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Aug/21st Jonah Eclipse 3rd Warning to US Leaders

The 3rd Warning: To All American Rulers, Clergy and False Prophets!

After the sign of Jonah, which was the 2nd warning received and presented openly; The 3rd warning herein is the word of The Eternal One that came to the Prophet Micah the first time in ancient times concerning the Sons of Jacob, but specifically their State rulers, false priests, and prophets. And now, it’s relevance appears to have come again at a time when the context for it has been revealed after the first two previous warnings of Jeremiah and Jonah. The 1st warning provided to me via the great prophet Jeremiah has never been posted publicly, as it was only meant for the Yeshurun.

This 3rd warning is also a blessing to all of those who live within the confines of His 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, and I also believe to be a “near” blessing to all the “elect” who are not yet, Yeshurun, but will be. Meaning, Christians, and everyone else outside of the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, those who have not participated in the evil escapades of the fallen or their human sycophants, will be, as it is written, brought into the protective environments of The Eternal One during those times.

The “warning” part of this, although unrealized among most casual readers of the prophet Micah, and who have been unfortunately taught by the false teachers, priests, and prophets, is that this 3rd warning calls out and identifies all the leaders within their disciplines as those who are marked for utter destruction. Again, the English translation versions don’t make some of this easy for the casual reader. The flowing prophetic texts are from an old Hebrew, Stone Tanak and will vary greatly in some cases with all others. These being more literal and corrected to the Hebrew context.

·         Mic 1:5 “All this is because of the transgression of Jacob, against the sins of the house of Jacob. What is the transgression of Jacob? Is it not Samaria? And who caused the high places of Judea? Are they not Jerusalem?” 

Translated from the Hebrew and very accurate, but most do not understand its greater meaning. First, only a very small part of this Prophets warning (in the final days) has anything to do with Judea. It is speaking to, and for ALL of the 12 tribe lineages of Jacob who resided in the north of Canaan. This warning, which had its place in the prophets’ time, is also a far future warning as well, exactly as I have shown you to be the case with Jeremiah, Jonah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.

To understand this extended prophecy, one must understand that The Eternal One, through His prophet, is calling out NOT the land masses themselves of Samaria or Judea, but specifically the ruling hierarchies – Government, Corporate & Religious. Meaning yes! The people themselves have their own level of responsibility as you will see pointed out later in the text if you read it, but, the real issue at that time and NOW, is with the rulers in several fields of endeavor who control the people through their many false narratives.

THIS 3rd warning is to all of them!

So, you should now understand that it will be their “capitals” and “citadels” where those rulers, priests, false prophets and captains of industry will be utterly destroyed!

They will be wiped away by some catastrophic events. Flattened, tilled under like farmland, with all their graven statues, obelisks, and monuments crushed completely. However, they already know this and have been preparing for it for many, many years in America and around the world.

You, evil rulers, are known to have been building deep safe-zone bunkers to hide in. Mirroring every single major government office required for the continuity of government from DC, too deep underground installations in Denver and other areas in Colorado. Their work on all that was finalized in 2010.

They are known to have been building deep safe-zone bunkers to hide in. Mirroring every single major government office required for the continuity of government from DC, too deep underground installations in Denver and other areas in Colorado. Their work on all that was finalized in 2010.

The Eternal One, through His prophet, is telling all those Statist, evil-doers, assuring you all that your bunkers will not save you! But, they will be the final resting place for your blood-drenched and corrupted bodies to be tormented to death and dissolved while your souls are caught and quarantined forever.

·         Mic 7:17 “They [the rulers/priests/prophets] will lick the dirt like the snake, and like the creatures that crawl on the ground! They will tremble from their places of concealment, they will fear The Eternal God, and be afraid of you. -[Jacob]

·   Mic 1:13 “Tie the chariot to the stallion all those living in Lachish; that was the origin of sin for the people of Jacob; it was in you that the sins of Jacob were commenced!” 

This is another critical point most miss completely. Lachish was the first city that brought in and embraced all the death cult practices of Ba’al. From Lachish, this destructive death cult spread out all the way into the North of Canaan, then to the far east and west, and onto Washington DC where it became their main, unholy Citadel to this day. And, from that Babylonian harlot into all the capitals, corporations and religions of the earth.

Speaking directly to all the establishment who brought in the original sin narratives to the people of Jacob in America from DC; from politicians to religious leaders to the false money, banking establishment, etc.

·         Mic 2:1  Woe to those plotting wickedness and preparing evil on their beds! In the light of the morning, they carry it out because it is in the power of their hand. 
·   Mic 2:2  “They covet fields and take them! They covert homes and take them! They oppress a man, his household, even a man’s inheritance! 
·   Mic 2:3  So says the Eternal One: Behold, I am plotting evil against this family, from which you will not remove your necks; nor will you go exalted, for it is an evil time.

Plotting against this family? Interesting. Because the Bilderbergers, and all the other global cabal families who believe themselves to be one family to rule us, are being called out directly.

But what about all the sons of Jacob and their newly extended tribal members being grafted in? What is their fate in all of this? Does a contrast exist between the Sons of Jacob and all these other evil purveyors of death who rule the people of The Eternal by destructive laws and deviously advise them spiritually?  

·   2:7 “My ways are benevolent with the ones who walk in Uprightness!

The Hebrew here for the word “uprightness” is (Yasher). The root word (Asher) having much the same meaning, which is “upright or straight” - Signifying “character”. This portion of the texts and near future prophecy is important because it shows beyond doubt that the good wheat will be saved, and proof of the great disparity between the ruling elitist within all sectors of political, corporate and religious control. One will be saved, the other burned! And SOON!

·        2:12 “I will surely gather all of you Jacob! I will surely assemble the remnant of Jacob! I will place them together like a flock in a fold; Like a herd in its pen they will teem with people!”

…they will teem with people! Additional proof that “Jacob” is not speaking of a small sector of people we think of as “Jews”. Jacob is all tribes who have now been multiplied as the blessing of Abrahim and salted throughout all nations. America has the lion’s share of the Tribes of Jacob. If that were not true, then America would not have been singled out so long ago for utter destruction and control by the evil rulers who now permeate her halls.

·         The prophet says; “Now listen you leaders of Jacob, you officers of the house of Jacob! Is it not up to you to know the [original] law? Rather you hate good and love evil! You remove peoples skin from them, and the flesh from their bones! You have eaten the flesh of My people, you have stripped their skin from them and broken open their bones! You have sliced them up for the pot, like meat in the cauldron.” Then, they will cry out to the Eternal, but He will not answer them; He will hide His face from them at that time, just as they had done evil with their deeds!

    Do I have to spell that out? Just because our leaders have chosen evil does not mean that all of them are not originally part of the greater tribes and house of Jacob. As the prophet points out to them in this 3rd warning, THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THE LAW! However, so goes the way of free will! They CHOSE evil over good, and death over life. They chose to be led far away by the evil fallen ones who taught them as they taught myriads of others before them, to “Spirit cook” our children for their own empowerment. It has always been about the shedding of blood! It cries out from the drenched ground still! Nothing has or will change on that matter.
    Remember, when the second eclipse comes on April 8/2024 moving in the opposite direction to today’s August 21st eclipse, it appears to be making its epicenter crossing over the previous Aug/21st 2017 eclipse in a spot where human blood sacrifices were held for thousands of years! Yet another sign to the blind as to why this will all come to pass!

3:5 The Eternal One says, the priests and prophets who have always misled His people Jacob and always asked to be paid for their services or stole it in taxation; through His prophet Micah, as with His prophet Jonah, gives us the sign for when this will begin!

·         5: Therefore, it will be night for you because of your visions, and darkness will come on you because of such divination; the sun will set upon these prophets and the suns light will be blackened!” – (Jonah!)
·         6: The seers will be ashamed and the prophets disgraced, and all of them will have gags over their lips because they had no word from The Eternal One!”
·         8: “But as for me, I was filled with strength by the spirit of The Eternal, and with justice and strength to inform Jacob of his transgressions and the house of Jacob of his sin! 
·         9: LISTEN NOW! To this O’ Leaders of the house of Jacob and the officers of the house of Jacob who detest justice and who twist all that is straight, who build Zion with blood and the Capital with iniquity!
·         11: “Her leaders judge for bribes, and her priests teach for money, and her prophets, prophecy for money! Yet they allege to rely on The Eternal One, saying, ‘Behold, The Eternal One is among us! No evil will come to us! Thus! Because of you all the Capital [Zion] will be plowed under like a field! Jerusalem [Capitals] will become heaps of rubble, and the temples like stone heaps in the forest! (Old Stone Tanak Trans)

The Mashiach comes and leads. The evil fallen ones and all the leaders who are the enemies of Jacob are then allowed to be unrestrained at the time of the sign of Bethula. Then they are gone and, peace ensues!

·         Mic 5:2 “And you, Bethlehem Ephrata, being least among the thousands of Judea, but, from you He will emerge for Me to be ruler over Jacob; and His origins will be from ancient times, from the days of eternity”. 
·         2: “Therefore, He will deliver them [Jacob-from their enemies] until the time that the woman in child birth, gives birth; Then the rest of his brothers will return with the children of Jacob.” [Sign of Bethula]
·         3: “He will stand up and lead with the power of The Eternal, and the majesty of the name of The Eternal One, his mighty one!”
·         4: They [Jacob & Elect] will settle in peace because at that time he will be known as great to the ends of the earth. This will assure peace.”

The evil world rulers of Jacob have constantly focused their war efforts in Assyria [Syria], why? Their insurgent citadel being Mosul. Which is the same spot of ancient Nineveh! Yet another coincidence?


Micah tells us clearly and specifically how all the contributors of evil within the halls of government and else ware will be completely threshed out and ground to dust. That all their man-made idols, statues, obelisks, satanic Eshturah tree groves, will be removed from sight. Later in chapter 6 the prophet defines the fact that no death cult rituals such as burnt offerings were ever asked for or expected. Meaning, this restrains the overall context, and reason for the warning in his days, and today. Moving onto explicitly state, that He only asked us to love justice, act in love and kindness and to be humble.

These once opulent rulers and religious charlatans will now scrounge for food and delicacies that were once at their fingertips, and they will find none! My thinking is, these are the ones that the higher elite never invited into their deep bunkers. One set of people will die slower than their masters, but both will die out!

·        7:2 “The devout One has disappeared from the land, and the upright [Yasher] among men is no longer here.’

Yehshurun, read on and find solace in the facts laid out prophetically as I have shown you in my Greater Exodus book and here with Micah; that among great destruction you will find safety & provision as in the days of Moshe!

·         6: “The remnant of Jacob will be found in the middle of many peoples like dew from the Eternal One, like raindrops on grass….”
·   7: “And the remnant of Jacob will be among the nations, mingled among many peoples….”

·   7:15 “As in the days when you left Egypt I will show you wonders.”

In the end, all the nation’s leaders, sub-leaders, Kings, the mighty men, the priests and false prophets who petitioned for money, and every sycophant who followed them will be ground to dust with their souls recycled to a worse location. Then, the nations will hate themselves, be brought low, and most importantly, they will be afraid of all those who will then make up the renewed, house of Jacob!




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