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  Reading these books out of this order will generally cause confusion, and not hasten your learning curve. Since Dr. Asher’s information is new information for most people among all of the worlds religions, and in many cases totally opposite to the mainstream religious information that we have all been provided, it behooves the reader to take this advice. 

  Additionally, Dr. Asher has long advised all of his students to read each book no less than two to three times each before forming new opinions, or contacting him with questions. As previously mentioned, all of Dr. Asher’s information is new to most people. Thus, while reading this new information, and upon the realizations that most of what we believe we knew as truth, has turned out to be well established misdirection, as Dr. Asher proves time and again, this realization can be both invigorating and freeing, but also hurtful to find out. Therefore, your learning process can be slowed due to these feelings that usually need to be worked through.

  So, as Dr. Asher advises, read through the first two, main books twice, and then read through all the others once to get the greater overview. Then, do it all again. 

 Dr. Asher’s books are known to be resource manuals, and not just books that we can read through one time believing we have it all figured out. Dr. Asher likes to remind us that we didn’t read one book, or only take one month, or one year, to get so massively diverted spiritually as souls, and as living beings; so, it will take some time and real studying and contemplation on the readers part before they emerge from the generational lies, and into the pure freedom of The Father’s original, 1st law, of the Everlasting Agreement. 

1.     Land of Meat & Honey

2.     The Greater Exodus

3.     Essene Law

4.     The Beacon Seed

5.     As it was in the days of Noah

6.     The Creators Calendar

7.     Soul Revolution

8.     The Asher Codex – (Will fill in many details from the other books)

9.     Christendom’s False Prophesies

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