Eternal's Bow

The overlooked meaning! 

The Hebrew word for Bow, Cross bow, and Rainbow is “kehshet - קַשָת”. Although missed as usual within the English texts and virtually all other previous translations, Kehshet, is the exact same word in Hebrew, making the connection clear! Kehshet should be better understood in terms of the bow-weapon first, especially when found within the Genesis story, as well as with Zachariah – 9:10 – “Milchamah Kehshet”, and 10:4 – meaning Bow of War; thus, the overall corrected context is not only about a colorful rainbow, and changes the deeper meaning of the story.

  Of course it is easy see, via the loss of the Hebrew language and culture for so long, how the connection between our basic reflective weather anomaly, “the rainbow”, and a “bow weapon” got used in spirit, but disconnected in context. I believe that this loss of context as it specifically concerns the Character of The Eternal One, and how mankind will be dealt with in the future, is yet another stumbling block which has led to additional mass misunderstanding by all who continue to see Him as a vengeful Creator.

Why, though, would the ancient Ibri = Hebrews, Moshe in particular, refer to a rainbow as a bow?  Well, the obvious answer comes from the Gen 6 story of Noach and the flood, however that is not nearly the full understanding of it.

After God judged those who were identified much earlier by Noach’s Great Grandfather Enoch, to have been those “other created beings” who broke away from all original Torah instructions, which are universal, came here causing massive destruction to His created ones through technologies, save a few people, His protection was lifted and a catastrophic flood was allowed to occur. After which The Eternal made Noach a very important promise – that He would never allow such harsh universal destruction again. Which means regardless of how far man veers away next time, such a level of destruction will not occur.
I know, the misunderstandings prevail and everyone still believes The Eternal literally caused that destruction of His own creation personally, however that is just not the correct understanding, as I believe I proved within my first book, “The Land of Meat & Honey”.  By His Free-Will system and our ongoing participation in it, it is mankind on both the individual level, as well as our collective choices that caused that flood to overtake us, not the other way around.  If we are obedient to His original and continued Everlasting Agreement, as the Prophet Isaiah lamented, then just like Cain, “all will be well with you”, if not, “then your sin will remain with you”, as will all that comes with being separated from The Eternal's covering! Not rocket science folks!

Of course, within the highly redacted and politically corrected Masoretic Hebrew texts where all later language versions are derived, we really don’t have great detail about just how those “other created entities” messed with His creation bad enough to warrant a total reboot, although speculation and creative tales abound. I tend to believe that – “Everything that happened before, will happen again”, It’s just the way a certain percentage of human souls strive without sanity or compassion for anyone but themselves, if even themselves. As well it appears these same soul types continue to find themselves at the top of the human food chain through history over and over.  So, I just have to look at our more modern pre and Post industrialized history, see what most government sponsored science is pushing, i.e. – Human, animal, and food genetic modifications, and blending technology with humans, etc., and I have more than a fair idea what occurred between Enoch’s life and Noach’s day that caused almost an entire creation to become unviable.

Here is where we begin to understand why the literal rainbow was provided as an eternal sign of The Eternal Creator’s forgiveness and characteristic mercy.

After all was said and done, The Eternal took His “Milchamah Kehshet – Bow of War”, and turned that bow outward, pointing away from us, and again in position as protection for us, on permanent display for all to see. THIS is the corrected context of that most perfect display of Light & Water! Gen-1?

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Dr. Shmuel Asher
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lisysomna said...

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Joseph said...

In early April 1995 I was driving home from work after having gotten into it with a Bible thumper I worked with. Anyway he said something to me to the effect of you ought to read it with it being the Bible and it stopped me cold because inside i knew that was right and even though i was mad i realized that it was foolish to enter a battle unarmed at least thats what the internal silent voice was telling me. So as I drove home I started praying a little prayer that ended with, if you are real show me a sign. Less than 5 minutes later my sign started coming over the course of the next couple of miles. It was a windy kind of a day partly sunny with lots of little low laying clouds moving across the sky and as i climbed to the top of the big hill and turned the tight corner the internal voice told me to look up. And there stood the first one standing up from the others that were rolling across the sky, a perfect cross made out of cloud. I was stunned to say the least and as i was driving straight towards it a tree blocked my view just for a second and when I could see the cross again it was blowing apart sideways. A moment later i crested a hill and there right in front of me stood another perfect cross made out of a cloud. I saw it blow apart too. a little farther and i saw the third cross made of cloud, each one was perfect looked to be the same size and what I was seeing was impossible is what was going through my mind. I saw a fourth cloud shaped like a cross that day only this one was upside down and way out on the horizon and it looked like there was a line of them behind it the same way upside down stretching as far as I could see.

I didnt tell anybody what happened when I got home I was in shock i didnt even tell my wife. By the end of the first week after I saw them I felt like i was being pursued that there was something following me and it was scaring me bad. The fear was always behind me over my left shoulder and a couple times i tried to turn around fast and try to see what it was. on the last day of that first week i had walked up to my shed and it was right behind me the whole way and when i reached for the door handle i turned around quick as a cat and said outloud F____ you youre scaring me leave me alone! Then came a sinking feeling and I knew how wrong i was. First I asked for a sign and then I was gonna run away from it? And then tell God F you right to his face, who does that? I had a lot to learn and I spent everyday for the next 12 years trying to understand all of it. What does it all mean? How is that possible? I had lots of questions and thought ok well why dont you just appear next to me and I can ask you all the questions I have? Nope, sorry it doesn't work that way. I had the best Teacher but she never told me any of the answers ever but she would let me know when I was wrong and we wouldnt advance until I understood how to reach the conclusion. Sometimes I would have dreams that showed me things the first one i was riding down the road in the back of a car and we were passing all these people i knew standing on the side of the road. I waved but none of them waved back they just stared. Then we backed up to these two big doors on this building and somehow i just floated through them into a big room filled with flowers. It was my funeral and it woke me up. The ego has to die or you are unteachable its the same for all of us....

Well that's all I'm gonna say. Is that what it meant I will set my bow in the cloud? You are free to believe whatever you want. I know what I saw that's all I can speak too I asked God if you are real show me a sign and if that wasn't a sign from God I dont know what you'd call it I know I had no expectations of what it would be or if I would even get one.

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