re-Set

Soul Revolution -  Trinity of Humanity - Is the key proof for why they do this work generationally. "Surely, for the thinking person wh...