Thursday, April 2, 2020


To stay or go?? 

The following is based on the Noah prophetic days, AND mapped out on the corrected Origin/Enoch Calendar we have. If you never got a calendar, then add that to the list of stuff you needed, and ignored. 
NOTE: The modern Jewish and Roman calendars cannot be used in any of this, other than for you to correlate dates between the Creator's Calendar (Corrected Enoch calendar), and those horrifically modified calendar systems. Virtually NONE of the prophecies of Daniel, or Noah can be found, placed or understood in the correct context outside of the Creator's calendar. Which is exactly why not one single man alive since Daniel gave his prophecies have come close to figuring any of this out. The Creator's original calendar system was "closed up" to us until the time of the end. And those who have been following all this know, that even after 20 years of studying and uncovering portions of this calendar system, that the system was not fully realized in its correct form until AFTER the sign of Jonah, on August 21st/2017.
Although certain new data is still coming in on this topic, with the threats of internet loss looming large, I am feeling forced to get some of this understanding out there before we lose the internet for the alleged 10 days of darkness. Said to be happening in April.
The huge question for everyone - When do we leave our homes to go to where we need to be:
Firstly, only you can know the when and the where to go, and that MUST come from the Father, not me. I know what I have been shown, but I cannot tell anyone that what I was shown included them specifically. That said, here is what I believe will happen with some accuracy:
1.This current situation, hoax, will continue for a longer period than expected.
2.It appears, as many also noticed and commented on, that all of this kicked off right at our New year memorial, 2 weeks ago.
3. It appears this will go for 5 months, then have a reprieve for 2 months, then, unexpectedly explode into something worse for the last 5 months of the year. All this counts from Neftali-1 (1st Memorial 2020) = March 11 on Roman calendar.
4. If correct, this 2 month time-frame will appear to everyone else as the end of hostilities/quarantine/whatever, but, for the Yeshurim it is the time to move to where your safe zone isOn the Creators-Origin calendar, this time frame will begin on ASHER-1 and extend to LEVI-30, with Levi-15 being the IN-GATHERING feast. This IN-gathering idea should be obvious to you by now, and what it means based on these world circumstances. YOU NEED to be IN-gathered by the 15th, but, there is the added grace period to the 30th of Levi.
5. THEN - There is an expanded grace period as I pointed out in the Calendar book, based on, and extending to the 1335th day of Dani'el, as prophesied by Dani'el, which falls on the month of DAN-30th - Dan meaning JUDGEMENT! Literally! The 1335th day is the day that this Ark door closes for sure. Anyone not inside the ark of the Everlasting Agreement, and not physically where the Father wants them to be, is done. The final 5 months of 2020 - On this calendar - will escalate horrifically towards the year 2025, but will be shortened to April 8th of 2024 at the final eclipse sign. And as I pointed out in the Calendar book; that "full eclipse" sign creates an X over the USA as it crosses over the previous Aug 21st 2017 Great American Eclipse path-(Sign of Jonah) - with the center of that X falling directly over Egypt, Ohio.  If that alone doesn't show you where we are, I don't know what will.
NOTE: I tend to believe that the period of Judgement/Dani'el, from Dan 1-30th, is NOT for the Initiated - Yehshurim, but for the possible straggler "Elect ones" (as depicted by Enoch) who are somehow shown, or prompted by something, possibly by a Malakim/angel, to go to these designated zones. Some will listen and go, many will not.
Where you should be? I can't tell everyone that. This is the time to get to hearing His voice. Some people around me believe, as all Jews believe, and as I stated in one of my latest podcasts, that you should go to where you got your understanding from. Not something that I promoted at all. Not because I believe it to be false, but for the obvious reasons as I stated in that podcast. I do, however, believe that the Father will literally send messengers (if needed), to everyone moving out at that time, to guide them if need be; This is yet something else you should all be asking for daily.
 As I said in one of my latest emails; THIS IS NOW YOUR TIME TO PREPARE as best you can. I wont tell anyone how to spend their money or credit, but I have some very serious doubts as to whether any of it will be good for much longer, or, that people will have access to it. All that may not happen so quickly, I'm not sure, but I do believe if you have not prepped yet, this is definitely the time to get whatever you can, and what you cant get, pray for. And if you are elderly and cant move in the future, then try your best to get what you need to stay where you are, BUT, don't give up on the Father changing your circumstance drastically if He want's you to move later, even to change your health condition. I am already witnessing what I consider to be minor miracles that are greatly helping us here to get over huge hurdles, and if we are in the time I believe we are, then as we move ahead through it, the aid we receive wont be so minor.
The bottom line is this, you NEED to be able to survive for this 5 month period we are in now starting from 2 weeks ago- [Neftali-1 / March 11], and then possibly 2 more months on the road after that - 7-months. THEN, it appears that the (The 5 months spoken of in Revelation) will hit while everyone is where they need to be at that time. So, that is - The 5 months we are in now - then 2 months of reprieve/silence - then the last 5 months of this year. Then, after all that, a massive escalation to when it appears all this will end for those who are left, by April 8 2024. And remember what many, including me, heard both Nanci P and Schumer say during interviews on 3 occasions; "Our agenda must be implemented before 2025".  So, it appears to me they are working on the same schedule, if not even the same calendar.
So let's look at the actual Creator-calendar dates - AKA, the corrected Enoch Calendar:
Neftali 1 to Yehuda 30 = 5-months  (For the uninitiated - Neftali-1 fell on March 11, do the math), then comes....;
Asher 1 to Levi 30 = 2-months [of silence] - [Levi-15 is the IN-gathering feast] - then comes....;
Dan 1 to Zebulan 30 = 5-months - [Month of Zebulan represented by the Black Horse of Famine]
Hebrew - Dani'el = JUDGE, or in this case, Judgement - Time of last judgement, or separating final wheat & tares:
From Dan 1 to Dan 29 is that time of judgement;
Dan 30 is the 1335th day as prophesied by Dani'el - Anyone not inside the Ark/covering of the 1st law will be left outside in the court of the gentiles to experience all that comes, along with all those who continued to ignore the simple law of life.
Will the 2-month time of silence be when many others - i.e. (those called the elect prior to becoming Yehshurun), who are not yet Yehshurun, also be arriving into Greater Exodus camps after the poop hits in bigger ways? Of this I am not at all sure yet, as we also do not know if this time frame, or any time frame prior to 2024/25 is going to be the "actual", prophesied, Greater Exodus event.
I can speculate like anyone else and say that it does make sense to me, that, exactly like the 1st Exodus, the 2nd will also occur in the midst of all hell breaking loose. As I have taught, you cannot understand the 2nd Exodus until you fully understand the 1st. BUT! So far I have also watched such things in life play out in very fluid ways, and not holding fast to the exact order that I may expect them to happen in, so, being watchful and mindful, and discerning of everything happening from here on, should be the main order of each day.
Another minor, but not inconsequential precept to also consider in all this, is, that virtually all of the prophecies, which absolutely will occur at some point in the future regardless, completely hinge on whether or not HIS PEOPLE turn back to Him in some meaningful way. NOT that they all have to spontaneously come to the knowledge and the practice of the Everlasting Agreement, and do it while stuck in their homes fearing the Flu, of course that wont happen, but, to at least as it is written, to humble themselves, truly humbled, and seek His face/aid in their calamity. THAT, little bit will at least allow Him to intervene and take them the rest of the way. Whether the rest of that way is to a Greater Exodus encampment to learn the 1st law from the likes of all of you, and to LIVE IT from there on, OR, for it to be a reprieve for the whole country/world from what the evil ones are striving for currently, and to allow everything to return to some normalcy long enough to then prove the resilience of that repentant change in the whole of the people, is yet to be known.
My personal opinion based on what I have experienced in most people, I do not believe enough will come around quickly or soon enough to allow this to be stopped completely. My educated guess is, that even the so called "elect" stragglers will have to experience all unholy hell as the prophets have so clearly laid it out, before they will fully cry out and seek a RETURN to the Father's original path. Prior to that hell, they will continue to seek the council of Kings and hope that their kings, and pharma-companies and armies, police and dog catchers - everyone under the sun BUT their Eternal Creator, to save them.  Just like my ancestors in Samuel's day and ever since, they all yearned to be the Patriots of a king, and rejected the Eternal One and His mighty overseer, Yehovah, and all the Malakim, etc. He said to Samuel - "they don't reject you Samuel, they reject Me!"
Interestingly, many times some of you have asked me why I never once voted for a president, Senator, or dog catcher, and THIS is exactly why. Many of you got mad at me over that, questioning a fake and invented narrative called "Patriotism", or the lack thereof in me. But I am a "Patriot", in fact, I am far more of a zealot in that area than any 500 of you, difference is, I am my Fathers Patriot, and not that of a man, or his flag. And soon many of you will live long enough to see all of the national patriots, worldwide, disappear, literally, forever.
I really hope all of this makes sense to all of you and to those who are not yet like you.
To get one of the calendars, call Barry Usher at - 404-991-9424 


Rebecca B. said...

How will we know where these campsites are? Are you going to publish them? I am ready to go to closest one when given the word.

Rebecca B. said...

I am celebrating PASSOVER now until April 16. Blessed be all people who call on only AHEYEH.

Unknown said...

I've never votes either but I get completely confused by all that I read. I'm not truely sure which end is up. Who is who in all of this. I know that most people are good...I pray for a good outcome!

Rebecca B. said...

Do unto others as you would have them do to you...

Rebecca B. said...

I am a 60's tree-hugging flower child🌳🌹🌳

Starry said...

I have the jist of what Dr Asher is teaching but am confused re the details. I have read most of his books starting with 'The Creators Calendar' however I'm not familiar with the amended calendar nor the Hebrew month names. I don't speak Hebrew, much less ancient Hebrew and I'm far from a biblical scholar. In other words, if I am to verify what Dr Asher is teaching I have a very long way to go.

Unknown said...

Did you find one? I need to find one as well. I've been called out long ago, but cannot get my husband to "go." It's very sad. Any suggestions?

Kiara said...

Does anyone here want to talk about what’s going on or just have someone to talk to who is a kindred spirit? I’m very alone where I am and in my knowledge of what Dr. Asher teaches, also being literally days into the Everlasting Agreement and out of Christianity. I’m not sure where I stand, with the elect or the Yeshurim, or neither. I wasn’t given any signs years in advance to prepare an Ark like the Yeshurim, nor am I going to be suddenly made to remember the Everlasting Agreement at the end, like the elect. Am I just being told very frankly what I am going to go through, as of one of the elect?

M. Frey said...

Kiara, have you read Shmuel's book In The Land of Meat and Honey? It's a great starting point for your new journey. I myself, was a christian for most of my life until a little over 11 years ago. My journey started when I decided that I was going to discard everything I was taught and thought I knew and simply begin to search for the truth. That is when things began to change for me. It has been quite a journey.
As christians, we're taught to rely on pastors and preachers, who "hear from the holy spirit" and guide us, as well as relying on our own deep desire for emotional confirmation. Unfortunately, both those sources are easily manipulated and result in us believing things that are not true. Coming out of that, feels like being a sheep without a shepard, so to speak.
However, for me, by simply acting on the truth I was getting, I was able to shed that feeling and the fears of being "lost", and I became more and more attuned to truth. It has resulted in a much more stable mindset, with far less fear than I had as a religious believer constantly grappling with contradicting beliefs and using the concept of faith to override the confusion brought on by believing things that simply were not true.
Once I saw the truth of blood sacrifice, and the eating of animal flesh, and I stopped doing those things, the truth became much easier to see and integrate into my core belief system.
Truth is simple. Lies are complicated ideas that stress me out into thinking I need to "do something" constantly or follow some kind of instruction set. Unlearning that takes time. Just take a deep breath, try some meditation, and relax! You have already done the hardest part. You are not alone. I look back now and smile thinking that christians were the special ones who had the truth and were walking through this world as persecuted children of jesus. Now I realize what being "in the world but not of the world" truly is. It is being alone but not lonely, if that makes sense. The remnant truly are few and far between, but since I no longer define myself by the approval of other people, the acceptance factor does not dictate my decisions, nor cause me grief any more.
People have a natural respect for those who are stable and secure in what they believe. Most of my family and friends are still dedicated christians, yet I am not persecuted nor isolated. In fact my wife and children are on the same path as I am, with respect to the animal flesh, and we are always welcomed with open arms to family events.
Do not be discouraged. Know that you are on a path few seldom walk, because this world is full of lost sheep looking for someone to tell them what to believe, and how to think, and you have decided that is no longer who you want to be.
It takes guts to do what you have done. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take it one day at a time. The truth has a way of finding those who truly seek it at the expense of comfort and acceptance.

Kiara said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful reply, M. Frey!
I decided to wait to reply back once some more time has passed, and I'm glad I did. When I first wrote my original comment, I was about a third of the way through The Land of Meat and Honey. I am now done with that book and over halfway through The Greater Exodus. In sum, I am learning so so so so much about myself and reality that it is overwhelming, but in the best way possible!
It does feel like being a sheep without a shepherd, but less so every day as I keep learning and digging for truth. I absolutely relate to having far less fear! The Creator has such an incredible plan for every single one of us, being that all will have a chance to come back to the Everlasting Agreement. All of this that I have been learning blows my mind.
I am still combating this aversion to everything that I was taught as being pagan or evil. I definitely want to still avoid everything pagan, but I feel like this aversion is preventing me from exploring deeper for truth in other belief systems and practices outside Christianity (like meditation, for example), so that I can rebuild my own belief system.
It is honestly indescribable coming back to the Everlasting Agreement and being privileged to do so. Doing it and believing it by myself and just starting out does bring its doubts, but I keep pressing, and it gets better every day. I think I am becoming familiar with being alone but not lonely. That will definitely be needed in the coming months.
I have been mentally preparing myself for soon telling my family and others I no longer celebrate Christmas, as well as eventually tell them that I am ex-christian. I pray that a natural respect for standing on what I believe will come through, but I must admit, I fear the backlash from my family that doing that will bring. They are all devout christians, judgmental, vindictive, and generally toxic and negative. They have been this way my whole life and I live with them. Prayers for courage would be so appreciated.
I strive to be in that place of total self-assurance like you are someday. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Being patient with myself is difficult sometimes, but I will continue to remind myself that unlearning all of the lies takes time.

"The truth has a way of finding those who truly seek it at the expense of comfort and acceptance." -- I will be meditating on this.

I hesitate to ask more of you, but do you have any further advice or wisdom to share given what I've written? You are clearly seasoned in this walk and I love to learn from those wiser than I. I'm a green 20-something, so anything helps.

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