The Revelation Conspiracy!

The Revelation Akashic Conspiracy

A friend sent me a short thesis from yet another Christian prophesy expert concerning the alleged future events as they appear to be lined out for the world whether we like it or not, as specified in their book of Revelation. As much as I tend to agree with his hypothesis of "WHO" the literal countries are, and who the rulers were, and are today, also pointing out how Christians as a whole are so deluded that they in fact may be the "Image" that reflects the actual beast system as expressed therein; I continue to argue that most of these guys still have only a very small part of the LITERAL information when it comes to DANIEL, because the HEBREW in Daniel does NOT express most of what they are stating it says in the English versions. Not to mention forcing connections between our Hebrew prophets and the Christian book of Revelation like they are somehow meant to be connected.  So that’s a couple of major issues I see in all this. 

The more important point which no one is considering in all this as it plays out, is based on totally verified Quantum Physics concerning DNA and the human SOUL, as proven by several of the worlds most renowned Physicists in the last 10 yrs, especially in the last 3 to 5 years; proving the Souls eternal existence, as well as how it works directly with the majority of human DNA, can no longer be disputed by all the flat earth Newtonian knuckle-draggers.  

Proven - The soul exists, and exists as eternally.

Our JUNK DNA is not junk at all, now proven by Russian and other scientists including Quantum mechanics scientists, that it is literally a collection and data (memory) saving system for the Soul itself!  AND, that the Soul has the literal power to CREATE or more literally, effect CHANGE on the matter it lives in.  Didn't the prophet Yehshua tell you that if you believed enough you could literally move a mountain?  Well, this is what he was expressing, however those he spoke to were clueless like everyone today. Of course I have proven all of this to be true as well in my first book "The Land of Meat & Honey" from the metaphysical side of all this, as it is fully verifiable via not only the ancient Hebrew texts, that The Eternal One designed and instituted a FREE WILL system in which all created entities MUST work! Even the ones NOT created for THIS creation, but continue to attempt full eventual control over it. So the science perfectly reflects, and has now finally caught back up to the ancients’ knowledge base. Much of what modern man has deemed as myth, is now being proven as truth.

How is this important to this end-time’s scenario?  Because the dark side entities who were created long before this creation, KNOW full well, that in fact they are FORCED to work by the basic rules of The Eternal Creators Free Will system. Which means they know far better than us how to USE and or manipulate us within that system. So like I've already written in another article on ancient to modern geopolitical events and the source behind them, this is done via our CONSENT!! 

Again, how does that effect the end- time’s Revelation info?   Well, it is my hypothesis, which I believe to be completely provable via our history and coming future events; that it was in fact these evil entities that PROVIDED you the entire alleged prophesy of Revelation! 

WHY?  Because they ALSO know full well that OUR souls were given to us by The Eternal One Himself, knowing that they are literally a Micro-version of His Macro-Soul!  Thus, and again just like your Yehshua told you - 'don't you know that you are also gods?''.....hmmmm. Now that's odd to say isn't it?  Did he mean to say that all humans are GODS in the same sense as The Eternal One is the absolute Creator? No, I do not believe he did, and I’m certain that translation is a bit off as well. But again, he was expressing an idea that they and most even today cannot wrap their uneducated heads around. That if YOUR soul is literally a Micro-portion of His Macro-soul, then guess what, in that sense you are quite literally more LIKE Him than NOT like Him. JUST as our higher science is NOW proven! AND THE EVIL ENTITIES KNOW THIS!!!!! 

(See a few current scientific discovery articles here) – 

Again, WHY is this important concerning the alleged Revelation texts?  Because again, as our ancients full well knew and told us, that which our higher science has now proven and continues to prove further –

If THE evil entities know the Creation system better than anyone, then they can easily get YOU to create the future THEY want to create for them, or at least do most of the heavy lifting. 

HOW?  Via the projecting power of our Souls and its proven ability to influence our immediate and long term futures. Of course, this influence is far less identifiable as an influence or force when it is one, or only a few weak souls. However, By establishing a point of detailed reference material for a growing population led by superstitious hacks to (BELIEVE COMPLETELY, to BELIEVE it to be INEVITABLE, to TEACH it PERPETUALLY, to SPEAK it CONTINUALLY, and to embrace it EMOTIONALLY! This is exactly how they passively attract your CONSENT, and passively get the growing masses to do the work for them! Now, I will use the words of your prophet Yehshua again as they were provided to me by a friend after this same conversation - "for words are like dead leaves when there is no life in them of the spirit. So, you breathe those words over and over until they LIVE! ““the force will be with them"........

WHAT?  "You BREATHE the words? The Detailed reference material "until they LIVE?"!!!! At which point the FORCE of those words/Reference material will be WITH THEM? WHO is THEM??? So, evidently like before when he spoke about our ability to move (matter) in the form of mountains, and that we are gods, here again he speaks of a far higher spiritual understanding than anyone since then within the superstition of Christianity can grasp! 

This is nearly the exact same concept as we have heard people express concerning the destruction of America, and even the world. By continuing to BELIEVE you owe tax money, you CONSENT to a completely false and constitutionally illegal system of taxation, "collectively", and THEY take that money to destroy every decent precept and system we originally built here! Thus, by our collective CONSENT of yet another set of detailed reference material, in this case the tax code, we will be undone!  So you see, the Christian prophesy of Revelation is not nearly the only “reference material” they have laid out there for everyone to “believe” as reality, and set into motion in order for them to work their overarching evil plans.
  It does however appear that this Christian prophesy is in fact their pinnacle and final play-book plan, the plan in which their many other plays, through government and religious entities, will funnel down into for ultimate completion. 

The Christian book of Revelation was written by the dark side (as a Play book), they hold the full understanding of our quantum Souls ability, and they, (via religion & gov’t), have systematically kept it from us, as well as the full understanding of The Eternal Ones Free Will system in which they work and deceive all people to CONSENT to BELIEVE, and by BELIEF and WORKS all of Christianity and Islam project their evil plan "UNTIL IT LIVES!"....  
And LIVE it will, because just as this Christian prophesy teacher got correct in the article sent to me, they have ALL been totally deluded! The problem however is exacerbated by him and others like him, as they have not yet learned that the DETAILS of that false Revelation plan do not matter at all, because none of it is real UNLESS THEY ALLOW IT TO BE REAL, and thus, THEY MAKE IT LIVE! 

Everything within the universe is all based on "frequency" which has long been proven. Moreover, as we clearly see via the Hebrew texts of Genesis that our creation, as all creations are, created via the “frequency” projected out of the mouth of The Eternal Creator, then my hypothesis is proven by these facts alone! By the massive collective emotion filled mouths of the people, generation after unenlightened generation, THEY MAKE IT LIVE! 

So, they all better hope that Yehshua is in fact their savior, and that he will be sent back to cover their butts through that which all of Christianity has loved, and so wished for to come. Because it appears Christians have done a really great job at; "breathe those words over and over until they LIVE!"

Now you understand why I finally wrote and brought the “prophesy of The Greater Exodus” to as many as will read it! I did so because I fully believe that by using the exact same tactics as the enemy, via a growing population of people who come to KNOW its verifiable truth, its Greatness and highly positive understanding as a literal prophetic event to come, NOT by one prophet, but by The Eternal's messengers instructions to many prophets as I prove in that book, with the hope that it will in fact be BREATHED OVER AND OVER UNTIL IT LIVES! 

The Greater Exodus prophesy is literally the ONLY prophetic event outlined within all the Prophets and the Torah that can be 100% verified as such with no additional translation, allegory or assumption required to understand its clear meaning through any of those prophets. Virtually ALL other alleged prophesies have been misunderstood and misapplied completely. At the very least none to date can truly be verified by those attempting to unravel their many hidden nuances. Ask yourselves, WHY is it that all of Judaism for thousands of years have known about and taught this Greater Exodus prophesy as a literal event to come (for us alone), and in connection with the Passover; but for the same thousands of years, no one has told any gentile about this, or written any detailed book on it?  That is until I did! 
AGAIN! Your prophet Yehshua told you PLAINLY who lies, and who manipulated everyone’s lives through false laws and customs, but Christians still never got it! (The synagogue of the Evil ones!)  Of course they never let this TRUE Greater Exodus prophetic information out to you, because YOU ALREADY received the "detailed reference material" they wish you to have and hold dearly! REVELATION!  And although many Christian teachers have attempted to enlighten me as to how so many "other" Hebrew prophets also speak directly to this compilation of Revelation, that's a lie
 If that were true, Judaism would have long been ripe with the same end-days scenario down to the letter, and we don't! All of that has been 100% due to Christianity’s propensity for "reverse exegesis" of the texts; texts of which few if any of them ever read, or understood in the original language!  No, it has been Christians over the years who have gone back into the older texts and played a fast and loose game of connect the dots to their new prophesy of Revelation. No Messenger of the True Eternal One did that for them! 
These ancient dark forces have turned an entire population of 2.6 billion people worldwide into raving death and destruction lusting lunatics!  You will see further proof of this accusation in yet another author’s book description below. And as previously stated, whether YOU and YOURS want to or not, THEY are dragging you all along for this sociopathic carnival ride! Case in point proving exactly what I expressed in this document, Read this authors book description below and weep, because I would have rather not been correct on this matter.

There really is only one possible escape from the clutches of these brainwashed Megaphones, and that is to LIVE and BREATH the Greater Exodus event, especially in prayer daily and as much as possible! I no longer advise this as some passing advice! I am advising that everyone who believes the truth and reality of His Greater Exodus event, as it should be set in motion during these dark days that these lunatics pray and wait in earnest for, to begin LEARNING about the GE in as much detail as you can, begin keeping the Passover memorial with the GE as its central theme as we do, literally BELIEVING and WAITING with deep EXPECTATION for Him to send us a messenger on that day with instructions for us!  This HAS TO become a literal and visceral emotion based belief and projection FROM you!

We must COLLECTIVELY combat the dark thoughts, beliefs and intention of these people who have been taken over, mind, soul and soon bodily, by becoming just as fierce with our beliefs, and personal activities to that end - (but through constant aware thought, speech, and earnest prayer)!!! 

Anyone who has learned anything from me knows that I am NOT a practitioner or teacher of proselytizing people at all, no Jews or Karaite's are culturally. I firmly believe that anyone who comes to His Everlasting Agreement has been, over time, called out by The Eternal to do so, and that anyone who is truly called out will be sent to those who have already learned how to change, and thus the new person is ready to HEAR and not ARGUE!  However, that being said, I also tend to believe this to be somewhat of a numbers game, which is why the dark side has instituted the mechanism within all of Christianity for proselytizing at all costs, at all times! Because if it is as I firmly believe, all of this outcome is based solely on the amount of souls they have, believing, speaking, praying, hoping, and emotionally attached, to their evil long term plan of destruction. The more souls giving emotional energy in that direction, the more definite the outcome.

We MUST begin doing the same, and it MUST be NOW! We have to get allot more proactive within ourselves and each other! That is unless you also relish the idea of being enslaved and having your family members and friends heads cut off, along with your own. Personally, I decided a long time ago, long before I began teaching anyone about the GE, to NOT take that ride along with all the crazies. I opt for the same, and or greater protections and provisions – as published by His true prophets - through those times, as my forefather Moshe received. Am I alone in this option?

Forces arrayed against this planet appear to be suddenly moving far faster and further than any other time in my life, and I for one have been watching this world devolution into the next mass pogrom since my teens. As much as I have attempted to hesitate speaking about such lofty scientific proofs, and coupling them with prophetic information as I have recently, I have more recently been pushed heavily to make those connections known. I can only imagine it is because something is close at hand.  Also as some of you who have known me on a more personal basis, know full well that I am not one to be led at all by emotion, or some faux super-spirituality.  I have NEVER couched anything I have taught or written in the usual BS of “god has led me to tell you this, or teach that, etc.”... I leave all that hysterical nonsense to the Christian TV evangelists, and other false messianic teachers. Of course I am not at all stating that I don’t believe that The Eternal influences His messengers, prophets or teachers, etc., of course He does, as few as they can possibly be these days; I was greatly pushed to turn my doctoral thesis of the Greater Exodus into a published book, to bring this previously exclusive Jewish prophesy to the public for those who it is truly written for. I feel it may be very important to everyone in this walk to step up their personal spiritual contribution where it concerns His coming Greater Exodus. That possibly making these connections about how the dark side has been working certain large groups of people for so long, will be required wisdom in the near future for some reason. I don’t know those reasons, nor do I even ask.

I will end this by advising, that anyone who has not yet, or had been shifting back and forth on making the required transition into His “Everlasting Agreement”, to take serious hold of yourself and do so immediately. Anyone who has not yet read the “Land of Meat & Honey”, should do so before taking on the understanding of His Greater Exodus.
SEE Armageddon book description below:


Every human being on the planet and throughout the course of history has been wired with a desire to see The Glorious Battle take place in their lives. The battle they seek is the ultimate fulfillment of the God breathed creation. They seek redemption and salvation when all seems lost and the very essence of the universe hangs in the balance. The human soul wants this whether they have a conscious knowledge of God or not. We see it played out in books like J.R. Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings, and C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, where all the mystery of the universe and the deepest secrets of magic and other dimensional adventures are revealed in a cataclysmic, personal and ultimately fulfilling quest for understanding of the human existence.
Top of Form
This quest for fulfillment takes firm shape in the prophetic scriptures of the Bible. God in His eternal righteousness, holiness, and power who has allowed, according to His plan, the darkness to define his immutable and eternal qualities has foreseen and determined the ultimate course of the souls of men. The destiny of every soul is known by God before the foundation of the world. His ultimate plan is the definition and the destruction of every evil thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. 
There is a definite plan already in place which God has communicated beforehand to men of God moved by the Holy Spirit. These prophets of God have written the story of God in the pages of scripture. What was delivered in ages past, shrouded in mystery then, is being illuminated now at the time of the last days. The end of the age will result in certain unchangeable circumstances foreordained by God to display His glory and majesty as the creator and ruler of the Universe. 
The Glorious Battle - Road Map To Armageddon lays out in clear historical context, the purpose of prophecy, the medium of its delivery through God's Chosen people the Jews, the events that are expected to transpire, and the revelation of Jesus Christ at the end of this age. Through the understanding of REAL events recorded throughout ancient and even modern history we can understand that the season that humanity finds itself in right now in the 21st century is right on the cusp of fulfilled prophecy when the greatest story ever told will be exploding into its final consummation
This time in history will be the ending of one age and the beginning of a glorious new one as REAL events spoken of in scripture come to pass before our eyes and when the reality of God the Son, Jesus Christ breaks from the extra-dimensional, eternal realm of glory into the mundane world of believers and unbelievers unlike. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords will rule the nations with a rod of iron dispelling every doubt of mankind as to the existence of God and the fullness of His presence in Jesus Christ.

The Road Map to Armageddon lays out the order of events that are set to burst forth in the last days. It also warns and advises all to take action and prepare for the darker times ahead, for indeed we will need to be grounded and rooted in faith, preparing our households to minister to the lost in their darkest hour as lights in the darkness, and proclaiming hope to the hopeless to lay claim on the greater prize of our calling in Christ. 

So there you have it! Our science has finally caught back up to the reality of our creation, and thereby proving to those who will hear, that our future will be bleak because of the multitudes superstitious beliefs and propensity to emotionally shout those false beliefs as far and wide as humanly possible to the very end in which they helped to conjure! By their mouths they speak the evil ones plans to come into fruition by consent of the slaves! But for me and my house which has many thousands of people in it, we will follow the Eternal truth and the Greater prophesy of provision and protection before and during those dark days.

(See The Greater Exodus here – 


Unknown said...

Bereshis 6:5Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

5 And Hashem saw that the wickedness of HaAdam was great in ha’aretz and that every yetzer (inclination) of the machshevot (thoughts) of his lev was only rah (evil) continually.

One would expect that the pre- flood humans actions and words matched their thoughts...

As Yeshua Hamashiach said "Mark 9:19

19 “O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?"

Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

You wrote, "Thus, and again just like your Yehshua told you - 'don't you know that you are also gods?''.....hmmmm. Now that's odd to say isn't it?" Would you kindly point out where in the bible this is written, or if not in the bible, where Yeshua spoke those words, please? Thank you...

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