I AM You – The Key to breaking the cycle? 

In the past year I past year I have had the great pleasure of becoming acquainted with one of the world’s treasures, a very spiritual and historically knowledgeable man from India who is also one of the worlds top minds in Quantum Physicists. Now, most of you have become aware that this discipline of science has long intrigued me, and one I have studied almost as much as my own discipline of spiritual understanding. As well you may know that I do not believe we can separate The Eternal’s creation or Him from this particular discipline of science. I firmly believe that it will ultimately take seeing both in order for the how’s and why’s of His expansive creation to be fully known. 

Disclaimer: For those who continue their personal propensities to read something in any article in which they initially find a point they disagree with, only to continue reading colored by their own dogmatic superstitions, not truly comprehending the intended spirit of the rest of the information provided in said article - THIS particular article, although I believe it "can" be coupled to my verified teaching concerning the Eternal One's true name - as found in the "Asher Codex", I am NOT presenting this new parallel as absolute truth on the subject, but only for additional consideration, although certain language within the following may tend to allow that incorrect assumption. 

Although I have never revealed to many people that for several years now I have also studied, as in depth as my free time would allow, the cultural and ritual ideas of the Eastern religions. The reason being that knowing for so long how redacted and skewed my own Hebrew religious texts were, I felt the only recourse short of storming the Vatican was to look at the other, even more ancient, religions who didn't appear to have such pervasive editorial issues.

In the latest conversation with this friend on the subject of the human “living soul”, a subject which interests us both more than any other, he brought up a point that is understood within the Eastern Indian Buddhist religion concerning the moon. While explaining his point he mused about how many top scientists within several fields of science believe that they have proved that the moon was not always with us. Meaning, regardless of which ageing system you wish to believe and use to measure the earth’s age, that since the seventies there exist ongoing and measurable physical properties both on the moon and on earth, which prove that there is no physical way that the moon has been in our orbit for nearly the same amount of time that the earth has been in existence. Now, this was the point in our conversation where I actually had some ancient understanding to add. As I have reiterated more times in my life than I care to remember to those who only wish to know what our English Torah translations have to say, within Genesis-1, that there has never and will never be any mention of any moon created at that time or before by the Creator being spoken of within those texts. Therefore, when we consider the main points of creation, which are spoken only within those specific sections of our entire Hebrew text, we are provided with the proof that there is no mention of any moon being created on the 4th day, or any other day. My friend found this to be quite interesting because this was information he hadn't knowledge of yet, given that he had no Hebrew scholar to date giving him the truth on these matters; also, not information easily ascertained via any English version of the text.   

Let’s get back to his main point concerning their Buddhist understanding and the moon. He explained that the Buddhist belief was that when a person dies, his soul travels only as far as “the vicinity” of the moon, NOT the moon itself. While in that area, which I am considering to be some quantum spiritual star-gate location, he said that the soul is asked one question, a test of that soul’s wisdom level, or lack thereof.

Now, before I continue with his wisdom on this, I would like to point out and instruct you in advance to notice the absolute simplicity of it all as we progress. Knowing what I have taught and written in my own books, expressing “ad nausea”, “That if any precept or ritual is difficult to understand, or worse, said to be hidden to the point where a special priest or prophet is required for you to know it, IT IS A LIE”! 

Therefore, the opposite must always be true; the truth is at all times absolute simplicity and anyone can know it!

However, as I have also expressed many times over and a point that many of you have since learned as well, “That most people do not want simplicity, they want detailed ritual” and detailed rituals only teach patterns of enslavement, not patterns of freedom.

Moreover, there again, most humans on some level want enslavement, some more, some less. Most do lean towards wishing to be led like cattle, even if it is mostly on a subconscious level, because just like cattle most people are malignantly spiritually lazy.

Herein lies why you have literally every messiah type teacher within most of the world’s ancient religions all saying about the same things, teaching very close the identical precepts for all mankind, not just some men. Teaching that although many will hear a particular concept only a few, a remnant, will actually COMPREHEND and DO that particular concept, and even fewer still for an entire life-time. Whether it was Enoch, or Noach, or the Buddha, or Abrahim, or Muhammad’s original teachings, or Yehshua original teachings before Judah and the papacy got to them; it is for certain that all enlightened mortals have pretty much lived and taught the exact same simple truths – “Love the Creator with all you are”, and "Treat all living beings as you would have them treat you". I realize that most Christians and other offshoot Christian sects believe that Jesus came up with a new concept with that precept, however this ancient Hebrew wisdom long preceded him, and is the absolute basis for the Eternal Creators original instruction for all man. I have taught this basis myself, however always coupling its truth with the true understanding of The Eternal One's Character, although I upgraded the precept a touch to read - 'Love the Creator with all you are, and treat all living beings as you would have them treat your own child!'.... After that, the rest falls in place if you are paying attention for more than a week and strive NOT to be caught up in man’s religious superstitions. 

There is no doubt that the lingering teachings of Christian dogma will force most to see these ideas as nothing more than some revival of ancient pagan practices and ideas wrapped up in some new age presentation. However there again, those are the many who will remain stuck in this cycle of “non-learning, life after life, always crying out to their new messiah, whoever that may be, to save them from this life to which they continue to choose over and over again via their Free Will!….Lol  If I didn't have such a good sense of humor and positive attitude in dealing with the majority of people like this all these years, I may have cried out to The Eternal to take my life long ago.

The point remains; the truth of anything will be proven by its absolute simplicity, as well as in its convergence and compliance with the true life creating and life sustaining character of The Eternal Creator Himself.

Upon my friend’s explanation concerning the soul’s first stop along the way after death being in the vicinity of the moon, which is obviously some transcendent stop between our three dimensional earth existence and what we understand as “Shamayim” or heaven, he then told me the most amazing and shocking thing concerning the next of several possible phases for the soul while at this way-station. He informed me that one of their most ancient beliefs is, that upon the soul’s arrival to this point in space as it were, that our soul is asked one question, “WHO ARE YOU?

Immediately in my own soul, in that very moment, I knew the answer!  There could only be ONE answer to that question, and at that same exact second between my own breaths I was just as quickly disheartened with the realization that the majority of souls have never learned the answer to that question. Sadly, I know by my own lengthy personal experience, many who have actually heard “this answer” taught persist in not only rejecting it, but continue to use and teach the ancient lie which took its place, this answer will soon be revealed to you if you have not perceived it already.

Those who have not learned this, lack it, because ancient evil false priests originally hid it. As new faiths have emerged, those evil leaders learned this answer as well and joined with that ancient Shelanite clan to continually assure that it remain concealed. Not even I knew just how important this single, small piece of information would be at this level, and I have known its core answer all my life, but always instructed not to teach it. Additionally, the overall understanding of such a concept as reincarnation is continually under fire as being totally false and pagan, thus even knowing the answer, most will continue to reject the expanded use of it as I am now presenting for consideration. This demonizing is perpetuated mostly by Christianity and now, very likely Islam has joined the delusion as well. After so many years of in-depth scriptural, cross cultural, and language studies, etc., I have only recently now, through this scientist of all people, come to learn the vast importance of the simple words spoken of by our great prophets, such as Yehshua spoke teaching precepts like, the narrow path, passing through the eye of a needle, the virgins’ oil, etc. Which from my Hebrew perspective are all parables pointing to the same “key”, however, unfortunately few have found the truth of it, continually skewed and blinded by false dogma.

If what this man told me is true, and my inclination is to believe it is, then I am feeling a bit ignorant right now. But then again, how would any of us know other truths if we allow ourselves to remain caught behind the boundaries of the world’s three main, and most enslaving religious superstitions?  NOTE: I am NOT saying there is no true original Torah, of course I know there is, I have written books revolving around it. Just as my students and friends have expressed this same thought as they emerged from under the weight of the false doctrines of religion, I found myself thinking the same thing, that I should have found this information and made this connection many years ago; better later than never I guess. I appears regardless of anyone's extensive experience and education in this given area of religion vs/ spiritualism, or lack of it, we must all remain humble to the fact that we will all be in the same boat until a new scroll of original instruction falls out of heaven that clears things up. No one is yet standing on the shore looking down into this boat at everyone else quite yet. 

The nuts and bolts of what the human soul actually is, its three parts, along with how they connect and interact with creation is presently and quickly expanding the sciences’ perspectives. The truths they are unlocking are nothing short of miraculous and expansive, although most will find it difficult to learn a new language called quantum physics. For sure many of the flat-earth Newtonian scientists are hating these new breakthroughs, but they cannot disprove them. In fact they are quickly being forced to recant their many Darwinian superstitions as well. NOTE: A good point to remember about all science, as well as all theologians is, that our careers as it were, are 100% built on that Ph.D or Th.D, which is generally understood to be valid within a certain narrow view of the science or theology, respectively. Which means, when you build your entire public career on the lies that preceded you, i.e. 'white papers, hypothesis papers, thesis papers, public interviews, published works etc.; to later be proven so totally incorrect? One must then do some very serious soul searching, as you will be forced to turn in your Ph.D or forge ahead with the truth, and take your scholastic lumps. THIS, is why so many Flat-earthers in both science and theology fight so vigorously against those who have been given the eye's again to see these many truths as they have been appearing.  

Getting back to the main topic, the big question remains, “WHO ARE YOU?” The Eastern discipline of this understanding now backed up by this science, which is becoming more and more difficult for all other disbelieving scientists to cast any negative light on is, that with the correct knowledge and belief upon our death, a person can remain cognizant and aware of the next phase or realm before proceeding. This being so, an individual can now regain control over the next phase of their existence. To make my point clearer I would like you to think of most people by the following example. People, or a person has been driving their cars down a perfectly straight freeway with a totally blacked out windshield. So far, they only know to drive straight, keeping a sharp eye out both side windows to keep away from the guardrails, those rails being their only point of reference for direction. The freeway has many exists in order for any soul to advance their journey, however they miss these exits being unaware they exist prior to passing them. Being unaware and overcome by their own intense focus on those side rails, having only peripheral vision, they don’t look for possible exists. Thus they miss them completely until someone replaces the blacked out windshield, pointing out the possibility of additional directions in the hopes that they can now learn to turn, and complete their journey.   

Many of us are already aware of the plethora of verified accounts and scientific studies known as “near death experiences”, proving that in fact the ancients were correct to believe and tell us that there is no actual death. It appears that the Eastern religions and their use of meditation, although completely misunderstood by most Western religions, is a discipline “in part” specifically used to train for awareness in that very moment of death. Thus, such knowledge in life can be called upon in that moment we call death, at which point conscious choices can be made and evidently exceedingly important questions answered.  Like I said before, brings new light to the prophet’s quote – “My people perish for their lack of knowledge”…

I am hoping so far that you have either figured out the answer to this all-important question on your own, or still contemplating it as I ramble about here. Before I get into what that simple answer is, and I hope you are not reading ahead, I think it is germane to this topic that I hit on a few facts about our more modern times, and how the same source from our ancient past appears to be shaping up their extreme make-over plans for mankind. Facts are vast and becoming more provable outside the known Christian and Jewish dogmas concerning the true understanding of our long known, and long misunderstood prophesies; how certain aspects and principalities in our times have expanded, and how they will continue to broaden their influence over our souls as time progresses. I believe these will be ideas that all of us may agree on. 

There have always been a sect of people that knew of this ancient knowledge, striving to control it. Of course most of my own publication on that subject has revolved around false Shelanite-Judah’s involvement in hiding many original truths, however, they were not at all the first to do so and certainly not the last. As you may find out via the chapters on Judah within the new Asher Codex, I firmly believe it was proven that their sect continues to this day to be the overall head of this serpent, by way of their non-Hebrew Eastern European lineage.

In short, a few insiders have hidden these truths through massive textual redaction's, coupled with many cultural and linguistic manipulations, along with actively hiding many ancient texts few have ever seen. The overall lack of knowledge concerning these truths allows them to manipulate and control the world’s three main religions from birth to death, due to their distorted, falsified commentaries and cultural manipulations. Driving all the cattle of this world down very broad chutes, feeding them their own flesh, while brainwashing them generationally with all manner of feel good superstition. Even the best fed organic cows who get to live their lives in the most perfect weather and serene surroundings, still get a bolt to the head in the end! The bottom line on this, whether you believe what my friend’s Eastern discipline is saying or not, the end remains the same, that anyone who remains locked into the worlds’ religious orders will remain controlled even in death. So, giving all this more than a second look just may be worth your while in the eternal long-term.

“If you control the worlds’ systems, which systems all men are allowed to live in, and how they are allowed to think about those systems, then you can even control how man dies”. Thus, by controlling most knowledge and striving to build a single worldwide Statist religion, language and culture, they will eventually enslave not only physical men but all SOULS! This will be easily accomplished by wiping clean the earth of all spiritual teachers, even those of their own current false religious systems, burning clean all the books and any modern system of transferring knowledge and any way to get back to that knowledge, controlling all basic human needs, and presenting those who are left with your new “State” religion. No doubt this new religious order will be the final step in converting this originally perfectly created planet, into a Prison!  Therefore becoming a place where all the living souls of men can be totally controlled even in death.
  Controlled in a way that forces each soul now through new culturally forced ignorance, unlike our own current state of self-imposed ignorance, upon death to return back to their prison planet indefinitely! If the truth is simple, then as well it is also simple from the dark sides’ point of view.

Moreover, although the superstitions of Christianity and Islam have both completely over sold the entire idea of “the devil”, “fallen angels”, etc., they have at least understood one small part of their superstitions correctly, the dark side, whoever that may be, is absolutely after the total control of our souls! But why?

WHO ARE YOU?” As some of you may know I have a very different take on that question compared to the world’s religions and even most of you, I’m sure. I believe it can be clearly seen even via the ancient Hebrew texts we do have, coupled with the details of my own Hebrew culture on this topic, that in fact when The Eternal One said, “Let us make man in our image”…. He was very specifically speaking about GIVING this new three dimensional entity called “Adamah”, a small portion of His living soul, which of course we plainly see played out in those texts of Genesis-1. That in fact all of us are the Microcosm of His Macrocosm soul. Therefore, following the logic in this way, ALL other entities, helpers, created beings, what have you, that HE created long before us, and since HE DOES NOT CHANGE, were in fact also created in His image, as well as being provided that same portion of His soul. Now! That is not eliminating the fact that some of those "other" created ones who are far older and eons more technologically advanced, have not on their own, and in "their image" or not their image, created other beings who have not been equipped with The Eternal Creators "Living Soul portion". Possibly sub-being to do their bidding.

Thus, following this simple logic further, if even one of the other created beings which HE created were within ear shot of Him during the creation process of this galaxy, specifically on the 6th day, then He would have included them in His thinking and speech at that time to say, “Let us make man in OUR image!”

Now, if you were of the evil ones, whoever they may be, (most likely those spoken of by Enoch, although a bit skewed by yet another crucified translation), and you had influence over the willingly evil humans of the earth through all time, then tell me, what higher prize could there be than to be able to completely subvert, capture, and enslave so many portions of The Eternal Creator’s literal Soul?

Now, let us take that soul-enslavement project even further. If, as we now know, that The Eternal Creator created man to house a portion of His own living soul, i.e. “Living God”, then it should also be surmised and logically understood that the original system “of sending souls” as humans are born, which is a system that The Eternal obviously instituted, is exactly what we have seen being described in brief within the Hebrew Genesis chapter one. Then the receiving of all new souls, as the population expands, are souls further drawn from the source of all lifeThe Eternal Creator!  The idea quite literally and simply is a plan to suck as many souls as possible from the source, using His own system against Him! Now understand, I am not saying its a good plan, or even remotely sane, but again, consider the source we are talking about here. 

Now, looking at this from the perspective of the dark side and their obviously very protracted plan to enslave all souls, wouldn't it stand to logic and reason that they would find a way to first “control” all souls through the life, death, and rebirth process? Wouldn't it ALSO make certain sense that after their system of control is completed and ready for use, (and after their phase of killing off 90+% of the worlds population to begin fresh)they would then expand the new human population greatly on this planet again, and then continue to expand to many other planets? Thereby expanding the soul requirement greatly, as well as now possessing humans who have no scholastic or spiritual clue; and round and round they go, forcing all new born people/souls to be totally indoctrinated from birth. This next phase of induced population, possibly even by mass cloning projects in order to bring in the souls, would be made far easier and faster by all manner of new super high technology.  At which point their new tech extracts the living soul from the new born, they discard those biological infant bodies, then upload those living souls into their newly fully developed Techno-humanoid bodies. Thus, life-everlasting, or for as long as they deem you are needed!

WHY you ask? Remember, if this is all about limiting human knowledge long enough to finally be able, through many systems of control and manipulation to eventually fully enslave all souls, then by greatly expanding the amount of new souls pulled-in and away from The Eternal One’s quantum soul, they would have produced a system that might be able to diminish The Eternal One’s massive quantum soul enough to possibly shift the balance of power! i.e.Be as god”???  At least in their bent minds.  Another possibility could be nothing more than the dark sides need to build armies for that supposed, ongoing war in the heavens. We may possibly think of this planet as the Clone planet in the movie Star Wars, far enough remote from the fight that those they intend on overcoming will not see it occurring. We all know several of our prophesies can be easily plugged in to this probability. Either way, the current population won’t have that, so we got’z to go!  Sound crazy?  Well, it is not like they aren't telling everyone the plan. They have done so in many United Nations documents, and they even posted it in full view on an American megalith monument known as "The Georgia Guide Stones".  Where it very specifically states, and in total alignment with known UN plans; that at some future point the total sustainable population of this planet can not exceed 500.000.000!  So, then there's that!

For anyone who doubts the possibility of what I am hypothesizing here, you can convince yourself by reading any of Ray Kurzweil’s books on this very subject. Mr. Kurzweil in 2013 has come right out and told the world that they are very close to perfecting the technology that will enable them, whoever “they” are, to quite literally remove the soul from any human and re-implant that consciousness into another mechanical, or bio-mechanical body, which they feel will be far less fragile than our current human bodies. This little bit of deceptive slight of hand will afford near eternal life until they can perfect the absolute eternal part later. I assert that when the "establishment" at his level openly tells you that they are close to some evil breakthrough technology such as this, be assured they already have that tech fully finished, vetted, and ready for implementation. The down side is, they know full well that few to none of the souls living on the planet at this time, outside of their own small groups of narcissistic sociopaths, would ever go for having their souls transferred to another body! Thus, I am personally certain that they plan to exterminate the vast majority of us. Amazingly, even for me, someone who played down the legitimacy of the Christian prophetic book of Revelation for most of my life, I am now being forced to see the very real possibility of its legitimacy now. This fact also allows us to better understand why the new big push against all Christians by the US and other world governments continues to grow. Because Christians, although they are ignorant of the facts and situation, are the only sect of religious people now who will not accept the truth about our souls being recycled for greater spiritual growth and higher wisdom. However, no way can I restrict this reaction to only Christians, no one in their right mind would accept such a thing by their own free will.

Can I show you the giant hole in their plan? Remember you heard it here first – Free Will and the living soul’s ability to retain our most pronounced core memories; (See the three current scientific articles on this blog for more info), this fact has been scientifically measured and proven for many years now. Some may remember from my books the comments concerning the Free Will design from the quantum scientific angle and how the high medical scientists have been unable to prove that the human brain can actually perform outside of its own minimal biological interior functions. They cannot substantiate why any of it works, or how humans perceive what comes in through our senses’ much less, how we possess extra senses at all. They cannot verify this, because it is exactly as it remains within Physics – when they LOOK at it, it changes! Thus, they cannot ever see any of what they are attempting to observe; thus, you cannot learn, much less modify what you cannot see! LOL…That always gets me; it’s just too damn funny!

The Eternal Creator built in a firewall so that those who are not yet worthy cannot even see that which they endeavor to change and manipulate! You’re a scientist? You want to look at some matter? Too bad! LOL… Because as soon as any human consciousness even comes close to interacting with said matter, the matter instantly changes form! LOL…. COME ON!  It can’t only be me that thinks this is some seriously funny stuff here! So my point being, imagine capturing an existing soul with so many experiences and built up knowledge, then attempting to stick that soul into a new body and presuming that it is capable of working in the long term when someone like me is in there! Is there anybody out there that thinks shoving Shmuel into some seven-foot tall, indestructible body with super human strength and additional quantum speed computing brainpower is ever going to be a good idea for the dark side?  LOL…

Thus, ultimately therein lies the hidden crack within their dam wall. They cannot control His original Free Will system, nor will they be able to control what any soul remembers. Therefore, if they didn't need the extensive ability of the living soul, as they are all created to have - as to diminish it's ability in some way via technology to better control it – then they would not need to use them at all, as their super high technology could easily cover their needs through bio-robotic means. Thus, they are only able to manipulate and emulate His existing creation because they are nothing more than created beings themselves! In conclusion, these evil entities will never possess either the power nor ability to trump The Eternal Creator much less capture His collective soul for their contemptuous plan because HE is the Creator and they are not!

Does the picture have a bit more clarity for you now? “My people perish for their lack of knowledge.” I have personally long taught this prophetic passage to be speaking specifically and only to His original Torah, as I have long understood that to be, however, based on this new information, that is obviously not a complete understanding. If the entire end game for all of us, in almost virtually all religions, is to finally enter into everlasting life, then we need to know how to do that! Of course, many will now say that Jesus did that for all who say the magic words and believing what they just said, etc., and now I can see more clearly how that even may be true for those who lack knowledge, but nowhere near the understanding as they currently believe that dogma to be. Not even close. But let me explain…

If I had to rethink all that I have heard about the “Jesus Saves” thing and still couple all of it with the fact that I believe the Enochian texts may be speaking about him within that exact expected “savior” capacity as "The Elect one", then I will have to stick with the language of those texts which speak directly to two specific sects of people. Those texts refer to them as, “The Elect, who are unrighteous ones – those who do not follow the Eternal’s instructions, and the Righteous ones - those who do know and follow His instructions.(See "The Greater Exodus" S. Asher 2012). 

Then yes, I will concede that the Christians at the very base of their exceedingly limited understanding of their own superstitions, are in fact correct about what the Prophet Yehshua will eventually do for them all (IF) in fact he was chosen and identified as that "Elect one".  However, logic would also dictate, as well as our knowledge and application concerning the true character of The Eternal One, that in no way can these “elect ones” - (those who follow the Elect one) - only be those people found within the confines of Christianity, how could that be?  This would be to flat out say and actually believe that there aren't good Sikh’s, or Buddhists, or Muslims that haven’t been lied to as well? Good people with good hearts who search for their Creator just as seriously and incorrectly as most misled Christians and Jews? So, at the very least the whole “Messiah Saves only Christians” is another idea requiring deeper cave exploration. 

Continuing with the idea that Yehshua/Jesus himself is in fact the one that the Enochian texts refer to continuously as, “The Elected One.” By those texts we find that this Elected One was given the job of overseeing those that the Enochian texts call “The Elect”.

However, it is very plainly seen within the Christian culture that they have taken that title, albeit they are only part of “the elect”. They run amuck in further misunderstanding believing themselves to be in many cases literally above all others, especially over or in place of the sons of Abrahim.

However, given the plain reading of those texts, even using the less than perfect translations, “the elect” are said to be no more than unrighteous people who reject the original foundations that the Eternal Creator set forth for all man. Thus, the bottom line on this is that, yes, if you remain without knowledge and wisdom, much less the coherence to apply such at the presumed time, you will surely be in need of saving through some future event. In my opinion, without some outside entities aid, the principles of this planet, and their masters will soon have total control over many souls. Unfortunately at the present rate of ignorance, few of them, regardless of how many publications such as this one are published and read, will ever see this coming. Will this truly be the “Grand Delusion” that their prophecies speak of?

So, it would appear that at the most original base level of many religious misconceptions and seemingly cultural fantasies as say, the Titans, the Nephilim, fire breathing dragons, or gods chatting up people on high mountain tops, there is usually a verifiable root of truth at the base of these fables, albeit generally a very minimal basic truth. The rest is added folklore.

The Devil wants your soul!!! Lol…. Well, some evil ones do, but regardless who and what those entities may be, which remains to be known, it would appear the overall plan has everything to do with the enslavement of as many “living-souls” as possible, which may also include animals in the mix as well.

So maybe, just maybe, it may be very good and wise to remember the overall ideas and information presented here so that you can put them to good use when that inevitable time of transcendence occurs. I would also encourage you to continue with your own further search of this vast topic.
The truth is always simple correct?

“WHO ARE YOU?” - What will your answer be, knowing now that you are quite literally part of Him?

As expressed earlier, I have long known the answer to this inevitable question, I was even one of the first, if not the first teacher of Hebrew lineage to teach it to the so-called gentiles who would listen. However, even I did not know just how awesomely important the knowledge of this would be, or that it’s most important application would not be in this life as I previously believed, but just after this life. 

Now I have a much greater appreciation for the intense hatred hurled against me by those in the Orthodox Rabbinate in New York these past years. For my having the gall to teach it openly to you pagan non-Jews! Of all that I taught, this one thing made me a traitor within my own community, culture, and race. Because of this teaching to non-Jews, my family and I have been forced to endure several hardships; this includes but is not limited to their attempts of taking legal action to strip me of my original doctorate degree and to place me under the “Great Ban”, which by their law allows them even to kill you. Now I have the greatest understanding for exactly why they worked so long and hard to hide this single point of information. Have you figured it out yet?

Continuing on with our conversation, my scientist friend explained to me, as I listened in total amazement, precisely what their culture believed, and even possibly before Abrahim himself was told; that the answer to this all-important question is, “I AM You!” This is just as we understand the true name of The Eternal One to be, as given to Moshe and all our patriarchs before him.
- אהיה אשער אהיה -
Its meaning… which was, and will always be based on His Eternal Existence, with our souls literally part of Him within this eternal existence, that Name itself was given to depict the key answer!

As I stated earlier and taught through my books, that we are literally by default a part of Him – the Microcosm of His Macro-Soul. Thus, it stands to perfect reason that we are Him, just as your own progeny is of us!  It is just so dam simple and pure, it has to be true!

Or as we might say it in Hebrew – “AHEYEH Ata!” or simply - Anee ata!

But where does this leave our soul if the question is answered wrong and/or correctly?

It is believed within this most ancient of Buddhist cultures that those who in life have not progressed “in their current life” to the basic point of wisdom, fully understanding that ‘they are in fact not an individual soul entity in their own right’ as most people are taught through the various world religions, but rather part of a much greater symphony of souls who are all one. Thus, our souls are connected to each other via our greater SOURCE connection in association with The Eternal's Soul! That those people, who in life refused to progress past their need for collective ritualism and mob rule, will of course never have learned the answer to this question. In fact, I have personally seen people, other souls, who learn this truth and continue to reject it for its sheer simplicity!  What might your answer have been prior to reading this treaty?

Upon being asked, you might logically give the most obvious answer to that question, “your personal name.” At which point it appears by the Eastern disciplines understanding, that upon giving the incorrect answer, that soul is then set for the next cycle of life on this planet for yet another try and not allowed to proceed further at that time. Thus, basically your soul is being judged against itself; judged for its lack of development during that particular cycle of physical life, better luck next time! And in case you are missing the mercy here, just imagine if the reality was exactly as Christianity and Islam have misunderstood it to be, that all of us only had ONE single life to get it all; OMG! Not a single one of us would make it out alive after death, not one! With this earth’s emerging systems of controlled narratives, no one will proceed further, not a chance in the near future if things are allowed to progress as they are.

It should also be understood that there are no forms of justification or excuse making, and another entity may not answer on your behalf, as mankind and its religions like to reason it to be. Living lives of un-accountability - because someone else did the sin work for them!

  It does not matter how you think about it or manipulate it, there is only one name for The Eternal Creator and only one answer to the question that moves your soul from this dimension forward on its eternal journey. It must be concluded therefore that as eluded to at the beginning, Treat all living beings as you would have them treat you, and love the Creator with all you are as nothing less than being the fulfillment of who we are - the Macrocosm of The Eternal Creator! “I AM YOU!”

Again, it is very simple to see now why it would be in the dark sides’ great interest to hide, mislead, and totally control all viable sources of ancient knowledge.

The overall idea my friend is discussing here with me has of course been coined, “reincarnation”, although in most cases within Westernized religious sects, still remains a completely misunderstood and opposed concept. Which is odd since it is verified that the early Christian fathers believed to be a true concept. 

What of those souls who learned and know the correct answer? My friend then instructs me that those, and unfortunately very few enlightened, wise, learned souls who are able to answer the question correctly, are the few who are allowed to proceed past this three dimensional existence, cleared to move further on in their great journey – “I AM YOU!”

Now, please do NOT misunderstand or connect any of this with the New Age religions of today who believe themselves to be individual gods in their own right.

None of us alive know what the enlightened soul will eventually be allowed to become or be allowed to have influence over. Maybe we become the “our” expressed in Genesis chapter one’s 6th day – “In [our] image.”  Since we know as fact, even via our own redacted Hebrew text, that He is a creator who creates life continually, as it is His profession, and not just one time as Christians believe He has done with only this creation. Unfortunately the original language of the text and its proper translation does matter!

Then as I expressed earlier, The Eternal has His previously created beings, which were also made in His image, either witnessing each creation with Him or aiding Him. Thus, if there can be any proof of our souls being reunited with Him, and thus becoming co-helpers in His creative processes, then that is all we can and should infer at this time. NOT that we will be gods in our own right, or by our own power as many New Agers tend to tout.

The main issue continues to be, that such like minded New Age followers continue to teach such ridiculous misunderstandings of their own, allowing the larger worlds religious cults like Christianity, the Messianic sects, Judaism, and Islam to throw out the baby with the brain matter the instant anyone even begins to touch on such a topic.

As I have expressed so many times in my books:
“if I never had another piece of verifiable information to prove the Eternal One’s true name for us to know and use, but only that of knowing how hard so many religionists and other leaders have worked to keep this one name hidden away from everyone, that would be all the proof I would personally need to know its truth.” 
 Good news is I have had an abundance of proofs, both textural and cultural to back up what I already knew as absolute truth. That truth of His name, as I feel it is with this new possibility, can be relied on as such because of its sheer simplicity and overall connection to all the rest we know about The Eternal’s true name and character.

WHO ARE YOU is a pretty darn simple question on its face, however, as you now know, for most souls it has, and will continue to take many cycles through this mill before they find and know it. So, how many times will it take for them to know when to use it? 

With most people there appears to be no absolute truth or morality;
 people can justify anything with the clever application of words….

Their New-Age idea of your next perfect body!
Remember, science fiction is only science yet unrealized

Aheyeh ata© Copyright 2012-13

Dr. Shmuel Asher

No portion of this document may be reproduced or published anywhere else

without prior written permission of the publisher and in no case for profit.


Jayne said...

Excellent article. I enjoy it more every time I read it. Thank you.

truthseeker57 said...

Still need to digest this!

AHLCglobal said...

LOL.... if that was too much, wait until you read Soul Revolution.. Providing you do.


Unknown said...

Well done Doctor Asher. Thank you so much for sharing these important realizations with us.

M. Frey said...

Good stuff, as usual, my friend!

Unknown said...

Very interesting read. Prior to reading your article, I would have answered something along the line of "I am a spark of consciousness from the Source, making the experience of life so the Source can know itself (along the experiences of all other innumerable sparks of consciousness)". I remember that a long time ago I once thought that the meaning of life, the answer to the question "why do we exist at all", probably had to be "we are the mirror on which God sees Him/Herself". And strangely, as I thought this, it was like some unknown entity spoke to me telepathically, saying "Nice that you discovered it by yourself". Anyway, I guess that reading your article however cannot be used to cheat at the final exam. I guess that you can't answer "Hehe, I remember I read the answer on a blog some years ago, okay here it is: I am You!". I guess you would have to have realized it on a true spiritual level while alive.

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