Monday, July 30, 2018

The Grail of Flat-Earth Proof

The Grail of Flat-Earth Proof!

Well, here it is, NASA manual, CIA documents and various other agency docs that prove they have always known that the earth we live on is a Domed, FLAT and NON-rotating earth. THIS IS IT! IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR ENTIRE PARADIGM CHANGED, CLICK AWAY!

And, now, since by 2016 because of all the intense FE proofs being delivered openly from so many sources, NASA was finally forced to admit that the flat earth is closed in by a dome, and as proven by their NASA article, and other follow-up articles by M.I.T, Colorado University, the Huffington Post and others. You can read those articles via the links directly below. This holy grail of govt docs also proves that the data in the Hebrew Bible is accurate on both points - FLAT & DOMED. 

This first video is a very short Primer version of the next guys NASA, Military Reference guidebook Flat-Earth disclosure.
 This guy has done some great vids on this and other topics, but this is the highly redacted version and does not show the additional docs found from the CIA and other agencies.

THIS video below is the original Christian pastor who disclosed it and shows most of the NASA/Military reference book and several other CIA and other govt agency documents that all prove the exact same thing. It's longer, but it is THE proof. 

I would suggest moving the video ahead to the 14:50-minute mark and begin there since to that point he is doing the usual JeZues thing. HOWEVER, from between 14-min mark to the 45-min mark he's giving some excellent scientific histories on this subject that most have never seen. 

If you ONLY want to see the govt docs that prove they all know about the shape of the earth and the dome covering it, you need to fast-forward to about the 45:00 mark and watch to the end.



Half Navajo said...

The moon is the center of the dome. The sun is light coming through the ice wall that is the dome, like optics, or like when light shines through a magnifying glass.

AHLC Global said...

That may be about the moon and possibly just a "perspective" issue where it's offset position as seen from the ground, but the sun does not appear to be outside of the Electromagnetic Plasma-crystaline dome. There is ample footage from commercial pilots which clearly shows the sun within the high clouds, even partially exposed outside of the clouds. And it would also appear to be much smaller and not as hot as we might believe it to be. Additionally, it would appear that the dome itself provides the lion's share of the light we get and that it's not merely reflected light from that small sun. Thus, it could be that the sun itself only provides a smaller portion of the overall light we see, but whose main function it is to FEED the world with the required RED frequencies needed for all living things to exist here.

Maybe someday the Creator will explain it all.

Humaun Kabir said...

Thanks for your valuable information. It really gives me an insight on this topic. I'll visit here again for more information.

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