Saturday, September 14, 2019

"Your Body is an Illusion"

Dr. Bruce Lipton

THIS mans information is absolute proof of what I was saying in the Soul Rev book. However, this video presentation breaks it down quicker and more simply than the book. He, however, is very close to the absolute truth, but from certain language he is using, as most all scientists I found also use, he makes himself less accurate. I will point this out so you know what to loo for.

1.       When he uses the word MIND - Understand that to actually be the Living-Soul doing all the interacting and work of both; providing all of the bodies cells with the energy they have and use, AND, that which creates and projects all of the "frequency-waves" he is speaking of.

2.  At the 1:15 minute mark he begins talking about how we, which can only equal (ensouled people) were meant to use these frequency waves that emit from every living thing whether they be sentient on our level or not, but that somehow, (which he does not elaborate on of course) something is or was used to stop us (ensouled people) from remaining in tune with this ability. AND, that because of this we cause daily problems for ourselves and of course, for the world around us collectively - i.e-Becoming unequally yoked and choked and all that.

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