Disobedience is Consent!

Disobedience is Consent!

Why they are allowed dominion over you!

Disobedience is Consent allowing other disobedient entities’ to have their way with this creation and all within it!

Although many people have difficulties parting with their Western religious traditions and concepts, I would like to begin with an Eastern concept that is prudent to keep in mind as you progress through this document. The Sanskrit word, “loka” best translates to world, locality, or plane of existence/consciousness. In Hindu cosmology this term is applied along with “tala” to designate seven higher worlds and seven lower worlds. A search of Lokas and Talas will reveal publically released internal FBI documents depicting their explanation of alien entities along with their place of origin represented by planes of consciousness on this earth. These files further contend that all men must pass through some lokas/talas, except for the “Chela” (student of Wisdom & love) who must pass through all on his way to Adept Wisdom in apprenticeship to his Master/Teacher. This would explain those other entities that interrupt and confuse the Free Will system of The Eternal Creator.
I have long indirectly hinted throughout my teachings and books that no Hebrew texts uphold the specific idea/superstition that any “angelic” type entities ever existed, who collectively broke away from The Eternal Creator of all creations, deciding they could do better than HE. Furthermore, no such created beings have been in direct war against The Eternal Creator and His other obedient angelic entities, although these ideas have made for some entertaining Hollywood movies.  Yes, our Hebrew texts do depict the existence of other entities having direct interaction with men, I have long taught on the existence of “two voices” existing throughout our texts, however, the majority of these entities have been mistakenly depicted in our texts as the true Eternal Creator, and or His messengers, when in fact in most cases this has been false assumption generationally. Most Tanak stories of godly encounters have never been referring to the true Eternal One or His Malakim (messengers) i.e., angelic beings, but refer to a false god entity named YHVH. Either way no biblical entities have been or remain to be some specially created ethereal entities who rebelled in the devious ways that our ancient and modern superstitions guide most people to deceptively believe. THIS may in fact be the greatest deception; the result allowing most people to remain deluded and enslaved through their individual and collective lack of knowledge. It sure seems to always make its way back around to the Prophet Hoshea’s words, does it not?

Obedience to The Eternal One’s original and most minimal instructions for all man and all entities in all creations, previously and continually created by HIM, is required. This has been the foundation of my understanding and teaching, which is that everything is and always has been about obedience with nothing more. This is evident from the first man and woman who equally decided to turn from The Eternal’s original mandate, and their descendants have all been enslaved through our souls! The first man and woman CONSENTED to hear an alternative voice from another entity. They further agreed to listen to this voice rather than ignore it and walk away. Instead they choose to continue on that course already possessing the knowledge of right from wrong, evil/darkness from light/goodness as it was created in day 1. Their consenting to another entity rather than The True Original Eternal Creator resulted in the immediate removing of His presence and direct communications from all men. From this time on, all future men must learn to withhold their consent from those same dark chaotic entities who still hold possession. However, in His merciful compassion The Eternal One sends His benevolent workers to periodically reiterate His original instructions so that they will never be totally unavailable. Since the first man and woman consented, this left the dark entities free reign to take adverse possession of this world, but hopefully only for a time as we are told through our many prophets. During this time they have infiltrated other consenting men, using them to change all original thought and understanding, thereby providing only very small remnants of truth through highly misconfigured works we call scriptures. These tainted texts with all manner of false superstitions concerning man’s true origin were designed to further entrap and enslave us. This is accomplished through our own consent to their lies and trickery.

The dark workers of this world, both man and beast-entities from other parallel locations, have taken possession and continue to possess by our individual and collective consent to their destructive nature. How can this be, you ask? The Eternal Creator’s original and ongoing “Free Will” system is where all of our individual and collective choices are made as I outlined in “The Land of Meat and Honey”.  These choices, most seemingly small, are the direct cause of our individual and collective nations unfolding future. By this the chaotic forces have found a myriad of ways to reteach man enough falsehoods on a continual basis that we CHOOSE/CONSENT/AGREE/PERMIT to do their will every waking moment while believing we are doing The True Eternal’s original Will! Again, it should be understood that within every deception that these evil entities present there is always a thread of truth, which is then recognized by an individual and leads them to presume the entire duplicity to be authentic.  Ultimately, this is their baited man trap!

“The Land of Meat and Honey” also explains that Free Will cannot be Free Will if another entity of any kind has the ability to force you unknowingly or knowingly to do their Will. In order for those chaotic entities to keep what they stole, they needed to re-write The Eternal’s original doctrine for man, this they use as a work-around for His Free Will system. This is evident in how the false Judahite cult re-invented the existing pagan animal blood sacrifice to be His atonement system. We often view our own ancient texts as being the first augmented instructions used to gain access to enslave men through fear and trickery. However, this is not entirely true, is it? When these dark entities distorted the original mandate with the intent to use it against the first man and woman, deceptively promoting it as yet just another version to the same end, it was in fact the first re-translation of oral-scripture! Thus, what we have had ever since has only been the continuation and expansion of that original false program. Their “program” or “work-around” must be maintained as widely as possible in order for these entities to remain in power over mankind. The only way they maintain their control, in lieu of the original Eternal Creator and His workers of good, is for The Eternal One to remain deaf to His created ones, us! How did they do it in the garden you ask? The exact same way they have continued to keep mankind enslaved and out of the direct hearing of their true Eternal Creator, by the blood of course! Nothing has changed other than mankind’s perceptions, and those perceptions have been tailored through most false religious superstitions via these false cosmic entities. Again, it all comes down to obedience or through our individual and collective disobedience to The Eternal One’s original system of LIFE, and not death or chaos. We are enslaved by our own CONSENT, including our tacit consent of their false system of death and destruction.

The ancient Hebrew understandings of “Live by the sword, die by the sword” and/or “Treat all others as you would have them treat you and yours” are actually one and the same thing. It has been in the re-teaching of these ancient understandings and how they were generally applied to our thinking, which has been purposely changed.

In the Essene texts, the prophet Yehshua very plainly explains how each animal body part that man utilizes as food causes YOUR corresponding body part to become rotten, causing all manner of diseases. This goes directly against all Jewish and Christian religious creeds with regards to their dietary propensities, as well as most of the world’s “beliefs” based within those Genesis texts. His statements ultimately progress to YOU finally dying prematurely because of these actions – “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.  Many other Tanak texts from Genesis to Jonah to King David say much the same when it comes to the mistreatment of the animals among us. Not to mention, our many prophets screamed these points of original Torah while men remain deaf – “Treat ALL as you would have them treat YOU”… This is what these simple Aramaic Hebrew phrases meant in their original context, not something new, as most tend to hear them now. The eldest available Hebrew texts of Genesis, when translated literally and correctly, prove that ALL the souls of men and animals are from the same source and equal. This also means that both are equally responsible for their actions. Therefore, if the Eternal Creator NEVER changes or Modifies, this ancient Hebrew understanding of “Treating ALL as you would have them treat you” cannot, and does not pertain to only men or the souls thereof, but to all His creation with the “soul of life”. Clearly, anything you do to the body, you are also doing to the soul within it. Quantum science has now proven this to be true if one cares to learn it.

Based off the many corresponding creation accounts available to man and regardless of what your personal religion based superstition allows you to believe, the main life form (man) that was originally put in charge to have husbandry over this creation decided to CONSENT to those dark force’s will, and ways. As I explained prior, their choice removed them from the presence of The Eternal Creator and therefore, these other worldly entities from different planes of consciousness are being “allowed” to have their way with this “expanse” and all the life forms in it, albeit because of man’s quantum lack of knowledge and over writing superstitions. It’s just that simple. The good news is their grasp appears to be growing weaker. Their soft-kill programs have been expanding, while the souls of this creation are awaking more and more each day, and more in this generation than any other to the truth of The Eternal’s original ways. Does the dark side know this? Yes, this is why we now see in plain sight people like pseudo scientist and world resident sociopath Mr. Ray Kurzweil telling the world that they are very close to being able to “capture” the human soul “from” the human body and install it into, and I quote, a “better body”… Better for whom? Know this, it has been my experience that when they tell you they are close, that is code for “we already have it perfected”. This is the ONLY reason for the current depopulation agenda; they fully intend to kill off 90% of this world’s population. It isn’t too difficult to see how the two could go hand in hand. When those consenting, enslaved souls return back from their death, they will be captured by this new technology, which they received from these other worldly entities. At this point all new live births will be metered as needed, as is already evident with programs such as China’s one child law. Then, all those souls coming through will be captured within some new, most likely biomechanical bodies, or worse yet some completely alien body. Clearly, either way these new “better bodies” will be 100% controllable by the new world masters who of course saved themselves and their families’ from whatever catastrophe they devised. Unless you believe they have spent the last fifty plus years building extensive deep underground bases and stock piling billions of supplies in other massive underground storage areas for fun. 

It should be recognized that all superstitions, mythos, and folklore have a root core of original truth; this means ALL, even those within religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindus, Wiccan, and the list goes on. For this discussion I want to consider the lore concerning the devil attempting to capture the souls of all men. Almost no superstition is as wide spread regardless of culture or geographical location as this, only second to the moons mystical powers driving moon worship and its use in virtually all the world’s calendar system since before writing. Understandably this devil soul stealing therefore must be correct at its point of origin. Even connected with the moon, the ancient lore, which spans many civilizations, is that of the moon being this devil’s tool to “capture” our souls. This may also be true, and again up-holds my long time teaching that the true Eternal Creator of this place and all other creations –“expanses”, did not in fact create our moon within His seven days of creation. All the Hebrew texts bare me out on this. So at least understand that most of these entities are real, as is their ultimate goal of controlling all souls. But why? Well, my answer to that is that our souls are the microcosm-soul of The Eternal One’s Macro-soul. Thus, if I were some (non-original-Torah) compliant entity who was created by Him millions of years ago, possibly even without the same soul portion He gave us and other creations, then, I might decide to infiltrate these creations. I may use trickery to capture those soul portions using their own Free Will Consent. Of course I can only do it this way because in the first day of creation of all creations, The Eternal Creator created His Free Will system, which remains immutable. Consequently, regardless of my technological advancements or knowledge of His great creation and all the expanses within the original void, even I cannot bypass His Free Will system in order to enslave you. You must CONSENT! Many do this every single day, in every single lifetime since creation. My proof you ask? Well, you are still here, that is all the proof I require. 

Now as you can see by your own consent, I will have virtually enslaved portions, many portions, of the Eternal One’s very own soul! THAT is why these entities work so diligently and for so long to enslave man. They have been using man to accomplish this all along. The masses are enslaved over and over again by the rewriting of all original truth, a growing lack of original knowledge, and the large scale expansion of religious orders, all having the same root beliefs based from these false traditions and superstitions. Why? Because…“My people/souls are destroyed for their lack of knowledge.”  My god, look at that ridiculous alleged “Torah Code!” Are you kidding me?  Do you truly believe that the creator of entire expanses, galaxies, civilizations, from microbes to complex matter, requires the silliness of some hidden, and I want to stress this word – “hidden” – basic word code cross puzzle to enlighten His people? Really?  Because last I checked he used His PEOPLE for that, we call them prophets! And even some of them are suspect.  And hello! All of that alleged code is all AFTER the fact, so it’s not even prophesy! HEY, it’s pretty dam easy to write a book that has a corresponding code of events in it when you have access to time travel technology, and then have all your code predictions turn out 100% correct after they orchestrate the actual or even staged event. Not at all prophetic, and by no means helpful, not helpful us anyway. I am certain however it has been and will continue to be more and more helpful to those dark forces who created it. Aiding them to keep so many silly humans wound up tight with their eye’s more and more towards some chosen few “Priests” who yet again hold the sacred keys to the book, or in this case, the code.  Same “you know what”, different day!

The problem? The Eternal One and all His Malakim/messengers are equally bound, abiding within the same Free Will system. I was reminded by a student how the words of Yehshua are applicable here. 

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18).

This binding and loosing is not simply a command spoken as the Christian thinks, but comes through the obedience to His original Torah – (Binding ACTION!). Therefore, because of man’s ongoing consent to the dark side’s will and ways, we literally bind their hands and essentially cut them off from us, as well as directly ministering to us. I tend to believe this and this alone is the only reason for the “Elect one” as clearly spoken about within Enoch’s texts. The “Elect one”, who was recasted as a “messiah entity” by the much later Shelanite cult, appears to have been given the great task of intermediary between the majority of souls/people during these many spans of time, and The Eternal Creator who cannot yet hear them directly. Christianity, along with others who believe in the false messiah entity, has turned the Elect one’s role mostly upside down through the mixing of more ancient pagan traditions intermingled with blind trust in convoluted scriptures, and finally adding in their misunderstanding of our more original Hebrew traditions, etc. Despite this, from my perspective they still have a lot of his role correct. They just don’t understand it or its origin as accurately as they think. This should be expected and found to be the case within ALL religions, as I pointed out. Truly, these religions have been the main citadel of the dark forces grip on the souls of man.

Why would any disobedient life form wish to control or house the souls of men? The answer should appear simple, the Eternal One is the greatest “creative” force. Thus, if He is in us with our souls being micro-portions of His Macro-creative soul, then our souls also have a great creative ability or force! Is this not just as many prophets warn, including Yehshua if memory serves me correct? I wouldn’t hesitate to say that even the smallest most micro-portion of His creative soul in us would be so powerful to a point that our own understanding cannot possibly know it or understand it yet. However, this does not mean that other created entities so far older and technologically superior to us could not know it, or have a use for the soul portions. Quite obviously someone does.

So, how do we stop it?

To answer this question I will have to divert a bit into a place mostly unknown to me outside of recollection. I, however, know that since most of you reading this, being Christian or coming from some form of Christianity, will know exactly to what I am referring.

In the Christian commentaries I have found the parables of Yehshua to be quite outstanding, as I have also found his answers to the Pharisee’s, even writing about those answers in my Asher Codex.
The main parable I wish to point out is the parable of the Wheat and the Darnel/Tares. Yehshua teaches that at some unknown point The Eternal One’s Malakim/messengers will KNOW who the identity of actual “wheat” opposed to the false wheat - “darnel”. Depicting that at harvest both will be gathered, however, the good wheat will be separated from the fake wheat. This of course can only be referring to those “souls” who have finally found The Eternal’s original instructions and lived them, an instruction which Yehshua himself taught. Sadly, few since have been able to see his true teachings due to their own later New Testament text manipulations. Searching, finding, and doing His original Instructions is the essence of “returning” to Him as He consistently requests through all His true prophets – “Teshuvah”.

The common misconception of this parable is in the thought of it occurring at only one time at some yet unknown future date, however, in truth this has been occurring constantly. Very possibly this could have been taking place since Yehshua’s time or before; this we cannot know for sure, nor does it really matter. The fact is, Christianity and those who follow Yehshua as Savior, may recognize our souls as being part of The Creator’s soul, and maybe even as possessing the same but minor creative abilities, but when it comes to the truth concerning all souls recycling through many lives, they have been brainwashed to believe this to be either pagan or new age ideas, or both. This aversion to soul progression is mainly due to long false doctrines having previously washed their DNA, leaving their souls in this false reality. Their aversion to this idea is not based in proof, much less any confirmations that come close to the amount of evidence we have worldwide of souls returning, these proofs are a certainty to anyone who delves into this topic. Instead their “one life to live” dogma is the lie, and not a lie that even their own early church held as true. Stripped away has been their hope of finding the original truth earlier, this lie is a most effective work-around. Just believe as we tell you to and in this one incarnation you will have life everlasting, and in some cases with 70 virgins! Every religion has it perks I guess.  Moreover the many text distortions created about Yehshua after the fact have allowed the newer special priests to project yet another control device, something I call “Soul-Fear”.  They created yet another halo of superstition regarding Yehshua and their alleged salvation. Once a Christian says the magic words, that they believe in Jesus and now saved, I have seen it many times in my years of teaching, that they will hear even the least of my words and immediately become fearful about hearing anything more. Why, because their fear stems from the belief that their eternal salvation can be revoked.  Soul-Fear! Another effective tool. 

As we look at this parable a little closer, I want to point out that crops and harvests are not SOLELY one-time events. Thus, this is an ongoing occurrence in each generation just as any earthly crop harvest. It should be further noted that the “imposter wheat – darnel” to be burned is exactly what I have mentioned prior, man’s embrace of those evil entities’ deceptive will and ways. Consequently, this parable is about the condition of the soul at the end of an incarnation by having chosen to live either “good” or “evil”. To have searched for true goodness/Light, found it, and lived it, is to embrace the Eternal One and His original instruction for all life. To search not, find not, and live as the heathen do is by design and definition Evil & Darkness. It has absolutely nothing to do with any mythical warring demonic force against their creator, nor its underworld.

The Eternal Father knows who is ready; His Malakim are also aware as they watch. Those souls who become ready in each lifetime are the good wheat, which live among the darnel in any life. When this soul finally becomes aware of The Eternal’s original truth, which is solely based on His character as the CREATOR not destroyer, embraces the change, and returns to His Everlasting Agreement as was spoken about by the prophet Isaiah, then upon that soul’s separation with the body it will not return here, but move on to the Eternal Father. That wheat being placed in the barn, it’s “house”, is no less than that soul returning back to His house, His temple. Now, when the soul that had chosen evil separates from the body represented here by the darnel, it is not unlike that of the refiner’s fire. Just as that fire burns off impurities out of gold, the burning of the darnel at the end of this life cycle gives way for a new opportunity for the soul’s continuance to return again and again to choose good, instead of evil. That is the compassion of The Eternal to allow the soul to continue on its journey back to Him. Therefore, the next “new crop” of lives contain the souls that have another chance to choose good by seeking Him and living out His original Will. There is then another harvest, with another soul crop cycle to follow. So it is in each generation.  Would all this go so much faster for everyone if the majority worldwide would all come to His understanding of the Everlasting Agreement and live it? You bet it would, maybe within one generation.  The separation of the majority of people/souls moving to choose His good & light over the evil & darkness they have been choosing generationally since after Noach would create, yes literally create a totally new matrix here near instantly.  So many coming to His truth would also instantly break the galactic hold those false entities of chaos have over this creation. Again yes, we do return here many times, and yes, many cultures have misunderstood this wheel-cycle as a necessity for enlightenment of the soul, however I tell you our souls have no need for so many journeys to learn and accept His original truth, even our prophets tell us that as I have depicted within my book, The Greater Exodus.

Once a soul is ready to return to The Eternal Father’s original ways, which are not at all man’s ways and completely against every social norm we have in our modern times because the living out of this lifestyle within His Everlasting Agreement is difficult at best. For most of us this is in the face of our learned religions, which we were born into, triggering distress and discord with our own family and friends, sometimes causing disassociation; however, we do it! The absoluteness of its truth is already known to us in such a way that is most alien to even the most ardent religionists among us. Although teaching His true ways in parts and pieces for most of my adult life, I am only now in the last ten years seeing so many souls returning to it with great strength and single mindedness, even against constant persecution from their own close families and friends. For so many years I was mostly alone in this, living with the feeling that death would be preferable than returning back to the old way. I thank The Eternal One for allowing me to live long enough to see others voicing this same sentiment.
I remember hearing so many Christian preachers countless times pontificating that their followers - “come out of her my people”…but knowing myself that they had no clue as to what they were supposed to come out from, much less to where. I have spoken to innumerable learned Rabbi’s in and out of their orthodoxy, and many Christian preachers as well asking them both, “why do none of you ask what Isaiah is rebuking us about concerning this Everlasting Agreement?” The silence on one side remains deafening, and the fanciful thinking from the other, childish. The soul does not have to remain on their dark side autopilot forever. Everyone does have the ability to break through their entrenched dogma and rituals to consider a truth. Again, it is only your own CONSENT within His Free Will system that keeps you there, and the dark sides fear control that keeps you from even trying.

Here seems to be the final issue on this. Whether it be from our Hebrew prophets or later from the prophet Yehshua, there will be an end to the usefulness of this usurped farmer’s field. All those darnel crops/souls who “knowingly” worked for the dark side in full knowledge and understanding at that time will be cut down, bound, and burned, at which point there appears to be no further chances of return.  Only these people exercised a true Free Will choice, unlike the rest of the souls revolving in this usurped creation whose choices were based solely on lie upon lie. All very cleverly planned and continually executed to insure the longest term of slavery. THAT is the issue for all, because no one, not even the dark side entities who hide truths just within reach while keeping you all so occupied that you won’t even look, knows when the last harvest will be. Those who chose to be darnel by their own consent will be found as dust.

This creation, as I surmise others are, remains under the adverse possession and control of other NON-Torah compliant entities because mankind overwhelmingly and against his true nature, allows them to remain in control. This is so because the majority comply and Consent to the will of another entities ways, in clear contradiction to The True Eternal One’s Will. This can only be viewed by Him as willful disobedience because His truth has always been available here somewhere by the breath of some teacher or prophet. 
These entities have been allowed to mistreat those who are technologically inferior to them as long as those they affect are those who dominate and mistreat other life forms who they believe to be inferior to them –

“Live by their sword, Die by their sword”
Treat all others as you would have them treat you!

Ignorance is no excuse any longer. They are allowed access and control over us because WE, NOT HIM permit it, and continue to sanction it through the willful disconnection to His original instructions for this creation, which hang beneath His Everlasting Agreement!

For a full understanding on the Everlasting Agreement and original Instructions, please consider reading my book, “The Land of MEAT & Honey”.

Dr. S. Asher ©2014

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