Sunday, August 26, 2018

Join the New AHLCglobal website

 AHLCglobal website

I would like to invite everyone who has joined and gleaned from this blog to join the rest of us over at the new AHLCglobal website and become a VIP member!

VIP members of the new AHLCglobal will have exclusive access to the members-only side of the new site. On that non-public side of the new site the members will have access to my new, up-coming radio show where I will be discussing in great detail and at length all of the topics in which I have taught, as well as many other related topics as you have found on this blog. I will also be considering topics from the input of the members. 

In addition, all VIP members will also have exclusive access to the non-public wholesale purchase pages for books and other merchandise pages soon to be launched.

After you sign up for a basic, free account, you can then sign up for the VIP membership from any of the (Become a VIP) links on the homepage of the website, which will then give you immediate access to the VIP Members Area where I will be uploading a weekly, two to three hour radio show topic.

The site is offering two annual subscriptions for the VIP members: A monthly subscription for $8.00 per month, and the discounted annual subscription of $80.00 for 12 months. 



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