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Falsifying the Name & Prophecy of Asher

The Inaccurate Correlation of "Asher" Put Forth by Auther A. Lawrence

Num 13:13:  “Of the tribe of Asher, Sethur the son of Micha’el.” 

Above is the usually poor, and in this case purposely manipulated translation: Asher, throughout history, is correctly understood to have been given the blessing of the water-bearertruth-bearer of an original law that eventually becomes covered up in time needing to be reiterated by someone. Many people connected to me have seen me teach how the false Babylonian-Shelanite cult usurped this blessing and have since called it their own. The corrected translation will prove why.

Secondly, we have some modern dunces being led by the Shelanite cult today who believe they have finally found the literal name of their alleged anti-Christ, teaching this name to be Asher! They erroneously connect their incorrect teaching to the greater tribe of Asher in both ancient times and by default, in our modern times. Of course, this is epic stupidity squared on the part of the Christian sycophants of Babylonian Judaism who are believing this tripe fully, but I thought I should comment being that they have also begun connecting me personally to their academic gymnastics online.

A more literal and corrected translation:

Num 13:13  “A ruling branch of Asher is hidden, sons-people who is like Aheeyeh.”

Translation of corrected verse – Within the lineage of the tribe of Asher will be a son, sons and or sons and daughters who remain hidden, and who are identified by their “character.” Meaning, they reflect the true character of the True Eternal One – Aheeyeh! By living within the confines of his Everlasting Agreement. RE-Learning it – Living it, then Teaching it.

  Has anyone ever seen or heard about any hard-core, Orthodox, Jewish Rabbi’s chipping in to aid the Christian heretics that they hate so much inwardly with their Christian, End-Times prophecies? As far as I know, this would be a first. And of all the prophesies which are they shedding new light on? No! This blatantly directed attack comes from the fact that Shelanite-Judah has long previously manipulated all the blessing texts just enough to shift all the “law” authority over to them exclusively, and guess which ancient truth is now finally cutting into their exclusive lies? Like, little children, their mischief is so positively obvious.

Is it obvious now, why the Shelanites might work to muddy the waters of the true Teshuvah-Return path, and the original truth of how to get there from here with their manipulations? And as always, they use the dumbfounded Christian teachers to project their falsehoods on their behalf and into their already half-baked prophetic ideas, (such as the antichrist) as they have always done. In this way, from behind the scenes in dark, dank corners do they seek to subvert the truth of the Everlasting Agreement. If THAT were not true, why do we see their usual fingerprints of clandestine movement from behind and through surrogates with a frontal attack on what can only be seen so far as the historically obscure Hebrew tribe, (Asher), with so few people in any generation who know their affiliation to that tribe and openly publicly project that identity in the same way that all the Babylonian-Shelanite-Jews have always done? Smoke & Fire!   

Now, this is NOT to say that the evil sycophants of the fallen ones and their fallen rulers headed by the YHVH entity will not falsely show us some man as that alleged anti-christ while using the name Asher, someday. Considering all of this I would now say to expect it to be used that way in order to nullify as much of the Eternal One’s Everlasting Agreement worldwide as possible. The greatest way we can know a thing is true is when we observe the enemy attacking it.

As I have done it, this same mechanical translation technique can also be applied to all the verses from 13:4 to 13:18. Yes, when rendered clearly and less poetically their meaning is deeper and more expansive, but it also usually changes our modern fantasies about the texts and religion. Do these texts above also depict the lineages of the brothers? Yes! But the Hebrew language does not end with that. Most importantly, here we are seeking the literal meaning that points to each tribes’ attributes. My Asher Codex has a chapter on the tribal name and importance of the Asher blessing.

Now let’s look at how they are incorrectly, even maliciously attaching the much later tribal name from Jacob’s 8th son: (Aser – אַשּׁר) which is actually the correct way to spell and pronounce that tribal name, and not as their misunderstood and totally incorrect teaching depicts on this alleged antichrist persona. * The “Asher” spelling and pronunciation is 100% of English origin.

(אַשּׁוּר - Ashshur); often transliterated as Asshur to reflect the pointing of Hebrew letter 'ש' (Shin - SH) in the Masoretic text, which also doubles to the letter/sound (Sin - S) – having its sound changed to (ess) as in (sign) by the movement of the vowel point over to its left, top side, was, as these misled people point out, the second son of Shem. We do not have to be trained scholars to know that Shem’s son was born and named many thousands of years before Jacob was born and had his sons. The two names have less than zero connection in this case. Just as they tend to incorrectly connect the tribal name with the ancient Ba’al Ashshur’ite trees and alters.

It appears they are getting much of this falsified identity teaching out of Ezekiel 31. Now, I understand that these Christians are near clueless regardless of their level of “concordance-study” as to what most of the Hebrew words truest meanings are in their literal context or out. However, in this case, virtually ALL Western language translations have gotten this identity, which is “regional”, correct. See here:

Eze 31:3 – “Behold, Assyria was like a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches and forest shade and exalted in height, and his top was among the thick boughs.” (LITV translation) Emphasis added.

(Assyria!) Or, more likely (The Assyrian). But even in the English language, and even if one can only consult the very minimal transliterations from an English-Hebrew concordance, it is quite simple to see WHO these verses in Ezekiel from 31:2 to 31:18 are speaking to and about. (The Pharaoh-sees!) The Egyptian-Babylonian-SHELANITE CULT! And in NO WAY the original son of Jacob and namesake of the tribe of Aser!

Eze 31:18 – “To whom are you like in glory and greatness among Eden's trees? Yet you shall go down with the trees of Eden to the earth's lowest parts. You shall lie amidst the uncircumcised with the slain of the sword. He is Pharaoh and all his host, declares God.”  (LITV Bible translation) Emphasis added.

As many know, I have long been suspect of the Levitical priest Ezekiel and many of his alleged, words of prophecy. And YES! Virtually all these texts are written as poetic allegory, and because of this these non-scholars who are being driven by the admitted Jewish rabbi’s around them have assumed the meaning in which they were steered. But of course, their claim as always is that they have been directed to this understanding by god. WHICH god? Well, that is a very easy question to answer because they openly express which god, yhvh!

To make matters even worse with their ridiculous name correlation in all this, they use the false prayers and commentary from the Mason cult rituals to help prove this lie. In all of this which I have listened to and read about intently, they have shown NO Hebrew texts in any form of useful translations, much less understanding, that prove any of this Asher-son-of, connection claim. So far it is 100% conjecture and fantasy built from horrifically misunderstood Bible texts from Genesis, Job, and Ezekiel. What I also find interesting is that this author in particular (Alexander Lawrence), who appears to be leading this fictitious charge against the tribal namesake “Aser”, completely leaves out the older findings concerning the alleged anti-christ found in Isaiah. (Bawraq O’bamah). Of which, at least those Hebrew words do mean what they claim them to mean, and did appear to identify our last president as this alleged anti-christ figure; which I guess remains to be seen. But then, I have heard other Christian prophecy “experts” in my time also using numerology-gematria to claim the same about a particular Pope. And on it goes. Problem is, this particular false identification information is the only one that has the potential to thwart the majority of good, but still fallen people-souls from believing and taking up the original truth of Aheeyeh’s Everlasting Agreement since I am the only one to have reiterated said ancient truth in our modern times. Thus, making my name which depicts my family’s tribal affiliation, to be a perceived conflict and a liability to that all-important understanding of the Everlasting Agreement in the minds of those who believe this contrived, anti-academic folly.

I do not know if I am supposed to take up a public fight against this false teaching and identification issue, I will wait for my answer on that. But I am certain that all of you should initiate a full-frontal attack on this anywhere you can find it using the information I have added herein and whatever else that is credible that comes to mind. The tribal affiliation-name of Aser-Asher needs to be disconnected using such academic arguments as quickly and completely as possible. I do not believe this untrained author is doing this to purposely blight the son of Jacob, Aser, the tribal affiliation or tribal affiliation of anyone in our modern time, nor of those who now follow the Everlasting Agreement or its all-important truth itself. I tend not to believe this man or most giving ear to his book, articles or interviews even know about me or the Everlasting Agreement. Although I was recently told again that this erroneous connection to me personally is building.

Therefore, all your consistent participation in needed to thwart this false Asher (anti-christ) identification teaching wherever you can find it on YouTube or other. That is tantamount! I say this because this man fully believes that his books information was given to him from god, to the point that he is willing to give the book away if necessary because he believes strongly that everyone needs to make these connections.
If you feel the need to inflict yourself with his inept conspiracy, you can find him interviewed on the Josh Tolley show on YouTube by the title - The Antichrist has been NAMED and "Dark Resurrection" is Coming!

Dr. Shmuel ben’Asher  ©2017


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