Book by Dr. Maxine Asher

Book by Dr. Maxine Asher

This book is quite excellent and engaging. Amazingly her detailed story of adventure on this search for Atlantis turns out to prove widespread government coercion and mechanisms put in place to stop her all the way back in the 70's.  Nothing new under the sun. 

This book deals with Dr. Maxine Asher's 1973 expedition to Spain, off Cardiz, in 1973. The book works, mostly on the strength of all the details Dr. Asher gives about all the red tape and hassles that went into carrying out her trip (you'll better appreciate all that is involved with exploring ruins in a foriegn country after reading this book), but the book reaches no real conclusions on Atlantis itself, and Asher herself seemed to have been quite disappointed in the expedition. She did explore while Franco was still in power, though, so what could you expect..? As for the Conspiracy part of it, Asher raises some interesting points on the reluctance of the media and, in particular, religious leaders in terms of acknowledging Atlantis, without sounding like Jim Garrison. Her writing style is breezy and the book is also short, making for a quick read. One wishes that she had planned a second expedition later, in a more civil time, or that someone else had resumed exploring Cardiz later. 

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