False Kings and Priests, the Serpent Necromancers’

False Kings and Priests, the Serpent Necromancers’

Is there anything new under the sun /son?

As we look at these, some similarities are obvious like the identical eagles. The second set with the USA seal and Solar Horus also shows a great deal of similarity to each other.

As we can see the spread eagle in the US Seal not only is similar to that of Solar Horus Falcon but also has a type of wreath above its head with essentially the 6-point star as with the Star of Molech/ Chuin/David, Seal of Solomon…or the Merkabah seen on the chest of the Mossad eagle. Look at it, the 6-point star has pagan/occult roots, much of it from pagan worship to male/female symbolism. These birds of prey are essentially from the same family and represent power, strength, leadership, and vision dating back past Judaism to far more ancient religions. Many times they were directly associated with pagan gods themselves or as in the Vedic, they were man/animal amalgamated gods.  If one searches all this you will find all connections lead back to the “Reptilians - Serpents” of Saturn, and their 6 pointed star filled Hexagon seal.
Let’s take a close look at the menorah in the circle held in the Mossad emblem. Can you see it? It looks very much like the chalice pictured to its right.  The menorah is said to represent Israel being the light to the nations; the Catholic chalice not only holds the sacred wine, but will always be accompanied by the bread wafer host. This host represents the “Body of Christ”, the light of the world.
As we discuss the light, let’s pull another ancient piece of symbolism that represents the sun or light. As we can see the host is a disc but each of these images contain some form of a disc. I already pointed out the one above the US eagle’s head in the way of a wreath, but what of those circles clutched by the eagle’s talons by both the Mossad and Nazi eagles? That which is above the falcon’s head of Horus is a disc associated with the sun, hence Solar Horus. This “sun” disk was to bring in the light of the sun, as is also the symbolism associated with wreaths.
Notice that all discs with the exception of the Egyptian disc have some added symbolism, including the Catholic “host”. These disc are seen also in other ancient traditions, and with the addition of the wings, you create a symbol of protection. Therefore we can see that the Nazi regime, Mossad (also representing Babylonian-Judaism), USA Government (Christianity?), the Catholic Church and the Egyptian god are all represented as protecting “their” people.
Notice the relationship between all of these:
Why would Israel choose the identical symbol that came to mean genocide to their people? Why the similarities between the chalice and menorah? Why the “Star of David” and Egyptian Solar Horus falcon likeness in the US Seal. It would be easy to see the eagle similarities but throw out the Catholic chalice and host thinking it didn’t apply. These are all interconnected, and truth is these minor observations only scratch the surface. 
·         Solar Horus was a virgin birthed son of Ra (god), later son of Osiris, and their “war” god…protector?
·        Add the chalice and host representing the blood and body of Christianity’s virgin birth, alleged to be the son of YHVH who gives salvation, protection from death and hell, which is now celebrated on “Sun”-day. Although parts of that may be true in a different way. YHVH will bless people and protect them in this physical reality if they return to the Prime Eternal Creators 1st Law. 
·         6pt star of Chuin/Molech - King David, Messianic lineage, savior both for Shelanite-Jew and Christian.
·         The word “nazi” or nasi is Hebrew. Both the 6 pointed star and the swastika are very ancient religious symbols found all over the world that conveyed power and good fortune, well-being, as well as an eternal life for select few. In fact, the oldest known swastika was found in the Ukraine region, the very location later under control of the Khazar Empire. It has been found in both Jewish temples and Catholic Churches. The word “nasi” in ancient Hebrew is generally used to mean “Rulers or Kings”, typically over all Temples and throughout government service. It is interesting and germane to this topic to know that under Joshua, and especially after his rule, these tribal “Nasim” were used as spies, and also later the ones who apportioned all captured lands.  Interesting modern coincidence. It would appear that THIS is where the later Jesuit order grew out of.
Next let’s add in the heraldry symbolism of the U.K., seen below, to this mix.
It may not be known but both the lion and unicorn are viewed as rulers of beasts. In ancient Middle East it was understood that these two chased each other through the heavens at the dawn of time. The lion (Leo) represented the sun and the unicorn the moon, which was still a known concept when James-I ascended the throne in 1603. It is said that the lion rules with might and the unicorn with harmony. Both are used in Jewish medieval art in addition to having messianic symbolic meaning and therefore Christianity states they represent the Messiah, which to them is Christ. The symbolism shows that there is more than merely the joining of Scotland and England. Both of these former independent countries boast the Hebrew bloodlines of Judah, along with Ireland – (But which Judah is the more important question). The lion and 3 lions seen are symbolic of the tribe of Judah, or 3 lineages of Judah. The harp of David within the shield represents the kingly heritage. Now what of the Unicorn? This is one of two symbols for the tribe of Ephraim. In the “united kingdom” spoken often of within Christianity and referred to in the historical books of the Jewish Tanak, we see Ephraim as representing the northern tribes and Judah the southern tribes, although only the false Shelanite clan existed in Judea. So clearly we see Israel’s reunification taking place once again, or the earthly attempt to make it appear as such to their own ends. Notice how some of the symbolism remains within a couple of the U.K.’s former colonies of first Canada and then Australia. One can see why the use of these two animals is desired for representation. Both represent authority, dominion, power and strength.

The unicorn ties in further to some of the symbolism we see here in the Seal of the United States. The “all-seeing eye” is said to be represented by the horn of the unicorn. As many know this is also a known symbol of Free Masonry along with the lion’s paw. Both Egypt and Roman Mithraism symbolism is seen within Free Masonry. This would be worthy of investigation and research, however many others have done so already.
The use of these two beasts as symbols and icons should surprise no one when it comes to any monarchy. Especially the one monarchy all of this traces back to, the tribe of Judah, a clan who lord themselves over their “alleged brothers” both politically and religiously, surrounding nations, and ultimately over the world. However they are NOT brothers of our original twelve Hebrew tribes of Northern Canaan, they are the usurpers of all things Hebrew. Pretenders!    

So, if we really look, we see not only the pagan symbolism that unites this seemingly disassociated group of icons but the long existing hand of that one small breakaway group of non-Hebrew lineage “Babylonian-Jews”! Those who parade around as if they were true Sons of Abrahim, know the Hebrew language, culture, and traditions, hiding in plain sight. They were known for being a warring empire, alleged to have been directed by their god Yahovah, but most certainly by the false voice of the imposter, Satan. It’s not a stretch to see how this group of Non-Hebrew usurpers hijacked and took control of not only the one Hebrew nation but other strong Nations as well, from Babylon to Spain, to Germany, Russia, and others now easily traced. They have used that which was familiar to the people to gain trust while later enslaving them. This was precisely what was accomplished during WWII. The American seal does much the same, with the Star of David/Molech clearly in plain sight 13 times!
Now you may ask what Horus and Catholicism have to do with this, but understand, Horus was part of the pagan origins of the Egyptians, of which the Hebrews assimilated while in Egypt, and prior to the establishment of “Babylonian-Judaism”. The chalice and host were a big part of the establishment of the new Catholic religion, the new Judaism as we saw with its “light”. Catholic means unity…unity of what? The establishment of a new religion to spread the “light” was completely unnecessary. For if one truly pays attention to the instructions given to Moshe at Mt. Horeb, it can be seen that no special chosen status was given to that group of Hebrews, but rather they were instructed to teach and assimilate those who came to live among them, along with future “strangers” being drawn to their “light”. There was one “original” set of 7 Torah-(instructions) given for all and all would be equal. Therefore unity was already the mandate. It is not until much later that the “chosen” status became ensured via later highly manipulated texts as I clearly prove in my book - The Asher Codex. Clearly, this created a mechanism whereby others would need to be graphed in and come under the command and control of one small group of zealots, but again these were NEVER the original instructions. One must realize that the complete history of the Hebrews, Jews, and Christians is not in your Bible. Understand, this is only the tip of the iceberg; as with any iceberg, there is far more under the preverbal water!
All of this has been orchestrated for the sole purpose of furthering the Babylonian-Shelanite-Khazarian plan to be the world power and finally rid the earth of the true Sons of Abrahim & Jacob - THE BEACON SEED! They have only been able to attempt this clandestine protracted massacre within the confines of short intervals under the guise of war thus far.
  Lastly, it is vital to understand that the Mossad eagle clearly is a slap in the face for those who lost loved ones in Hitler’s genocide of the original tribal Hebrew people in Europe. It is also the truest indication of who the New Nation State of Israel's leaders truly are and their agenda. Most may never really notice this Mossad symbol’s relationship to the Nazi/nasi eagle but clearly, they blatantly exposed themselves for sure here. Not to mention, the Star of David/Molech/Chuin above the American eagle cleverly made up of little stars. It should also be noted that all of these symbols pre-exited Babylonian-Judaism, along with many more that intertwine within the various religions both ancient and modern day. Which is more proof of the Fallen's ongoing control of their false-narrative control program in this physical place. 
We know that the so-called “Star of David” was also a Khazarian symbol. One such family known to claim Jewish heritage, but are Khazarian, were the Rothschilds. It should not shock you that Max Rothschild moved prior to WWII to a Kibbutz in Palestine. Upon his return we find his name in the lodge of Masons, associated with the Pope, the Masons deep connection with ancient Egypt, and the Masons, the Papacy, and the Shelanite-Babylonian-Judahites who all openly serve and depict “in Hebrew”, the same NON-Creator entity, YHVH – יהוה (Yah-Hovah or Yahweh). This has always been a misunderstanding of identity. The YHVH entity is NOT the Prime Eternal Creator who has and gave us a decidedly different name through Moshe for us to know, but which has been hidden for thousands of years by the Shelanite cult.
   The best way to understand this Yahovah (YHVH) entity is that he is the "2nd Law" gatekeeper and disciplinarian for that 2nd law as given at Mt. Siniah among all the people who were then and remain REBELS against the Prime Eternal Creators 1st Law of Peace which was given first on Mt. Horeb! This 1st Law is also known and spoken of through our prophets as THE EVERLASTING AGREEMENT. Thus, if you remain outside of the 1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement, then you are secured squarely UNDER the direct control of Yahovah in this physical world and judged continually via his 2nd law. Your soul may be covered in this lifetime by the "Elect one" who may be the prophet Yehshua to be saved despite your ongoing rebellion to the 1st Law, but your body is squarely under the law of Yahovah in this life and the next. And you will NEVER proceed to our original home "Heaven" until you RETURN to the 1st Law and prove you have returned as requested.
   Yahovah is the "mighty one" of THIS and possibly other physical realities. It is just that simple, and this issue has long been the cause for all the identity confusion throughout all of our ancient texts and culture which was usurped by those who follow the Trickster-Imposter-Accusor, HaSatan. An imposter who has come many times throughout our texts to key individuals pretending to be the Yahovah entity and using that persona to get them to either break the 1st Law as was the case with Abrahim, and or also to break Yahovah's 2nd law. You can get a far better understanding of these issues by reading - The Beacon Seed.

The above picture of an Angel, which is almost hidden within the Basilica in Rome, clearly depicts the name of this worlds disciplinarian on its head– YHVH.  The Hebrew words depicted on the headband say – “Kadosh Yah’Hovah” – meaning Holy Yahovah. Now, this next part concerning what the belt says I find to be quite odd. The person who carved these Hebrew letters either thought the Hebrew letters “Dalet = D” and “Resh = R” to be interchangeable because of their close looking appearance to the untrained eye, or it was done purposely in order for them to SAY or depict what they truly believe it to mean, all the while affording them some viable deniability for it to mean something more innocuous if questioned. Now, what my eyes identified the first time I saw this statue in person was, “Institute and Truth” also could be “Institutions and Truth”.  For you, in phonetic English this would read – MOSSAD and TRUTH!  Because to me, that last letter – D - on the word depicted on the right side of the belt, reading it from right to left, looks more like the Hebrew “Dalet” at first glance, which makes this word – Mossad!
   In connection with the headband, we see the word “KaDosh”, which also has a “Dalet” in its spelling and appearing to look the same as the belt. If you blow this picture up you can plainly see that the “Dalet” in Kadosh looks exactly like what should have been a “Resh = R” in the belts word. NOW, the other Hebrew word which makes more sense for the belt phrase, and has an almost identical spelling to Mossad is the word “Moos’ar”, which means  - Moral or Morality. So I believe they carved this to reflect both words as needed, but for them it means Mossad.
Furthermore, really look, does that “angel” resemble another American statue? Can you see how intermingled the different icons, symbols and emblems become? So then, as we look at all these many symbols and their ancient origins, some that we have not even included here, it all comes together.
Understand, this information is not meant to do anything other than to inform. We know that it is most likely contrary to what many have learned and truth be told what we, ourselves, grew up learning. However, there really is nothing new under the sun and that becomes all the clearer the more we return to the ancient inhabitants and religions of this world. Does that refute a loving Creator? Absolutely not! This is about what man has done to deceive one another for utter control, therefore do not simply take our word for this but rather take the time to research. Chances are you will find even more!
Written by Neshamah Eliat and Dr. S. Asher                                                                ©2014
For additional ancient Prophetic information and proofs of origin on these issues, these books by Dr. Asher should be considered required reading for the truth seeker:

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